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WWE 2K14 - Playstation 3
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$24.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on November 20, 2013
This WWE2K14 video game is much better than WWE13, but not totally perfect and by that i mean there are still glitches and freeze up`s in this year`s game also. I will say that i enjoyed WWE2K14 far more than last year`s game, it plays a bit more fluid and faster, to me the controls work much better, the wrestler`s look (for the most part) a heck of a lot more realistic than WWE13. For WWE2K14, there are 100 create a wrestler slots, compared to 50 in past games. You get a mode called "30 Years Of WrestleMania", reliving 45 of the best matches from wrestleMania and boy does this bring back memories for me from my much younger days and they even created the actions authentically of each match all the actions of the wrestlers, it is quite a sight to behold, you get to see my favorite match "Andre The Giant vs Hulk Hogan" fantastic, also another mode called "The Streak" where you try to defeat "The Undertaker`s" undefeated streak at WrestleMania, and trust me it won`t be easy, (he`s not called the "Dead Man" for nothing), but the streak can be broken, also there is "The Defend The Streak mode" where as The Undertaker, you defend your streak against multiple wrestlers for a winner or not, two great modes. The roster is very good, but there should have been more current wrestlers in the game, but a good roster just the same. there is DLC to add even more wrestlers to the game and now in "Universe Mode" there is something called "Rivalry Manager" where you can manage the rivalries in your universe, if you choose or let "Universe' do it for you. You can still design your own Arena`s, Logo`s and of course your own wrestlers. There are new OMG! moments added to this years game. (you can look them up on "YOUTUBE) Now for the bad (i have been playing this game now for 3 weeks give or take) i have had freeze up`s in 3 places, 1. in 'Supertar edit/create", just clicking on it froze up 3 times so far. 2. in "Create an Entrance," i have had it freeze up i time, 3. at the end of a match, when the "REPLAYS" start and the game froze up 4 times. The glitches so far for me has been in a match wrestlers arms are bent backwards, but it fixed it self and in cage matches a wrestlers hair grows to the point it takes half the screen on the tv, it fixed it self, wrestlers floating up to the ring apron, but it fixed it self and "Hulk Hogan" having some super power to make other downed wrestlers levitate and float towards him and again it fixes it self. So far i have not seen anymore glitches. I was able to stop the freeze up after matches by turning off "REPLAYS" for all matches. The customization options (for create a wrestler) have not changed since SvR 2007 0r 2008. Now with all of that said, this is the very best wrestling game to come along in a while, trust me. None of the glitches or freeze ups happen all of the time, like WWE13 (they have been far apart and few) I think to make the game the very best "2k Sports" needs to rid it self of the game developer "YUKES", it is time for them to go, if WWE2K15 is in this shape i for one will not be buying anymore WWE games and i so love these games, but i can`t dish out $60.00, plus $20.00 more for DLC and the game is in this shape. Having said that i do recommend this game. Thanks
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on December 7, 2013
A huge upgrade from '13. I don't want to spend a lot of time on the review, so I'll cut to the goods.

If you love playing offline, the A.I. is more than good enough to hold you over this year. I've found myself close to throwing my remote because the A.I. was just completely owning me (I also tweaked my settings, but the default settings will still be a challenge).
Every move gets reverse into a different move to cut down on reversing fests. For example, if you get me into a rear waist lock and I reverse your attempted grapple, it'll either get reverse into a spinning belly to belly suplex, snapmare or something else instead of me just getting behind you or transitioning into another position.

It's such a small feature, but really cool. Each character has their own unique movements. I was playing as Kane one match and he would randomly flick his hair back, adjust his wrist band, gauntlet (Retro Kane), or even mess with his glove. It's a pretty neat feature and gives each wrestler their own uniqueness. On top of that, the wrestlers wrestle like their real life counterparts (e.g. Undertaker throws a ton of strikes, more technical wrestlers reverse a lot more and almost attack you nonstop).

Strikes are faster and harder to reverse (revering this year isn't as easy as earlier titles anyway). Pretty straight forward. I believe bigger guys swing slower.

Tons of new moves, even without the DLC.

Universe Mode is upgraded like crazy. You can view rivalries, set them and delete them. It kinda works like the rivalry system did in GM Mode in the previous installments, but not as deep. You can also set a certain attire to be used as a default attire or even set it to random to get a random attire each week/match.

30 Years of WrestleMania mode is fun. I wasn't born during the Golden Age/HulkaMania era, so the nostalgia factor didn't really hit me too much until I got to the Ruthless Aggression era, but the mode is pretty much a recap of some of the biggest WM matches from 1-29. It also has every single WM arena - even a fantasy version of 30.

Superstar heads. Yep - you can use some superstar heads and even set them to be used as alternate attires for their in-game model. I haven't really explored the creation suite, so I can't really go into detail about it.

Custom Creations. You can preview creations before you download them and after you download them, it doesn't set you back to the main page like '13 did.

I've only had the game for a few days now, so if I discover anything else, I will update my review.
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on April 21, 2015
On the surface this looks like the same wwe game that we have gotten for years from THQ, but it has a new 2K feel.The first thing I noticed different was the reversal system. Unlike past games, this game only uses one button to reverse both grapples and strikes, but it has to be timed perfectly. This is very frustrating, as you need to be very precise and the computer/AI is a reversal spammer. Fortunately, you can tweek those variables in the option menu and make the game more playable. Honestly, if you couldn't change those thresholds for your reversals and the AI opponents reversal abilities, I would give the game 1 star. The default setting is horrible.

The saving grace of this game is the wrestle mania mode. 2K did a great job creating those moments that old school wrestling fans remember. I also think the regular roster is filled with crappy characters, so all of the unlockable legends saves the game.

Finally, in 2K fashion, the gameplay is realistic. For some that might mean slower and more frustrating. The game does play at a less fast arcade pace, and you won't always pull off your reversals. It makes for better challenging matches with the AI opponents, but some old players will miss being able to lay the smack down like a terminator.

Graphics: 4 stars. Most wrestlers look great, but too cartoonish. The female divas look poorly constructed.
Controls: 4 stars. Good layout, but they don't react tight as they could or should.
Replayability: 5 stars. I want to play the entire wrestle mania mode.
Downloads: 4 stars. stuff seems more expensive then it needs to be, but it has some more good wrestlers and stuff to purchase.
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on August 9, 2014
After I finally figured out how to work settings(since apparently 2k14 thought it was ok to set my game starting at hard: Idk if anybody else encountered this), I'm enjoying the game. A little repetitive sure, but it can get addictive if you find the right groove. Universe Mode seems like you could have more control as I can't tell you how many times tag team partners have stabbed each other in the back(that I didn't want), random people have come out and attacked people during their entrance, and random teams of people(not even the same view towards the fans: one cheered and one booed) come out and jump somebody that won a match, even though they have no connection to the person in the ring.

For all the old school wrestling fans: it seems like the Universe Mode auto booking is booked like Vince Russo(yes it's that bad). Plus: I have no concept or understanding of how the rivalries in the mode are booked, because apparently even though I set up specific matches and what not every week that involve the feud: they do backstage segments and bring random people in and do title defenses that I never actually see. It got real sad when I had a 2 on 2 feud where for 8 weeks straight I had 1 team beating the hell out of the other team NONSTOP(because I wanted them to degrade to jobber since I didn't have anything for them), to find out when the feud finished: the team that I never made win WON the rivalry. Other than these: Universe Mode has unbelievable amounts of control, except when it comes to PPV additions, since you can only have 1 show do 1 ppv per month.

Story Mode has unbelievable control, great promos, and amazing storylines that you can take on a rollercoaster ride. My only complaint is you can't change the main shows and you can't change the PPVs. All in all: good game.
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on June 30, 2014
Tnis was a game that I initially had a lot of fun playing, but after a while it is repetitive. Note: I usually am a solo gamer, and I do feel this game would have longer replay value for those that regularly play with others.

Here are some good things:
There is a lot of customization you can do with your wrestler - appearance, and move sets.
A lot of different match types - though a few are quite boring.
Decent learning curve. Not overly hard to learn, but technique and special skills (or special features) can take a bit longer to master - reversals too on harder difficulties.
The Wrestlemania matches were overall quite fun. A couple that were tedious (like the Shawn Michaels/Bret Hart ironman match)
Elimination Chamber and some other matches are quite fun....which often makes you just want to skip some of the normal styles.

Bad things:
Roster is not as big as you would think. This is due to the fact that instead of having more unique wrestlers, there really are just duplicates of some - such as two Hogans, Jerichos, Big Shows, Cenas, Kane, Rock, Undertaker, and Shawn Michaels. I think I might have missed one or two. When you do random events (like King of the Ring or Royal Rumble) and let the system decide who will be the participants, you can often have both the normal and retro version of these characters.

The WWE Universe. Did not find it enjoyable. Usually, I would think that most would just want to play one or two characters and so you spend a lot of time skipping matches. The ones you play, you are often fighting the same people match after match (and when you get surprised that you have a different opponent, your "rival" sometimes pushes him out of the way and fights you. Quite boring. Also...can't tell how to move your character up in ranking...as you can be undefeated and often not have matches. Do you have to have "great" matches - and if so, how does it rank it.

Way too easy if you are a submission specialist.

Creating a finisher. Not too hard to actually do....but I cannot find any way to actually add it to my created wrestler. Lacking info there. Veterans of the game might find it easy, but if you are new to series there are a lot of things not explained/


Game seems to freeze up a lot if you skip the after match highlights and stuff and just try to move on quickly
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on September 16, 2016
the good thing is that is fast pace there's some glitches here and there and during the match the game often freezes when u do a grapple and the match continues on while ur character and the opponent is frozen that's one issue that i've been happening since 2k took over there's some bugs like that made this game kinda bad including the predator technology acclaim engine that they continue using that made this game feel like it was wwe 13 but with an updated roster theres really no changes besides the 30 years of wrestlemaina which is similar to wwe 13 attitude era mode and the reversal system is basically quick time events to me it sucks and its just a bad replacement compared to the previous ones
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on December 27, 2013
This game is basically WWE '13 with some new features, story mode, and polish. With that said it is still a fantastic game for a new or old fan of the franchise.

Story Mode: 30 Years of Wrestlemania mode is enjoyable but nothing unexpected. You roll through some of the best matches in the 30 year history but you know what is coming. I do miss the more original story modes of years past as those at least had some mystery and surprises.

Roster: Best roster yet for the most part! The divas really get shorthanded this year unfortunately.

Improvements: The character designs and look have been tweaked and add a bit more realism which is great advancement. Create-a-character is still the same as it has been the last few years (boo) but the polish added to the character models adds something. The gameplay mechanics have been improved greatly. Much more fluid movements and best of all the terrible reversal system has been fixed to be much less annoying.

Overall the game is a lot of fun. I would not pay the $60 original MSRP but $40 and below is a sure bet. If you have not played any of the WWE games in a few years this is the time to get into it, if you have been a fan then you already have experiences 90% of this game from past versions.
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on April 1, 2014
Really nice game, not to mention how awesome the 30 years of Wrestlemania mode is. The game has WWE Universe mode just like '13, and the roster of Legends that you unlock while playing through 30 years of Wrestlmania mode; includes Bret Hart, Stone Cold, Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, the Rock (Retro), Diesel, Retro Shawn Michaels, Ruthless Aggression Era Shawn Michaels, Big John Studd, King Kong Bundy, Retro Undertaker, Retro Kane, Goldberg (He's back!!) Retro Brock Lesnar, Stephanie McMahon, Vince McMahon, Batista, Retro Triple H, Yokozuna, Sgt Slaughter, Ultimate Warrior (You have to buy him from the WWE Shop for 1.99. Messed up.) Ted DiBiase, Randy Savage, Miss Elizabeth (as manager), Paul Heyman (as manager) Razor Ramon, Retro Big Show, Retro John Cena, Ricky Steamboat, Edge, Lita, Retro Chris Jericho, the gold attire for Alberto Del Rio, Undertaker's attires from Wrestlemania 23, and 26, Mr.Perfect (as manager), Bobby Heenan (as manager), Paul Bearer (as manager), Mr. Fuji (as manager), Mick Foley, and Eddie Guerrero.
But a few things: if you're buying for PS3, sometimes the save data gets corrupted and makes the game freeze and stuff, and you'll just have to delete your save data and start over. Crowd reactions are messed up, the crowd pretty much boos alot (in Universe or Exhibition mode) and they hardly cheer, and if you're fighting like, lets say Hulk Hogan John Cena, CM Punk (I think he sucks) or the Rock, and you're playing as a Created Superstar, the crowd will just boo at you. Stupid. The game has occasional glitches, like superstar's limbs get bent out of shape and other things, and they can be very creepy.
One other pet peeve of mine is that in Universe mode is takes FOREVER for your CAW to get a very good crowd reaction- it doesn't matter what they accomplish or anything. Like- let's say 20 time WWE champ CAW still gets booed when he is dominating a match with lets say John Cena. It's pretty silly to me, just sayin...
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on April 26, 2014
The WWE series has always had its share of glitches and bugs, but for me they have never been anything game breaking or even really annoying. It was typical for an opponent AI to do weird stuff like going out of the ring and start tearing apart the announcing table and then coming back into the ring, or in ladder matches, having the opponent taking the ladder down just to put it back up.

Much better than '13. The Graphics are sharper, there's NO to Very, Very little slowdown/framerate issues which was a Critical issue I had in wwe'13, The gameplay is very smooth and fast. The A.I is much improved as Legend is now.... Legend. My favorite part of this game is the sound of the ring. In wwe'13 the ring sounded soft but in 2k14 it's Really loud and I cant get enough of hearing it. I know no one cares about that but I love it. Highly Recommend this game if you don't got it yet.
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on July 1, 2014
WWE 2K14 is mostly more of the same with a few tweaks and differences from other games in the series. With the addition of more OMGs and more Creation modes I would say that this is the most fun I had with the WWE games in about 7 years, Which honestly isn't saying too much.

I mostly enjoyed the Universe mode. This time around not only can you populate the entire roster of a show with CAWS but you can create your own Championships and arenas. So if you want a Chikara Universe mode you can do that custom menu logos and all. Now of course the announcers, referee and commentary team stay the same but for what you got to work with you can do some good stuff. Gave me hours of enjoyment.

Now about the Wrestlemania mode. I was super into it up until about Wrestlemania 16 not because it was bad but because I saw it before. Nostalgia was not enough to keep me interested but every once in awhile I was amazed at how well they recreated some the biggest jaw dropping moments such as Shawn Micheals going for and missing an Asai Moonsault to Ric Flair on the announcers table. Speaking of Flair the end of his retirement match against Shawn was done very well in this game. I mostly enjoyed this one but I keep getting the feeling that these games are made to last only about 8 months entertainment wise.
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