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on December 6, 2013
Got what I paid for and expected to get . Excellent value for the price. Its not a 300 dollar camera but does a fine job of what its supposed to do. Delivered on time, happy all around.
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on December 5, 2012
Ok, so it definitely isn't for someone that is wanting a high quality picture and probably wouldn't be any good for filming sporting events or plays, but for an 8-13 year old that is just starting to experiment with making their own videos, it's great. The price is low and that makes it easy to hand it over to those who aren't so easy on their things, and it's small, so it works great in smaller hands. We bought it as a birthday gift for our 10 year old, who just started to make his own videos and he loves it.
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on November 18, 2015
This camera was HORRID it was a christmas gift for my son...and it stopped working the same day...picture quality was terrible...and sound was awful it kept's still stuck from since Christmas. ...never buy this waste of looking for a new one for him.
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on September 13, 2015
Awful. Just awful. As a grad student in a counseling psychology program, I'm required to video tape 1 hour sessions, so I needed something inexpensive and reliable. This is NEITHER! This is the worst thing I ever bought on Amazon. A complete waste of time and money. The 3 AAA batteries this thing needs last only about 15 minutes before needing replacement. 15 MINUTES! This Vivitar Camcorder is the most poorly made, sad excuse for a camcorder I've ever seen. Buying it wasted my time because now I have a project due this week and I have to run around looking for a camcorder that's going to work properly and not be too expensive! This piece of c**** is going back.
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on October 30, 2014
This camcorder is a disappointment. All of the videos I've taken with this camera came out unviewable (too dark). Can't get those moments back. I tried one more time last night, and even with a light on in the room (as bright as day) and using the LED on the camera, the video came out too dark...couldn't see anything that was recorded. The sound quality is awful; there is an odd, intermittent clicking noise when viewing the video on playback. Aren't these devices tested before being sold? The setup isn't an easy process, either. The buttons are confusing when it comes to trying to navigate while recording a video or taking a picture. Just not as clear cut a process as I was hoping for. All I wanted was an affordable, small, easy-to-use camcorder for recording and saving memories. I thought I was getting a good thing by choosing a Vivitar. I'll stay away from that brand during my next search for a camcorder. I don't like throwing things away, but this camera is taking its last the dump.
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on January 17, 2014
Bought this camera to begin experimenting with that frontier known as You tube. From the reviews, I knew not to expect much from this camera and let's be honest; it's a 30 dollar camera why should it be great?

When I got my camera, I loaded the batteries and memory card and began shooting video. The picture quality really isn't terrible if you understand the cam's limitations. In fact, the quality is much like VHS camcorders of the 1980s maybe better. However, the audio was outright awful. This did surprise me. After all, recording decent quality mono audio isn't hard in today's age.

After posting my first video and listening to it, I began to troubleshoot what might cause this. It was clear the encoder was getting a poor audio signal and didn't have much to work with. I began probing and realized there was no opening for the mic. So what do I do. Instead of the sensible thing of sending the camera back, I go into my basement and using a small drill bit between my fingers, bore out the mic opening. The results are quite telling, and I posted a video of it. I've since improved the audio slightly more from that video by using an air duster and ensuring that there was no debris near the mic opening.

If interested in hearing the before and after, search for cbrecordguy on you tube. The video of the before is the one of the Montgomery Wards console and the after is labeled camera audio mod.

I took a risk on modifying the cam and it paid off. I could just as easily punched through the mic and ruined the camera, and be SOL, however, I tend towards experimentation.

I like the small size, the large LCD viewfinder, the ability to use SD cards and picture quality is adequate for having some fun. The cam loses points for low battery life and having to fix a design or serious manufacturing flaw.
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on February 28, 2016
I'm disappointed in this camcorder... Bought it for my 7 year old grand daughter for Christmas...
She loves making movies with her action figures using my Kindle or phone, so I thought I'd get her a camera.
She tried it and didn't like the restrictions using this camera put on her creativity. She still perfers the ease of use of my Kindle.
I think I'm going to try a go-pro for her next.

I love watching her movies and hearing her narrative and want to encourage her to continue... Just need to find the right vehicle for her.
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on January 14, 2014
Bought this as a gift for a tech savvy 6-year-old. It is the perfect ultra small size for her hand. It has some very basic camcorder functionality, as well as various advanced settings available. Yet simple enough for a child to operate. The recording quality is pretty good for under $30. We've already had a lot of fun playing with it. I would not recommend this as a family camcorder for recording important events such as weddings and sporting events. If that is what you are looking for you can likely find something more suited to your need for more money.
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on November 13, 2016
Not a bad camera, I suppose, but it really is a toy. The thing is lighter than a fisher-price item and not quite as sturdy. I thought I would be able to buy this to shoot YouTube videos, but it really doesn't live up to internet standards. Also--memory card not included, so be sure you buy the right one for it to work. Some of them won't let the camera record.
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on February 18, 2014
This little dainty camera is smaller than I expected or as portrayed on the image. It fits snuggly in my wrist and it operates easily. It is very light weight and has a pretty red shinny color. The screen is small but scenes are very visual. It comes with a TV cable, an installation CD and a USB cable, but NOT an SD Memory Card. I have to go out and buy one because on the screen it demands that one be placed inside camera, even though it comes with 250MB of free space. I'm not sure how many hours that amounts to while taping. I believe it is always best to have several SD memory cards on hand just in case it poofs out. In addition, 3 AAA batteries will be needed to install inside the camera for backup purposes or to use when the camera powers down.

In my opinion, I believe that this camera is more suitable for a teenager or small child who is just experimenting with learning how to use such an item. But who would want to pay over $100 for such a toy? Not me!
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