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on May 15, 2013
Great little monocular scope. Eye piece pops up and locks for eye or down for glasses viewing. Focus adjust is smooth and has a clear, sharp focus and at 10x power it is easy to hold steady. Descent night viewing under lighting conditions like streetlight etc.
Comes with a around the neck lanyard, cleaning cloth and good case but the sides of case is a cheaper elastic. Why? I don't know, when they could of used the same case material for the sides instead of cheaper, droopy elastic. (slacklastic)
But it is a nice scope and it has a Lifetime transferrable warranty to whomever has it. Company is in Wisconsin.
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on December 23, 2015
I really wanted to like this. I spent hours researching all possibilities before going with the Vortex Solo Monocular. Received the product only today and enjoyed it from our balcony at the beach. Then the cons came to light.

1. The rubber eye piece came off in the first day of gentle (house and porch) use.
2. The case is a poorly made Chinese koozie rather than the any kind of durable one (contrary to the instruction manual even, which showed a nice carrying case).
The cons are enough for me to wish to return this item and avoid further purchases from Vortex.

Things that are almost cons: a) no eye piece cover (which became a bigger deal because of the poor case) and b) no long distance focusing.

Great quality of view. I mean great.

Again I really wanted to like this but when it is falls apart in your house, with gentle use, then enough said.

UPDATE: Day two, the focusing wheel stopped working. It now requires excessive force to turn.

UPDATE: Fixed the above issues with a little know how. High quality viewer but problems as well.
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on August 21, 2013
Im an avid outdoorsman (Search and Rescue) as well as former military sniper so I know my optics pretty well. I was looking for something that I could carry whenever out and about in the woods that was lighter and less bulky than my subcompact binos. Until buying the Vortex Solo I carried a pocket monocular by Brunton Echo Pocket Scope which is very small and light but lacks magnification and the image quality is relatively poor. To fill the gap between my high end binos and the pocket scope I bought the Solo.
The Solo is extremely ruggedized (tho lacks an objective lens cover) and has a solid feel (not to mention some weight to it). The optics are not adjustable but provide a very clear viewing field. Carrying case is somewhat open to the elements (as mentioned by other reviewers) but aside from possibly exposing the glass portions to scratches from dirt, etc. its not that big of an issue and has a decent belt loop/snap to carry it by. Additionally the Solo has a heavy duty removable metallic clip (that probably accounts for 30% of the product weight!).
Overall this is a quality optic, especially for the price. I would prefer a little smaller and lighter but havent seen anything of similar quality/affordability on the market that would meet this requirement.
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on May 13, 2015
You can't adjust the focus with one hand. Heck, it's even difficult when trying to use two hands! (Because of the stiffness of the focus ring) VERY DISMAYED about that. I already own Vortex Crossfire II 2x7-33 Riflescope and DiamondBack 10 x 42 binos. Both of those products are excellent. One of the things I love about the DiamondBacks is how smooth the focus wheel is. 1 finger is all this is needed. I ordered this to see if I could shave some weight off my pack for those times when I would choose to lug around the spotting scope as well. I also figured that for hunting while carrying bow I could maybe use this with one hand and hold the bow in the other. Not possible. All they'd have to do is make the focus ring easier to turn and this thing would be a powerful tool. They really dropped the ball here. The image quality seems to be on par with the DiamondBacks. But much trickier to dial-in a fine focus. The ultra-stiff focus makes it difficult to achieve that same level of fine focus I can EASILY get on the DiamondBacks. I dunno... I have to wonder if they willfully made it this way on purpose just so people would be bothered by it and choose go the next step up and get the binos instead. NOTES : Came with a Neoprene slip-over sheath. I imagine to protect it when put into a cargo pocket? I'm really really hoping this focus ring becomes easier to turn over time.

EDIT : I returned this product and instead ordered the Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 10x42mm Monocular. That Bushnell Monocular has an image that is slightly sharper than the DiamondBack 10x42's and a tiny amount brighter in low light as well. It ALSO has a Belt Clip and flip-down Objective piece cover and Tethered eye-piece cover! AND... has a built-in picatinny rail thing on the bottom which also has a Tripod mount in the middle of that small rail! AND... you can focus it with one hand ;)
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on March 20, 2017
Very happy with this Vortex (Solo, 10x25). I considered paying twice as much for the larger lens (36mm) but I'm glad I did not. The brightness on this device is great. Magnification is crazy good too. I can see wildlife on the water at 150 yards in perfect detail (couple of otters moved into the lake behind our house). I don't have a problem steadying it with one hand. The focus ring adjustment works very well. It's resistant enough to prevent it from being jostled out of focus but not too tight to adjust. Eye relief is also great, the eyepiece has two settings, closed or extended with a positive "click" holding either selection in place. Build quality feels top notch and yet it's surprisingly light in the hand. Included soft sided carry case with velcro closure, cleaning cloth and neck lanyard.
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I'll give it 5 stars concidering what you get for the price. I wanted the x36 but at twice the price I went with this little guy. Build quality seems good. Smooth focus ring, not loose and not too stiff. Glass is clear but a very slight blur is noticeable around the edges so it's not super clear edge to edge (expected at this price range). There is pretty good light transmitting with the 8x25. The included case from past reviewers say they felt it wasn't meant for it and didn't fit it properly but mine came with what seems to be a newer version case. Maybe Vortex listened to their customers and now include a case that's better fit and has fully closed sides. It also came with a lanyard to carry around your neck.

My main purpose in purchasing was for better viewing for an outdoor pageant date with the wife but I'll mostly be using this to see targets at the range. I think it'll do just fine with the 8x. Purchased mine from Optics Planet/fulfilled by Amazon. Pictures added was a little hard to get a sharp still picture holding my IPhone 7+ and the monocular at the same time so in the picture it doesn't look as clear as in person.
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on February 14, 2011
In optics, like everything else, you get what you pay for. For $110, I rate this as excellent. The Vortex does not have the super resolution of a Zeiss or Leica, but you aren't paying $300+ for it either.

Don't get me wrong, the optics are clean and clear and I would buy another one of these if I ever lost this one. Construction is excellent. It's heavier than it looks in the pictures (hint: read the specs before you buy) it comes in at under a pound, but not by much.

The only negative is that the included carry case has open sides and there are no lens caps. Not really a big deal considering that when using a mono in the field you're going to wear it around your neck or clip it to your belt for quick access - which means that lens caps would just get in the way during real-life use.

Yeah, I'm happy with the performance - for $110, I'm really happy with the performance.

Bottom line: Solid build, clear optics, easy to use, excellent design. If you have $100 to spend on a monocular, take a serious look at the Vortex 10x32.
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on May 20, 2017
This monocular is worth the money, with optical clarity that is impressive at this price point and with an objective lens of this size.
I use very expensive binoculars and telescopic rifle scopes, but there are situations when I need something light, small, and fast that I can drag through the mud without worry. This unit is perfect for such occasions.
This little scope has one problem - but it's a biggie. The focus ring is both too narrow and placed too closely to the adjustable eye piece, causing interference with both parts, and some difficulty in utilizing the focus ring. This poor design feature is why I dropped a couple of stars off of the rating.
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on July 21, 2015
The awful pouch that others have mentioned should probably lower this rating to four stars, but this monocular is the one I have sought for years and finally found, so I am five stars worth of happy. In ten seasons as a volunteer federal ski ranger, I learned the value of equipment that can be brought to hand without removing and sorting through a pack, particularly in deep powder in the back country. Snow eats things. They disappear and cannot be retrieved, Many inexpensive, competent monoculars are little more than thumb-sized, and can fit in a knife or magazine case, attached to a pack shoulder strap. This is an ideal, often unused, location for something about that size. However, eyeglasses, snow goggles, etc., must be removed to use these tiny monoculars, thus involving finger fumble, which does not always work with ice-encrusted mittens. Excellent, glasses-friendly, monoculars by Brunton and (surprisingly) Barska are just too big to ride comfortably on a pack strap. The only one small enough for my purposes was, I thought, a Zeiss at around $350. I was nearly ready to buy one when I saw this. A day's trial on a summer hike to 12K feet brought nothing but joy. If it fogs up or freezes in the cold next season, I'll revise the review. However, I have never had that sort of trouble with any modern optic and hope the best for this Vortex. On trust, i ordered another one. EDIT: The second one arrived with a much better case -not entirely worthless like the first case. Dare one hope that the importer actually listens to feedback and reviews?
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on April 20, 2016
Purchased mine a month ago and have been extremely impressed with the optical clearness and well thought-out solidity of the design. I formerly sold sporting optics and became a firm believer in the clarity of Nikon binoculars and rifle scopes, purchasing a half-dozen or more examples over the years as a result. A quality, usable monocular alternative to my Nikon compact binoculars had become the holy grail, so to speak, and I think I've finally found it with this Vortex monocular. Their customer service, I might add, is also exemplary, as I called to inquire about the availability of a shorter neck strap, which they very promptly provided, free of charge. Kudos to both Vortex and their product line!
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