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on July 25, 2015
I really like the violin and love the sound would get new rosin and Mabey new strings but the violin and case is really pretty and works depends on the shipment u get but love it great for beginners
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on March 25, 2015
My daughter has not had this violin for a year and the back has cracked and the pegs are hard to turn, it's been a problem. It's pretty and in the right price to own your own but don't do it! Keep looking and field all reviews. Now we are trying to find another violin to purchase in the middle of her school year before spring concert!
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on January 25, 2009
This violin is cheap. Both in construction and price. But for $60, if you're expecting an excellent instrument, you're fooling yourself. It IS, however, a decent instrument... with a few caveats.

1) The wood is nice, but there's a tinny sort of sound that's part from the strings, but part, I think, from the varnish. However, as a practice violin, it's really not half bad, and will get you through your first lessons and give you an idea if you want to stick with it. A rental, if available, however, might be a better option.

2) The Chinese-made bridge is small, flimsy, and poorly designed. Bad quality control leaves these things somewhat random in their effectiveness. A decent bridge with install will run you anywhere from $45 to $150 depending on the bridge size and the luthier who installs it. Again, this is not altogether necessary if you're still uncertain about whether or not you're going to keep at it, but a good, well-made bridge can make a world of difference in how easy it is to play and the sound.

3) The rosin that comes with this violin is enough to barely get started, but it's not very good. Invest in some better rosin (Amazon carries many versions, and they're not expensive at all) and it will make a difference on how easy it is to get strong, solid notes from the violin.

4) The strings. Like most things on this violin, they skimped a lot on the strings. They certainly assist in the tin-can sort of sound you'll hear when playing. Good strings aren't especially cheap (a new set of dominant strings, for instance, might run you $40 or so here on Amazon), but they will make a world of difference in sound quality. A lot of people don't like the Dominant E string and substitute it with a Pirastro Gold E string, and I believe there's even a package like that for sale on Amazon as well. If you have a luthier locally, talk to them about what they have available and what they might recommend.

Some other things you'll need: a good violin tuner (this violin loses its tune rather easily, so a good tuner will be essential to keep sounds sounding the way they should); peg drops to keep the pegs from slipping; a shoulder rest (not required, but helps a lot) -- I'd recommend the Kun collapsible shoulder rest. It's inexpensive, comfortable, and portable

All in all, as a starter violin, there are better violins to go with, but there are no less expensive violins of any worth at all, and this is a good place to start if you're really uncertain whether or not playing violin is for you. If you're looking to trade up, find a Cremona (SV-75 is a good violin and you could find one for about $30 more than this one, stepping up is the SV-100, SV-175, etc. -- all excellent quality for students) or an Anton Breton or some such.
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on April 23, 2014
The quality of this violin is great for the use of beginners. I don't play violin (yet), but this is an excellent introduction to the world of string instruments. The making of the bow and the centerpieces on the violin (bridge, etc.) are a bit sloppy, but they haven't caused any problems so far. The quality of the rosin is definitely debatable. However, it was definitely worth the money.
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on December 20, 2008
After seeing several positive reviews, I decided to purchase this for my wife, who played violin for years when she was younger. You do receive a violin that is nice and shiny-- which is what some people consider to be a sign of quality. Look closer and you see some serious issues. The top piece and bottom piece are both made of laminated wood (make just like plywood) and anyone with some acoustic knowledge can confirm that this will never produce a good sound-- even with Dominant perlon-core strings as another reviewer suggested. Plus, the heavy finish I mentioned, while looking pretty to most people, also ruins the sound.
Another sad fact is the quality of the components. The fingerboard isn't ebony, or any sort of durable wood-- it is painted black and easily dented with a fingernail. To fix this, it would be more than the cost of a much higher quality violin. The peg holes for the D-string tuner were drilled oversize on my instrument and the far end of tuning peg protrudes more than 1/4" out of one side of the pegbox in order for it to fit. To fix that, you would need to re-bush the hole, which again is cost prohibitive. The pegs do slip, much more than they should. The frequent tunings, even after several months of use, made playing this even less tolerable and is another reason I am discouraging it's use by beginning players. The bridge is a generic, poorly cut piece, which will need to be professionally adjusted and fitted unless you have some experience. To properly set up this instrument you will end up spending $35 - $50 on top of the purchase price plus the cost of new strings. You are much better off buying something much better, even if means you need to add another $100 to your credit card bill.

I was surprised that any violin teacher would say the sound from this instrument is good. As you would expect, this violin has a muddy sound and it doesn't resonate well at the higher frequencies. Before you get upset, I know the music world is full of snobs but I'm not one of them. I would never suggest that any violin with a price tag less than $1,000 is a toy and I've played enough instruments to know there is little reason the average/beginning player needs to spend over $500 for a quality violin. Prior to the internet, a $900 violin was usually a $300 violin which was marked up by the store owner. Now, it's not too hard to find that same instrument for $350 from an online retailer. The same applies for entry-level instruments which used to retail for $500, they are now available for under $200

Yes, it's cheaper than anything around. Yes, you get a case... but with a $150 violin outfit you get something that is much higher quality, is easier to use, and will provide better sound. For beginning instruments, there are several good choices and you'll be happier as the years go by if you bypass this in favor of something slightly more expensive-- but many times better. Please check out the violins made by Bonn, Helmke, or Cremona (unfortunately some of these brands aren't sold on Amazon). All have solid spruce tops, real purfling, better hardware, better bows, and some vendors even properly set up the instrument for free prior to shipping it. You will find very good instruments in an affordable ($100 - $200) price range, which is what you would have invested in this piece from Austin Bazaar when you consider the purchase price and the additional costs needed to make it playable.
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on June 16, 2013
I bought this violin a while back and I really haven't done much on it, but that's not the violins fault lolz. It feels very cheap you got to tune the strings all the time, the rosin that comes with it is like a brick I recommend that you purchase a better one, lets just say im glad I bought this instead of a $200 one because it would have been a waste of money..... but it is great piece of decoration lolz
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on January 23, 2013
I've had a few violins over the years and wanted to get back to trying to hack my way thru some tunes... I bought this one cuz I'm broke and forty bucks is crazy cheap. First the good...
The case is really nice. Its probably what your paying for. It has two shoulder straps to go along with it. Great for the price...
The not so good. ..
The bow for starters is kinda crappy. Even with the tension screw backed all the way off its still at full tension. Not great considering it wants to bounce when u play. I took it apart and it looks like the slot wasn't routed far enough to allow proper adjustment.
The violin itself is pretty from a couple feet away but in your hands its another story. The varnish has runs in it. Big runs that are pretty ugly. The fingerboard on mine actually has space under it on the nut side of the e string. Maybe a four year old was on the glue line the day they made mine... the "purfling" is painted on and the lines don't even touch. The neck is supposed to be natural but there's a big brown fingerprint of the body stain right in the middle of it under the clear coat. The fingerboard is pearwood or something which I knew when I bought it but it must have been kicked around the shop floor before they picked it up and glued it onto this violin. Big gouges and some saw marks still visible. The body has nicks and gouges in it that they just finished right over. It might have taken 3 minutes to sand them out but apparently that's too much time to waste when your stamping out a million of these a day...
All in all its a fiddle. It cost me forty bucks so my expectations weren't that high but it could have been better. Maybe fifteen minutes of detail work and this would have been a superb looking instrument. Sound is fine. Little high on the action but I can fix that.
Whatever... it got me playing again for cheap. If that's what your after then buy it. Just don't get your hopes up for it to look like anything worth having...
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on September 19, 2017
Bridges aren't set up
Bows are ultra cheap quality
Rosin breaks too easily
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on May 27, 2010
I have gotten my new violin a day early and was very thrilled, I put the bridge in myself, lined it up and my husband tuned my beaautiful violin. The violin didn't want to stay in tune; but, my daughter told me that new violin strings take a while to stay in tune, plus my directions said the same thing. I love the sound, very rich, and deep sounding, when I hit the correct note. I would recommend this violin to anyone at any age who to want to learn how to play. Al so I have been playing instrumment since I was 9 years old.. and I am 60. thank you so much and god bless..
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on December 16, 2015
This item exceeded my expectations. The case on it's own is worth the price. The violin is wood, not plastic, very well made, no blemishes, no dings, it was perfect. It is a full sized violin.
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