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on January 29, 2013
As an Architect, I can concur with some of the other reviews here; after watching a screening of the movie at a local Architecture Festival, I experienced a host of mixed feelings, unlike after seeing other major movies on Architects or Architectural subjects. On the positive side, yes, impressed and pleased with the main character and his work, but I agree that there's too much stuffed into this movie that's distracting, as has been mentioned before. But not only that; it is likely that as a viewer you're about to see not only photographs, but works of Architecture that are absolutely stunning and new at the same time, but to see them come by as on a luggage 'belt' for only what seems to be not more then a second at a time, is, maybe unknowingly, producing a teasing effect (multiplied by 100), only to take you back to the next shot of an 'event'. That is so contrasting with the few moments in the film where time has been taken to be in a place with the man and pertaining other relevant character(s), that it numbs you while watching, so that after having seen half of it, the movie line and direction are not apparent any more, no cohesion, and you wonder if that's it, after every sequence. Thanks for mentioning the bonus material and trailer; I might after all buy the movie, because as a teaser, the movie does have an effect; I want more of the Architecture shown and his photography of it !
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on August 1, 2015
Awesome! I show it to my Survey of Architecture class for a few reasons:
-Beautifully shot, some good animations as well
-Love the exploration of his iconic Case Study House photos, his process in general
-A great starting point for introducing Modern Architecture to those who think it's lame
-Schulman is wonderful
-Great examples of architects wearing "pretentious round-frame glasses"
I find that the first half of the film is "better," but that could be that I'm more interested in mid-century US Modernism than more contemporary styles
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on April 12, 2013
I have never met Julius Shulman; though his work was referred to me by Architect Charles Lagreco.
I have a pro bias nature in me regarding this person Julius Shulman because I purchased Charles Lagreco's Family Home in the fall of 2008, and Julius featured this house on pages 364 to 367 of an Architecture Book called Modernism Rediscovered.
I felt a little bit uncomfortable in the self aggrandizement and lauding, but one must blame the documentarian for this tedious expose; although Julius's Photography in Architecture is superior to any one else's work. I did want to meet him, and could have since I purchased the home during the time-period he had rendered the Lagreco Home exquisitely - but he passed on.
Whenever I am in my new home ... and try to photograph it ... Julius is metaphorically standing behind each branch that he would like in the photo. A good and kindhearted friend to Architects and Artists. We see the world differently in Architectonic ways because of his vision, and blood and sweat of the Architects and their Builders.
My name is Falko ....
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on December 22, 2015
A fine movie for those interested in the history of both photography and architecture. Julius Shulmann may not have been the worlds' greatest architectural photographer, as the movie suggests, but he was certainly one of the greats. I rate it as 3-stars because it provides little or no insight into the working methods and/or the aesthetic principles that drove the artist, even though he was both alive, cognizant to speak of them, and a willing participant in the film. It also drags on too long repeating much of the same material.
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on September 13, 2016
An uplifting piece of neo-modernist propaganda, Visual Acoustics documents the highlights of a long, remarkable life in the arts and the mundane details of that life's final year. Through it all, the endeavor derives tremendous benefit from Julius Shulman's good humor and irrepressible spirit. The three minute scene in which Shulman is reuinted with Palm Springs architect, E. Stewart Williams alone is worth the price of admission.
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on August 27, 2010
After waiting for nearly a year for the chance to see this, I had so hoped that this documentary would be worthy of Shulman and his extraordinary work. As mentioned in the video Modernist Shulman did not like Post Modernism architecture. Oddly what we have here, to present Julius Shulman born 1910 died 2009, is a dizzying Post Modernist chop chop documentary. I am absolutely enthralled by Shulman's photo work. And apart from the style of film making, what is most maddening is that Shulman's photographs, the very reason why the video should have been made, are usually on the screen for a period of less than four seconds each - four seconds! And during those sparse moments, Shulman's photos are moved around, swept across, have distracting CGI animated roads threading below - just too much razzle dazzle. Painfully, there is even a segment where a cartoon character is animated to walk in front of a few of Shulman's photos - the impact is unbelievably amateurish at best. Shulman's work was used and experimented with like raw materials to show off what the filmmakers can do instead of showing us what Shulman did. If you have ever been at, or in, a great work of architecture you know that understanding it, the space, your presence - takes time. I found myself continuously pausing the video just for the chance to really see these historic, architectural photos. The video offers far too many distractions such as people making needless comments and who really should not be in the video. The filmmaker and his crew did not need to be in the video, movie stars and their spouses need not have been included. Experts did not have to endlessly offer their reasons as to why Shulman is great - the photos could have done that and in the most meaningful way possible. Within this documentary there is a video that could be pared down into a nice informative piece. Having Shulman on film is essential. Yet overall, the chopped up peppy editing style of trying to include too much stuff betrayed him. Shulman and his work are truly great - a comment that relates well to his view on greatness is in the bonus material. Actually, I think you can get a better sense of Shulman from the straightforward bonus material that was left out of the finished product. The trailer as well, in many ways, is better than the finished film. Also, it was nice to hear Dustin Hoffman as narrator throughout. For me, Hoffman's presence connected well to the great documentary series he hosted on Pollock, deKooning, Smith, Gorky, and Kline in the early eighties. I wish the Shulman filmmakers had seen those works.
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on October 16, 2017
Still, this house make me hold my breath even looking at it. A wonderful documentary!
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on September 15, 2015
I loved this documentary, within minutes I loved Mr. Shulman. At the end I felt as though I had known him, and when I read about his passing I was saddened, lucky are those who had a chance to meet him!
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on March 6, 2016
This documentary inspired me to create my first documentary project, Frei Otto: Spanning The Future, right before Otto's passing.
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on February 9, 2017
I Continue to watch this again and again.
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