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on September 13, 2016
Incredible item! Some things you need to be saving for posterity are too big for your printer/flatbed scanner and this wand fills the gap. From artwork, pictures, books, you can scan and save it all. Separately buy a micro SD (which can be used with other things like cameras, computers, etc.) which spreads the cost, since micro SDs usually come with a standard size adapter. When I first tried to use the Wand I was not getting good results: Saw only a small slice of my document. I called the really great customer service and found out I was scanning TOO SLOWLY!. Took about 1 minute to explain and figure out. Thanks, VuPoint. Also you get the really valuable Paper Port software for scanning, searching and organizing documents. I used to work with this type of software before I retired, and I really missed it, but not now. Also included is a USB cable for connection to a computer, a cleaning cloth, batteries, and a storage bag for the Wand. I am impressed, so much so that I am buying two others for Christmas gifts. And, no, I am not an employee of this company LOL. It is just a very good product that meets my needs.
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on May 10, 2012
Spent 5 minutes reading instructions and this great little scanner made short work of scanning receipts I needed to email to my employer!! I love it!! I didn't use the software included, I simply uploaded to Windows Live Photo Gallery (created a "receipts" folder in Pictures first) and magically I had JPG files of my receipts. I rotated to right-side-up the receipt that got scanned upside-down - easy as pie. I didn't use the card adapater, I find the cord easier to handle than taking that tiny little card in and out of the scanner, and no more or less time consuming. I think I'll pop this little scanner into my knitting bag - to have at knitting club to copy patterns. I'm sure I'll think of many other uses. Delighted with this purchase.
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on August 20, 2013
I bought this for school, as I am terrible about losing important paperwork that I end up needing later. Being able to scan without being connected to a computer is extremely handy. Even on the lowest DPI scan, it produces sharp images of a black and white handouts, with each page taking about 2 seconds to slide across. At the highest setting, you do need to slow your roll some and take 5-7 seconds per scan, but I have found I only needed high settings for the smallest of text (and for color of course). It doesn't recognize the edges of the paper however, so you may end up with scans that need to be cropped in order to remove the edges that have a nice scan of the desk you were working on. Not important to me, but if you needed more professional scans for a presentation or something it may be something you need to think about. I would hate to scan 100 things and have to edit each one to remove it.

The device itself is nicely portable, it actually has the same width as my MS Surface Pro, so it fits easily into the tablet bag I use for the Pro. The scanner came with a sleeve to protect it.

My only complaint about the scanner is that you CAN'T hook it to a computer to instantly see your scan. You have to scan first, then connect it, and then it works like a removable drive with the files listed. It So if you are scanning a ton of pages, instead of being able to glance at each one on the PC as you go, you have to wait and do it all afterwards.

The software that comes with it is helpful, but not perfect. It converts JPG scans into Word, Excel, PDF, and Emails, but it cannot do anything with a PDF scan. This may be a limitation imposed by Adobe, or a ploy for you to upgrade to their professional edition ($90 at the time of this post), I am not sure. I do see the professional version gives you the ability to convert PDF files.
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on February 21, 2012
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on December 7, 2012
I bought it thinking that I could go to the clerk's office and copy the genealogical records to put on the computer, but although the clerks at the Smyth County Courthouse in VA can make copies for fifty cents a page, they maintain that a handheld scanner will damage the books. Since then, I've hand copied everything; it's slower but the spite value is tremendous.
I use the VuPoint for scanning old family photos and letters, though, and it works like a dream.
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on May 4, 2015
First, make sure you also get a case for it (VuPoint PDSC-IW441-VP Solutions Carrying Case for Magic Wand Portable Scanner); it only comes with a thin little cloth sleeve on its own and the quality of your scan hinges on how clean and safe you keep the glass lens on the bottom. The case linked above is really impressive for the cost.

Next, it works just like the hand-held scanners I started with in the 286 era: scanning was more of an art than a science because how good a scan you get is 100% dependent on how steady your hand is. Until you get better, you'll often get all sorts of wavy distortion that even PS won't fix.

It's best for small projects, like scanning a cartoon or a 3 x 5 photo. I got it specifically for scanning illustrations in books without having to wreck the book itself, and it's far better at that then the results I got with my flat-bed scanner or camera phone. It's also more convenient, since I don't have to be anywhere near a computer to use it; it's perfect for doing research runs to the library. When you get home, it hooks up to your PC like plugging in an external hard drive. Since cards go bad from time to time, you'll want to dump your scans often.

It will scan to jpg (or PDF, but... why?) in either 300, 600, or 900 dpi and 8-bit color. Again, small projects work best. You can use up to a 32 MB microSDHC memory card, which will hold tons of scans even at the highest resolution (it has a counter on it, and I'm at 200+ now with the card around a quarter full).

It works great right out of the box, and seems especially well built given the cost (much like the case). It's weird to be pleasantly surprised like this, but boy was I ever. It's one of those things you never know you need until you get it.
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on February 27, 2013
I spent my day testing this out for a perfect copy, It copies the way you drag it across your document. To perfect each copy, I took a piece of cardboard, glued a stick to the side, a cheap ruller will work, to have a perfect straight line to copy by.. I then folded a thick paper to hold the document, it was glued with less than a 1/4 in fold overhang. to frame the document. About 1/2 inch from the stick, according to the scanner guide line. I made another folded paper guide on the other side to keep the paper from shifting. I laid the cardboard holder on a mouse pad to keep it from shifting. I can put a document on the cardboard holders & guide the scanners for 3 seconds with both hands & turn out perfect copies, all on the memory chip. Then I put the micro sd memory in the adapter to fit usb or sd adapter, & check or print out from computer. It works on rechargeable batteries, & 8 gigs memory will hold 4000 documents, I am guessing that the rechargeable battery will probably copy 50 pages per charge.The scanner is just a portable stick & the scanner guide that I made will be slightly larger than a page & will fit in any folder. I got tired of the big scanners that are delicate, clumbsy, & has to be programed. I used no cables, no programming, but I move the memory chip to where I want the scanned information, up to the 4000 copies that an 8 gig chip will hold. it takes at least 3 seconds to a copy, & at least 3 seconds to set up each page. It is free of frustration, convenient & portable. Just be careful when opening the package, it could slide out onto the floor when you open the package.
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on August 16, 2012
I kinda bought the scanner on a lark but now that I have it, I must say I am pretty impressed. It is very easy to use once you get it setup. While this is not entirely clear from the description, the scanner is essentially a camera. You install a memory card in it and scans are stored on the card. You can view your scans by plugging the scanner into your computer with a USB cable or if your computer has a SD card reader, you can take the memory card out of the scanner put it into an SD adapter (the memory card is micro SD), install the SD adapter into your computer and view your scans. Pretty easy really and the scan quality is good. For the money I spent, I'm pretty happy with this product.
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on December 25, 2012
My mother is not tech savvy and she was having difficulty losing shortcuts on and saved picture files. This wand is very easy to use, requires very little setup and is easy to learn to use. If there is one drawback, it is how the files save. Pictures need to be renamed to jpg. A light comes on if you are trying to scan too fast and the image quality is not good enough. This is really a no brainer device.
Images are saved onto an SD card, which is not included. Double "A" batteries supply the power for the wand and a USB cable (included) when attached sends the scanned images to your computer. Great hand held tool. Scan framed photos. Throw it in your purse or backpack so you can take it with you to the library and use for a quick copier when you need a page from here or there, make a copy of a recipe in a magazine at the doctor's office so you don't have to tear the page out, scan the back of a package at the store so you can compare ingredients later.
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on April 2, 2014
I chose 5 stars because I wanted a product for a quick scan of pages and documents when I can't physically take and scan the document on a heavier duty scanner. When I first tried to scan something, it would not work until I realized that my microscandisc card was full. As soon as I replaced the card, clicked the scan button, began scanning once the green light was on and clicked the scan button again once I reached the other side and that was it! I looked at the scan on the computer and practiced until I got clean scans. Uneven surfaces were a challenge. Try to ensure it is as flat as possible! Once I got the swing of it, I scanned old military documents, obituaries out of photo albums, newspaper articles in binders, and the quality was perfect!

Be prepared to have your own micro sd card! The one thing I did not like was that the soft leather-like drawstring bag it comes with is too small. It only has room for the device, and not the usb cord. A week later, I purchased the protective hard case (advertised as people have also purchased...) It holds extra AA batteries, usb cord, and spare micro sd cards. I wish I would have had this Vupoint magic wand years ago instead of taking pictures of pictures and articles with a camera. Great buy!!
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