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on February 2, 2012
After going through 2 VUR10 remotes for my XVT42SV Via Apps TV, I was frustrated by the cost and the knowledge that the remote would likely stop working in less than a year. The problem with the VUR10 is a thin flat flex connector that connects the two halves of the remote and allows it to slide. That connector is fragile and breaks easily during the sliding motion. Vizio will do nothing for you if you are our of warranty and replacements are $50 to $70 if you can find one.

After looking all over for something that would allow me to use the Via Apps, I first found the VR17 ($12 on Amazon). It looks like the top half of the VUR10. It worked well for controlling the Via function and is only IR but worked fine for that. There is no keyboard, so text entry has to use the onscreen keyboard. I have noticed a little funky operations of the four multi-colored buttons. I only use the Vizio remote for the Via functions as I have a cable DVR for regular channel changing.

As I was searching some more I found the XRV1TV ($21 on Amazon). THIS is how the VUR10 should have been designed! I'm sure Vizio is dealing with 1000's of frustrated customers with the VUR10 and went back to the engineers and said to redesign it so it doesn't have moving parts! The top of the remote is like the normal (updated) Via remote with the addition of hot buttons for Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, and Vudu. These buttons work great with my TV. The backside of the remote is the QWERTY keyboard. This remote does not appear to be bluetooth. However the keyboard works just fine held in the proper orientation, in fact I almost think it works better than the original.

Again, I use a cable DVR for most "regular" TV viewing and use the cable remote for that. However, I have found the XRV1TV to control the Via functions well and the remote to be as compatible as I can find for all functions. Overall, a great find for my tv.
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on March 15, 2012
Was looking for a replacement Vizio VUR10 3D "bluetooth" remote without must success. Called Vizio - out of stock and the two Vizio recommended resellers - both out of stock. One website site had identified XRVI 3D as a direct replacement for the Vizio VUR10 3D remote so I thought I would give it a try. The Vizio XRV1TV 3D remote is not a "bluetooth" remote but does have the same functionality including keyboard on back as the VUR10 3D. However,since the XVRV1 is an Infra Ray not a Bluetooth remote you must be within 10 feet and directly in front of Vizio TV for the IR signal to be pick-up So if you have a larger room you will not be able to access from the comfort of your favorite chair or couch, bummer! So replacement for functionality yes, convenience no.
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on January 13, 2015
Picked this up to replace a VUR10. Other than one reference in an Amazon review, it was very difficult to confirm whether this remote would work as expected with our VF552XVT. Remote was received promptly and well packaged. I added two AAA batteries and it just works! Input button, Netflix/Amazon/Vudu quick reference buttons, keyboard, every function as expected! And no danger of malfunction or broken connections due to a sliding keyboard as this design has the keyboard on the back rather than in a slide out. I would expect this to work just as well with any of the series of Vizio VIA Apps TVs.
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on March 16, 2012
This remote is a vast improvement over the VUR10 that so many of us got stuck with. Mine lasted almost a year and as an electrical engineer, I decided to try to fix it. The problem is that the internals of the connecting cable break, and it cannot be fixed (at least mine could not). This cable is a very serious design flaw which should have been picked up on by the vizio quality control people. I am frankly very disappointed that it was not.
IF YOU BUY THIS NEW REMOTE: this remote is not without design flaws either, namely the battery compartment will not work with some major battery brands (I tried Duracell and a rechargeable energizer). The positive terminal of the battery (the one with the little nub) does not reach the contact point. There are a number of possible fixes, I just got in there with a eyeglass screwdriver and bent the contact points out, but some kind of conductive material placed between the battery and the contact point would also work. Other than this flaw, this remote has been great so far. This took quite some time for me to figure out, I am ashamed to say, so continue to post about this error to save the next guy from the frustrations.
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on April 27, 2012
As other reviewers have mentioned, this remote works great with Vizio TVs that shipped with their bluetooth remote (the VRU10 I believe). That remote has a bad history of failing quickly, and my wife was fed up with it... so, having read that this remote works well with that line of TVs, I ordered one.

Not only does it work well with the TV, the build quality is 100 times better than the VRU10. This is what the VRU10 should have been, only with bluetooth (which I admit, I miss a little, but small price to pay for a reliable remote). In addition to the better build quality, this remote also has dedicated buttons for the Netflix, Amazon, and Vudu apps (two of which we use regularly). This makes it all that much quicker to turn the TV on and get our most commonly used apps up and running without having to find them in the app list.

I would highly recommend this remote as a replacement for the VRU10. With the added buttons and fraction of the cost (last I checked, the VRU10 was like $60 or $70), the benefits far outweigh the loss of the bluetooth connection.
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on January 31, 2015
I had read online that there was a replacement for the VUR10 that came with my 55 inch Vizio. That original remote was a disaster because the sliding keyboard was attached with a ribbon that was notorious for breaking and the home made fix I read about on the internet seemed iffy. Because of that broken remote we had to turn the TV on and off and switch inputs using the buttons on the side of the TV, but had no access to Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. We were getting a little desperate. After reading positive reviews on Amazon I ordered this replacement. And it worked perfectly. We have not used the keypad on the back much, but with no risk of malfunction or broken connections due to a sliding keyboard we are very happy with this low cost solution. Highly recommended if it is compatible with your TV.
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on February 15, 2013
I've got an HTPC running Openelec (essentially a dedicated XBMC machine) and really wanted a good remote with a keyboard to control it. This one has worked perfectly for the last several weeks. The buttons feel great, including the keyboard keys on the back. There are only two things that I would mention: First, this remote is, obviously, programmed to work with Vizio TVs, so I would recommend also buying a Flirc (google it) to make it compatible. With the Flirc, it took me minutes to get it programmed and working. Second, the remote itself is fairly high quality (especially considering the price), but the battery compartment is very poorly designed. There is no easy way for me to get the cover off. To put batteries in the remote the first time I had to literally wedge two knives between the cover and the remote and carefully pry it off. Fortunately, I didn't do any damage to the plastic, but I can easily see how I could have. But, aside from that, I would highly recommend this remote.
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on December 9, 2012
The keyboard on the back of this remote makes searching on Amazon, Netflix and Hulu so much easier - no more having to navigate that onscreen "keyboard".

I was hesitant to purchase this item since it was not clear from the product description or from the Vizio website that this remote would even work with my model TV, which came with the VR17 remote. But I decided I would take a chance, and return if it it did not work.

The front of the remote contains three quick-access buttons for Amazon, Netflix and Vudu, and then all of the same keys found on the VR17 in the same positions, with one minor exception. The XRV1TV 3D is designed for use with a 3D TV, which mine is not. Where the VR17 remote has the "WIDE" key in the lower left corner position, this remote has a "3D" key. But that is not an issue for me, since I rarely use that function, and it is available through an on-screen menu anyway.

The one thing that keeps me from giving this remote a 5-star rating is that I find the remote a little awkward to hold and use without accidentally pressing a key on the reverse side. It takes some getting used to having to hold this carefully to prevent that happening.
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on April 18, 2015
this Vizio TV Remote control almost looks like a Texas Instrument calculator with all the Channel number buttons and video buttons; and the volume number + and - buttons; HMMMM! I'm wondering if you can put a Texas Instrument calculator in a TV Remote Control, than all you would have to have is one with a little window to see what your calculations are and the kids can do their calculation homework while watching TV, or Mom and Dad can pay bills while watching TV with the Calculator/TV Remote Control. I'm sure that that would be the next best thing for the TV remote business and the Calculator business in the next few years.
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on April 2, 2013
This remote is great, but Vizio customer support is absolutely on: Like several other reviews have commented, this XRV1TV Remote DOES work extremely well with the Vizio E3D320VX 32" TV (which Vizio later decided to start shipping with a stripped down, non-QWERTY remote). Also, like other reviewers have stated, Vizio customer support....MULTIPLE reps....were extremely insistent to me that this remote would not work with the above TV set. I had tried to get them to send me the QWERTY remote in place of the one I received, primarily because a) the QWERTY remote was the one advertised in every review I had read for the E3D320VX, b) definitely makes inputting searches much easier, and c) was even shown in the HELP section of the On-Screen directions of the TV itself ! I have no idea why Vizio stopped including the QWERTY remote given that the TV is a Smart TV with downloadable apps, most of which require inputting of text for sign-ins, searches, etc. I mean, who wants to use the cumbersome and frustrating on-screen alphabet charts that require scrolling up/down/left/right for every single letter?

Anyhow, what really infuriated me was that I sent a few of the Amazon review links to the Vizio Customer Support rep via their online chat interface.....the review links from others on Amazon that said Vizio customer service reps told them this remote wouldn't work...but it DID. Despite all the proof I was providing them from the links and from their own on-screen Help guide, "Gabby" ended up transferring my supporting info over to a manager. "Harley", who apparently feels he knows his stuff, also insistently told me this remote wouldn't work. He told me my set was a newer version of the previous version (and if that's the case, then why didn't Vizio change the model #'s along with the remotes?). He said the firmware was different, making it incompatible with my particular set and serial number. Now don't you think he....or someone at Vizio.....could actually have this tested out now that they're getting multiple people on the internet saying the remote IS compatible and how their Customer Support department is misinforming people about it? I thought I was doing their department a favor by educating them a little bit on their own product line !

So I got nowhere with Harley, and like others, decided to order the remote on Amazon, taking the word of other reviewers over the word of Vizio's Customer Support. I'm so glad I did, as the remote's QWERTY keyboard worked like a charm on the E3D320VX !! I called Harley back on the phone to let him know the remote DID work, and he still wouldn't send me a remote so I could return the one I had to buy. It amazes me that Vizio can have a Customer Support department that is so wrongly informed about their own products....and won't bother to test it themselves when provided with documented proof.....and wouldn't even risk sending a replacement remote to an upset customer who has a leg to stand on for their request. Think about it....that remote probably has a $5 Cost of Goods (COG) to Vizio....and in return for not listening to and accommodating their customers a little better, they end up with a review like this all over the internet. Was it worth the $5 they probably saved? Now how much money do you think they spend in advertising to create a positive image for their company? I'm sure it's a lot more than the cost of a remote ! Well their $5 got them this wonderful review : ) Anyhow, the bottom line is, this remote is awesome, but Vizio's customer support is pathetic. Give them a call and send them this link if you were shipped a non-QWERTY remote with your new E3D320VX....and tell them you want the one that you've read the reviews on....and don't let them tell you "it won't work" !!
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