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on April 26, 2012
Birth of a new genre
Born and raised as a satanist, controversial artist Lucifer Valentine has created possibly one of the most unique trilogies the horror world has ever seen. Lucifer is an emetophile (aroused by vomit) and has transferred his obsession of regurgitation into what is now dubbed as The Vomit Gore Trilogy. The final result of Lucifer's madness is a collection of extremely dark, experimental, and psychologically twisted visions of hell, suffering, and violence.

Slaughtered Vomit Dolls (2006)
If the viewer does not read the back of the DVD cases of these films, its unlikely they would know much about the story just by watching. The premise of the films follows teenage runaway Angela Aberdeen (Ameara LaVey). After being sexually abused by her parents, and then a priest, Angela burns down the church and runs away, turning into a stripper, and later a prostitute. Desperate to eliminate her suffering, Angela makes a deadly pact with Satan. What follows are nightmarish visions of sex, mutilation, and of course, vomit.

Slaughtered Vomit Dolls is an experimental art project. It is not the type of film that tells a clear cut story. Though on the surface it may seem like mindless gore and vomiting, the film actually contains philosophical ideals. One would probably only catch those meanings though after watching the special DVD features in which the director explains quite a lot (in a very educated manner I might add).

What stands out about this film is its extremely realistic gore. An arm getting sawed off and a cranium getting cut off are amongst the most brutal examples of the butchery. The film also contains hints of dark humor. I appreciated the vision and uniqueness of this picture. The character of Angela is dark and disturbed, and though we don't quite learn a lot about her, the performance of LaVey is so convincing that it makes us care about her.

ReGOREgitated Sacrifice (2009)
The second chapter of the trilogy follows Angela again as she goes on her torturous journey towards hell. This time she's greeted by The Black Angels of Hell, two gorgeous but demonic indential twin seductresses with a penchant for torment. It is also in this part that we learn of the connections between Angela's death and Kurt Cobain's suicide (again this isn't obvious, but the extra features make it all come together).

What immediately sticks out with this one is its plethora of vaginal close-ups. The film treads very close to porno territory. One thing we see a lot of is fully naked women being seduced, tortured, and mutilated. To put it plainly, this film goes up a notch on the "how far can they go" scale, even further than Slaughtered Vomit Dolls.

The dismemberment again is shocking and realistic. The cutting apart of Siamese twins with a hand saw is the scene that sticks out the most. And how can we forget the vomit. This film has its equal share of vomit, but to me was slightly more repulsive in scenes. If you're wondering at this point "What's the point of the vomit?" it's actually quite important. Angela is bulimic, and the vomiting reflects that and also represents other metaphoric meaning (which is more evident in the next episode, Slow Torture Puke Chamber).

I have to also mention this film clearly shows Valentine's improvement as a film artist. Better lighting, creative camera angles, and nice editing make this one stand out slightly from its predecessor.

Slow Torture Puke Chamber (2010)
The finale of the trilogy ends with Slow Torture Puke Chamber. It should be pointed out here that these films are not in a chronological sequence, though the verbiage on the DVD cases may lead one to believe otherwise. The final chapter shows the emergence of a second Angela (Hope Likens). The convergence of the two Angela's (LaVey still reprises her original role) is shown throughout the film, reflecting some kind of demented plan by Satan to carry out his will.

This film exhibits the same good qualities of the previous two films such as the same filmmaking style, the transitioning between Angela and her female manifestations, and the same experimental nightmarish vision. However this time around there isn't as much emphasis on dismemberment and torture, but rather Angela's history in addition to her submission to Satan.

Angela, primarily played by Likens, who presents a different take on the role, bears her history of sex abuse and bulimia as she succumbs to the devil's fetishes. I found there to be less bloodshed, but more urination, vomiting, and vaginal activity, almost to the point where it felt like a dark fetish porno. This threw me off a bit as I was expecting a more darker plan to end Angela's journey. Even so, the film was as effective as the others but I just didn't see the significance of a few of the more fetish-like aspects.

In conclusion
These films clearly will only appeal to a very select audience. This is not typical horror paraphernalia. Chances are most viewers of these flicks will be those looking for a movie that will push the boundaries of traditional cinema and, perhaps more importantly, those seeking extreme and realistic gore. While the filmmaker has his well thought out visions for these films, I can't help but feel most will just wanna see the sick and twisted goods. I do have to mention though that watching the special features on these DVDs is a treat as they are very insightful and enlightening.

These movies were an experience to watch. As a fan of the arts, it's nice to see a filmmaker with the guts to create something unique. Not being a typical viewer of these types of movies, I surprisingly didn't find myself being much disturbed or offended. Perhaps this is because I'm an open minded person, or that I find gore to lean more towards comedy than the disturbing. Either way, what sticks out to me about these movies is its dark story of the real world of teen runaways, bulimia, and sex abuse. These films attempt to put us in the mind and nightmares of an individual who's experienced all of those things, and does so quite well. It is that attribute of the movies I appreciate the most, and everything I learn from the director in the special commentary is a bonus.

If you're easily offended or squeamish, stay away from these movies. If you enjoy movies that push the limits of traditional horror, and maybe want some thought provoking philosophical material, they may be for you. One thing is for sure, these experimental pieces are unlike anything you've seen before.

Source: criticnic.com 7-August-2010
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on May 26, 2016
Nine Things About the Vomit Gore Trilogy

The Vomit Gore Trilogy, despite being three separate movies, is really one 4-hour-long experiment in disgust made by a guy that goes by the name Lucifer Valentine. I have to give it 4 stars, not because I enjoyed it, but for the willingness of everybody in the movies to actually break multiple taboos. There is a story, but it just provides a little bit of structure for what is really an exhibition of rare and extreme sexual fetishes. I will summarize the three movies for you. Technically, there are spoilers here, but trust me when I say it doesn't matter.


"Slaughtered Vomit Dolls"

1. The movie starts with a sweet little girl on home video, talking about little girl things. Then, the little girl turns into a woman in her late teens. She is talking to someone behind a video camera. I'm pretty sure it's Satan. Really. Anyway, she introduces herself as Angela Aberdeen As she talks, you learn she has been abused. She makes a pact with Satan, and becomes a bulimic, drug-addicted stripper prostitute named Blisters, who says things like "I don't know what's left of me, but you can f*** it if you want". At the end of the movie, she drowns herself in a bathtub (which is apparently how Valentine's sister killed herself in real life).

2. The movie pretty much matches its title. Soon after Angela turns into Blisters, people start getting slaughtered. The first one is a relatively simple gouging of the eyeballs. It gets more graphic and disturbing from there.

Did I mention that Blisters is bulimic? We also get treated to watching her make herself vomit. And this is no "tube taped to her cheek" trick. This is real.

3. About halfway through this film, a man appears. He is identified only by his belt buckle, which says "HENRY" (his "real name" is Hank Skinny). This man makes what may be the most disgusting cinematic moments ever put to film. I don't even want to explain what he does, except that he wins the award for making me vomit in my mouth.

"ReGOREgitated Sacrifice

4. The first movie ended with Angela killing herself. This movie is apparently what happens inside her head as she's dying. She meets various characters, including twin sisters known as The Black Angels of Hell, who escort her to the afterlife and who torture and vomit and kill along the way.

I had noted in the first film that the main actress, Ameara LaVey, did a really good job of playing her character. In this film I realized that her performance may not really be all acting. I suspect that she's talking about things that actually happened to her, and how she really feels about herself, at least partially. This made me very depressed.

5. In a successful attempt at getting more extreme, we have now added urine scenes to the vomit scenes and gore scenes. Plus we are treated to watching a woman get whipped with her own intestines, and then made to suck on them until she pukes.

6. I had hoped we wouldn't see Henry in this movie, but he's here. He goes above and beyond what he did in the first movie.

"Slow Torture Puke Chamber"

7. This is the final chapter in the beloved story about everyone's favorite devil-worshiping, vomiting hooker. From what I can tell, in this movie Angela is in hell, but she is sent to find a new Angela to torture and kill so that she can be reborn, or something. This new Angela actively promotes bulimia, and explains that it was a useful way for her to deal with being raped by her father. She proceeds to illustrate.

All the movies have satanic elements in them, but this one is the most blasphemous.

8. This movie actually has a disclaimer at the beginning, in which the main actress, Hope Likens, tells us that everything she does in the movie is by her consent. While the disclaimer is partially just hype, it is probably a good idea that she said that.

In this movie we have extended vomit, gore and urine scenes. We have other things that I really shouldn't mention on a public website like this. My mind eventually started separating itself from my body just so I could get some distance between myself and the screen.

9. The fact that Likens consented to making this movie is, in some ways, just as disturbing as if she didn't consent. In addition, there are other women who do worse things in the movie than Likens. Even considering the fact that everything in the movie is consensual, I can't help but think that these actresses must be psychologically traumatized in real life in order to do these things. On camera.


These movies are ferociously violent, misogynistic, degrading, fetishistic, pornographic abominations. There is a micro-niche of people, such as myself, who will watch the movies out of perverse curiosity, or as an endurance marathon. There is an even smaller group of people who will genuinely admire or be turned on by the events on screen.

I cannot recommend these movies to anyone, at any time, for any reason. If you are an explorer of the further realms of experience, you will find these on your own, no matter what I say.
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on March 18, 2012
Unearthed Films And Lucifer Valentine have released The Vomit Gore Trilogy box set. Aside from the 3 films in the trilogy, the set also includes a 4th disc featuring Lucifer valentines new short film " A perfect child of Satan". There is also some awesome supplemental material on the 4th disc as well. All of this comes packaged in a 4 disc digi-pak. This review is going to focus on the set itself, not so much the films.

Overall, this set is a winner. The first 3 discs are the same discs as released previously by unearthed films and all of the films look and sound great.Since there are plenty of reviews online for the previous releases, I'm going to focus on the fourth disc and the packaging of the set.If you already own the previous releases, you should still consider picking this up for the 4th disc. "A perfect child of Satan" very well may be Lucifer Valentines best work yet. This 25 minute film builds you up, only to blow you to bits emotionally. I promise you,the last 3 minutes or so of " A perfect child of Satan" will completely mess with your head. All of the supplemental material for the film is incredible. I don't want to give anything away, but the filming conditions of "a perfect child of satan" are mindblowing. Knowing how it was filmed adds a new level of intensity and realism to the film. Those of you who have watched them know what I am talking about.

The set comes packaged in a nice Digi-pak box. It is a dual Gatefold 4 disc holder (the same used for the Simpsons DVD sets).
It features brand new artwork from Lucifer Valentine. I feel that the choice on imagery and the color scheme for the box was absolutely perfect. As a collector, I know the significance of "shelf appeal". This set looks beautiful on the shelf. The bright pink box stands out amongst the other spines on the shelf. My only issue with the set itself was the lack of an outer slipcover. Most sets of this type include an outer slipcase and although it isn't a huge deal, a slipcase would have been a nice addition. I don't know about the rest of you, but I would toss an extra five or ten bucks at unearthed for a slipcase if one was made available for purchase.(wink wink)

When you get your set, be careful removing your discs. These type of cases tend to "grip" the discs the first few times you remove them and if you are not careful...bad stuff happens. I would recommend carefully removing the 4 discs, then taking a blank CD and breaking in the disc holders by repeatedly snapping the disc onto the holder and removing it.Do this a few times and you will notice a decrease in the amount of resistance when removing the discs.

Unearthed films and Lucifer Valentine did a great job on this set. Those of you who have not yet experienced a viewing of these films can pick up the full trilogy in one convenient purchase and save yourself the trouble of trying to track down the individual films.Aside from saving time, you also get the bonus disc... all in one awesome package. Those of you who already own the previous releases should still pick this set up while you have a chance. This will be your only chance to own "A perfect child of Satan" and you can't say you have a complete collection, unless you have a complete collection... ya dig?
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on March 5, 2016
HILARIOUS when you put these on as background movies when having guests over!
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on January 5, 2015
I'm a big fan of most genres of cinema, including extreme cinema. I rather enjoyed Fred Vogels August Underground trilogy, as well as A Serbian Film and Martyrs. The difference between those films and these, ahem, "films" are that the former actually had a plot, and were genuinely well constructed films.
The Vomit Gore Trilogy (what a joke of a name) is the antithesis of such. With every frame the director-whom I refuse to refer to by his name because it just shows he's trying way too hard to be "edgy"-makes it inherently clear that he has virtually no talent or eye for the medium, whatsoever. Pretentious doesn't quite do it justice.
His neatly crafted and blatantly fabricated "backstory" he's made for himself is even more of a joke than this movie.
I've never in my life experienced a single film, let alone three, that were filled with such absolutely vapid material.
Aside from the non-existent plot and lack of any coherent message (whatever, I enjoyed Begotten, although it actually had a message) the trilogy falls flat in any attempt of being even a mediocrely crafted work. There is literally no technical skill to be found or admired within. It's as if an escaped mental patient with a tenuous grasp on how to tie his shoes found a camera, filmed himself puking on a crack whore, and tried to tell people it was art.
Please, save yourself the agony of trying to watch this garbage, watch something with some merit instead, something that's actually well composed and was crafted out of talent.
And to the other reviewers, comparing this festering heap of rotting carcasses to a masterpiece such as Eraserhead is doing Mr.Lynch a grave injustice.
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on February 20, 2016
These are not movies, they are just fetish porn. Disjointed, no plot, and really kind of lame. Not even horror really just horrible. Only watch it for free if possible but don't waste any money on these.
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on November 21, 2012
A fantastically well done triology which exposes with ruthless efficiency the presence of slavery in America , but in a world where people are fully aware all the time that they are being slaves , where not the federal government but the citizens are themselves being the slave masters.
Some of the slaves will become so , out of a desire to become slaves , and even a desire to be killed , while others become so by their often self - created misfortune.
The first film begins with a young , blond - haired and very beautiful woman who decides to confront her worst fears as she attempts to make a Sacret Pact with Satan.
But what does Satan mean? You'll find out as you remember how Anton SZandor LaVey defined Satan as being humanity itself and that it should be the prime responsibility of every man , woman and child on this planet to worship themselves and be as egoistic as possible while doing so , taking full responsibility for their actions and with respect to others - less they goo too far and piss them off seriously!
Enter film no. 2 where you feel like you're trapped inside a shark's mouth for over an hour , and you're too squeamish to keep watching or - if you're a strong viewer like me , can watch without much trouble going through the overall watching process. Folm no. 2. takes you much closer to a lot of our present concepts of 'Hell'than did film no. 1.
And no. 3 is of course beyond 1 and 2.
After having watched films 1. and 2. I understood seriously what the old proverb 'Hell is other people'really means. Nothing more and less than a truly wonderful feast for the senses. And a well done , highly nihillistic interpretation of pointlessness. Love the Vomit Gore Triology , or hate it , but rest assured , it may be some of the most disgusting films you've ever seen.
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on June 19, 2014
If you love underground horror then this is down your street. When i Bought this i was so intrigued by the story and it's really hard stuff to watch. If you have a weak stomach then avoid it. The box it comes in is amazing. But i think the price is a downside to it. You get a 4th disc which you won't get nowhere else only in this box set. If you love All the underground horror stuff then buy this.
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on March 18, 2012
If the words "vomit" or "gore" as the entitled genre "Vomit-Gore Trilogy" suggests, do not appeal to you, then move on now- for in watching the films to become offended purposefully, there is no gain. They are to be viewed with appreciation for the unique pieces of art they are; with spectacularly effective cinematography, masterfully edited and of course brilliantly acted (although one can see when they view the film, that the passion driving the acting is as real as it gets), one cannot deny the artistic development and creativity that was required to create such films.
Having now released a complete box-set containing all three Vomit Gore films, as well as a bonus disc with extras and an additional short film "A Perfect Child of Satan", Lucifer Valentine and Unearthed films present to us these masterpieces in a compiled and accessible form. Ridden of course with scenes of intense vomit, gore, filth, and violence, there is a deeper meaning and a much more complicated tale entwined within this film's story and it's main protagonist Angela Aberdeen, which lie within several layers of people, time, space, and existence as a whole. Angela delves deep into the foulest pits of physical existence before eventually disconnecting with the human element completely, and we watch her slow but sure progression through the trilogy, as she becomes one with Satan and leaves her human form behind.
As a fan and recent buyer of the set I can only rate it with the highest regards and encourage anyone who is interested and who wants to know more, to purchase, watch, and indulge. For true fans there are plenty of extras to keep you happy!
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on March 18, 2012
Let me start this review with a warning: Lots of Gore, Vomit, and other stuff in all 3 movies. Basically the trilogy is about the suicide of Angela Aberdeen a Bulimic exotic dancer and her journey to hell due to a pact with Satan. If you start watching you have to see all 3 films close together to get the full impact. The imagery used is very surreal and some of it shocking. The special effects and film making skill show improvement throughout the trilogy. There are tons of special features for each movie. The 4th disc contains the Brilliant short film "A Perfect Child of Satan" which isn't vomit gore at all but about a girl who meets a guy online and is excited to be meeting him (she loves him) at a hotel that night. Then everything goes well watch for yourself. I am a fan of these movies as well as extreme horror so obviously I say go for it but realize that there is extreme content and some graphic sexuality in them.
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