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on November 24, 2015
Honestly I don't remember ordering or buying Wired or its sequel Amped. I suppose I must have as they both appeared in my ebook library. Still even though their appearance was a mystery to me I wasn't in all that big of a hurry to read them. That was my loss which I have rectified. I was amazingly well pleased w the fast paced story of David and Kira.

This was an exemplary story of two doomed and manipulated heroes trying to save the world. I have to say that when the characters were in their transformed state I found myself feeling smarter lol. I think this gene therapy has a future. Well written, interesting characters, plotted and action driven. Great read highly recommend!
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on May 11, 2016
Absolutely fascinating. The premise may seem absurd, but the plot is driven by this very absurdity. It is engaging and enthralling. A delightful twist in the tale which draws everything together, adds to the narrative. While there is little humor, the notion of the plot does not lend itself to such. The positive qualities in the characters, especially that of integrity and decency, make this an absorbing read, and you constantly find yourself reevaluating your perceptions of each character. A worthy 5-star book. Highly recommended
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I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and I will give it a five star rating without hesitation. This is another novel by Mr. Richards featuring dazzling speculation about science and its effect on mankind, and lots of action and character development. In other words, all the things that we look for in a science fiction novel. In particular, in this one the author manages to really develop his characters to the point where the reader really cares about what happens to them. Further, this novel is full of unexpected twists and turns that make it all that much more fun.

In particular, the author has some brilliant speculation about the effect of enhanced intelligence on human beings. I am not sure that I agree with the speculation, but I found it plausible and fascinating and it certainly made this novel a page turner. There is other speculation as well, but I do not want to engage in spoilers.

No science-fiction reader should miss this one. This is a dazzling novel that will hold the reader's interest throughout. RJB.
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on December 22, 2017
I started readingInfinity Born but got sidetracked into reading this older book. Spoiler: It is better than Infinity Born. The only bad thing about Wired is the depths to which brilliant Kira Miller is painted as the story begins – and the continuing length of belief in that picture by hero David Desh, but I suppose easier conversion wouldn't leave much story. Kira's many talents and anticipation of the counter moves make her a serious adversary, and once the source of her superoptimized intelligence is compromised, the theatrics of the competition warrant the thriller label. I enjoyed the entire escapade. An extra ½☆ for being decently edited and proofed but it needs a more immediately concerning message to get to 5☆ from me.
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on July 10, 2017
One of the greatest fantasies in my life is to become dramatically smarter. This is a thriller where the premise is that a researcher invents a gene therapy that can increase intelligence dramatically in anyone, but only for about an hour at a time. But during that hour, the most difficult problems become child's play. Oh, how I wish such a pill existed today.

Anyway, the book itself is quite the page turner. Twists and turns aplenty with smart people made even smarter!
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on March 23, 2017
I just finished Wired and can't wait to read the sequel. The author kept my interest all the way through the book and I was not able to see how the plot was going to turn out. Very enjoyable. This book also raised some very important questions about life and existence which made me think. This too was very much appreciated.
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on January 31, 2018
I don't get it. Why does this book get such great reviews? It is like a children's version of a Micheal Crichton book.
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on October 31, 2013
Not having any medical or biological training i can't say if this is possible or not. But I will say it made for a really interesting plot dynamic. Just think, you pop a gel cap and suddenly your intelligence jumps beyond perception and everything becomes clear. Suddenly everything makes sense, I would love to get one of those caps. My wife would too but that's another story. As can be expected when something like this is developed, forces from all over now want it for themselves. The government, terrorist, organized crime, and the military. Who can blame them. But this is a Pandora's box. Great things or ultimate evil can result from something like this. And the only person who can protect it is the person who discovered it Kira Miller. She as immediately vilified and accused of all sorts of terrible things as unseen forces attempt to imprison and force her to give up her discovery so they can posses the ultimate weapon or tool. The fight that she and the man sent to find her, David Desh, was very will crafted and kept me glued to the book and ultimately caused to read the squeal. I really enjoyed this book.
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on May 17, 2013
I have skimmed through the bad reviews because I just could not understand why they rated this book as poor as they did. Frankly, I still do not understand why because I have read it and love it! Like those who read my reviews know, if I stop doing my needlepoint (or what ever I am working on) to read the book myself, I know it is good! This book is a slam dunk for awards. I have read most of the Mitch Rapp series by Vince Flynn. I think this book surpasses it my miles.

This book is a mystery, technothriller, sci-fi, and little bit of romance, all rolled into one. It is well written, factual, and easy to read. With the degrees the author has, and in the particular fields his degrees are in, no wonder this book is so good. The story flows well and evenly. The plot has twists and turns that will keep your interest through out the story. And, quite frankly, with the advances of modern science, I could easily envision the future having brain modification.

The characters are believable, well defined, and you can relate to them easily. The character of Kira is someone who you might not like for the first 1/2 chapter, but as she unfolds her story, you come to empathize with her a good deal. She is a brilliant genetic engineer who has discovered, created, a capsule to enhance people's brains beyond normal human belief. But, there is a problem. Excessive use of this capsule can make those users into megalomaniacs.

The character of David Desh is perfectly understandable if you look at him and think Special-Ops military. They are trained more excessively than regular military. think Seal Team 6. So, to me, he is very believable.

David Desh left special forces after his team was brutally butchered in Iran. David himself was hurt badly and needed time to recoup. Then he was reactivated. His mission....find Kira Miller, the genius behind a bioterror plot to kill millions. As Desh begins his mission, Kira breaks into his room and kidnaps him. Desh is surprised at how well Kira has organized the kidnapping. All she wants is for him to listen to her explain things. He decides to listen. He has no choice as she has him tied down extremely securely. Once he hears what she has to say, he decides to take a chance and try to help her. he is still cautious, but gives her a chance.

Folks, this is a spectacular story and well worth reading.
For those of you who hate sex scenes, there is none.
For those of you who hate blood and gore, there is none.

I recommend this book highly.
One of the reviews mentioned this might end up a series. Hope it does.
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on November 16, 2014
No Spoilers Here!

The plot was masterfully revealed, with just the right amount of uncertainty as to the identity and motives of the heroes and villains.

There is a terrific surprise at the end that was truly unexpected, but made perfect sense once revealed.

The ending is really good and very optimistic. There is a sequel, but this story is complete on its own.
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