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I used to use the AC30 primarily with my Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Electric guitar. Due to the awkward position of the jack on the Traveler, I'd recommend running a right angle TS cable and a coupler or a male-to-female TS.. I rigged it all with Velcro so it's all integrated with the guitar. I also use it with my Steinberger Synapse SS-2F and it fits perfectly without any mods, although it does angle the body of the AC slightly towards your body. This hasn't been a major issue.

The sound quality of this little gizmo is really quite good. It's light, simple and a bargain at its price-point. I recommend this little headphone amp for practicing on the go. I would get a more well-rounded modeler for home or primary use, however. Something like a Pocket Pod or of that ilk.

The downside:
I find that I quite consistently have to readjust the three radio-dial-type pots as they tend to rub against things, whether it's my body, lap or otherwise. This can get annoying. Also, the labels on the three dials are very hard to read, and because you may find that sometimes you position the body of the amplug at a different angle, it's hard to recall which is which, and thus it's another slight inconvenience. I'll probably remedy this by putting some tape over the dials after getting the tone I want. No big deal.

Summary: Highly portable, highly useful little practice amp that even comes with a 1/8th TRS input from your MP3 player so you can play to jam tracks.
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Enthusiast: Guitaron August 28, 2012
The only negative I can say about the VOX AC30 amPlug is this: Why didn't they have this thing in the 1990's when I started playing?!?! I think every guitar player has tried using headphones at one time or another, and we all know the problems that come with it. Either you're tethered to your amplifier and full setup (with less quality in sound), or you're trying something like an iPhone adapter, which has low output and unreliable build quality. Worst of all, none of those options make it realistic for you to have a truly portable experience, which was supposed to be the whole point.

The power of this tiny device (which runs on two AAA batteries) is stunning. It plugs directly into your guitar's output jack without adding any weight or significant bulk. Then, you plug a pair of halfway decent headphones into the 3.5mm jack (I use $50 Sennheisers) and jam away. The three controls are for Volume, Tone, and Gain. Somehow, they've created a fully analog sound that fits in the palm of your hand.

The first time I plugged this in, I set had all the settings on "5" (of 10) and couldn't believe how powerful it was! With the Gain on "10", you get a nice overdriven hard/classic rock sound that will suit your needs for most types of music, except perhaps Heavy Metal. The tone is great, and really responds to your picking style.

I have not tried the other plugs (Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Twin, etc.), but this one was the highest rated and I went with it based on the reviews and my love of the Vox AC30 amplifier. I can't say for certain that it sounds like an AC30, but it sounds really good. Imagine wanting play loud electric guitar in a small apartment, dorm room, or while your wife is sleeping or watching TV in another room. Knowing what I know now, I probably would've paid 80 bucks for it. For $39.99, though, it feels like an absolute steal, and it's tough to imagine a guitar player out there that shouldn't own one of these.
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on March 22, 2012
The Vox Amplug series are interesting items. For somewhere around $40 you get an amplifier emulator (in this case the venerable Vox AC30)that could fool you into thinking you were plugged into its namesake so long as you own a decent pair of headphones. If you're not clear on what this gizmo is for, it's essentiallly designed to work with solid body guitars for practice and play when you're not around an amp. YOu plug it into your guitar's amp jack and then plug your headphones or buds into the Amplug. The Amplug has volume, tone and gain dials to assist in balancing the sound you are looking for. I own a second one that emulates the Fender Twin. My purchases were aimed at travel practice and my Traveler Ultra-light guitar that has no built-in listening circuitry. It's dead on perfect for that role. Note: you can also plug in an mp3 device to the Amplug allowing you to play along with tunes that are found on your mobile device. Also great for those living in apartments with thin walls so as not to disturb your neighbors in the wee hours of the morning. It is powered by two AAA batteries. (included) Thumbs Up!
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on March 10, 2011
I like it much better than the SansAmp "British" setting which is probably the most comparable thing I own. The design is smart and utile; i use it as intended, running an ipod into it and headphones out. i also use at lessons (i am a teacher, too) because it is easier and sounds better than the amps in the lessons studios. For that I use a line-to-dual-RCA cables for the amps' aux inputs.

The AmPlug is touchy and great sounding. Does everything: shimmering clean, fat clean, slight grit, crunch, high gain (for an AC30).

Great circuit, great design, and good enough implementation that it works. The feeling doesn't inspire great confidence that it will be around for decades, but who knows - only time will tell.
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on November 20, 2012
Obviously this little plastic unit isn't a replacement for your amp or any other gear. What it is, in my opinion, is an excuse killer. It kills a lot of your excuses for not practicing. Such as "I don't want to disturb anyone" or "I don't feel like hauling all my gear out" or "I'm not even going to be near a plug" or "I don't want to put on a big show with the acoustic guitar when I'm out in public" and of course "I don't want to spend more money on more amps". This little gem really deals with all those issues quite well. Its limited sonic range isn't going to help you develop your signature sound, but if it gets you playing more, you're going to be a better player (duh!). I keep it in the glove box along with a cheap Squier in the trunk. I play when I'm car-lunching or waiting for my kid to get out of school. Playground time with the kids has also become my new practice time. Plug in, stroll around the perimeter of the playground keeping an eye on the boys, working on progressions and licks. Best part is that nobody else can hear me (unless they're close) so it doesn't look like I'm putting on the big show. But I still look cool (wink, wink soccer moms). I can honestly say that for the three weeks I've had it, it's increased my play time per week by at least four hours. If you're busy like I am, that's significant and well worth $40. And when you do get back to your favorite amp, you'll be that much better of a player. Feature-wise, it's basic. Gain or clean. Construction-wise, be gentle. I don't expect a lifetime out of this plastic piece. I deducted a star on these points, but my four star rating is based entirely on the convenience aspect and what it has contributed to my musical routine.
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on May 22, 2012
I bought this to use with a Traveler Pro-Series "Silent" guitar. I bought this guitar (obviously) for traveling. I immediately realized that the stethophone that comes with the Traveler hurts my ears after just a few minutes of use. I wasn't sure if this VOX amp would physically plug into the Treveler due to the odd angle of the amp-out receptacle. it JUST fits and lays almost flat if you plug it in before attaching the lap rest to the guitar. I use the earbuds from my iPhone and it sounds great. I can play for hours in total comfort now.

One thing that was never mentioned in the specifications of the unit was whether it has a 1/4" or 1/8" earphone jack. It is a standard 1/8" jack.

I also plugged this into my Fender Stratocaster and Ibanez S just to test it. It plugs right into the Strat, but as another user reviewed, it won't plug into the S-Series Ibanez.

I still rate this 5-star, but if you expect to use it with an Ibanez S-Series, beware...
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on February 3, 2013
I'm quite happy with the sound out of the amp. I have no idea how it compares to the real amp it's supposed to model, but it has decent clean and overdriven tones. It's true that you definitely get a lot of hiss and noise when you turn the gain up, and I had to turn the tone control all the way down because its sound is really tinny and bright, but my expectations weren't super-high. I also have a POD (I bought this because it's much more portable), and while that has a ton of different options and tones and is all around higher-quality, this is vastly simpler to use, and I like its tone as well as anything similar-sounding I've gotten out of the POD, and my POD doesn't have aux-in (I need to use an outboard mixer).

Keep in mind it's a cheap battery-powered headphone practice amp half the size of a pack of cigarettes. It is what it is. If you expect the sound of a real tube amp, then you need to play a real tube amp.

I really like the aux-in feature, which is the main reason I bought it -- you can feed in a jam track to play along with. The aux in bypasses all the tone and volume controls, so you'll need to set the volume at the source and balance it with your guitar and amp volume, but that's not hard.

My big complaint is, as other reviewers have noted, the construction is pretty flimsy and I have little confidence it will last a long time. The case is made out of cheap plastic, the on/off switch (actually, it's on-standby, heh) and dials are cheap, and the headphone and aux-in jacks are low-quality 1/8" jobs. Especially if you have the thing plugged into a strat (it fits fine in mine with the recessed jack, your mileage may vary) with a straight-out headphone connector, it's going to be prone to something hitting the headphone cable and breaking it, since the jacks are likely poorly soldered to the PCB. Consider getting a right-angle headphone cable adapter to help with that. Or, do what I did, and don't plug it straight in to the guitar -- get an instrument cable extender, plug one end into the guitar, and the other into this. It makes for a much less tidy setup, but it will last longer.

Given the construction, it's not a great value. It would have been hard for them to squeeze a more durable 1/4" headphone jack and an RCA aux-in into the same package, though I'm sure they could have if they really tried. But for the money they could have used higher-grade plastic in the case and tougher, frame-mounted 1/8" jacks.
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on March 22, 2013
I bought this on a whim to see if I could actually get that great VOX AC30 sound in a portable package....and much to my surprise, it almost does it! You cant honestly expect it to sound like the amp it's emulating, but this is so close, it really is amazing. I like the fact that it uses wheels to control the levels of noise available to you, many just use all but useless switches to achieve a different sound and fall flat doing so.

The build quality is decent, but could be better for the rather high price charged, but so far it's held up just fine even after hitting the floor several times. I also like the fact that it uses easy to get AAA batteries instead of expensive 9V batteries that almost all of the other portable amps use, nice. And the battery life is also good, with around 15 or so hours between changes if using Duracell.

All told, this is a great little practice amp, with great sound, good battery life, and ease of use all bundled into a neat, compact package. Highly recommended!
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on March 2, 2010
This is a great little device that performs exactly as listed: providing great sound and portability for those who want to practice on the go, or who are looking for options to practice easily with their earbuds. I'm a guitar novice, but I think the sound coming off of two AAA batteries is a lot better than I expected, and I really like the option to plug in my MP3 player into the axillary jack. Also, purchased this from J&R Music and the order was fulfilled promptly with no problems. Highly recommended all around.
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on December 4, 2012
The Amp itself is weak at best. But it is useful and I guess the concept is a good one. It warbles and you have to find the right 'sweet spot' to get a decent sound. Echo is acceptable but distortion is well, distorted - but not in the good way. I think it's good enough for what it is/does and probably worth in the $20 range.

Now for the warning. See the Bundle picture, it shows the Vox Lead amPlug Amp, the Vox Speaker unit and an unnamed Headset. Then in the other pictures they show each item individually?

See those?

You don't get those. At least *I* didn't get those. I got the Vox Lead amPlug, some batteries and a patch cable. After several emails and a couple of phone calls, I still haven't received the VOX Speaker box or the unnamed headsets in their so called *bundle*

When I saw the bundle image and the individual pictures of each item from the 'bundle' I figured the individual Vox Lead amPlug was $43'ish all over Amazon and other outlets so $5 more for the Vox speaker was a great deal as that item goes for $23 and the headsets are a take or leave bonus throwaway item.

Forget it. You get the Vox Lead amPlug Amp and $2 worth of 'extras' in this *bundle*

Bottom line. See the pictures? You don't get those, you get the Vox amPlug Amp. For that you may as well order just the Vox Lead amPlug. Keep that in mind if you go to order this.
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