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on June 15, 2015
This review is based both on the false advertisement of this product sold here, and the actual product received.

My partner bought me this product as a gift. Paid the $100 because said item included software as well, which separately costs $40-$200.

The item I received was labeled as a Splash item. Initially I was elated, despite the packaging being different than the box pictured above. But once I tried to register the item to download software, I realized I was given the incorrect product. The product I received was actually the Wacom One. An Asia/Pacific product only. All instructions were in Chinese and there was no software to boot.

The Wacom One is a discontinued item even in Asia. But there is overstock still being sold to make profit to soften the blow of financial loss.
The Wacom One is ~$70 and my boyfriend paid $100 for a Splash we did bot receive. I don't know that it was any coincidence we were sent this cheaper discontinued non US version. If I hadn't caught on that this was a cheaper product, we never would have been refunded the $25 difference.

In the end, I kept the One tablet. I downloaded the driver from the Wacoms legacy section, a manual from a site I found and full suite Sketchbook software for a $24 yearly subscription.

So far, the tablet has been okay. Nothing too fancy and the pen is not as sensitive as I'd like. But I'm no professional. And because the wacoms at such an entry level range are very similar I kept my One. But finding instructions in English and visiting forums and doing research about the product was very frustrating not to mention there's bothing I can do about driver updates for a discontinued item. Also nothing I can do about the nonupdated Wacom utility feature for pen customization since the program won't scale properly with my high res Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro laptop.

Terrible advertisement. At least let us know what products your company sells. I hate being misinformed and inconvenienced. But it was a gift from my partner and I intent to make the best of it and my doodles.
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on February 5, 2015
Edit: Nov 25 2015 - I have a new computer and am running Windows 10 now and it still works well . I am still loving the tablet. It's been almost a year and the tablet works well still, I haven't needed to replace a nib yet,

Edit May 10 2015: It's been a few months since I wrote my first review; but thing is amazing. I use it almost everyday and it works perfectly fine still. Had one small glitch once but it was easily fixed with un-connecting it from my computer and re-connecting it. But even 3 months later it is working perfectly fine (and I can see my art has improved :D)

Wacom Bamboo Splash

So I bought and received this in January 2015. It is now Feb 2015 and I love this thing. I did a lot of research and questioning other artists I know who uses graphic tablets and a few of them mentioned they started out on this one. Even after their recommendations I kept researching and kept coming back to this one. I got to say, I do not regret it. I know it's only been a month but I love it. I use Windows 7 and Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9 and it works perfectly well with both.

Yes, it did take a day for me to get used to (but I am a fast learner) and I feel I am drawing on the computer better (then I was with a mouse lol). The set up was fast and easy. Only thing I wish was there was easier to find instructions. Took me awhile to find the English steps to connecting the tablet to the computer. Everything else (my guess is it was the warranty or product info?) was in Japanese (or Chinese); sorry I can't tell the difference but it was written in characters, and I don't know what they are for.

But I will definitely recommend it for any beginner who wants a decently priced tablet.

[I planning on updating this later with how it's still working later on]
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on August 1, 2016
This has been one of the worst buys I have ever had. I got wacom one instead of splash..should have listened to the other people that complained on here. It wobbles uneasily when you try to type and has only apps no sketchbook or other programs promised(thank god for other free art programs online.) For anyone who is looking into buying this DON'T! It's not the real deal! I will still use the tablet; since I paid to much to send it back now, although I'm not happy about it! Only lucky thing about it was that it did come in English instead of another language.
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VINE VOICEon February 2, 2013
I know a lot about computers, I admit, but it's been a long time since I've kept up to date with technology. I really expected to be overwhelmed by this writing tablet and not be able to figure out how to use it.

It was nothing. I put the CD in and installed the software, including the graphic editing software that came with it (Sumo something or other). I have never used a graphics program because when I tried I could never figure them out. I did not want to read the directions. So here's what happened with this tablet:

After I installed everything, I opened the software. I don't remember which software I opened first, Sumo or the Bamboo pen's software. Anyway, I simply went to using everything. I was up and running in one minute.

The only problem I had was that I thought I needed the pad to be in the portrait position on the desk next to my laptop. My lack of ability to control the pen confused me for about one minute, until I slowed down and drew straight lines, noting which way they went. Oh! I turned the Bamboo pad to the landscape direction, and boom, it worked.

The pen works like a mouse, but what is really cool (and takes a little getting used to) is that the Bamboo pad mimics the screen. So, when I hold the pen close to the pad, it acts like a mouse, but it doesn't just move the mouse. It moves the mouse to wherever on the screen corresponds to the spot on the pad where I'm holding the pen.

In other words, if I want to write in the bottom corner of the screen, I hold the pen just above the bottom corner of the pad. If I want to put the cursor in the center of the screen, I don't have to move it, I just hold the pen over the center of the pad. The pad mimics the screen.

What's great about that is that it avoids the problem you can run into with a regular mouse. If your cursor is in the bottom of the screen, and you set your mouse in the middle of your mouse pad, the cursor won't move. Then, when you slide your mouse to center the cursor, you have the cursor centered, but the mouse is way up at the top of your mouse pad. To have full range of motion, you have to pick the mouse up and move it back to the center of the mouse pad. That's not a great chore or anything, but it's pretty cool that you don't have to do that with the Bamboo pad.

You do have to have some program open that knows you are using the Bamboo pen and pad in order to write on your computer. I have a MacBook AIr, and most of my programs will let me use my Bamboo pen.

I bought this pad because I wanted to be able to use my computer screen as a whiteboard at a presentation (a Bible teaching) I was doing. I ordered the Bamboo at the last minute, so I didn't have much time to learn it before the presentation. So during the day I asked my secretary for a quick lesson is using Gimp, a free graphics program. I got a lesson for about one hour.

When the Bamboo pen and pad arrived, I loaded it up real quick, and, like I said, I was up and running in a minute. I was running in Gimp, but I decided to take a quick look at the Sumo graphics program that came with the Bamboo. It worked so much like Gimp that I was able to use it without learning anything. In fact, it turned out to be a little easier to use, so I used the Sumo program that night to load an image of the ancient Roman empire, then use the pen to write on the map as I explained some history to about 40 students. It was awesome, and I only got the Bamboo tablet in about 2 hours before the teaching.

I really, really like this. Works perfect, and the ease of use was almost unbelievable. I write a lot of reviews, and they are not all positive. I don't work for Wacom (assuming that's the manufacturer name), but I'm promoting this like I do. I simply loved it, and I have no complaints and great joy about this product and its price.
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Wacom manages to improve upon every model of tablet by listening to their users. Works as advertised and I'm not going to get into an expanded review; leave it to the other 5 star writers. Noting my own use with the Splash, there is a conflict with my Apple bluetooth Wave mouse and must be kept apart. It's probably the wireless technical stuff which I wouldn't understand anyway. Several times, Photoshop would stop responding (save frequently, save often!) I mainly use it for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator pen tools. It's just sensitive enough to find line and curve points. I don't use it to "paint" or "draw" with, so pressure levels don't concern me. The pen has a rubberized finish, is light-weight and takes some getting use to. A bit too light-weight in my opinion, my hand sometimes goes numb. The tablet surface itself feels like paper which is great. The small model (11 x 6.8) is small enough for limited desk real estate and the active drawing space (5.8 x 3.6") did not hamper my use for Photoshop or Illustrator. Tight fitting pen keeper loop (remove the cellophane wrapper first.) Software driver installs from the included disk which includes their new Wacom Dock (not that useful to me-no need for more screen clutter.) Comes with other art software which I have yet to install or try yet. The Wacom site has helpful manuals. Customer service is top notch. The only thing I don't like is, no sooner than I get one, they come out with any even better model. Grr.
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on May 25, 2013
Yes, maybe this being my first experience is biasing my opinion somewhat, but I just got this Bamboo Splash yesterday and am loving it. Drawings were initially very tough for me, and at the default settings of the software the pad seems extremely sensitive. I believe this is a common problem and seems to be the reason for a lot of the 1 star reviews. The problem in my case is the result of having a dual monitor setup, the software defaults to mapping the the pad to span both monitors. The solution was a simple tweak to the pen settings to map to only one monitor. When using the pen outside of drawing again the settings need to be reset because unlike some other models of the Bamboo, the pen included for Splash does not have buttons to allow toggling between settings.

As far as navigating around my computer the pen is fine and I am starting to like it more than the trac ball I was using that I like more the standard mouse. I do sort of miss the back button being a convenient hardware key-click away, but those with standard mice would not even know what I am talking about. (Update)- After about a month of use, I'm finding that using the pen as an input device has the drawback of it being difficult to drag-and-drop items or to highlight blocks of text, I still use the trac-ball for that. The model of this device that works as a touchpad could possibly be a solution to this problem, however I am not tempted to upgrade because, reading through the reviews, it looks like there are issues with using that model to perform the double-duty of pen and touchpad input. -(end of update)

The software that came packaged, Artrage 3 (with a discount to buy version 4) is an inexpensive package to start with, but not to look a gift horse in the mouth, I am finding it a good piece of software to learn to use the pen on. I usually use GIMP for the few times I work with graphics, and I found Artrage very intuitive, although an understanding of layering is a good thing to know. It also comes with Autodesk Sketchbook Express, that if I'm not wrong may be free anyway, but is another nice drawing tool.

I had a few problems during installation. When I first plugged the tablet in my Windows 7 machine I received a message stating the driver was found and when I tried I was able to move the cursor around. So I proceeded by starting the install exe and was brought through the video users guide (the hardcopy quickstart guide said this would happen). The problem was that the pen was no longer working so I couldn't take the interactive training. I had to go to the Wacom Bamboo website and reload the driver. But after that and a little bit of annoyance with products keys and registrations to get the Artrage program, it's been nothing but fun!
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on November 12, 2014
By all means I am not an artist or even remotely good at drawing. I picked this up after I got drawing software a few black friday's ago. I had a roommate who also owned one of these and was very good with it. The quality of work you can do on these does vary with you still but if you are basic, like me, or an advanced artist this pen tablet is very fun! I also find it useful when I have to write over PDFs or sign things when I am missing a scanner. The pen and tablet have a nice simulated paper feel when you write which helps out a lot.

I also use this on a Mac and it was plug in and go. I would recommend installing the software that comes with it.

If you are an advanced artist or a basic artist anyone can find fun and excitement with this tablet! It really has improved my drawing skills!
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on September 26, 2014
I previously ordered a turcom tablet which failed to work with my computer unfortunately. Having had good experience with bamboo tablets before, I ordered this one. It came within 4 days of ordering with everything intact. It is refurbished but I had no troubles installing the drivers and immediately starting to use the tablet. Not a lot of levels of sensitivity but boy is this a great tablet! I love how the pen does not require any batteries. The nibs wear out fairly quick but you can save yourself a lot of money by not buying the overpriced nibs and instead buying .065 thick weed whacker wire, the plastic wire that goes on weed whackers (DONT GET THE STAR SHAPED KIND, ONLY THE ROUND ONE). it fits the pen a bit loose but it works just fine with my pen and I save myself a lot of money! The programs that came with it are pretty good too! I love art rage and I've had nothing but good experience with it! Sketchbook express I was not too fond of. Do yourself a favor and get a better micro usb cable for it too. The cable it comes with is terrible and too thin and short. it lasted me only half a month. Other than that, if you need a good starter tablet for digital art or to use to edit your photos in photoshop with precision, this tablet is the way to go!
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on February 8, 2014
Bought one of these for a friend and myself. Excellent. I own one of the high end Wacom professional model tablets and purchased this one for a friend who is a beginner and the one for myself so I could have something portable. In some instances I found this smaller tablet actually easier to work on than the larger one. The sensitivity is up to par and I can't really tell a difference between it and my other one which retails for about $500-$700 used. So for the money? This is a great buy and a wonderful addition to any artist's digital equipment, at any level.
I want to add this for those who have struggled with trying to find out if these less expensive wacom tablets will produce quality artwork. IMHO yes. I use corell painter as well as PS5. I have found this tablet sensitive enough to handle even small drawing details. If you are used to working on a larger tablet (like me) it takes a bit to get used to the smaller size so you don't run off the tablet with your movements. It is very light weight. This may make the item feel "cheap" to some (I actually worried when I took it out of the box) but it's not. The light weight makes it easy to transport in the side pocket of a laptop, sit on your lap so you can get comfortable, or use in tight quarters. Even though the plastic feels thin it has proven to be very durable. I work on a Mac and it was plug and play all the way.
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on April 23, 2013
I have never used an art tablet in my life, but I was dying to try some art software because I've been wanting to draw, but I'm not so patient when it comes to pencils and erasers lol.

This tablet is very sturdy. Decent size and seems like it will last a long time.

My only concern is the amount of pressure it requires for some applications.
Example: The ArtRage program that it came with (downloadable for free, see included coupon paper) has pressure-sensitive options. However, for me to get really anything that doesn't look like a teeny-tiny little line on the screen, I have to apply a lot of pressure- a LOT. I almost feel like I'm going to break the tablet or put a deep indention in it, even with the brush at the maximum. I found myself, for a time, going back to the mouse, but the tablet was just easier to use- you know how hard it is to draw a circle with a mouse sometimes? lol

All in all, this was a great buy for me, being a beginner in the computer art world. I'm going to check into more options with the included art software to see if less pressure is doable, and this tablet is for keeps.

As of now, (5/24/13), I have finally had the time to sit down and mess around with the settings. Turns out, there is a way to adjust the sensitivity in a way. I placed the bar to detect the touch to maximum, so regular pressure that feels more realistic to drawing/painting comes out just fine.

I have moved this review, from 4 stars to 5 stars.
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