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on July 8, 2013
First off, NO DRM. No CD-check or any of that garbage. Install the game, put the CD away for safe-keeping, and enjoy.

Graphics are incredible. The rising sun filters through the brush, it's that accurate. The shadows and lighting are suburb. The flashlight (which never runs out of battery, thankfully) is true to life, even down to the slight delay it has following your movements. The brush are sprites, and kinda look like it, but it's not that noticeable. The human characters move well. Many bend points instead of the one or two a lot of games have. The zombie Stalkers are expertly crafted.

The entire game mostly reeks of quality and forethought. The weapons are varied and unique to each other, the backpack system is very well thought out. All the icons and indicators are perfectly set up, and immediately intuitive.

This is a very complex game. It's like GTA IV as far as an open world, but the missions are multi-faceted and obscure. You really need a walkthrough guide or A LOT of time on your hands to figure out how to complete some missions. When I first started, I was real confused because I am not from a role-playing background, and interacting with all the characters in a game was kind of new. Some missions need to be done in order, or you fail one or the other, but there's no indication of it until too late.

It doesn't take much to kill you. Save often. One well placed shot is game-over. It seems like the characters in the game can handle the machine guns way better than you can (there's a lot of muzzle rise even after customizations)

The controls are great. You can set all your movements like Unreal Tournament. The only flaw is you cannot run+strafe. It slows you to walking speed when you strafe. I understand they wanted to realistic it up a bit, but argh, that was a bad call.

Cons are:

When the animals are attacking, they move very erratically. Annoyingly so. 180's on a dime makes it difficult to track them. Also, there are not enough of them. When I first started this game, I was really freaked out by the possibility of being attacked at any second. I creeped around every corner, was at the ready all the time. Turns out, after you kill a majority of them, you just don't see them anymore. Every now and then you'll come across some dogs. Now I just charge across the landscape without regard to the animals in the game.

Some of the scripted stuff is weak. When giving vodka to the technician, it's the same old line over and over and over again. The same exact animation. It gets old fast. Fortunately, I only needed to use the vodka trick once or twice when I figured out how to work the game (Meaning I just use the other techs that don't need vodka, really)

The voicing is limited. You can interact with everyone, but everyone not part of a mission says the same thing. The trader stalkers have the dumbest phrases, and say one of (only) three...Every. Single. Time. There should be at least another dozen greetings and wordings of the same phrases.
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on March 18, 2014
I got this a few weeks ago, and I ave to say, its awesome. This is a game that defines the open world FPS. The graphics, while not cutting edge, are amazing. The way you can see the stitching on your armor, the design of the weapons all make this a great game. The lighting is what is really amazing. The most stunning is when the lightning streaks down, and it lights up the world and really changes the mood when youre fighting and lightning is playing acrossed the screen, lighting it up and casting shadows around. I am a HUGE fan of Cryengine, and the Xray Engine really delivers in lighting. To me, that makes or breaks a game. I would really recommend the Stalker CoP Complete Mod, it really brings everything together. But, for such a good game, it has to have issues. This game is really really buggy and crashes A LOT. I dont know if its because of my system or what, but i do know that lots of people have that issue. SAVE OFTEN! QUICKSAVE IS YOUR FRIEND! Dont get this game if you have low patience! All in all, i definitely reccommend this game, on a side note, you need a powerful system to run this. I have 12 GB of RAM, a Radeon HD 7570 (which is a decent card, i run Black Ops 2 maxed on 30 fps) and an Intel 3.4 GHz Core 17 extreme, and i can not run this at max
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on October 12, 2015
I ordered on 10/6 and it came on 10/10. Very speedy shipping, I was impressed at how fast it came.

About the game... It is one of the most fun FPS games I have played, and this is coming from a guy who hates most FPS games. The immersive world, though smaller than the previous Shadow of Chernobyl, is very interesting and atmospheric. The gunplay is more realistic than most FPS games such as Call of Duty, in that there is a realistic simulation of bullet physics. This leads to extremely intense fights. Though the game is rather difficult, it is a welcome change from the cut-and-paste easy-peasy FPS genre.

The STALKER series has become one of my favorite series for the overall experience. I would highly recommend it.
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on June 9, 2016
one of the best games out there- if you love open range games- and not being too scripted, then you will love this game- the enemy seems pretty intelligent, the animals fierce, the weapons are nice, the missions are ok, although some are long and have you running back and forth over the same terrain often, the sounds are really creepy, and will raise the hair o nthe back of your neck fro m time to time- the atmosphere fantastic- really feels like a post apocalyptic environment the way the producers created it- well done- it is a very creepy atmosphere-
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on June 14, 2012
I'm going to write a short review.

Open ended, you choose what you want to do shooter. Get as involved in the story as you'd like or leave it to the way side. I play it on a Toshiba Satellite with a NVidia and Intel i7, although it recommends a ATI with an AMD. Works great none the less. Have not tested online features however.

- Fun, semi realistic world
- Story is as immersive as you want it to be
- Works well with Nvidia/Intel setup as well
- Radiation, chemicals, poltergeists, bandits, factions, guns, mutants... etc.
- Fast travel for money!!! (trust me its a pro)

- Two freeze ups so far (been playing for two weeks)
- Story can get confusing sometimes
- Feels like I have to save the game ALOT (not a big deal but semi annoying
- Graphics could be better
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on August 15, 2012
This game is much like Fallout games, but I think it is much better. First of all getting artifacts takes a decent amount of strategy. Enemies also take more strategy to defeat because you need to learn their patterns and take advantage of them, especially before you get decent armor since 1-2 hits will kill you. There is plenty of exploration and it actually feels like a full world rather than everything looking like a desolate wasteland.

My one complaint is that while enemies do take strategy to beat, they usually aren't actually very difficult. The main challenge seems to be saving often enough that when you get 1-shot you don't have to redo too much...
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on August 7, 2015
Gold. Bethesda, I hope you're out there reading because it's time to stop sitting on one of the best RPG Russian franchises that has a wonderful story and characters. Time to get away from these "Relatable" Psychos, Bandits, and other main characters and back to this militaristic future franchise that provides about a million alternate paths, endings, and a deep storyline.
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on July 12, 2011
I loved this game. I have never encountered anything like it. It is part adventure, part puzzle-solving, part shooter, and part role playing. This was my first encounter with the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series so you do not need any previous experience. However, the game is extremely complicated (in my opinion) and I could not make any progress until I consulted an online guide. Honestly, I don't know how anyone figured this thing out for the first time and how long that must have taken. But with the guide in hand I was able to really enjoy the game and all it has to offer. The first time through I missed several missions and made some other mistakes that made the finish less than satisfactory (I didn't have the guide in hand when I started). But my second time through I had a much more complete experience and I am hopeful my third attempt will be better yet. You can play this all the way through with different results and challenges each time because decisions you make along the way change how the game unfolds. I think that is really enjoyable. It's like having several different games all in the same box. And you can improve your performance each time or experiment to see the impact different decisions can have. Finally, the graphics in this game are second-to-none. But that comes at a price. This game is more graphics intensive and demanding than even original Crysis. It is the most hardware-taxing game I have yet played. But if you have the equipment for it, the graphics (and sound) are just outstanding.

The only negative I have is that it is all too easy to get fully immersed in the game such that you forget to save and you can easily lose an ungodly amount of progress that way. There are not a lot of automatic saves so please try to remember to save frequently. After you forget a couple of times, you will probably remember from then on!
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on February 17, 2014
The game world is similar to Fallout 3, though not as large. The story is kind-of there but most of what you do is exploring, completing side quests, and getting killed if you suck at the game (like me). The game can be kind of hard. Also, it is one of the only Windows 7 games that will run and a weak PC like mine. So it's a good game with a small emphasis on story (from what I've played so far) and a large emphasis on exploaration and questing in first person. Highly recommended for Fallout 3 fans.
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on February 13, 2012
it is a good FPS. has interesting enviroments, ammo is limited, game does pose a challenge. it came with the disk and case only. no booklet or anything. learning the display symbols durring the game can be frustrating at first, however I enjoyed the game. my only complaint is that the game play was not very long. it is a shorter game than I would have liked. however the cost was next to nothing so its not like I overpaied. if you have liked the previous STALKER games, you will like this one also. I have not played it online.
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