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Vinturi V1010 Essential Wine Aerator
Size: Wine Aerator|Style Name: Aerator|Change
Price:$21.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

Enthusiast: Photographyon October 30, 2010
First of all, if you are a wine drinker, get this. It works, or else I've been taken by the psychology of it. I first encountered it at the Sterling winery in California. Since we were joining the "club", we got quasi-VIP treatment, which included a demo of this device on a newly opened bottle of wine (yes, the Sterling wine store had them for sale for $45). Wine was poured into one glass from the bottle, and another through the Vinturi. It clearly made a difference in aroma and taste. We've since done a couple of blind tests, and picked the aerated wine every time.

Now, let me save you a couple bucks. The basic device includes a small rubber stand for storing the Vinturi. It is just fine. The upgraded 6-piece set includes a less-than-useful stand. It is not attractive enough to leave on display, so it's another bulky thing to store. Also, we found that our wine glasses were either too short--and we got spashing--or they were too tall and wouldn't fit. Plus, the stand holds the Vinturi perfectly vertical, which is contrary to the included instructions, which tell you to tip it slightly to the side.

So, fellow wine drinkers, get the $25.47 model, and you'll be quite pleased. Don't waste your money on the six-piece version with the stand.
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on July 15, 2017
Bought this after drinking a bottle of wine at my in-laws poured through this. It was a recognizable difference between straight out of the bottle versus through the aerator. Very happy with the purchase, wish it was glass instead of plastic.
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on March 17, 2017
I love this machine it truly is a wonder. This makes cheap wine taste better and expensive wine taste incredible. The only bummer is mine came with a huge crack in it but my boyfriend and I were so excited to use it we just kept it.
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on January 18, 2017
I decided to purchase this upon receiving a very strong recommendation from a friend. At first, I was somewhat skeptical given the cost and initial doubts that such a contraption could actually impact the flavor of the wine. Upon trying it and doing a comparison with unaerated wine, however, I must admit that it actually does change the flavor! It removes some of the bitterness you might normally experience with red wine and also lets you better taste the underlying flavors. I still think it's a little pricey, but all in all I'm pretty satisfied and will use it when I drink red wine at home all the time going forward!
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on December 29, 2015
Does it effectively soften the taste of red wine in seconds - eh, probably not. Does it aerate your wine? Yes, literally. I'm not convinced you can really do much for a super tannic, young red wine with this thing - or any red wine really. Airing a glass/bottle for a few hours first still tastes better to me. Regardless, this little device does add some fun to the whole ritual of drinking wine and people seem to enjoy trying it out. It reminds me of an old Ouija board - the items actual effectiveness is entirely questionable, it does however give everyone a fun activity to speculate over together.

The product is well designed, built well, nicely packaged, is easy to clean, store and use. So, while its effectiveness is endlessly debatable, it's at least something that will last.
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on October 4, 2016
Does it aerate wine? Yes.

But for the money I'm paying I personally was unimpressed, and this is for two reasons. First of all, wine has a tendency to drip out of the air holes, leading to wine stained sides and almost certainly wine stained fingers. The other issue is the rubber stand. In concept I think it's great, but it's almost impossible to not have either standing water or wine in the bottom of it in between uses. I also seem to have gotten much better performance from my $10 aerator (though that did break in 1 year). I'll continue to use it, but I'll always be on the look out for a better one.
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on May 28, 2016
It works, pretty cool. Holder/stand a nice plus. Filter/screen nice plus as well, but I usually never find sediment in the wines I drink. Wine tastes like I paid 3x as much for the bottle. I have never used a decanter because of the planning required, I never plan on having a glass of a wine, sometimes I just feel like have one. Price is right for the essential red model, no clue why they have more expensive models for reserve and white wines??? Seems like a gimmick from that perspective... the device does make a difference in the taste of the wine. I would recommend it. Only down side, everyone in the house knows when someone is pouring a glass of win now :-)
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on June 17, 2017
Great for heavy red wines.
Only took a star off because you have to pay attention where you place your hand. You do not want to plug/ obstruct those little 2 holes at the bottom of the device. Otherwise great device.
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on June 22, 2012
Foremost, I am a casual wine drinker that enjoys what tastes good to me and I try not to be influenced by cost, prestige or another's opinion to define my palette.

While visiting Napa in May, one of the tasting rooms would run their freshly opened reds through the Vinturi before serving. While questioning whether it was part of the 'wine experience' the seasoned host says he swears by the product and we should be able to taste the difference. My wife and I did side by side tastings with Zin's, cabs, merlots and a red cuvee. The results were consistent and in each instance we preferred the wine that had been aerated through the Vinturi.

Following that trip, we purchased from Amazon and have used it at home ever since improving the taste of moderate priced wines ($10-$25).

To manage expectations, the Vinturi will not make a $10 bottle taste like a 2007 Opus One, but it will make virtually every glass taste to it's potential without having to wait a half hour before drinking.

For $35, it has the ability improve even slightly every glass of red wine you drink regardless of price - my definition of good value and high return on investment.
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on June 26, 2017
I had thought about getting one of these for years. When the sommelier at a wonderful restaurant used on our well aged Brunello, I took note and ordered one. It works great and the wines have never been better.
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