Customer Reviews: WWE: Over the Limit 2010
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on May 1, 2013

This was a good event that had some good matches on it. Not everything was great and some matches were cut short but overall it was a good event. There were at least two really good to great matches here. Plus we get a bonus match in which Bret Hart wins the US title.

1.[I-C TITLE]DREW MCINTYRE VS KOFI KINGSTON-this match came about because Drew was fired and stripped of the belt so a tournament was held with the title as the prize, Kofi won. But Vinnie Mac would reinstate Drew and he would get the title handed back to him. So this match was set up and it was a good opener for sure. Kofi kept things moving but Drew really put it on Kingston. Good back and forth action leads to Kofi getting back what was taken from him. After the match Drew would grab the mic and try to get Teddy Long to give him the belt back. But Matt Hardy would come out a lay Drew flat.

2.R-TRUTH VS TED DIBIASE-Truth is no Virgil and he made that clear to young DiBiase and that is how this match came about. So Ted comes to the ring with the actual Virgil that once managed his father. This is actually a real good match and enjoyable with Truth looking the stronger of the two. Still DiBiase does a good job here but still loses out in the end. I like the stunner thing that Truth uses during this match.

3.[PLEDGE VS HAIR MATCH]REY MYSTERIO VS CM PUNK-these two deliver yet again and give us a great match. First Rey won a match in which had he lost he had to join Punk's S.E.S. and then Punk won a hair match. So to end it all they put both stipulations on the line in this match. So these two do battle in a great match in which both men look good. There is one point were the match is stopped as Punk throws Rey into the barber set up. At that point officials check out his cut but the action is soon back on. It is not to long after they restart the match that Rey gets the win. He then handcuffs Punk to the ropes and goes to work on his hair.

4.[TAG TITLE]HART DYNASTY VS CHRIS JERICHO & THE MIZ-next up we have a really good tag match and one of my favorite matches on the card. This match also reminds me of how much I miss the Hart Dynasty. Both teams have their moments in this match but the biggest is Jericho hitting Kid with a code breaker in the air. Still after a heart attack on The Miz the Harts keep the belts. Great match and makes me think of better days when the WWE cared about tag matches.

5.RANDY ORTON VS EDGE-not the best match these two have ever had but that is ok. Orton injured himself so they had to switch the match up. It is good but moves a slower pace. They end up getting counted out and shorten the match up.

6.[WORLD TITLE]JACK SWAGGER VS BIG SHOW-quick match right here which kinda surprised me. Show really looked good here as he was upstaging Swagger with wrestling. It was back and forth for a little bit until Swagger got himself DQ'd. That actually backfired on him as Show choke slammed him on a chair and knocked him out.

7.[DIVAS TITLE]EVE VS MARYSE-not much happening here as it is just your average Divas match. Maryse starts strong but eventually falls victim to Eve who o walks away the victor.

8.[I QUIT WWE TITLE MATCH]JOHN CENA VS BATISTA-one of the best matches on the card and that makes sense given what type of match it is. These two battle all over the arena and use multiple weapons. One of my favorite moments is when Batista puts Cena threw the table. There were plenty of high spots here but the main one is after Batista quits in order to not be thrown off of the car he still goes for a ride. Cena takes the win here and sends Batista home, check out Raw the next night for more on that.


9.[US TITLE]THE MIZ VS BRET HART-now we all know that Bret is not allowed to take bumps now because of his medical history. So I was wondering the night this happened how it would play out. But when the stipulations were named I had an idea. So like I thought it would be the Hart Dynasty that would help out Bret here. Jericho would be there to help out Miz but it would not be enough as The Hitman would win the US title for the fifth time. Sharpshooter time baby, I love it.

You also get some behind the scenes stuff and the commercials that WWE made, they are all funny.
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VINE VOICEon July 19, 2010
Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre vs. Kofi Kingston - "Who was the rightful Intercontinental Champion" was the story behind this match since Kofi won the tournament to win the vacant championship after Drew was fired & stripped of the belt only to have it handed back to him thanks to Mr. McMahon. Drew focused on the midsection throughout the match with moves such as an abdominal submission, gutbuster, and a hard kick in the ribs. Kofi tried to pick up the pace throughout the match while Drew constantly kept slowing it down before Kofi picked up the quick win here. As usual, Drew demanded that things get changed in his favor only for his bad night to continue as someone else who had unfinished business with Drew came to settle an old score.

R-Truth vs. Ted Dibiase - Since Dibiase couldn't buy Truth to make him his "Virgil", Ted came out with the original Virgil. This match was similar to the earlier contest in that Truth had the advantage over Dibiase with his fast paced style until Virgil caused a distraction for Dibiase to slow the pace down. This was an average contest between both men with one highlight being Truth executing this one move that looked like a combination of a suplex & stunner.

Rey Mysterio vs. C.M. Punk - At WrestleMania, Mysterio won the match where he would have to join the S.E.S. if he won while Punk won the rematch where his hair was on the this is the final encounter with both stipulations from the previous matches applying here while the S.E.S. were banned from ringside. The match started off quick before Mysterio did a headsissors that drove Punk into the ringside barrier that caused him to start bleeding before he retailed in the ring by tossing Rey out of the ring under the bottom ropes that caused him to hit the barber chair, set up at ringside, headfirst which knocked him silly for a bit while Punk got attended to. The match was stopped before Punk came aggressive at Mysterio after being patched up and focusing on Rey's head with various kids before Mysterio rebounded with a quick win resulting in Punk being forced to get his head shaved...with a little help from "The Big Red Machine" & some funny chants from the fans who wished for Rey to shave another part of Punk's body.
As a side note, if you don't enjoy the bickering between Lawler & Striker then I suggest you watch this match on mute since they kept going at each other throughout the match.

Unified Tag Team Champions Hart Dynasty vs. Chris Jericho & The Miz - The former tag team championship partners of Big Show teamed together here (I guess they're called Jeri-Miz?) and put together a good solid match with the Dynasty here as Jericho & Miz were able to vibe well off each other as a team doing such antics as constantly yelling at the referee for slow counts. Again, this was a solid match that had nothing really noteworthy past Jericho executing a Codebreaker in midair on Tyson Kidd.

Randy Orton vs. Edge - This match started off slow between both men but unfortunally was never able to leave "first gear" & build up as Orton injured his shoulder after a top-rope superplex. I'll give them credit for trying to tell a story with Edge working on Orton's midsection and Orton still going even after hurting his shoulder which you could see him grabbing various times but when Orton started pounding the match (a sign he's going for the RKO) that he just hurt himself more in the process & I think an "audible" was called resulting in the weak finish to the match. Again, this match didn't get off the ground because of Orton's injury.

World Champion Jack Swagger vs. Big Show - None of Swagger's offense worked on the Big Show early while Show upstaged Swagger with some quick amature wrestling moves as well resulting in Swagger resorting to shoulderblocks to take down Show & keep him down until he used the World Title & a chair to get himself DQ'd (and retain the title in the process) before Show returned the favor including a chokeslam on the chair & his knockout punch. The match was a complete flop as they went around 5 mins. Eventhough I didn't care for the buildup to this match or even really wanted to see these two against each other (so I'm not complaining), there's no excuse for a World Title match being booked like this on a show people are paying for.

Divas Champion Eve Torres vs. Maryse - Maryse dominated early until she kissed a kick into the ringpost & hurt her ankle before Eve took over for the eventual win. This was an uneventful filler that was nothing special.

"I Quit" Match: WWE Champion John Cena vs. Batista - Their final encounter that started out with Batista dominating the opening moments including applying a new submission hold onto Cena before he was able to counter it into the STF that knocked Batista out. As a deja-vu moment from what Randy Orton did to Cena in their last "I Quit" against Orton, Cena then got some liquid to revive Batista since he can't quit if he's knocked out. Batista was able to get control again on the outside using moves like the running powerslam through the table before fighting throught the crowd & attempting to Batista-bomb Cena off a stairway. They continued to fight to the stage area where Batista tried to run Cena over with a car before Cena recovered with an FU on the car. The only weak part of this match for me was the ending as it reminded me of the "I Quit" match against J.B.L. (wow, Cena's had a bunch of these types of matches now that I think about it) where J.B.L. quit out of fear of what's going to happen next & not out of being beaten into a submission. In the end, Cena retains while Batista would end up quitting again the next night on RAW...only this time, quitting WWE. However stay tuned after the match because Cena may have won the war but he wasn't left standing.

In the end, this was a solid show with the "I Quit" & Mysterio/Punk matches being the top highlights while some of the undercard made a good impression (Kofi/Drew & Harts/Jeri-Miz) while there were others that were just there (Dibiase/Truth), easily forgettable (Divas), or a big flop (Show/Swagger) so this is something I'd get for a rental or if you have a few bucks that you won't miss.
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on June 17, 2010
This is the BATMAN & ROBIN of WWE PPV.It is that bad.The only good matches on that card were the CM Punk-Rey Mysterio and the Tag Team Championship match.The rest were CRUD.The DQ ending to the World's championship match was just a big middle finger to WWE fans.The Double count out to the Randy Orton-Edge match was a big rip-off for Egde and Randy fans everywhere.The ending to the "I Quit" match between John Cena-Batista was so predictable you could see coming 10 miles away.not only that,it was also overbooked & excessive.Don't get me started the show's many stoppages for blood thought out the PPV.I rather watch WCW Bash At The Beach 2000 again & again,that is how much I hate this PPV.I give this event a 5 and a half out of 10.
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on July 15, 2010
This was right here one of the worst ppv's so far in 2010, this had only some good matches and was just terrible at some points.

Intercontinental championship
Drew McIntyre vs. Kofi Kingston
Really, i wasn't very happy about the turn out to this opener. The story line was that McIntyre would get fired and that he would face the winne of kofi/christian, but this was just a little boring, but had its moments. But Kofi finally picked up the win to become the new intercontenental champ. 3.5/5

R-Truth vs. Ted Dibiase
This was also another just filler in the event. The match never had any moments at all and was just down right boring. But was a nice win for Truth, following the next night with him gaining the US title. 2/5

S.E.S Pledge vs. Hair match
Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk
Wow, this ppv finally had a good match after two fillers. But, this match was great for all of its 13 minuets. This had highflying, brutal action. These two put everything on the line here, and the outcome came as Mysterio shaving CM Punk bald, which made him put on a rediculous mask. But, this match was only one of three good matches that night, and deserves some nice praise. 4.5/5

Unified Tag Team championship
The Hart Dynasty vs. Jerimiz
This was actually a better match than i thought it would turn out to be. These two teams put on a good and at points exciting match for the tag titles. But at the end, the miz getting dominated and given the hart attack to, was the best part in the match, and for The Hart Dynasty to pull off another great win. 4/5

Randy Orton vs. Edge
Well, i really dont have anything good to say about this match. This match could have been better, only if it was longer. This match was only eleven minuets because Orton became injured in this match with a dislocated shoulder so the wwe just decided to make it a freaking double count-out. So, really this match never lived up to it's expectations and wasn't good at all. 3/5

World Heavyweight championship
Jack Swagger vs. Big Show
I knew how this match would turn out as, the big word known as disqualification. This was just five minuets and was just terrible. Swagger was just dominate at first until Show got fired up, but if that wasn't enough to ruin a match, swagger had to go and get a chair to beat show, but this match is only getting a rating only for the beat down after the match on swagger. 3/5

Divas championship
Eve vs. Maryse
This right here shows you that the WWE was just making fun of Swagger and Show, and put the Divas title match before the main event. This wasn't really even a match at all, just a freakin filler, the only good part about it was when everybody saw Maryse. 1/5

I Quit match for the WWE championship
John Cena vs. Batista
This was definatly the best match of the ppv. These two beat the living hell out of each other until someone said i quit. Well, batista was the sucker who said it, only to say it the next night on RAW, but say it to quit his job(good ridance). But this match, like the last amn standing match the month before, was very brutal. This went everywhere, and had moments like Batista slamming cena through the announce table, trying to run over cena and running a car into the lights, another was the attitude adjusment on the hood on the car, and the famous i quit from Batista, and a attitude adjustment right through the stage, following a bicycle kick from Sheamus moments after. 4/5

Well, this ppv really dissapointed me, and was a waste of a event, there wasn't even a five star match, but had some good matches. I don't really recommend to pick this up when it comes out.
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VINE VOICEon August 7, 2010
WWE's "Over The Limit" PPV hasn't been well-received, nor has the WWE programming in general. While I'll admit that WWE hasn't been consistently strong lately, I still enjoy a decent amount of what they broadcast. Same goes for "Over The Limit" --- not great, but still watchable.

The first match pits Kofi Kingston against Intercontinental champion Drew McIntyre. Even though I'm a fan of both of these guys (especially Kofi), this opener never kicked into gear for me. It just feels kinda by-the-numbers with Kofi getting things off to a hot start, then getting beaten for most of the match, with a little back-and-forth at the end. Granted, most matches fall into this formula, but with IC Title bouts, I guess I expected a little more. I revisited this match after watching the Kofi/McIntyre rematch at "Fatal 4-Way"...still didn't do much for me.

Next is a pointless-but-entertaining match between R-Truth and Ted DiBiase (accompanied by Virgil). Even though this match won't be remembered months from now, I think that R-Truth and DiBiase have come a long way with the WWE in recent weeks, giving me hope for both of these guys. It's hard for me to justify why I liked this grudge match better than the IC Title opener, but for whatever reason, this little match just clicked for me.

Our next couple matches are definitely going to be among tonight's favorites:
Rey Mysterio and CM Punk close their rivalry with a great concept. Since Mysterio avoided joining the Straight-Edge Society at "WrestleMania", and since CM Punk avoided a haircut at "Extreme Rules"... why not have a final showdown putting both stipulations on the line? Like every other time these two have mixed it up, this is a real treat. Punk is among the greatest of recent WWE villains, while Rey is always a compelling underdog. On top of a good story, both of these guys are incredible performers, making this closing confrontation worthy of PPV airtime.
The other strong match from "Over The Limit" is The Hart Dynasty's defense of their Unified Tag Team Championships against The Miz & Chris Jericho. Quite frankly, I don't think I have to explain why I liked this one. If you want exciting tag team action that reminds of The Hart Family's history in WWE, then this one is for you. Tyson Kidd and DH Smith are a great team, while Chris Jericho is good at just about anything, with The Miz constantly surprising me with how far he's coming. I thought Mike Mizanin was gonna fade off the face of the earth; matches like this have proven me wrong, and I love it. The WWE has shown an interest in the Unified Tag Team Titles in recent months. Let's hope that we keep getting strong matches like this.

We have now reached the halfway mark for "Over The Limit", and it's here when things start going wrong for most viewers.

Edge and Randy Orton had their grudge match next, and just when it was about to either get really good or end on a high note...Orton's arm injury got so bad that they had to do an impromptu double count-out. I completely understand and respect that injuries can throw things off for the wrestlers and referee, but I also understand why some disliked the cheap-looking finish. It's a shame that Edge diving headfirst into a barricade didn't do enough to earn forgiveness. I still think this is a good match with a sour ending, but nevertheless, it's a very sour ending.

To make matters worse, Jack Swagger and Big Show seemingly followed their planned World Heavyweight Championship Match without trying to make up for the extra time from Edge/Orton. Many people seem to hate this match. I don't hate this match, but it's a bit of copout. Basically, Swagger and Big Show have a pretty solid back-and-forth match that moves pretty well. It's got some funny moments when Swagger is being dominated, and some neat stuff when Swagger finally gets control of the match. But it's a pretty short match that ends with Swagger getting himself disqualified. I don't hate DQ finishes, but since Edge & Orton didn't get to finish their match, it would've been nice if we got some more action before ending things that way. Doesn't WWE know that for every one of me that tolerates DQ finishes there are probable 100 that can't stand them?
The Divas Championship Match between Maryse and Eve Torres isn't very good, either. I haven't seen a ton from Maryse or Eve except for the past year or so, but as hard they try, they're quite sloppy. I have all the respect in the world for women who work hard to deliver compelling matches for snobbish hardcore fans like me. But sadly, Maryse and Eve just didn't give me something I wanna share with other fans.

Our main event closes the book on the rivalry between Batista and John Cena. Their first one-on-one meeting at "SummerSlam 2008" was one of the year's finest PPV marquee matches. Batista stealing the title from Cena in February was a neat way to kick things off. Their "WrestleMania" match was very good, and their Last Man Standing Match at "Extreme Rules" was probably better.
This "I Quit" Match is not their best match together, but it is a good way to finish the storied rivalry. Batista and Cena lay it all out like they did in previous encounters. The clash of submission holds (Cena's STF vs Batista's camel clutch) is well-done. Even though most "smart marks" figured Cena would never quit a match, it's great that Batista looked like a plausible threat to that streak. By WWE-PG standards, this is a fairly violent match, both men throwing each other into tables and steps, etc. Aside from just nitpicking comparisons, the only drawback is when Cena and Batista refuse to quit, it's often an awkward "No" response to the referee's microphone. There are a couple of creative moments, but most of the time, it's just a simple "No". It's kinda lame. But if you can get past that, you'll witness a fitting end to the Cena/Batista feud. These two men always work well together, and this final showdown is worthy of their acclaimed catalog.

WWE's "Over The Limit" hits some rough snags halfway through the card. But some of this PPV is so good that I really think people should check it out. I'm giving this a 3-star rating because objectively, that's what it deserves. But I still think for a cheap price, you should still give it a look.



1) Intercontinental Championship
Kofi Kingston v. Drew McIntyre (champion)
"6.0 / 10"

2) R-Truth v. Ted DiBiase (w/ Virgil)
"7.0 / 10"

3) SES Pledge vs CM Punk's Hair
CM Punk v. Rey Mysterio
"7.5 / 10"

4) Unified Tag Team Championships
The Hart Dynasty (champions) v. Chris Jericho & The Miz
"7.5 / 10"

5) Edge v. Randy Orton
"6.0 / 10"

6) World Heavyweight Championship
Jack Swagger (champion) v. Big Show
"5.5 / 10"

7) Divas Championship
Maryse v. Eve Torries (champion)
"4.0 / 10"

8) "I Quit Match" - WWE Championship
Batista v. John Cena (champion)
"7.0 / 10"
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on July 30, 2010
Woah...this is the definition of a one match show. Besides that one match, the next best thing about this is the theme song. That's never a good sign.

1. Drew McIntyre vs. Kofi Kingston(Intercontinental Championship)= This was a decent way to open the show. Nothing spectacular, but pretty good nonetheless. This is probably the second best match on the card too, so don't expect much better after this. 3 out of 5.

2. R-Truth vs. Ted DiBiase= Not good at all. It's forgivable because Ted received a legit concussion during this match following a slap to the face, so they tried with they were dealt, but this is still not worth watching. 1 out of 5.

3. CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio(if CM Punk lost, he would get his head shaved; if Rey Mysterio lost, he would have to join the Straight Edge Society)= this is the one and only reason to see this show. This was also the best PPV match these two have had with each other. Didn't feel nearly as slow as their Extreme Rules match felt, and it was much more exciting to watch because of the double stipulations. Even the blood stoppage didn't take away from the match, if anything, CM Punk's reaction to it adds to the match. This saved this show from being the worst PPV the WWE has put out. 4 out of 5.

4. The Hart Dynasty vs. JeriMiz(WWE Unified Tag Team Championship)= Nowhere near as good as other people have said. Nowhere. Maybe all these praising reviews I've read led me to disappointment, along with the caliber of wrestlers involved, but this didn't deliver what I expected. Still, one of the better matches on this card. 2 out of 5.

5. Randy Orton vs. Edge= Another injury hampered this one, as Randy was hurt even before the show started, and reaggravated it during the course of the match. Just boring throughout, nothing worth seeing. A major disappointment. 1 out of 5.

6. Jack Swagger vs. Big Show(World Heavyweight Championship)= Wow, after that dud, you'd think thy'd have rebooked this match. But nope. Lasted maybe 5 minutes with a bad ending and no worthwhile action. Skip. 1 out of 5.

7. Eve Torres vs. Maryse(Divas Championship)= Hey, at least they tried. I'll give em a point for putting together something that wasn't a trainwreck. But don't expect anything that the likes of Trish Stratus, Lita or even Mickie James would have put on. 2 out of 5.

8. I Quit Match- John Cena vs. Batista(WWE Championship)= These two usually work well together. What happened here? Don't expect anything on the level of their Summerslam 2008 or Wrestlemania XXVI matches, don't even expect anything on the level of their Extreme Rules match. A major disappointment of a match to cap off a major disappointment of a show. 2 out of 5.

I advise you against buying this DVD completely, unless you're a DVD collector or you just want to see the CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio match, which is the only reason to even consider purchasing this. Major disappointment.
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on May 30, 2010
I just wish the wwe ppv's were cheaper because it certinaly was not worth the forty five dollars I still think this is a pretty good wwe ppv besides orton getting hurt then swagger getting dq'ed I liked the divas match maryse is getting better in the ring I don't like eve much but whatever maryse is tougher I ordered tna sacrifice 2010 on ppv which was a solid ppv for tna and I thought over the limit would be good but it's a mixed bag I kinda knew this before I ordered it I wanted to see cena and the harts maybe there worth the forty five dollars I would say also it's sweet to watch cm punk head shaved over and over by rey a ppv with no undertaker no triple h no hbk he's gone what do you expect but I like the tag team I quit and diva's match shocking despite the other reviewer saying the diva's match was bad it was good back in forth match I would give it 3 stars I don't like everything wwe does but I will praise the product that I like and say what I don't like about it
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Exellente item, I am going to buy more dvd and others proucts because the quality is exellent, Good job xd
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on December 20, 2015
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on June 26, 2014









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