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on July 31, 2016
Firstly, Amazon handled this beautifully. I purchased one of these Giraffes and after noticing the "fake" complaints, I went out and purchased one from Barnes & Noble and did a compare. Even though the "quality" of the one I purchased from Amazon seemed "ok", there was clear issues & errors with the packaging and toy itself that were dead giveaways. The one I bought was actually SOLD by Amazon. When I called their customer service, they immediately refunded the money and opened an investigation on their distributor. Please - everyone BEWARE, though I love Amazon, I would not purchase this product online. You have no idea what type of paint and rubber is used on the fake ones and taking the chance is not worth the few extra bucks savings. See pictures below for example of the issues on the fake. Some key things to point out:

1. On the real and fake one, the serial number and (c) SLG were on example the same spot
2. The font and colors were "off" on the fake one's packaging
3. There was spelling mistakes. My favorite is misspelling of Hevea tree.
4. The font and coloring on the packaging is different
5. On the bottom, I had a sticker that said "imported by Callison" vs. nothing on the fake
6. Hooves are bigger and more "defined" on the real one

I hope this helps everyone looking to purchase one of these great toys.
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on October 8, 2013
We've had it for about 10 months before comparing with an authentic one and finding out that ours was fake. The body is thicker and has very unpleasant chemical smell which never goes away. Real one would have a pleasant rubber smell. Who knows what kind of chemical our baby has been sucking on... Also, the paint is pretty much gone now.
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on November 22, 2016
I received Sophie today, and immediately opened the box and checked for the requisite serial number all the other reviewers say exists. It's there. And the box looks real. And Sophie smells like she should. And she's the right size. And the serial number is imprinted. And the copyright mark is imprinted after the serial number. And she squeaks and there are no misspellings on the packaging and there's a sticker on the bottom of the box, and, and, and. . .

And all of this adds up to NOTHING. I just spent a half an hour reading reviews and comparing pictures to my Sophie and making myself pretty crazy in general. I still don't know if this is a genuine item, and I really don't care. I'm returning it and will be buying Sophie from a local retailer listed on the Sophie USA website. I should buy locally more often anyway (Goals!). The extra cash I'll have to shell out is minimal and worth a lot less than the time I've already spent visiting Fake Sophie Stress Land.

Amazon, I love you. This is not the end of our relationship by any stretch of the imagination. But when it comes to a rather expensive, classic toy that is going into my child's MOUTH, I'm not going to stress out over a possible knock-off--no matter how good it is. 3 stars because I just don't know if this is good or not.
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on October 10, 2015
Not everybody "gets" Sophie. I remember being at Target and overhearing two older women lamenting $20+ for a "plastic statue." No no no no!

First of all, she's not plastic. She's a special kind of all-natural rubber that comes from a special kind of tree native to a particular region in France. I know that all sounds really overhyped and pretentious and before I actually got my hands on a Sophie, I really thought she was just a cute thing people were buying because popular bloggers were posting photos of their babies with her.

Each Sophie comes with a little card detailing her backstory. She is still manufactured the same way she has been since the 1960s, and the process is very hands-on, which probably accounts for the price.

I, like most parents I'm sure, have tried countless teething toys and remedies. None of my four kids were ever crazy about the frozen gel teethers. I finally got Sophie for my third baby and before she was old enough to hold onto toys, her brother would always swipe it from her. But once she could grip objects, she loved her giraffe. I actually had two at point, in case we lost one (which we did. Time for a second backup!). My youngest, who is five months old, loves Sophie the most. I bought him a silicone teething toothbrush too, but he doesn't show nearly as much interest. Sophie is easy to hold onto and very soft and squishy. I think he prefers softer things, since he also loves to chew on blankets.

Plus, she's cute. When your life is overrun with baby stuff, that becomes important. I would rather have one high quality toy that my baby loves than a hundred pieces of crap he doesn't.
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I got one of these as a showe gift that my baby loves. I wanted to buy another and saw it on Amazon for $19. What a deal considering these are normally $25. So I ordered and am not sure if it's the same and if the one from Amazon is authentic.

I realize these are hand painted so there will be variation. But the rubber on the new one smells different and feels slightly harder than my original one. There are also some rough spots on the Amazon one whereas there were no rough spots on my original one at all as you could plainly tell it was very high quality. The sqeaker is not the same in the two versions. When you press on it to feel it, the shape of the squeaker is different shape, size, and sound. My original one squeaks better. The one from Amazon doesn't squeak well, and is higher pitched. The serial number font size on the two are different. The original one had a larger font size and the Amazon has a smaller font size. The most notable difference is the feet/hooves. The original one is thicker rubber and pretty even in thickness all the way around. The Amazon one is thin, very thin at some parts (you can see the think, wavy, crepiness) like the baby can chew through it and the hooves are not the same shape as the one I already have.

I don't know. I bought this from Amazon, but it is fulfilled by an outside vendor and I don't know their reputation. Since this is something that can easily be counterfeited, I am going to return this and buy it at full price form a store I trust, like Nordstrom. It is worth the hassle for me because this is an item that my baby constantly has in her mouth and is sucking/chewing on.

Also, mine came in horrible packagin and the box is totally mangled and destroyed and some of the paint on the toy is rubbed off. Not your typical Amazon quality if you ask me.
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on September 13, 2015
After learning that these Vulli Sophie giraffes were regularly counterfeited, I did my research and found this one, sold by themselves at the time, assuming it was "the real thing". Now I'm not so sure.

Either way, it's pretty much junk. I've had it for about six months and my son has played with it maybe fifteen times. And he doesn't even have any teeth yet. The paint is coming completely off, the rubber is cracking in multiple places, and it is seemingly always grungy though it rarely gets used. In fact, it's so gross and probably bacteria-riddled due to the many fissures in its exterior that I won't even let my son play with it any more.

I bought into the hipster hype for this thing and it let me down. For an insanely expensive glorified dog chew toy, you'd think it would be more robust. It isn't.

Save your money.
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on April 19, 2014
We were so excited to give our teething 8-month-old this toy for Christmas (2013). She loved it instantly and carried it around constantly chewing and sucking on it. After three weeks of use, the color on the giraffe's ears and feet was peeling off. I can only assume that my baby had eaten what was no longer there. We could not have been more disappointed in a $20 TEETHING TOY. We returned our Sophie immediately to the seller (BabyHaven) who was very kind to work with and accepted our return with no questions. Two months later though, there was no refund in my account. I had to contact BabyHaven again to ask about it and at that point they promptly issued the refund. As a result of all this, I did some research on Sophie the Giraffe and found out that some online sellers are selling fakes, although they are packaged in very authentic-looking boxes. When you compare them to the real thing you can see the difference. I would recommend buying this toy IN-STORE ONLY from a major retailer with a reputation to protect.
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on September 24, 2014
This "Sophie" is NOT authentic!!! I purchased this few months ago and now that my daughter is ready to use a teether, I took it out of the box and noticed HORRIBLE rubber smell. I washed and sanitized it several times to get rid of the smell but it still smells so bad that it gives me a headache. I was concerned how this can be safe to be chewed by babies and when I told my friend about it, she said her "Sophie" does not have this kind of smell at all. So I went to Pottery Barn Kids store to check on what they have and the ones they carry do not have that horrible smell.
This is very disappointing and not only I feel robbed, I am upset that Amazon would sell a fake item that could seriously harm a baby
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon March 23, 2017
When my daughter started teething I looked through Amazon and Sophie seemed to be the most popular teether here. So, although the price was a bit over 20$, I decided to give it a try.

But sadly, my daughter wasn’t attracted to Sophie at 7 months old and after. Occasionally, she’d hold and squeeze it. Often, she ignores it in the play yard. She loves her other rubber teether, though, so I don’t think it’s the rubbery smell.

To be fair, she loved teethers the most from 4 to 6+ months old, when the teething first started. Perhaps Sophie just missed this phase when she arrived our house. In contrast, my daughter’s older cousin used to love her Sophie.

Personally, I’m not into Sophie because I prefer quieter toys over the sharp squeak. There were occasions when my baby girl was sleeping and my husband accidentally stepped on Sophie and made her squeak!

My daughter hasn’t tested Sophie vigorously enough to judge its resistance to wear and tear.

What I like about it:
- 2-in-1: teether for baby, toy for older child
- Relatively easy to clean and maintain

What can be improved:
- Remove latex proteins in the teether to avoid increasing risk of latex allergy in babies
- Be proactive in ensuring product safety instead of waiting to be pressured into conforming to stricter standards
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on February 16, 2016
After almost a year of use our little Sophie the Giraffe is still going strong. Her squeaker is still squeaking and the paint has not come off. I love the almost flowery smell of the natural rubber and the feel is wonderful as well. The rubber has a bit of grittiness to it, but it is so soft and easy for infants to grab onto and squeeze. One thing which I have notices is how dirt will attract and stick to the giraffe. I suppose it is due to the fact the toy is not hard and absolutely smooth. We are constantly wiping the toy down with a damp rag.

The reason I am giving the giraffe 4 stars is my daughter did not love this toy. I know so many people whose children absolutely adored Sophie and wouldn't put it down. The parents actually said it was like crack for babies. My daughter did play with it, but didn't love it. I personally love the fact the giraffe is made from natural rubber and I would actually purchase it again if someone I knew was going to have a baby. Like I said, I know so many people personally whose children loved the soft, squeaky giraffe and my daughter is in the minority.
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