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on July 13, 2012
Overall very good. Different scanning qualities a plus. Worked well. Liked ability to scan to JPEG or PDF. Creates a PDF that can easily be edited (cropped, etc.) by Adobe Acrobat (unlike Pandigital wand scanner I had to return because it created a PDF with HUGE dimensions that Acrobat couldn't handle). Takes a little work to get non-wavy images, but you will eventually get the knack of scanning correctly. More compact than the Pandigital. Can recommend this for scanning on the go, but doesn't replace a desktop scanner for high quality/higher volume scans. Basically, it is very good at executing on its target mission.
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on September 9, 2012
I am a researcher, where, I got to study content from various paper based resources like bound books and paper backs. This device came in very handy to me. I can use this to save selected content digitally in a snap and carry them wherever I need. I don't have to carry all the books!!

After using this for quite a while, here are my observations
-- Very Fast Scanning Speed even for COLOR SCANS(<4 secs for A4 size and little over) This is the best part. There aren't any "fast scanners" available until now. It takes a lot of time to scan in Color, even at 300dpi. But VuPoint is too good and too fast for this.
-- No Dents on your page unless you scan on an uneven surface
-- It STOPs and SAVES the instant you STOP Scanning
-- Saving in JPG and PDF (More than Enough, you have plenty of free tools online Eg: Irfan View, GIMP if you wanna change your format)
-- Put a pair of good quality rechargeable AA cells for the power to last long. If the batteries are cheap, it gets drained quickly. This is the only trouble I had, but with good batteries it's perfect.

Imp ;
Unless you want to scan regularly, don't let the batteries in. If you do, they will be out of juice real quick. Get good quality AA batteries, bad quality means, less runs !

-- Don't worry, if it can't scan near the Book Spine, just go along until the whole length open in 2 pages. Does the JOB as it says, you don't have to worry if the book doesn't open up almost flat especially hard bound books borrowed libraries. It records pretty well for you to read on a Computer / eBook Reader.

I didn't have any qualms with this device so far now. Everything's working perfect with me. Above all the the best portable scanner for the best price. 900dpi is a really good add on, esp when scanning faded content from Old Volumes.

I Strongly Recommend this for people who want Quality and Portability of a Scanner
Thank You VuPoint
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on August 5, 2012
This little scanner is indeed very handy under the right circumstances, but can be a bit awkward for scanning books with a small inner margin ("gutter") or that don't lie perfectly flat. It can make it tough to move the wand steadily (leading to a wavy image) or cut the image off. I'm beginning to get the hang of it, but my big scanner is still better for some of the sorts of things I like to scan (such as a page here or there from a library book I don't want to buy). I haven't started on the major project I bought the scanner for - scanning old photos for my family genealogy - but it should work well for that. It is fun to use, and has features I haven't learned yet. I also bought the firm-sided carrying case, which I think is a good investment, even if you don't plan to take the wand out of the house - it holds the microSD chip adapter and the connecting wires etc. and protects the wand very nicely. I definitely think this was the right model for me, with the most flexibility - if you're going to bother to buy the thing, get all the bells and whistles the first time (900 dpi, PDF ready, etc.).
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on June 28, 2012
Ok, I just got this and I love it. I love the portability, it uses two double A battery's it's very easy to operate, and it works great. You can carry this with you and you can be ready to scan anywhere. It has a small color screen that I thought would be useless because it's so small, but I was wrong. You can see if your photo came out, it's good to have. This is the first scanner I ever owned. I have a Printer but has no scanner. Im very satisfied with this purchase. I forgot to mention it does not come with the memory card. But they are inexpensive. So if you purchase the Magic wand scanner,also get the mini sd card.
Update: I've had this scanner for awhile now and now every time I scan a photo there is a line right in the middle or somewhere on the photo. So I purchased a flatbed scanner. The canon canoscan lide 210. It's not too big and it's powered by the USB. So far it works really great. I now give the hand held scanner two stars. Also it's a battery drainer.
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on August 31, 2012
This is a great gadget to own... High quality, clear, detailed scans, easy to use too. 900 DPI resolution and scanning to pdf make this one stand out from the competition.

I am knocking off one star - 1) I wish the scan window would go closer to the side of the unit, to be able to scan closer to the edge of a page in a bound book/notepad etc. 2) The preview window sort of works, but is a bit iffy. For example, I haven't figured out how to page through different images. 3) I wish they would have made the LCD juuuust a bit larger. 4) I wish there was a simple way to reduce the scan width. And 5) dunno about the snake skin design... they must have smoked something weird when deciding to send me that instead of the pictured black one.

Still have to figure out how to scan small items, a clear plastic envelope would probably be the solution. I recommend rechargeable batteries for best results... even though they start out showing only 2/3 of the charge indicator, they last for a while and then, well, can be recharged.

All in all, I wish I would have had something like this 25 years ago in college.

Edit - After less than a year, the scanner stopped working. It only produces black "images" now. I suppose the CCD or whatever light is in there prematurely burned out. Not good because their "warranty" includes me paying for shipping it back to them, paying upfront for their postage back to me ($8) plus any labor ($ godknows). Should have gotten a Squaretrade warranty for that. Was good while it worked. :(
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on July 4, 2014
For the price, it's a useful device. Within its limitations, it will produce a remarkably pleasing and useful image file. This model uses AA batteries and sucks them dry quickly but I'm set up with multiple Eneloop rechargeables so that's not a problem. There's a VuPoint model with higher resolution and a larger monitor screen but it is powered by an enclosed Lithium battery. That would be about as useless as a rechargeable wood drill to me. They both sit for months and would be practically dead when I need them. I'd then have to wait 4 to 12 hours to charge the things before I could use them. And, the Lithium powered VuPoint will not work on AC power so you can only wait for it to charge...that's all you can do...I emailed the company to verify that. So, I got this model VuPoint scanner so I could pop in AA batteries and do the deed on the spur of the moment and be done with it. I use Microsoft Image Composite Editor (ICE) to stitch together things like newspaper scans. This VuPoint will only do about 8 inches wide. So, you can scan a 17" long newsprint page but you've got to do it in about 3 horizontal swipes and then stitch them together. You've got to keep the resolution down to 150dpi or Microsoft ICE will crash. Maybe there are other stitchers out there but I'm not willing to pay for them. Microsoft ICE is free and works well within its limitations. (Hint: It helps to set up the "send to" context menu to direct a selection of *.jpg's to Microsoft ICE.) But, if you plan to scan things like paper, especially newspaper, it's going to be wrinkled and you don't have the glass and cover of a flatbed scanner to "iron" the paper flat while you scan. If you don't mind the wrinkly image, just swipe away. If you plan to stitch then convert to a searchable PDF, however, you'll want to eliminate the wrinkles and that means you're going to have to get creative and hold the paper taught while you scan with the VuPoint. It can be done but you've got to do things like tape down the top part of the page to a stationary surface while you manually hold the paper taut. If, instead, you keep the wrinkles at 150dpi, your PDF converter will probably have multiple fails trying to cope with the wrinkles. People try to use the VuPoint to scan pages from books. That, I found to be just too troublesome and failure prone. Long story short, just as reviews say, there's "dead zones" at edges of the scanner (top-bottom-left and right). You could, conceivably, scan the book pages in multiple directions using the VuPoint then let your stitcher application thrash out one contiguous image but that's a very time consuming approach. I think it would be better to haul a suitable flatbed scanner to the library along with a tablet computer or notebook computer. For books, you'd want to pick a flatbed scanner that has narrow margins between the glass and the edge of the scanner housing. Or, like I do with my old Epson 3170 flatbed scanner, I just smash the book onto the glass as best I can then scan away. Or, actually, I use a good hand-held camera on a tripod to do a page image if I can't get to my flatbed scanner with the book (book on the floor--camera hovering over the page using a tripod). Even the versions of ScanSoft PaperPort that come free with scanners and printers can reliably do OCR and PDF conversions from a good camera image. When I needed copies of sections of a welder's how-to manual at my library that was reference only, I used the camera technique. It worked. But, really, I think you'll be sadly disappointed if you think you will be that one magician that can use a VuPoint wand to scan book pages. Some books will work if they are the right size with huge margins around the text, but, most books will just frustrate you, I think. So, this VuPoint is useful and it's even amazing sometimes but it won't do everything all the time. That's just the way of the world. Actually, if you're mostly planning to accumulate excerpts from a reference library where you can't borrow the media, I'd say a good cell phone camera is just about all you'll need to get the job done.
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on April 13, 2014
I bought this for scanning reference library materials that are either too fragile or unwieldy to place on library scanners. It has been a bit of a disappointment.

First, it operates only on battery power and has no power cord, and it quickly sucks batteries dead. In two hours at the library, it exhausted 8 triple-A alkaline batteries, so you should figure that frequent use of this scanner is going to run up some bucks.

Second, if the surface you are scanning has any warbles or ridges, as old paper surfaces often do, your scan is going to show this, along with a tiny loss of focus in those spots where the surface isn't even. This is a problem sometimes with table scanners too, but at least you can minimize it by using slight pressure to flatten the material you are scanning. Applying pressure with the Magic Wand isn't helpful because it halts the consistency of your manual tracking and sometimes the scanner's glides get hung up on any surface anomalies.

Third, you have a choice of making only jpeg or pdf files. I've been using a 32 GB Micro SD card with this scanner, so I have the storage to make TIFF files; it would be nice if I could do so when I'm scanning old photographs.

I no longer use this much. I have found instead that my portable digital camera is far more convenient than the Magic Wand and takes higher-resolution images. And my camera is most certainly less costly to operate, considering how the Magic Wand eats up batteries.
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on July 19, 2012
I have been playing with OCR and digital reproduction of existing printed materials for years; created the RetroReader program that could create readable books for almost any digital device long before the big boys grabbed the ball... anyways, I couldn't believe the accuracy of the OCR. Having the 900 dpi image must help a lot. I digitized the first couple of chapters of Eiji Yoshikawa's Musashi ... You have to have a steady hand and the process isn't instant but it isn't unbearable either... point is that in the first ten pages I caught less than ten errors and they were understandable... wow. That was with the free version of AABBYY that comes with the wand... bought the case for my wand too because ... I have heard it said that ... the enterprising wizard should always keep his wand wrapped if he doesn't want to get Hogwarts. Okay, sorry couldn't resist. Buy it. It works great.
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on December 12, 2012
I purchased this scanner based on some of the reviews here and it hasn't disappointed me yet. My parents are both deceased but I have their 50th anniversary scrapbook. I wanted to share it with my siblings but how do you copy cards, photos etc. that are glued into the book? I didn't want to take it apart to try and scan it and I knew that with the different thicknesses it was all going to end up a big mess and huge hassle. So... enter the VuPoint scanner. It worked perfectly! Takes about two passes to figure out how to make great scans, the color scans are awesome and it was all almost too easy! I have an iMac so I just plugged in the USB - up popped iPhoto and voila they all transferred to the computer. From there is was so easy to pull them together and put them on CD"s to share. Overall I am VERY impressed and now I will be thinking up all kinds of other uses for this little miracle tool. All I can say is I sure wish I had this "back when" I was spending huge amounts of money copying library books for my graduate program. Whoa... what a timesaver! I wouldn't think twice to recommend this little jewel - it's definitely worth the money!
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on December 24, 2012
I bought this scanner after my 4-in-1 no longer worked with my laptop. It is very easy to use. Make sure to buy the memory card for it otherwise you cannot use it. I like that I can scan anything- copies, originals, labels,pictures etc. With its USB connection, it can hook up to any computer and transmit copies through PDF. You should also get the case for it in order to protect it from dust and to help you carry it around for travelling. I like that it comes with 2 AA batteries. This will become indispensable to you, especially if you work with documents a lot. Worth the price.
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