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on November 4, 2016
This is a review of the Vitalogy vinyl release available on As a huge fan of music generally, and Pearl Jam particularly, I love this release, and strongly recommend it to music lovers, especially PJ lovers.

First, a bit about myself: I am not, per se, an "audiophile." or an audio "snob". I do not own a ton of high-end equipment, nor do I claim to be able to hear things that 99% of the human race is physically incapable of hearing :-) I am simply a person who really enjoys excellent music, especially live music, and who loves to hear my favorite music faithfully reproduced for my enjoyment.

My home audio set-up (in my living room) consists of a Pioneer AV-1020K receiver, four wall-mounted Infinity speakers (forgive me, I don't remember the exact model #), a Samsung BD-H6500 blu-ray player for CDs, and an Audio-Technica AT-LP60RD (red) automatic turntable for vinyl records. The turntable is a recent purchase. I was skeptical for a long-time about the relative value of vinyle records as compared to other audio media.

Skepticism cured.

When I put Vitalogy on the turntable, it immediately comes alive and gives me an experience I've never had before. It's the kind of experience that makes me say, "Why the hell did I wait so long to buy a record player?" Let me see if I can describe why.

First, with my pedestrian ears, the sound seems "wider" to me -- there just appears to be a wider "soundscape" -- meaning, you can hear instruments on the right and left channels more obviously than I have heard on any other media (largely CDs and other digital media) via which I've listened to Vitalogy. Second, I hear other instruments come through that I have never heard on another presentation of this album -- and I've been listening to this album for a long time.

All of this adds up to a more "urgent" and "lively" experience for the listener -- at least this listener. Vitalogy was a deeply emotional album, coming as it did as the members of Pearl Jam were grappling with an onslaught of fame and finding their own public voices, culminating in their fight against the Ticketmaster monopoly.

To the extent that a release of Vitalogy captures and reflects that emotion, it is a credit to that release.

This release does just that. If you are a Pearl Jam fan, and/or a fan of great rock music, go get this. I know I'm years late to the vinyl party, but I'll now lend my voice to the chorus. Go.
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on April 25, 2017
The vinyl experience is undoubtedly paramount. I can listen to Vitalogy on repeat and listening to "Spin the Black Circle" while spinning the black circle is what makes it an amazing experience. I'm sure by now everyone has heard this album a few hundred times, so i won't need to discuss the music.
The double vinyl itself are 180 grams and comes in a double fold album. The records come in nice paper jackets lined with plastic on the inside with a see through window for the record label. The album art book never gets old and the record typeface never gets old for me. Great looking vinyl, and I didn't find any issues with the pressing.
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on October 29, 2011
Vitalogy is one of those albums that, when taken as a whole, absolutely blows you away.

Yes, there are some odd tracks here that don't quite serve as much of an artistic purpose as one would hope. But it's hard to say they don't fit on the album - in fact, I'd say the only track that truly doesn't fit on Vitalogy is "Better Man," which, on an album filled with rage and paranoia, doesn't musically gel with the other songs. It's a great song in its own right, but despite the dark lyrics the melody is too soft to be perfectly at peace on this set.

Take out "Better Man," and what you're left with is an album bursting with energy, anger, and artistic ambition. On the surface, the album lashes out against fame and record companies. In more unskilled hands, these themes would leave the listener feeling unable to relate to the music and therefore quite distant from it. But, as with most Pearl Jam recordings, Vedder & Co. lend the songs a universal character with lyrics that can be interpreted in many different ways. In short, anyone who has ever felt anger at a world seemingly stacked up against them will be able to not just hear, but *feel* Vedder's primal and wholly satisfying screams in "Last Exit," "Tremor Christ," "Whipping," and many more - and will more than likely have an unsupressable urge to scream along. Vedder's vocals are quite possibly the strongest of his career, thankfully beyond the "yarling" stage of Ten and before the period where his voice started to subtly weaken.

The genuine anger and desperation throughout the album is absolutely tangible, and matched only in glimpses on other Pearl Jam albums. Very rarely in music is such passionate energy bottled and translated onto a recording so transparently. If your life is perfect, then perhaps you should look elsewhere for your musical needs. For the rest of us, Vitalogy is likely to tap into and bring out your deepest emotions that have been dying for a piece of music to represent them. Pearl Jam fan or otherwise, it's an experience not to be missed.
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on August 29, 2003
I am only writing one review, well more like a bash. This is for the kids who complain that all the PJ records don't resemble TEN...let me ask a question, if all the Metallica albums sounded like Kill em all, if all the Slayer records sounded like Hell Awaits, if all the Alice in Chains records sounded like Facelift, if all the Pantera albums sounded like Cowboys from Hell, would you buy them? It is a little thing called evolution, and for the most part I'll bet most of you still think the way you did when you were 6...wake up children, we all age, our tastes progress, and the artists are the same way. If you were a painter, would all your works look like the first..i doubt it, if you were a guitarist would all your riffs and solos sound the way they used to, most likely not, and if they did, you would have a very small, backwoods group of fans. As for this record and all the PJ works I hear, it rocks, and the fact that they basically left mainstream makes me enjoy their work even more, ...
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on October 2, 2016
There is nothing like listening to Spin The Black Circle on Vinyl as it was meant to be.
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on June 22, 2011
Well, the double LP is just what I expected. 180g audiophile pressing, plus great artwork by eddie. Sound is superb!

EDIT: Compared this vinyl to my old cd version. Uncomparable, actually. Vinyl is much better. I gave it a 60% volume (wich is very loud on my sound system) and no uncomfortable performance. Obviously the sound is louder on the cd (its about the same volume when I gave it around 45% on cd), but the sound is all distorted compared to the vinyl.

Hope this helps.
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on July 5, 2013
I really love this album by Pearl Jam. I got it in the vinyl format not the CD. And it arrived on time, and plays smooth. No scratches or skipping. Good sound quality. I listen to it everyday since I got it. The songs are addicting. You just want to play the song's over and over again. My favorite song off the whole album is Corduroy. Very pleased with my purchase. Is well worth the money.
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on April 10, 2014
After "Ten" and "Vs.," the band made this ambitious album. Most fans will tell you they like "Corduroy," "Not for You," or "Better Man." Personally, I like "Spin the Black Circle" the best. A rocking ode to the early thrill of playing rock and roll on vinyl back when that was the best option.
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on January 1, 2017
I haven't been as excited about any other LP recently as I was to play this the first time. Oh so great!
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on October 18, 2016
One of my most favorite songs are on this album, Nothingman. From front to back this album was a great masterpiece.
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