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VINE VOICEon December 16, 2012
I was beginning to think there was no way to get a stylus for writing and drawing on my iPad that had a nib which was more pen-like in the way it writes. The firmness of these nibs makes writing easy, actually looks like my real handwriting, not like the resulting scribble when I sign on the card swiper at the grocery store.

I also design jewelry and clothing (not professionally...yet) and find this firm nib allows me to do a more realistic sketch when an idea comes to me. Obviously not as detailed as a CAD system or good old fashioned pencil and paper, but close enough that I can review my quick sketch then perfect it later. While flying from Seattle to Chicago I was able to draft several designs with enough detail so my friends could easily see what I had in mind.

If I could, I'd give these firm nibs 6 stars.

I like these so much I wanted to order 5 more packs of them. When I bought the pack reviewed above it was $4.95 with free shipping. Two days ago I was about to order 5 more packages when I noticed the shipping for EACH package was now $9.99 (does not qualify for Prime). I wrote and asked Electric Online if they'd consider charging only once for the shipping and combine all 5 packages into one. Just got an email saying the product now offers free shipping. Well, guess what, the shipping is now free but the price has jumped from $4.95 to $10.50. I hope the ones I have last a long time because I won't be buying any for quite a while at this rate!

I have not changed my original impresssion of the product - still worth 5 stars. I just wanted to alert those who might be considering their purchase. I've also notified Amazon of this.
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on March 26, 2017
I would use my ipad every day in school to take all of my notes. I would write all of them on a great app with my "Bamboo" Stylus. I would wear though one of these nibs in about 2-3 months. So three would almost last me a whole school year. They would obviously last much longer if you didnt use them as much as I did though. Just depends on how much you use your stylus.

They are hallow inside and I would notice that they would kinda squish when I would press against the surface. This would cause them to wear out MUCH faster (like a few weeks). But I just took a little piece of paper towel and stuck it inside the hallow part before attaching it to the stylus and that would make it MUCH more firm, allowing it to last MUCH longer.
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on November 4, 2016
Ok if you guys bought the Wacom Intuos Creative stylus 1st gen pen with the fat nib on it and need replacements because for whatever reason yours broke or you lost your nibs, THESE ARE THE REPLACEMENTS! They are the correct size because I have the pen tool and it fits perfectly and I LOVE the firm one because it doesn't feel as fragile as the ones the pen already comes with. These are great and god forbid something happens to them I will definitely purchase these again :)
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VINE VOICEon July 29, 2013
I love my Bamboo Wacom, but my soft nib finally bit the proverbial dust after a solid year and a half of handling, which also includes kids who believe the soft nib means it needs a harder touch to control their devices. So it was definitely time for a new nib. I went ahead and tried the firm nibs thinking this may really help, and so far, I love them!!! The soft nib always scared me a little, especially in the hands of younger kids who, again, weren't all that gentle. But with the firm nib I notice everyone is using the stylus more gently as it doesn't feel like it requires a more substantial touch. The replacement nib was very easy to install too. Just unscrew, take off the old, put on the new, and screw back! That's it! I definitely recommend the firm nibs over the soft right now as I also feel when using drawing apps you have a better distinction of where you line is going, and the soft nibs tend to flatten out when pressed to a device, which makes it a little harder to know where your going.
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on November 13, 2012
I bought this to give me a little more control while using the handwriting function of Notes Plus on the iPad. For that purpose, these replacement nibs work great. However, as stated in another review, this is not a nib for touch/swipe type activities, as it requires 'firm' contact to register, which will be annoying to you if you plan to use this in that way. For handwriting notes, it's very effective, allowing script that is more controlled and neater.
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on December 7, 2016
I have purchased these tips twice now, I honestly dont know if they are the exact replacement for the original ones on my stylus or not. The question is always which generation of the stylus you have which I cannot find an easy way to answer. In any event, the tips do fit on the stylus and work as the original one did.

So I am satisfied that the tips function nicely, jsut not 100% certain that these are the correct ones to purchase. The Wacom site isnt very helpful here so take a chance and see how it works for you.
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on June 4, 2016
I wish I had noticed that they are "firm" in the description. When u placed the order, I wasn't aware that there was even an option to choose between firm and soft.
My stylus came with soft evidently, which was good, but maybe just slightly too soft as it didn't last very long before starting to show signs of age, and when I accidentally dropped it off the side of my desk and it landed directly on the soft nib, the copper core inside cut through the nib. (And my stylus only came with 1 nib so I was out of action and rushed my order)

The firm tip is MUCH firmer, causing loss of contact very easily while writing, so you must press very firmly to maintain contact. I personally find this to feel unnatural. And it also causes 3D Touch to register that you want to draw a thicker line.

Before finding these genuine tips on Amazon, I tried cheap Chinese ones from eBay, and they were really terrible, they grip the glass like crazy, whereas the genuine tips glide across the screen beautifully.
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VINE VOICEon March 2, 2014
My daughter loves her Wacom Bamboo Stylus, but the first three we had shredded and tore fairly quickly. The hard nibs still give her a lot of responsiveness from the Bamboo, but they tend to last longer.

Replacing the nibs is very easy: the old one will peel off from the base. Don't use a lot of pressure on the Bamboo's tip because it's a bit sensitive: just be patient, work a fingernail around the edge, and slowly peel it up. When putting on the new nib, I find it's easiest to just pinch the nib between thumb and forefinger, get it most of the way over the tip, and then smooth the edges with my fingertips to get the nib to wrap around underneath the tip.
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on November 2, 2012
You have to press harder on the firm nibs to get the iPad to register, and that creates more friction. I thought I would just be able to lightly touch the screen like I do with my finger, but that is not the case. I am not sure if it has something to do with surface area or something else in the stylus. It makes the capacitive touch screen feel more like a resistive touch screen. It's probably better for firm writers, but it is worse for swiping and everyday activities. Maybe the firm nib will get a little more responsive as it gets worn down, but I doubt it. It will probably last longer than the soft nibs though. It is a good idea to have soft and firm nibs for different needs, but if I had to choose only one type, I would go with the soft nibs (Wacom Bamboo Stylus Replacement Nibs, Soft (ACK20501)).
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on December 28, 2015
Recommend getting these instead of the soft stylus replacements. The firm ones work much better and are much more durable. I had trouble with the soft replacements and they didn't seem to register that well when using it on an iPad. Also the soft ones start deteriorating much quicker while these stay true to form and seem to be quite durable when comparing the two. The firm ones work perfectly and are a proper replacement for your bamboo stylus! A set of 3 is a good deal when considering how much my father uses the stylus for his iPad and I definitely recommend sticking with Wacom instead of getting a 3rd party replacement. The price is hard to beat!
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