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on August 23, 2013
I have a 2 year old and recently had triplets. I have a Sophie left over from our 2 year old, but wanted to purchase 2 more for the triplets. I thought this was a great, easy and economical way to order them. However, when we received them, I noticed right away that one of them did not squeak. The other once barely squeaked. I was very perplexed by this since these are supposed to be very nice teethers and are pricey. So I looked into it further. I compared these 2 to the one I already had and noticed several differences:

1) The squeaks were the most obvious difference. The "real" sophie squeaks extremely well, you barely have to press it and it makes the squeak noise. Even if you press on his neck, a nice squeak comes out. With these 2, they barely squeak at all!

2) There are serial numbers on the back of sophie's second leg. The "real" sophie has a very pronounced and PROTRUDING serial number. These 2 have barely visible indented numbers. Extrememly different than the real Sophie.

3) The coloring is slightly different. The real sophie has a brighter/darker pink color for its tongue and cheeks versus these 2 sophies.

4) The "real" sophie's front leg is slightly more bent than these 2 sophies.

It's hard to imagine that these are authentic sophies. I believe they are counterfeit and will be returning them. If they are counterfeit, I do not know where they were made and what they were made out of and I don't want my babies chewing on them!!! I'm glad I had another sophie to compare it with, otherwise I would never have known, which is what I bet they are counting on with unsuspecting buyers. PLEASE SEE MY VIDEO and PHOTOS WHICH CLEARLY SHOW THE DIFFERENCES.
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on January 14, 2013
My son loved Sophie to an unreasonable extent so I have been buying this toy as a gift for any baby showers I attend. Two of my cousins were having babies (due the same day) so I went ahead and bought the double pack. I was disappointed that both toys were shoved into one single package. I hoped they would each have their own box. I ended up using one of the toys as a decoration on the top of the wrapped gift, so that worked out fine, but I wanted to warn anybody else who was wondering the same thing.
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on December 23, 2013
Purchased on Amazon with confidence, however when I received these I immediately noticed the texture of the giraffe was rough compared to the one I already had at home. It also was a different size, color and smell. I suspected it was fake and did some internet searching. No serial number on any of the legs. Then I saw other reviews on Amazon saying some of these are fake. Do not buy from Amazon. Save yourself the trouble and go to Toys R Us or a reputable retail store. Very disappointed. Even my baby could tell and didn't like this one. Thankfully, Amazon is issuing me a full refund.
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on December 24, 2013
We have a 5 month old and an almost 3 year old in our house- both boys, and and both love their toys. Since the 2 pack of the Sophies is a better deal than just one, and because I didn't want my older boy to be jealous of his younger brother's awesome giraffe toy, we decided to get 2. My almost 3 year old is getting his 2 year molars (late) and I've noticed lately that he's chewing on other toys that aren't really meant to be chewed on, so my hope for him was that he could chew on Sophie instead. My 5 month old just plain loves to chew on anything and everything, so my hope for him was that he would enjoy Sophie more than his hand, or my hair... or that blanket.. or the carpet. You get the idea. 2 months after purchasing Sophie (my boys were 2.5 and 3 months when purchased) I can safely say we're glad we did! I'm not entirely sure how often my toddler chews on Sophie, but I do know that his other toys are showing less teeth marks, so I'll call that a win. Also he just plain really likes the cute squeaky giraffe! My 5 month old is now starting to get his bottom teeth in, but even before that he loved gnawing on Sophie. She is incredibly easy for a baby to grasp and chew on, and pretty much every part of her is made for soothing baby gums. Unlike many other teething toys, she is soft enough that he can chew without getting upset because his gums hurt, but firm enough that it occupies him and soothes. Overall very happy with this purchase and would recommend to all new parents.
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on October 11, 2014
Other than what I know for sure...
I was a little worried to order off amazon with the reviews of possible fakes and smearing ink running around out there. I had 3 baby showers coming up so I bought the two pack from here and another one from Target to have something to compare to. I wish I had thought to take pictures but I didn't. I was more worried about checking the toys and getting them into the gift baskets. I am confident mine were real.
I would say if yours smells bad or is missing the serial numbers or you're otherwise put off by it, send it back. I wouldn't take any chances when amazon does great with returns.
That being said I did soooooo much research and found that even on websites for brick and mortar stores reviews are similar. People had purchased Sophie in store and she still had a bad smell, or peeling paint. It seems some batches are just bad. Sophie also seems to have had minor appearance changes over the years meaning the one from a few years ago is probably going to look slightly different from the current ones. I have also found an article in the LA Times from 2009 referencing that the writer had a friend whose Sophie had all of the spots worn off, presumably from use and they still gushed over it. So Sophie losing color has been happening to some Sophies for a long time and definitely has happened to at least the one "real" Sophie. Smearing ink alone does not suggest a fake Sophie and I suppose that's why they use food grade inks. 2009 also seems to be well before the current fears of counterfeits (the first of those worries seeming to show up in 2011).
For sure China has had counterfeits in China. Sophie importers there have taken special measures to insure people can tell the difference in China. Other than people wondering if they have a faked Sophie there don't seem to be confirmed reports of counterfeit ones making it to the U.S.
So I would buy in confidence, but if it seems sub-par, send it back just to be safe.
By the way mine smelled like rubber but pleasantly, not overpowering and not at all bad. All had some variation in depth of color, spot placements, and even shape (but the shape differences were only ever so slight, and likely only noticeable because I was examining for any differences). All had serial numbers.
And my niece sure does love the darn thing.
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on May 27, 2014
I was weary of purchasing these because of comments that the combo pack had fake Sophies. However, the ones I received were real. How do I know-- I've purchased a number of these things from places all over the country. My kid loves his Sophie and we inevitably forget/lose Sophie during key moments in his life e.g. first bike ride, first time meeting long distance relatives, getting in the car, sunset, dinner, Wednesday, nap time, getting out of the car. For my own sanity, I've stashed Sophies throughout the house and cars. Before you lecture me on how I should teach my child to cope, you should also know that I stash away granola bars and other snacks in the event my spouse gets hangry (angry as a result of hunger). It's all about survival. Don't judge.

I've purchased Sophies in single packs, in boutique baby stores, and from Amazon. Unless everyone has uniformly received fakes for their inventories, they are all the same. The first Sophie we bought years ago had a protruding serial number. The more recent ones have indented serial numbers, much like an etching. The coloring, squeak, and markings are all similar. I say similar because these are supposedly hand made, which leads to some level of variation.

My kid loves these.
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on November 1, 2013
This toy is critical for times such as:
- Brunch with the girls. Give the baby Sophie le Giraffe to chew on and you'll get at least another 45 minutes of mimosa time to enjoy.
- Ever had a screaming baby in the back of a car for a long drive to the Grandparents house? I bet you have. Just toss Sophie Le Giraffe over your shoulder, aim for the car seat, and have blissful peace for another 30 minutes, until she drops it.
- Your United flight delayed on the tarmac AGAIN, just when you've perfectly timed her bottle and nap time around take-off. Passengers are cringing and shooting you filthy looks as they hear her screeching at you. Well....give her Sophie to gnaw on and you'll be the hero of the plane.

This is the best toy we have ever been given for our first born!

Further tips:
- Buy the two-pack. Our baby is 6 mths old, we've lost two already, and now I'm onto the 3rd.
- Keep in mind: My baby started teething at 2.5 months and Sophie was way too heavy and big for her little hands and mouth to hold. She really got stuck into it at around the 4 mth mark and we've never looked back.
- It's easy to wash.
- I ordered the two-pack from this seller and I received two separate toys in two separate boxes. Also, they were IDENTICAL to the toy I had bought at the store.
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on November 22, 2013
Excellent product!!! These came packaged individually but arrived in the same box - not that it mattered since I was going to use both, but that might be useful if you buy this as a gift. The twins LOVE their Sophies for so many reasons:
1) They are easy to grab and hold for small hands - in particular they like holding the legs.
2) The twins took a little time to get used to the texture of Sophie, but now they LOVE chewing on every part they can shove in their mouths - ears, legs, feet in particular - Sophie provides a variety of wonderful textures and hardnesses for the kids to explore.
3) They love the sound of the squeak, even though they have not yet figured out how to make it themselves.
4) They can fit the legs far into their mouths to explore with the back of their gums and tongue.
5) Sophie is soft enough that if (when) the kids whack themselves in the face with her, they don't get hurt.

The twins haven't started teething yet, but they will soon, and I am sure Sophie will be wonderful to soothe their sore gums when the time comes. I would definitely recommend this product and am planning to buy another as a baby shower gift.
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on August 15, 2015
I heard that Sophie the Giraffe was a must-have so I ordered one and I'm glad that I did. My son loved to chew on it when he was teething and it brought him relief. I was lucky enough to receive a second one as a gift so we had one at home and kept the other in the diaper bag so that we always had one on hand. The legs are long enough to reach the molars which really helps to alleviate discomfort. The teether has held up very well. Shipping was fast and it was packaged well.
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on December 9, 2013
Sophie is one of the best purchases made for our son. This was purchased when he was about 15 months and was having a lot of teething pain. We had seen positive reviews, but thought it was just a trendy fad. The price also seemed high for a teether, but Sophie has been worth every penny. Our son carried Sophie around for weeks and will still chew on her every once in a while months later. She is perfect for his little hands and mouth. She does squeak, but isn't annoying. A friend has one for her child and agreed that Sophie is worth owning and is more than a fad. We got a two pack knowing we were expecting another child and are planning on breaking out the second Sophie as soon as our younger son starts teething.
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