Customer Reviews: WWE: The Life and Times of Mr. Perfect
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on October 3, 2008
Curt Hennig is one of those people in wrestling who never had a major promotional machine behind himm (Hulk Hogan), wasn't always put in a position to be the top draw of the company (Ric Flair), or even the most popular wrestler (Sting) but was always over with the fans as either a face or heel, had some of the biggest respect & love from the wrestling industry today, and as without a doubt on of a kind weather he was in the ring wrestling or pulling a classic prank outside of it to the point where Michael Hayes at one time called him wrestling's version of "Dennis The Menace." The name given to him in the WWE just describes him at whatever he did in the wrestling business, PERFECT!

The documentry stars off talking about Hennig growing up, how he started wrestling young, and hung around his father (Larry "The Ax" Hennig) when he was training with Verne Gagne before meeting his future wife in high school. How Curt started wrestling for Vince Sr. before moving onto the AWA to team with his dad & Scott Hall (if you haven't seen him outside of his "Razor Ramon/nWo" look then you'll be suprized) was discussed before his feud with Nick Bockwinkel & becoming AWA Champion. How the feud between Curt & Greg Gagne spilled into a family feud with their fathers getting involved before losing the AWA Title to Jerry Lawler & leaving was brought up next. How he got the name Mr. Perfect & the truth behind the "Absolutely Perfect" sport skits was talked about with hysterical footage to go with the story before Wade Boggs tells a story of how Hennig saved his life. Curt's Intercontinental title reign was heavily talked about in terms of how he elevated the championship along with the SummerSlam match with Bret Hart. Stories of Curt's classic pranks were talked about next before talking about his back injury led to him being an announcer, how Curt did in his role in that position along with being advisers to Ric Flair & Triple H before moving on to WCW. The story behind Hennig's involvement with the Horsemen & the nWo was discussed along with Wade Boggs telling a story behind what he had to do with the "nWo Wolfpac" before moving on to the infamous "Rap Is Crap" song. The effect his Royal Rumble performance had on his career & his "role" within his last WWE run was profiled before closing out the documentry talking about his death, his Hall Of Fame induction, and legacy left behind with his son Joe training to be a 3rd generation wrestler.

Matches Include:
w/Scott Hall vs. Jimmy Garvin & Steve Regal - This was more of an match to showcase Hennig more than anything else as he was the legal man for the majority of his match showcasing his athletic & technical style. You did see Hall display his power of the team as well but for the most part, this was all Hennig.
"AWA Championship Wrestling" Nov. '85

vs. Bret Hart - This was more of a preview for their series of matches in later years as Bret was still part of the Hart Foundation tag team while Hennig was in the early stages of his "Mr. Perfect" gimmick. Great technical match between both men but again, they would go on to bigger & better matches against each other.
"MSG" Apr. '89

vs. WWE Champion Hulk Hogan - Hulk Hogan said during the documentry something to the extent of how you had to bring your A game when you went against Hennig. Well, Curt Hennig was a good counterpart for Hogan as Hennig just knew how to sell (or oversell, depending on how you look at it) Hogan's offense while also had Hogan be more competitive than your used to seeing against others. The Genius was Perfect's manager at this time and added to this match as well which in the end was a better inring quality performance that "sterotypical Hogan" match you would usually get at these house shows.
"MSG" Jan. '90

w/special refree Roddy Piper vs. WWE Intercontinental Champion Kerry Von Erich - Before the match, pay attention to the "patdown" that he gives Hennig...classic comedic Piper. Hennig & Von Erich had good matches against each other & this was no exception either as a miscue with an exposed turnbuckle really hurt Perfect's back throughout most of the contest. It was a good match between the two eventhough I would have prefered the match where Hennig regained the championship days later.
As a side note, check out for the aftermath afterwards between Hennig & Piper that would lead to their match the next month that is available on the "Legends Of Wrestling: Roddy Piper/Terry Funk" DVD.
"MSG" Nov. '90

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match vs. Bret Hart - This is a pure wrestling fans dream here and tons of credit here goes to Mr. Perfect for putting on this type of performance with a back injury that would keep him out of the ring for over a year. This would be the match that put Bret Hart on the map as a solo star & was also the debut of the Sharpshooter.
SummerSlam '91
("Bret Hart: Best There Is, Best There Was, Best There Ever Will Be" & "History Of The Intercontinental Championship")

vs. WWE Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels - These two had been feuding with each other ever since their backstage brawl at WrestleMania IX & Hennig costing Shawn the Intercontinental Title against Marty Jannetty. These two just flowed with each other with Shawn working over Perfect's lower back. Shawn's bodyguard, Diesel (Kevin Nash), did come into play at times & was the deciding factor in the end of what was otherwise a good match.
SummerSlam '93

vs. Bret Hart - This was from their short feud in WCW where Bret Hart has issues with the nWo so Curt Hennig took on the task of taking out Bret Hart. Hennig did focus on Bret's knee but it was interesting to hear how Mike Tenay referenced to their past history without actually mentioning WWE by name. As was typical with the nWo at that time, Rick Rude did get involved & delivered the first Rude Awakeing in years. This was a good encounter as they never had a bad match but they've had much better.
WCW Uncensored '98

Other matches include a match from his early '80s WWE run vs. Eddie Gilbert, his classic one hour match vs. AWA Champion Nick Bockwinkle, and vs. Terry Taylor with commentary by Mick Foley & Michael Cole.

DVD extras include all of the Mr. Perfect sports vignettes featuring such celebrities as Wade Boggs & Steve Jordan & Felton Spencer& Mike Modano, his Hall Of Fame induction, the "Rap Is Crap" music video, and bonus stories on how Curt loved karaoke & the funny truth behind his appearence on "Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous" told by Brock Lesnar. Hidden DVD extras include bonus stories of pranks Curt did by Wade Boggs & Chris Jericho, a live performance of "Rap Is Crap" on WCW Thunder, a promo Hennig did as AWA Champion, and the infamous segment where Curt Hennig destroyed the WWF Championship with a hammer...which would later become the famous WWF Hardcore Championship almost a decade later.

In the end, the only negatives I could state is that I think something could have been said for his close friendship with Rick Rude & while I didn't think the Terry Taylor match wasn't anything special, the commentary with Foley talking about Hennig made up for it. Eventhough his SummerSlam match with Bret was a classic, it was already on Bret's DVD (which they advertised during the documentry) & on the upcoming Intercontinental Championship DVD so it wasn't really necessary here & could have been easily replaced by the tournament final were he actually won the Intercontinenal Championship from Tito Santana or a Ric Flair match from their feud in WCW. Besides those minor issues, this DVD is fits the name for the late Curt Hennig who was one of the greatest inring wrestlers & personalities for his generation...PERFECT! I recommend.
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on May 30, 2014
There aren't anywhere near enough matches on here. I really hope this set isnt the last word on Mr. Perfect because I'd love to see WWE put together a set similar to what they did for Bret Hart and Ultimate Warrior. There are a ton of great matches that they didnt include here including his other great matches vs. The Texas Tornado (win or lose), his IC match vs. Ultimate Warrior, his IC tournament finals match vs. Tito Santana (or the subsequent rematch from Saturday Nights Main Event), his Loser leaves Raw match vs. Ric Flair, His Battle Royale win at Saturday Nights Main Event, just to name a handful. There are also a bunch of great matches vs. mid-carders like Hercules, Rugged Ronnie Garvin, Red Rooster, Jimmy Snuka, Tugboat, The Blue Blazer, Brutus Beefcake, etc, and all of this from his original run in the WWF that would be fantastic filler to push this to a 3-disc set.

Mr. Perfect helped to lay the foundation for the glamourization of the Intercontinental Championship and make it more than just a minor title. It became a counterpart to the World championship; an equal, and paved the way for great IC champs like Rowdy Roddy Piper, Bret Hart, British Bulldog, Jeff Jarrett, Razor Ramon, Shawn Michaels, Owen Hart, Triple H, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, etc., etc.

Along with Bret Hart, Mr. Perfect was the greatest "technician" of the late 1980's to early 1990's and is one of the major reasons I'm such a huge fan of wrestling (at least old school wrestling) to this day and he definitely deserves the same treatment as Bret Hart and Ultimate Warrior and should get a deluxe 3-disc set with more matches on them.

I did appreciate seeing the "Abolutely Perfect" viginettes on this DVD. Those are still priceless.
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on September 12, 2008
Some may wonder why WWE decided to release a DVD featuring Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig, but I welcome it. I wish WWE would release more DVDs like this. Not every feature star needs to be a main event legend to get his own DVD in my opinion.
This release features one of the best documentaries WWE has produced on any wrestler. It's very informative, entertaining and moves at a fast pace. The story of Curt Hennig is told by his family, friends and his fellow wrestlers. All of Curt's career highlights are featured and those who only know him as Mr. Perfect from his debut in the WWF in the late eighties, will get to see all of Curt's prior accomplishments in wrestling before becoming Mr. Perfect, and there are a lot of them! For example, Curt was the AWA World Heavyweight Champion before his stint in the WWF, and this is talked about in great detail.

Most are complaining about the match selection, and with good reason. There are some good ones in this set, but not many. I was shocked when WWE decided to include the classic one-hour draw AWA World Heavyweight Championship match between Hennig and champion Nick Bockwinkel from Nov. of 1986. This is pro-wrestling at it's best, with the last 10 minutes being just as good, or better, than any championship match you'll see today. Both men bleed and push each other to the limit. One thing to look for, is when Bockwinkel blades, there is a fan near the front row, who excitedly pantomimes Bockwinkel blading to his friends, letting them know how smart he is to the business. When Bockwinkel places the blade back into his wrist tape, this same fan also pantomimes this to his friends too. It's pretty funny to see.

The matches with Bret Hart are the best, but the inclusion of the match from WCW Uncensored between these two is perplexing, since it's so terrible, at this point Curt just wasn't the worker he once was and Bret was uninspired in WCW. The match from SummerSlam '91 is a classic, but has been released three times on DVD now, so chances are you've already seen it. The MSG match is interesting, because both men perform both their signature spots from their future SummerSlam '91 encounter as well as their classic King of the Ring match from '93. However, due to it's slow pace (most of those MSG shows were slowly paced) the match really isn't something you'll want to see over and over again. So, the highlight here is Curt's work in the AWA.

One match was included, simply to make a point and that's the match from WrestleFest between Hennig and Terry Taylor. Michael Cole and Mick Foley, who recorded new audio for this match, explained that these two were in the running for the Mr. Perfect gimmick, and Curt ended up receiving it. Couldn't they have just said this in the documentary and shown a few clips from this match instead of wasting a match selection on it? Poor decisions like this hurt the release.

One match I wish they had included, you only see highlights of it, is the AWA World Title match against Jerry "the King" Lawler. In the documentary, Lawler said this was his favorite match ever, so it would have been nice to see all of it.

So, I recommend this for the excellent documentary, vignettes and Curt's matches from the AWA, but don't expect much else that you'll either enjoy or have already seen on DVD before.
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on November 11, 2013
I lived in the Minneapolis, MN area from the 1970s-1990s. In that time I attended many AWA events. I delighted in watching Verne Gagne, Greg Gagne, Larry "the Axe" Hennig, and Curt Hennig in many dramatic matches. I lost track of Curt Hennig over the years. I was saddened to hear of his untimely death.

This 2 DVD set is packaged well. Each DVD has its own "page." This collection was a great way to catch up on one wrestling star I remember from the 80s!
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on March 14, 2012
Recently I purchased this DVD set. It's a 2 disc set. It has many interviews/skits w/ Mr.Perfect and it has matches too. It's cool having all the material it has in this set. However I felt it could of came with more matches. 1 on 1,tag,ect... It just kinda lacks matches compared to other wrestling sets I've bought. Also, like nearly half the matches are against Bret "Hit Man'' Heart. Which he's also a good wrestler, but it just feels like there are even less matches then. My 9yr old son & I enjoy watching the WWF era wrestling more than WWE wrestling. So I 've been trying to get many of the old school DVD's. Overall, if you like WWF era wrestling & wrestlers. Than I still recommend this DVD set. To buy it on Amazon for like $3.00 or less + shipping, it's worth it still. Worth adding to your collection. Just not perfect.
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on August 4, 2014
Good documentary on the career and life of "Mr. Perfect" Curt Henning. One of wrestling most talented performers story is told by family, friends and colleagues. A must have for any wrestling collection.
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on August 3, 2012
I sat down and watched this set and as a Fan of Wrestling the Documentary was awesome and done right. I was saddened when Curt's untimely death happened gone too soon...
well lets get down to the nitty gritty here of what you will see classic matches and vignettes from his AWA and WWF and WCW Years early MSG Matches .Some have said the set is lacking I beg to defer on that you will see the evolution of this man to what he became from his roots on up to being Mr. Perfect.
If your a classic WWF Fan than your in for a treat classic Wrestling the way it was meant to be right here .. Do not pass this up buy it today you wont regret this buy ...
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on August 11, 2013
I have been a wrestling fan for almost 30 years and I remember the heyday of this man, "Mr. Perfect" Curt Henning. This set contains but a sample of this man's great career, but it does him justice though. The vignettes introducing his WWE character are still priceless, but funnier yet was learning just how fun of a guy he was through the documentary and outtakes. He is still greatly missed, but now his son, Joe Henning (aka. Curtis Axel) carries his father and grandfather's flame to this new generation of fans. This set is highly recommended for all wrestling fans.
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on September 9, 2008
Last year, WWE had an influx of some of the best dvds ever to his the market from September till the end of the year. This year we saw the cancellation of two awesome sets-Sting and Randy Savage. There is a Starcade dvd set that was going to be released and that is up in the air. The WWE has replaced most sets but nothing has gotten me excited like last year. History of Intercontinental Championship is the only dvd that looks good; Yet we voted for the matches on and they only let us choose two per decade. Wow, what a set!

Now all you reviewers reaching for the non-helpful button, heres my review for this product. The cover says 90 minute documentary but its a few minutes off. The documentary is decent. I like how they seemed to bury Scott Hall when Henning and Hall were teaming in the AWA. I guess Hall will not show up in WWE anytime soon. They talk more of his life outside of the ring rather then in the ring. Thats ok, he was a great talent all around. A rather fast paced documentary. They did talk about his release but it was because of what happened on a WWE over seas trip. Mr.Perfect was messing with the world champion on a flight and they couldn't have that. Its a good story, look it up. The incident also cost Scott Hall his job. I didnt even know Henning showed up in TNA after his release. Again, WWE rewriting or covering up history.

Matches: 10?! Come on. They show amazing footage thru out the whole dvd and we can only get 10 matches. Bullsh&^. I would like too see the Lawler match, more of WCW matches-something WWE never really does, a Flair match from 1993, and some of his comeback matches of 2002. Alot of his return WWE matches looked very good. When you open the dvd, you see him using a perfect plex on Bam Bam Bigelow. That would have been an awesome match to watch. The matches are good but could have been better.

Overall, not a perfect dvd. Could have been much better, but not the worst WWE dvd release.
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on August 18, 2011
This is a fantastic DVD set just for the matches alone. Its great to see the history of Kurt Hennig that I had no ideae even existed. Being Canadian I never heard of him before he was Mr. Perfect, but it was obvious from the start this guy was born to be a great wrestler. All the vingnettes of Mr. Perfect are great too, if not cheesy as hell. The only problem I had was the interviews, outside of his family members, were more for the character of Mr. Perfect and less for the person he was, Kurt Hennig. It would have been nice to have them comment more on the real guy not the WWF/E character. Still, a fantastic DVD set and a must have for any Mr. Perfect, or old school wrestling fan!
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