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on March 1, 2013
I thought this would be my solution to the 2-3 things I wanted to scan in a magazine before donating them to the library. It seemed like it was going to be perfect until I noticed the bottoms were cut off every page I scanned. I tried scanning slow, fast and in between. I reset all of the settings and calibrated the white balance twice. Nothing worked. My scan would always show the bottom of the page not scanned even if I scanned the table, magazine page and let it run back onto the table. The scan would show wood, magazine page with bottom cut off and then wood again.

I called VuPoint's customer service but the woman I spoke to was more interested in chewing gum than offering any helpful answers or suggestions. She told me just to return it, which I did. I had no issues with the return and this review is on only my experience with the product itself.

I'm half tempted to get another one just to see if it does the same thing and if I ended up with a defective item but I'd rather try to find one in person to test out before ordering online again.
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on March 16, 2013
This wand scanner can work well, but the results depend on the skill one has in moving the wand over the source image. Books and magazines can be tricky, but with a little practice one can get acceptable scans. They probably will be a bit wavy, though. The 1 inch preview LCD display is really too small for anything other than just seeing what scans have been taken, which can be very useful. The zoom feature helps to display some detail, but it still is only on a 1 inch display.

Before purchasing a wand scanner, one should try using a digital camera first (good cameras have a macro mode that allows sharp pictures to be taken at very close distances). The results for photo imaging book or magazine pages will likely be acceptable for most people, and if one has a camera phone, the tool will be readily available when out at the library for example.

If one is planning on scanning mostly photos, consider a flatbed photo scanner such as an Epson V33 or a Canon instead. For about the same price, the scan quality will be much better.
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on March 4, 2013
Quality of scans are decent. The quality of scans you end up with depends greatly on your skill with operating the scanner. It takes some practice to move it evenly and at a steady pace to end up with a good quality scan. Even when you don't move the scanner steady the scans are of acceptable quality. You must calibrate the scanner first (very simple procedure). You can increase the quality of the scans by buying the table top scanning stand ($13 - $18) which also is required to achieve 900dpi.

For the money this is an excellent scanner. Versatile because you can scan anything flat, pictures on the wall, labels on a box too big to put on a flatbed scanner, etc. When you need a better image than you will get with a cell phone this a good solution. Scanning books and magazine pages takes a bit of effort, but not so much you can't get the hang of it within minutes. I even scanned a still image off of a 40 inch LCD TV. It was pixelated but you could clearly see the face I was trying to capture.

You get Abby sprint software (ver 9) which allows you to convert a .jpg to text with outstanding results. The scanner itself produces either .jpg or pdf files.

The controls are very simple, the ability to preview the scan is a nice feature allowing to zoom the preview image up to eight times magnification. It is easy to switch between file formats and the dpi settings. I am still using the same batteries that were included (two AA's) after two days of scanning and about 25 scans from 300dpi to 900dpi. So battery life for this is great.

For a portable wand scanner with preview of scans and three levels of quality settings this a great value and a must have where a portable scanner is essential. If it was just a little easier to use and the quality of scans just a bit better I would have given it 5 stars.
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on March 28, 2013
This thing works really well. I've scanned about 100 old photos so far and the quality is about the same as the scanner on my printer but it takes about one-twentieth of the time. Not too heavy to carry in my bag. The battery life isn't as bad as some people say. Just turn it off between batches of docs or photos. Great value compared to the more expensive ones at Staples. Bought the flat scanner bed on another site for $10, free shipping. It's not quite as smooth as I'd like but that doesn't affect the quality of the doc. I'd recommend the bed if you're going to do a lot of home scanning.
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on February 26, 2013
I was very excited to purchase this product. Basically, it does what it's supposed to do. However, I had to return the product for a refund because the device does not let you save your preferred settings after power-off. It returns to the factory default settings each time. I confirmed this limitation with the manufacturer before I returned it. I don't understand why it would let you "save" preferred settings which are only "saved" while the device is on. I could understand if the saved settings would be lost when the battery dies or is revoved. But I don't understand why they are lost at power-off. For example, if you set the scanner to auto time-out after 3 minutes of non use, you have to reset your prefernces when you turn it on again. Or make no changes and just scan using the default settings--which are fine for most applications. Most users wouldn't find this to be a problem. It just happend to be a "deal breaker" for me.This was my only complaint. Otherwise, the unit functioned flawlessly. Hence the 3 star rating.
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on July 5, 2013
I have to admit that when I first saw the Magic Wand, I was skeptical of its properties, usefulness, and especially its ability to work WELL. But I went ahead and bought it, thinking that I could always send it back if it doesn't work. I received it today and have put it to work. It's AWESOME. The quality of the images are incredible.

I've journaled for more years than I can remember and I've been trying to digitize all my hand-written journals. Since it's a lot of work to type them (my journals) all, I thought it would be cool to be able to scan them. Besides, scanning them means that I keep my handwriting. I have a scanner/printer, but I didn't want to have to stay with it and wait and do all the repetitive steps it takes to scan that many journals. Plus, to scan them on my scanner/printer, I was going to have to break down some of my journals for the scans to be effective.

I've scanned almost one whole journal this afternoon using the Magic Wand and the image quality is amazing. I can read each and every word with great clarity and, best of all, I get to keep my original handwriting! Best money I've spent!!!!!
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on December 8, 2015
Decent for the price (I got mine new for ~30$). Originally I bought this to have a quick, easy way to scan my sketches without taking up too much desk space. In terms of size, it's perfect. It's roughly a square inch by a foot. The purple color is as garish as it looks in the picture, but I didn't get it to look pretty, so that, too, is fine.

* the scanner
* batteries (2xAA)
* a USB to miniUSB cable
* a micro-fiber cloth in a card-sized plastic case (a thank you note included)

NOTE: THERE IS NO MICRO SD CARD INCLUDED and YOU NEED ONE, so you have to buy it separately.

* Handheld scanning requires a steady hand, but it's not especially difficult.
* You may want to get some kind of micro SD to SD (or USB) adapter, but it's not necessary, since you can attach the scanner directly to the computer via the included cable.
* The exposure on the scan is quite high, so it produces a rather high contrast image. For me this means a lot of my sketch is (figuratively) burned away in the scanning light--any lines that aren't dark enough are gone completely. In the bit of scan I've attached here, you can see gaps where the scanner didn't pick up the lines, leaving some of the shapes incomplete. Even here, I've modified it a bit in Photoshop to bring more out. NOTE: I have not scanned anything with color (though I have used the color option on the scanner) AND I have not scanned any type text, so I can't vouch for the quality of those.
* The preview option on the scanner is neat, but the screen is very small, so a preview fitted to window is pretty useless, BUT you can zoom into the picture and look at it in detail (this is a good time to notice scanning imperfections from scanning too fast or slow)

Overall, it's three stars for me since it's not a good enough scan for me to use regularly.
review image
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on March 7, 2013
Love this gadget! I have now scanned documents and photos. EXCELLENT images of both. I love that I can view and down load to my computer, just like a camera! The preview screen is small, still, you can see what you scanned. Wish I had not put off purchasing a hand held scanner until now. I did lots of research before deciding to go with the VuPoint model PDS-ST441PU. It was worth every penny. I am a genealogy buff and will be using this in libraries, and even in my cousins homes to get copies of docs and photos. Just love this gadget!
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on October 3, 2015
Works nicely as stand alone scanner, not attached to a PC. It saves scanned pages to SD card, and can then attach to PC as a removable drive, and you can copy your scans to the PC. Biggest issue is that it lets you change your scan settings, but does not save them when you power off. A bit of a pain. What I thought was odd was that it came bundled with PaperPort software for the PC. This software functions via a twain scanner connected to the PC. So I expected to see scanner drivers installed as part of the setup. Under windows 10, this did not happen. The setup crashed and didnt complete....fair enough....the setup is dated 2012, and apparently has problems with windows 7, 8, and 10. It is basically a 32 bit XP app only. So my next step was to go to the manufacturer websit and download current twain drivers. But there are no drivers of any kind available in the very skimpy support site. No discussion of installation issues, and no drivers.

So...a stand alone scanner it is. The Paperport software will probably get uninstalled, as i cant see much point toit if you cant scan from the app2
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on November 7, 2012
This is so useful. You'll only be limited by your imagination. choice of black and white or color scan as well as choice of the resolution for your item. This scans and gives you a preview so you know if you need to rescan before you put the item away. It scans receipts, pictures, anything you are wanting to archive that is up to standard paper size. I keep in my tote bag ready for anything. No charging uses two AA batteries.
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