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Sweet christ. I cursed more in this book than I have in any of the others, but this is also my favorite of the series so far. I don’t know why I get so angry with the characters when I KNOW that I’m just going to let them crawl back into my heart and do it all over again. I mean for f@#k's sake. JAMIE. Remember in the last book when I was so pissed at Claire I couldn’t see straight? Oh. Well, now it’s Jamie’s turn.

Until approximately 27% into this book I was really angry. AND THEN. The perfect scene happened. And it was like the rain fell lightly overnight, cooling the heat that was smothering me and I could finally breathe again. I spontaneously orgasmed. My heart burst from my chest. And all was right with the world.

We know from the blurb that Claire goes back in time to find Jamie now that she knows he’s alive – but twenty years have passed. TWENTY YEARS. Anything could have happened in those twenty years, and gahhhh, so much does. Can Claire accept the Jamie that he is now as opposed to the one that she remembers so long ago? It’s clear from the immediate reunion that they both burn for each other. The hot kisses and the firm grip of their love is undeniable to anyone who sees them. But as the truth unravels – as the secrets Jamie keeps start to spill out – can Claire forgive him? CAN I FORGIVE HIM?

There is a ton of angst, kidnapping, arson, prison, murder, glorious sex, shipwrecks, and even the return of a character that I never thought I’d see again. At one point I skipped through my kitchen and squealed while my husband gave me side eye and shook his head. At another point I had silent tears streaming down my face as a piece of my heart broke off.

This series is exceptional. Yes, it’s effing long. Yes, Diana knows it. She actually makes fun of herself a little bit about the length of her books in this one and I found that refreshing. In all reality, this book is like 4 in one. There’s a lot packed into these pages that will keep you up at night and have you thinking about it during the day.I dreamed about this book, twining it into my sleep as well as my days. This book, like the others, is written extremely well. The attention to detail is outstanding and Diana knows just how far she can push you before you need a reprieve, and then she reels you back in with Jamie & Claire. Always Jamie & Claire.

The secrets are forgivable, the passion is real, and the journey is unforgettable. 5 Stars! On to Drums Of Autumn!
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on February 4, 2016
After finishing the audiobook for the previous book in this series, Dragonfly in Amber, I found it very hard to move on to something else. My mind was still with Jamie. Even though I had planned to take a bit of a break between books, I ended up waiting only a couple of weeks before starting Voyager. I remember falling in love with this book the first time I read it and I am happy to say that I still am in love.

My teenage daughter asked me what this book what about and I really had a hard time answering that question. It is about so many things. Mostly it is about Jamie and Claire. I love the fact that in this book that are no longer as young as they were in earlier books. They are in their 40's and have done a bit more living. I think that their maturity really shows in how they handle everything.

This pair have both lived a remarkable lives up to this point. There were high points in this book and low points but beyond everything their love for each other never waivers. I think that the biggest strength of this book is how clearly the characters' emotions are felt on the page. The scene in the print shop made my heart melt. I have read the book before so I remembered that scene but it still got to me.

This book is long. There are so many different things happening in this book and after one situation is dealt with they move on to the next one. I did start to feel a bit exhausted from this book towards the end. I still enjoyed every moment but I was starting to feel like I might deserve a medal once I reached the end. I do feel like this book has a more natural stopping point than the previous book. I plan to take a bit of a break before jumping into the next audiobook although I don't plan to wait very long.

The narration for this audiobook was nearly perfect. Davina Porter is the perfect choice for this series. She is Clair and Jamie and all the other characters to me at this point. I never tired of listening to her voice and sometimes listened for up to four hours per day. I am amazed by how well this narrator is able to perform so many different voices and accents. I always knew exactly who was speaking and felt myself being pulled into the story. This audiobook is truly a wonderful way to experience this novel.

I do highly recommend this book. This is not a series that you would want to read out of order and I don't think that this book would work at all as a stand-alone novel. Anyone who has enjoyed the first two books in the series will not want to miss this installment. This is the kind of story that fans read and re-read and find enjoyment in it every time.
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on January 20, 2014
Last week when I posted my review of Outlander, I wondered whether it would be smart to press on with the series in one massive reading binge, or whether, due to their epic length and the difficult emotional content, it would be smarter to take them slowly... as if I could. A longstanding joke in my family is that I was absent the day they handed out will power, and sure enough, even as I knew it would probably be too much for me emotionally, I devoured Dragonfly in Amber and then Voyager. And maybe it was too much of a good thing, or maybe it was just that I hit a wall and had no more empathy to waste on Jamie and Claire and their endless trevails, but I reached a point midway in this book where I just could not willingly suspend my disbelief anymore.

I'm not sure what happened. Having finished Outlander and Dragonfly in Amber, I was already well used to the endless cycle of Jamie and/or Claire finding themselves in mortal peril with no way out, only they do get out, celebrate their narrow escape with sexy times, and then shortly find themselves in mortal peril again. I'd suspended my disbelief quite a bit, and was just enjoying the ride.

Back in December 2011, the DBSA Romance Fiction Podcast (hosted by Sarah Wendell of Smart B****es, Trashy Books and Jane Litte of Dear Author) had an episode about the Ridiculousness Threshold -- that point at which the reader can no longer accept character or plot insanity and no longer enjoys the book. For me, I hit the Ridiculousness Threshold the moment Laoghaire's daughter walks in on Jamie and Claire at Lallybroch and calls him "Daddy!"

After that, no matter how I tried, I could not silence my inner skeptic. Almost every twist and turn of the convoluted plot made me roll my eyes and think, "Oh, for pete's sake, seriously?" The entire rest of the book is one absolutely ridiculous coincidence after another, and even in a series where I was willing to believe in time travel and the main characters' repeated skin-of-the-teeth survival against all odds, I just could not believe in pirates and slasher-killers and secret babies and zombies and shipwrecks and all of the rest of the insanity writ large over the 870 pages of this book.

And you know, the worst of it is that even though I'm totally done, and can't shut up my inner critic enough to enjoy reading, I still want to know what happens to Jamie and Claire next. Maybe I can find some Cliffs Notes.
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on November 22, 2014
Diana, Diana, Diana!!!. You write so beautifully, so passionately, so deeply that I am carried by Clair and Jamie through stones and into the Scottish highlands and the history that is stamped into your books. 1 (ten stars!!!) and 2 (5 stars!!!) were magnificent but, even then, I noticed when you posted the hero and heroin to France, it got boring. When you sent them (in Voyager) off to Jamaica even more boring. Your mind, your flight, your carry and your remarkable imagination started with Scotland...and there it should have stayed. It had a kind of magic that set you apart from every author that ever lived. It was like you told a story in a wonderful book-shop-imagination-atmosphere and then suddenly decided to move into the motorway cafe. Sure, I read on and got through it but kept wanting to go back to the surroundings of the beginning. And to be honest, your ending of Voyager was...I guess you know...far below your known imagination, and I guess you had malaria or similar when you wrote it. So, don't stop. I have emerged from passages of your books which have left me gasping and shaken with admiration.
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on March 16, 2017
I adored the first part of this book and enjoyed the middle section up to when they left Scotland, but I have to agree with some of the other reviewers who complained about the constant life-threatening situations that wear you out in the last third of this book. It got to the point that I was rolling my eyes every time another crisis arose. And I also didn't like Jamie and Claire's initial reunion. So disappointing! They did have a sweet moment later on, but when they first saw each other for the first time in TWENTY YEARS, it was one of the most anti-climactic scenes I've ever read. Of course I'm going to read the rest of the series, but I do hope that season three of the Starz series will fix some of the problems in this book as did the first two seasons.
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on May 15, 2015
After thoroughly enjoying the first two books, I was looking forward to this one. Although parts of it are fun, overall it is very disappointing. A few thoughts:
(1) Severe seasickness can lead to dehydration which can lead to death. So saying that no one ever died of seasickness is not accurate.
(2) Claire takes the time to prepare to step back in time, but does not seek out a dressmaker to make a proper costume. She has a cloak made, but buys a dress off the rack. She does not carry a bag with a spare dress.
(3) After never mentioning it before, she just happens to have penicillin when needed even though her original clothes were ruined.
(4) She is leaving a note for a daughter she may never see again and her concern is that her daughter not get fat.
There are many other things. Not sure I will bother with book 4.
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on January 31, 2015
Well I made it through the third book but just barely. Good god I thought it would never end. I would give the first 3 books a combined rating of 3 stars and that is mostly due to the first book. The author can write - that's not the problem - the problem is she doesn't know when to quit and she doesn't know how to let things be. Good god - one catastrophe after another for thousands of pages. I don't think anyone other than Job could be that unlucky. It became wearisome and boring and by the end of the third book I honestly didn't care what happened to any of the characters. I sort of wished they all died to end the series. There are 5 more books and I am gladly going to skip them all. One can only read one miserable account after another with nothing good happening in between to grow weary. I'm disappointed because I am a voracious reader and was looking forward to a long series. But I simply can't abide this one. In addition to the author's penchant for everlasting grief and turmoil, she also doesn't know when to quit. The first book was tolerable but the second one could have been edited by a third and the third book edited by half without losing any of the major storyline. It seems her characters ran out of things to say and she began making things up to keep the story going. Well it can go - and good riddance.
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on August 15, 2013
This third installment of this fabulous epic "OUTLANDER" adventure has always been my favorite of the series. All the books hold so much adventure and detailed historical information...but THIS installment is absolutely, mind boggling thrilling. At least it is for me.

To quickly recap: In the first book, Claire Randall had disappeared from 1945, to the eighteenth century Scotland; the year of 1743. She vanished when she went through the standing stones of Craigh na Dun and her adventure began. She fell in love with and married Jamie Fraser, and lived with him for nearly three years, before being forced to return through the standing stones to 1948, Scotland, which is the end of the second book, Dragonfly in Amber.

It's now twenty years later, 1968. Claire, Brianna (Jamies' daughter) and Roger Wakefield MacKenzie (a Historian) are reconstructing and following Jamie's life after Culloden, trying to locate where he might be buried. After thinking Jamie has been dead all these twenty years, Claire discovers Jamie survived Culloden. Roger eventually locates Jamie in History. Jamie is alive! After a tearful goodbye to her daughter, Claire goes back in time......again. She knows she'll never return to the Twentieth Century, or see her daughter again.

Claire locates Jamie and finds a man different from the man she knew before. Their reunion is shocking, tearful and full of questions and readjustments. Seeing all the changes in Jamie, Claire begins to doubt her decision to come back the to the eighteenth century. But Jamie won't let her go.

This third book of the OUTLANDER saga could actually stand on its own....but WHY would you not want to read this fabulous epic from it's beginning?!? IMHO, it's best to start at the beginning with Outlander if for nothing else than to fully appreciate and understand the devoted relationship between Jamie and Claire....and to thoroughly KNOW them. Then proceed to Dragonfly in Amber (Outlander, Book 2) to understand how their devotion for each other grows.

Ms. Gabaldon ALWAYS discloses and informs the reader of facts, events and experiences of Jamie and Claire, then walks away from those events and experiences. And then, somewhere in later episodes, she brings that moment back ....somewhere in the series. And VOYAGER follows this line of dropping information upon the reader, only to make it reappear later in the book. It's like little informative puzzle pieces that she plops down and walks away from, closing the chapter. And leaves the reader thinking, "wow!" ....and then somewhere later in the same book, (or subsequent books), that information or event is brought back to our mind/attention. And the reader is soundly blown away!

As I've previously stated (in the first two reviews), this is the third time I've read this Epic 7 book Outlander Saga through the many years but it's the first time I've taken time to give a review. Like all the other 5★ rave reviews, I can never put this story down once I begin...errands are curtailed, housework goes to pot and laundry piles up. It holds me completely captive with crippling intensity with all of its emotional structure and profound dimension. The story is so captivating and consuming that I find that I begin to slow my reading down as I see the end looming in sight, hating to let Jamie and Claire go. It never fails. BECAUSE THESE CHARACTERS ARE REAL.. DANG IT! Reading VOYAGER for the third time, I noticed chapter 61 gives us a definite clue where Jamie and Claire will end up in the end (of the Saga). It's gonna be hard to wait to find out.

When I read this story, I'm IN Scotland, or France, or the Colonies of America! I mean...I'M THERE! I see the deplorable living conditions...smell the stink of the slops thrown out the windows. I'm walking the cobblestones and seeing the people...seeing all the immigrants in their different cultural garb. The descriptive detail and narration are so strong, exact and perfect that one cannot help be emotionally invested in little time. You're transported into another world and time...and you're reluctant to return. Diana Gabaldon is...simply put... brilliant! The absolute best! Yes, the stories are long but each character is carefully considered...and the events that are chosen to be included are necessary to have the story told well.

If you will allow the time, and give the effort to patiently absorb the detailed narration, you will be blessed with the most emotional Saga ever to hold in your hands.
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on April 21, 2015
I liked Jamie because I thought he had strong moral character. In this book I wondered where his character went. I wondered why they never bathed when there was a chance of a's amazing Claire never got the lice that was invading Jamie's "hairy body" most of the time. There was too much "filler" in this book....Nonsensical adventure of twists and turns for no reason and did not add interest to the characters, plot or story for me..... and I found myself skipping pages and even chapters. I found myself not liking the main characters very much any more. I was also offended in some of the unnecessary grossness here and there. Didn't do it for me....I will not be buying/reading the other books in the series nor would I willingly recommend it to my book reading friends.
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on March 31, 2015
I absolutely love this series!! Voyager was amazing. When Claire and Jamie reunite - WOW! So much has happened to both of them in the 20 years they have been apart, but the feelings they have for one another have never been stronger. The pair have a load of adventures in this book, some of them made me cry and some made me laugh. Overall, through their bond, Jamie and Claire get one another through the thick and thin. I go to bed thinking of them and wake up ready to continue their story. I've already started book 4, Drums of Autumn - I cannot get enough!

There is too much going on to give details about the book, but I'll say just a few things. Claire is stronger - now in her upper 40's, a physician who lived a rather lonely 20 years without Jamie. She has a daughter, Brianna, who is just as strong-willed and independent as she is. Jamie has changed some, but his heart has always belonged to Claire. Some of Jamie's secrets are revealed, but again, together they get through it.

Highly recommended!
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