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on November 23, 2017
I think that if Madonna's name had not been attached to the movie, the well-crafted performance of Andrea Riseborough as Wallis Simpson would have gotten far more attention by critics and award-givers. Riseborough shines. Interestingly, and contrary to what I would have thought, Madonna directs and films the period pieces quite well and much better than the scenes set in modern times. The parts of the story involving Wallis and Edward are compelling. Unfortunately, the script meanders into contemporary New York with contrived story line about an abused wife which doesn't work on any level. In many ways, this predicament is reminiscent of "Julie & Julia", in which the Julia Child portion of the film is lovely, fun and interesting, while the Julie story line is dull and annoying. Ultimately though, Madonna's premise is that W & E are the worlds greatest tortured lovers since Romeo & Juliet. Nah. I get that he gave up a crown for her, but he actually hated the duties of being king and couldn't wait to get out. But if you wanted me to believe that never have two more perfect star-crossed lovers existed, we needed far more scenes of them falling in love, and far fewer of the modern woman and whatever she was doing.
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on October 29, 2014
I thought the half of this film that depicted the Wallis and Edward ("David") yarn was brilliant. Andrea R. was perfection- even the same size as the real Wallis. But the Wally vs pilandering hubby- ugh! I just couldn't get into this hackneyed melodrama. Couldn't stand either of them. But an uptown gal smitten by that little Russian dwarf? Com'on! No way! Not even if he's an artiste. If an 80's materialistic statement need run with the Wallis-Edward story I think a better story would start AFTER Wally splits with her abusive hubby (not illustrating this drama scene by scene) and she's "clearing her head". The auction influences her and she starts thinking about the Romance of the Century and the objects still connect the 80s to the pre-war era. But get a less wooden actress than Abbie Cornish and nix that Oscar Isaac and replace them with actors that the audience wants to watch. Plenty of guys have knees you wanna see in a kilt. Oh, those scenes at the auction house backstage- soooo 80s! Gosh I'm glad the 80s are long gone- not so sure about the 30s though.....
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on June 17, 2015
Madonna directed this and for her fans, the music at the end is hers. I I found this to be beautifully filmed. It is great to watch for anyone interested in period fashion for example. The story itself is old and kind of overtold, especially after The King's Speech. There is no delving deep into the why and wherefore of this obsession, but the film does shows the decadence and complete irresponsibility this self-absorbed couple demonstrated. There is some background explanation via flash backs, most especially of Wallace's previous relationships and the challenges of the usual sexist attitudes of the time for her. I did learned some new information - like how she tried to refuse Edward etc. She should have as she had regrets. I did enjoy this but I will not be reading any more or paying to view again. Kind of a pathetic waste of lives - all for passion and who knows what else, or maybe that was it - they were that superficial. A prison of their own making.
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on May 11, 2016
Don't waste your time on this. Very stylish fashion and deco porn, but you have to know absolutely EVERYTHING about the Duke and Duchess of Windsor to follow the plot and characters since there is absolutely no attempt to put story, characters or history in context. And if you do already know the true story, you'll spot some glaring errors. The modern part of the script is both repulsive and unbelievable -- does Sotheby's really display priceless auction items and historical clothing out in the open for lovelorn girls to fondle at will? Only bright spot is the very talented and eminently watchable James D'Arcy but even he couldn't keep my interest. Life too short to watch to the end.
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on May 15, 2017
Madonna did a fine job of directing.The movie was a little choppy but it was a director's choice and it worked.
The actors were very good and the photography and sets were beautiful.
Overall a very enjoyable film.
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on January 2, 2013
If you have any comcerns regarding purchasing this DVD because Madonna is tied to it, that is the reason why you should purchase it. A very well done, crafted, researched, lavish, written, directed film. Madonna threw herself completely into the production and the result is one of the best films of the year. I like Madonna - not obsessed - and have always wondered if it was not a "MADONNA" production it certainly would have been received better at awards time. The woman has a gift. Again, well worth the purchase.
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on October 23, 2017
This is not a movie about Wallis Simpson and the future King. It is more about those characters set in current time. Flip flopping from the 1930’s to present. The story isn’t developed, the characters aren’t developed. This was just to let Madonna think she is a director and it proves she isn’t. Don’t waste your time or money!
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on June 4, 2017
This movie is pretty cheesy and overly dramatic, but I love it. The actors are all great in their roles and it is a quick watch.
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on December 14, 2013
Before I even get into discussing the product I have to declare that you better not hop on the "Madonna is old so this automatically sucks," band wagon. The majority of critics and general public who dislike this movie solely judged this movie because Madonna directed it. So many reviews have unintelligently reviewed this movie saying, "what, she can't write and direct a movie focusing on one story?" It's unfortunate in our day and age that agreeing with the mass population because 'if so many people agree then they must all be right' is a fad, it's a shame people can't, or won't, think for themselves. I'm not even a fan of Madonna's music but I absolutely love this movie.
Watch this movie without expectations and with a desire to feel romanticized by the story, Andrea Riseborough and James Darcy's performances are absolutely stunning and mesmerising, wonderfully capturing what it must have been like for a King to fall in love with a commoner (an American one no less) and giving up his throne to be with her. The movie addresses what Wallis Simpson must have felt being a social pariah without warrant.
We have two stories intersecting simply because this retelling of the 'Romance Of The Century' stems from a housewife's need for some type of comfort and relation with her own maritial problems. If the haters of this movie paid attention Wally (Abbie Cornish) explains to her love interest (the handsome russian Oscar Isaac) that both her mother and grandmother were obsessed with Wallis' story, the character shares a common line having already known so much about the commoner turned Duchess. The stories wonderfully overlap because we are seeing the story through Wally's imagination/interpretation of the story (in a sense, not Madonna's interpretation!), which is why I'd like to believe explains the scene where Wallis dances for Edward with a modern song covering it.
I first watched this movie on Netflix where you can too if you need to see before you buy, but you'll find the soundtrack absolutely beautiful and captivating! Abel Korzeniowski did a 5 star job. There's wonderful cinematography and a kick ass costume set. Lots of recognizable actors. Watch this movie and try to not let others create your opinion for you until you do see it. Not to mention the ending makes you feel complete and hopeful. So glad I own this now!
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on June 15, 2012
The movie itself was very good and took me by a surprise. A true fairy tale brought to life by Madonna. She did an excellent job! A prince falling in love with a commoner has its limits. A having an affair with a married woman that already had a divorce is problem. Being the third husband and next in line for the throne is another. Being American is another obstacle they faced. Many details about the two were left out of the movie, but that was because it was a love story. STILL AMAZING!

The shipment and packaging was on time, and this was everything I asked for
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