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Vulli Sophie la Girafe
Price:$23.47+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on July 31, 2016
Firstly, Amazon handled this beautifully. I purchased one of these Giraffes and after noticing the "fake" complaints, I went out and purchased one from Barnes & Noble and did a compare. Even though the "quality" of the one I purchased from Amazon seemed "ok", there was clear issues & errors with the packaging and toy itself that were dead giveaways. The one I bought was actually SOLD by Amazon. When I called their customer service, they immediately refunded the money and opened an investigation on their distributor. Please - everyone BEWARE, though I love Amazon, I would not purchase this product online. You have no idea what type of paint and rubber is used on the fake ones and taking the chance is not worth the few extra bucks savings. See pictures below for example of the issues on the fake. Some key things to point out:

1. On the real and fake one, the serial number and (c) SLG were on example the same spot
2. The font and colors were "off" on the fake one's packaging
3. There was spelling mistakes. My favorite is misspelling of Hevea tree.
4. The font and coloring on the packaging is different
5. On the bottom, I had a sticker that said "imported by Callison" vs. nothing on the fake
6. Hooves are bigger and more "defined" on the real one

I hope this helps everyone looking to purchase one of these great toys.
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on February 27, 2016
Beware!! If you have a drooly baby, moisture will get in the hole and you'll end up with mold! We've had ours for two years and the entire inside is coated with black mold!

Update 1/17- Due to the increased interest in this review, I thought I would elaborate. I am a neat freak. I clean everything more often than I probably should. I have pipe cleaning brushes to clean my kids' sippy cups. I don't have squeeze-y toys in the bathtub. I did not put hot glue over the hole, because that pops right out if it's chewed enough and it would've become a choking hazard. I know how to clean. I spot cleaned Sophie following the directions. She never went in the tub, dishwasher or a boiling pot of water as all of those methods would've obviously gotten more water in the hole. This mold growth was due to excessively drooly babies using it for over two years for it's intended purpose- a teething toy. I realize this will not be everyone's experience, but it was mine.
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on October 8, 2013
We've had it for about 10 months before comparing with an authentic one and finding out that ours was fake. The body is thicker and has very unpleasant chemical smell which never goes away. Real one would have a pleasant rubber smell. Who knows what kind of chemical our baby has been sucking on... Also, the paint is pretty much gone now.
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on December 1, 2015
I heard this was the roll-royce of teether and if I loved my baby and wanted her to go to an ivy league college I needed to buy it. Luckily we received one as a gift and I didn't have to shell out the kids college fund to pay for it. Let me start by saying my daughter had no interest in this when I first gave it to her. She was about three months old at the time. She just looked at it and looked at me like I was an idiot. I chalked it up to fancy baby stuff being a racket to sucker new parents in. However, we pulled that sucker back out when she was about 6 months and now she's glued to it. That freaking giraffe goes everywhere with us. Granted, its a glorified dog toy (seriously, it even squeaks) but its cute, my daughter can hold it on her own and for some reason she seems drawn to it. Either because it feels good on her gums or the manufacturers secretly fill it will baby crack. Either way, I'm a fan. Only complaint is the price because again, this is a glorified dog toy. If little nugget ever loses it I'll have to dip into our retirement fund to buy a new one. Until then, happy baby=happy mommy.
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Top Contributor: Babyon January 20, 2017
We got this as a baby shower gift and were so excited to see our son finally showing interest in Sophie. Unfortunately, the squeaker definitely perked the interest of our dog, who normally shows no interest in any of our son's toys. Alas, the next time we see it, Sophie's ears are no more, nor does the toy squeak anymore. Funny thing is, we repurchased it and or dog was no longer interested at all. Perhaps she felt like she already conquered Sophie.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on February 15, 2017
This is not the real Sophie. The real Sophie is made in France with completely safe edible rubber. Pretty sure this is a cheap (probably toxic) made in China knock off. My kid loved her Sophie- we lost it, reordered here and she has zero interest in this one. Her old Sophie smelled slightly of vanilla this has a very pungent rubber smell. It's the wrong color, the wrong shape, and the wrong material.
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on August 29, 2016
5 years ago when I had my first born, he never had any teethers nor was he seemingly wanting to bite on everything that came his way. Fast forward to 2016, my daughter was chomping on anything and everything. She had no interest any of her plastic teethers. This is the only teether that amuses her when we're in the car. As a fully breastfed Baby, it's even harder they won't take almost anything you give to them.
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• great teether
• easy for baby to hold
• tried, tested and deemed successful by many babies
• manufacturer seems to be honest about longevity and wear and tear of toy (acknowledging that the toy will age and should really only be used for a few years to ensure safest use)

• high price
• there seem to be some differences in quality and potential "fake" ones out there
• looks and sounds a bit like a dog toy

Baby loves chewing on this — with the ears, legs and body there are lots of different places to chew. Our squeaker broke, so that is disappointing, but our baby didn't really care about the squeaker anyway (and this actually makes it appear a bit less like a "dog toy"), so it's still a good teether for us.

The quality of the rubber and paint are great, they're holding up really well, even after months of use. It is perfectly normal for some of the color to fade after lots of use, since the paint is food grade to be safe for babies. There is discussion of some fake Sophies, whose paint wears off very quickly and overall shape is not quite the same quality as the original — checking the serial number printed on the back of one of the legs seems to be an easy way to check for authenticity (you can email the manufacturer Calisson Inc to verify). For the real Sophies, there is a handmade element to how they are made (they can only use the mold to cast the toy a certain number of times), so slight variations in shape and coloring are normal and part of the vintage beauty of this toy.

The manufacturer website (Calisson Inc, FAQ section) gives some good background information on how to get the most use out of the toy and acknowledges that because of the baby-friendly materials used (100% natural rubber, food grade paint), this toy will age over time. A new Sophie should easily last through a child's babyhood, but may not be suited to be handed down, especially after being stored for a few years.
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on September 12, 2017
I've been meaning to write this review for a long time. But since we hardly ever played with it reviewing this Sophie just kept slipping out of my mind. Well, my honest recommendation - DO NOT BUY THIS ONE! It's definitely a fake. Each time I washed it, no matter how thoroughly, I could see dirty yellow liquid oozing out of the hole (pic attached). That's so very unhygienic for an infant. Such an expensive toy and what a waste! Did not expect customer-centric Amazon to sell such a product.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on February 4, 2017
I purchased this for Grandson as they were pregnant. He is now 5.5 months and just gave him the teether for the first time. It is adorable to look at and hold however, we have been told Vulli is on recall. Apparently when the baby chews on this, his saliva gathers within the teether and causes black mold. The little teeny whole is not able to expel all the saliva and black mold grows. It makes sense that this would happen. It is growing starting with saliva in a dark place-moisture and heat.
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