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on March 9, 2012
UPDATE 4/2 - I have been working on the large tablet for two weeks. It has been working great without any glitches or lockups (i've still yet to have any driver problems..ever). I feel a lot more confortable with the tablet to screen ratio. When I draw the strokes feel a lot more comfortable and natural. When it comes down to choosing between the Medium or the Large size tablet, you have to look at what your main working focus is going to be. Since I do illustration and digital painting, I value the natural feel and movements. I do agree with the fact that you could retrain your muscle memory to a smaller tablet but it's simply your preference. My co-worker has a small tablet and his main use is for photo retouching/editing. The touch function is handy when you get use to the new gestures, but again, I feel that the gestures are mostly for navigation and partially for some convenience. Main focus of a tabled is for pen/tablet graphical work (at least for me). I do like that you can turn the touch gestures on and off with a button. Also really like that if I gently place my finger over the button, the tabled will display the map of each function for the buttons. I still give this tablet a 5 stars because of the ergonomical confort in the design, But, most importantly, it is an amazing tablet to work with. As an digital illustrator/painter, the large size meets my needs for the most natural feel (updated 4/2).

This tablet is simply amazing. The new button set up and feel is a great change. While drawing you really get a paper texture feel. If you have used an Intuos4, you might not notice much of a pressure and response difference but the new buttons and rubber is a big change. I think its a lot more practical and more efficient while in use. I constantly found myself feeling like I needed to clean my Intuos4 from smudging it.

Now, if you are considering Medium vs Large....
I use to have an Intuos4 Lrg and loved it. I owned the tabled for 2 years and used for graphic design, illustrations, and some digital painting. The strokes always felt very natural and good ration of tabled to screen. I hardly ever used the precision mode button because my table to screen ratio was very good.

Intuos5 Med.....
Now, I switched to the new Intuos5 medium and loved the new look and feel, but did not like the screen to tabled ratio. Just navigating through photoshop from one end of the screen to the other was very awkward. I messed around with the mapping settings and I still couldn't get something that I liked. Now, I have been using a Large tablet for the past 2 years and it might take some time to adjust. But, since I rely so much on my tablet for what I do as a career, to me it is worth spending a little more and getting what I am already confortable with.

Professionally speaking, the tablet to monitor ratio is a big deal to me. If you are using the tablet with just a 15 or 17 monitor/ laptop, the Medium tablet ratio is probably okay. If you are primarily using the tablet for photo touch up and some moderate design, the Medium size will suit your needs. But, if you have some drawing background (fine arts), you will probably find the Large tablet to suit your needs. The biggest reason is the way you probably do your strokes, you use your arm & shoulder instead of your wrist. Wrist movement would be appropriate (common) for photo touchups, and some illustrations, but for bigger custom made designs you would want the Large tablet. The medium size tablet is like drawing on half a sheet of paper at a time and the Large tablet is like drawing on a whole piece of paper (8.5x11).

One big thing I noticed was the active area difference between the two tablets. The active area is only within the white cross hairs (or "L" figures) on the tablet. You have an extra .5" of blank space around the active area and it doesn't really seem to do anything (at least from what I could tell). This makes your active area a lot smaller than what it looks. This was a big deal breaker for me and the reason for why I am going back to using the Large size tablet.

When it comes down to performance, both tablets have equal sensitivity and touch performance, there is no question in that. The biggest thing is consider the monitor real estate you will be using and the tablet to monitor ratio. Remember that a tablet is a tablet for computer graphic work that requires a pen/ pencil style, not Navigation and or web browsing. The touch is a nice plus and I believe its just Wacoms way of gearing to the new Navigation style that computers are headed to.

I will be returning the Medium and getting a Large. I will post an update once I get it
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on November 4, 2012
This is only my second Wacom product as I bought a 12x12 inch active area Intuous 1 tablet years ago. It still works well to this day, but didn't get a ton of use due to its size. It was simply too big for me in the amount of desktop space it uses.

This new Medium Intuous tablet is great and is just the right size for my needs. The pressure sensitivity is great, comes with a variety of useful replacement pen nibs and I like the programmable side buttons for the most part. It is small, light and thin enough to put in my lap while working - getting the wireless package is a definite recommendation.

If I do have a couple of complaints, they have to do with the surface being easily scuffed by your harder pen nibs. So definitely get a protective cover for it. I got the 10 dollar Porus one offered here on Amazon and it works well. My other complaint is the wireless unit - which can lose the signal for a few seconds every once in a couple of hours of use. It is just a minor thing as it does re-establish the signal quickly, but can be disruptive when you are in the creative flow with your tablet.

Other than the two complaints above, I actually really like it and glad I got this much smaller, lighter and more sensitive version for my work and play.
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on March 7, 2013
It's a Wacom so it's great. the one problem with the Wacom that I only give it 4/5 stars is the nibs. The nibs will ware out if you use it with the tablet VERY fast. This is because the tablet's surface is much harder than the stylus nibs, of course this will make the nibs ware down quite fast. resulting in the need to buy many many MANY nibs. it makes sense they would have done this so you do not damage the tablet you just wareout/damage the nibs. its the whole Mohs scale of mineral hardness problem.

Good news everyone!
There is a really good cheap solution to this problem. Get a nice sheet watercolor paper or drawing paper. what every you prefer for IRL media. Cut a square to the same demotions as the active area. then use some masking tape that won't damage the Intuos5 and tape it so the paper sits ontop of the active area. if you tape it so half the tape sticks to the tablet then you fold it back on its self and stick the other half of the tape to the paper you won't have an ugly line of tape. This will give you a surface that is slightly softer than the nib thus the paper which you can replace for nearly nothing gets worn out and not your stylus or tablet. bonus effect it give you a real paper feel while you are working.
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on June 4, 2013
- Very responsive
- Versatile programming for buttons and such
- Comfortable pen
- Sleek design
- Optional wireless kit is nifty and low-profile

- Drivers (Windows 7x64) are garbage. The drivers crash very frequently, and I've been getting at least one Blue Screen a week, all of which are triggered by tablet input (plugging it in, using the pen, etc.). It should be worth noting that I have never gotten a BSoD since buying this tablet. Updating drivers does not help; Wacom apparently has little interest in accommodating one of their largest markets.
- The nibs are very weak. I draw reasonably gently, and my main nib is already half worn out after 5 months of moderate use. My previous tablet was a Bamboo Fun, and its nib showed no signs of wear or damage after 6 years of use.
- Resistive touch functionality is pretty bad in general. Anything that touches the tablet (while touch is turned on) will screw with your mouse. Things as insignificant as a pencil or a piece of paper resting on your tablet will cause involuntary clicking/movement. At least it turns off when the pen is within drawing range.

The nibs and touch problems are obviously money-saving measures, which are somewhat forgivable. The driver problems are unacceptable.
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on August 26, 2013
Let's start with the pros: Aesthetically, this tablet looks great, and the hotkeys on the side are wonderful. Six/eight buttons and four different settings on the scroll wheel have allowed me to be completely independent of my mouse and keyboard when drawing. However, since day one, this tablet has slowly driven me insane with its sadistic implementation of a driver.

I've used this tablet with both Windows 7 and Windows 8, and the driver on both operating systems has agitated me constantly. I previously used a Wacom Pen and Touch tablet and it very rarely had issues like the ones that the Intuos5 has on a daily basis with my computer. This new tablet was supposed to be an upgrade, and honestly, aside from the extra side buttons, this has felt more like a downgrade.

Nearly every single day I'll need to remove and restore my preferences in order to use make this tablet functional whatsoever. This has about a 50% success rate. If that doesn't work, I'll need to completely restart just to get drawing. If it's not the tablet being totally non-functional, it's the tablet's input lagging so much that I can sit and watch my mouse chug along and retrace the movements I made with my pen at about one tenth of the speed, and the only solution seems to be a total restart. Again, these problems have happened over two different operating systems, even after a fresh install! Yet, my simple Pen and Touch has never experienced any of this. Honestly I'm really close to just selling this tablet and going back to that little thing because of how problematic this new one is.

Not everyone will get issues with the driver like mine but it seems like getting this tablet will give you major issues in one area or another. I STRONGLY recommend you go with another brand if you're wanting to get a professional tablet that won't frustrate you on a daily basis, at least until Wacom can fix its driver issues. It's a great tablet that's ruined by Wacom's software.
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on February 10, 2015
Received as a gift in 2012, worked well for the first year it was under warranty. After a year and a half it started having issues with the USB port disconnecting. It's 2015 and I've had to get the USB connector fixed three times now. I never had this problem with the Intuos 3, which is the one I had before this, and I had that one for about 5-6 years before it broke completely. I talked to a friend who also had the same tablet and the same problems, which is disappointing knowing this is a problem for them.

I bought this tablet for around $200, and going into getting it repaired for the 3rd time means that now I've spent around $200 in repairs. If you're looking to buy a tablet, please consider what I've written before purchasing.
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on August 17, 2014
I've been using Wacom tablets for years. I finally decided to treat my self to a really nice one. I'm so disappointed. The surface of the tablet is far too delicate. In less than 3 months it has worn down from it's "Paper like" surface to a glassy smooth in the center of the pad, This produces an inconsistent surface texture that is difficult to work with. I warranty replaced it once but the new one did the same thing. After 5 years my Graphire never wore out like this and it has a replaceable surface. The Intous doesn't have a replacable surface and wears out in a few months. Very disappointed.
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on July 7, 2013
This is for the small version:

The tablet is responsive and has a very nice feel to it. The sides and back have a black, rubberized texture and the drawing surface has a smoother feel however it is more texturized than previous tablets. The buttons are nicely placed and are fully customizable through the Wacom utilities.

The touch capabilities are superb. The tablet senses when the pen is close and disables touch so you can rest your palm on the drawing surface when drawing. For the most part there are no hiccups when using touch and it seems to integrate well with the system touch gestures for the most part. Rarely there has been a bit of a disconnect but they have been one-time issues so far. After about an hour of using the tablet I was no longer thinking about touch gestures and was using them intuitively. It is especially nice when working with apps that are built for using a tablet like Sketchbook Pro.

My primary tablet is a Cintiq so using a tablet with a disconnect between the drawing surface and the visual image of what is being drawn takes a little getting used to but not a big deal.

I am using the tablet mostly on a Mac since even the Cintiq 13 is too bulky to be portable and my laptop is a Mac. I read a lot of reviews where there seemed to problems on the Mac however they are a bit old, it seems the problems are fixed since I had no problems at all. The Intuous5 has worked like a charm on my Mac.

- Portable, has a low profile, easy to take with you.
- Drawing area is decently proportioned
- Touch works brilliantly. Wonderful to be able to spin a page around and then touch the pen down to draw with no problems
- Pen has nice feel and works as expected

- Wireless is not included. Seriously we have to pay more to make this pricey tablet wireless?
- Tooth on drawing surface seems to wear nibs quicker than older versions
- Rubberized, black surface shows dirt and lint too easily.
- Even with the lower profile, this tablet is still bulky. It is the small tablet size and there are still quite large borders around the drawing area. What would it take for Wacom to make a product that is easily portable? They haven't yet.

Reason for 4 stars, Wacom products are bulky and heavier than one would expect. I don't know what goes into making tablets but it seems that it requires a lot of lead or something.
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on July 18, 2014
I have had many tablets. I bought what I have always used, the medium size and wish I bought the smaller one. IT's just too big and I only use a small portion as it is. The pen to tablet can be jumpy at times and I have yet to solve it. Creating precise graphics means this is highly irritating even after trying new nibs and drivers. It comes and goes. No one has posted a solution. I tried different configurations as well as having to scrap the settings more than once and reinstall the software which helped some of the issues. I suspect most of the issue is software driven and it will get better if the manufacture works on it.

I wish I could use my old Wacom Graphire with my newer mac as it was precise and so much simpler.

It's great for everyday but it has way more features than I am using. I went on utube trying to find great setup examples for a graphics environment but with how much I work, it has never been fully realized. Not enough time to spend on getting up to speed. I need equipment that I can use intuitively. The learning curve took too much time so I use it basically although there are others I am sure have used all the features to great satisfaction.

I travel a lot for work and it's too big for a medium size tablet. I had to buy a 17" laptop bag because I feared with damaging this one stuffing it into a 15" along with my laptop, the cords, the pen and external keyboard. I do miss the old wacom pen holder on the top of the tablet. I am often knocking over the pen in the nib holder because I put it back standing up ready to use. I know it has a groove to allow one to set it on it's side but I knock it off that too.
Great tablet for some I am sure, it is more than I needed.
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on September 3, 2013
So I use this mostly on systems where I'm editing. Specifically with Avid, FCP, After Effects, Photoshop mostly. But it's also how I navigate the rest of the computer regularly (Browsers, files, etc). I have found it to be far inferior to previous versions (I've used 3 and 4). Why? Ok:

1) First problem, when I use the pen in mouse mode (which WAS my main method), the tablet is suddenly unable to detect the stylus any further than about a millimeter away from the surface. Which makes it impossible to use. Problem disappears in pen/mapped area mode. Tried older/newer drivers, always happened. Fine, I learned to use it in pen mode, and as my designer coworkers would say, I've seen the light. But it's a definite bug.

2) Next, the tablet is somehow set to receive a tweak (a click maybe?) from the pen when it leaves the field of use. Something like a soft return happens if I pull the pen up past a certain point. This is seriously annoying. For example, click a file name to change it, tuck the pen up in my hand and start typing, except whoops! I'm done already? I have to very deliberately set the pen to the side before I can begin interacting with the keys. Otherwise I'm typing in vain (or mucking up my timeline if I'm editing!), the system has received a return, or a click somewhere and thinks I'm done typing. Lift the pen up during playback and the playback stops, thinking I've done something.

3) The surface itself is very rough. Takes a bit to get used to it. I don't like it, but I don't hate it either. I'm sure for designers and artists, it's keen. It's way harder to slide my hand over to monitor two, for example.

4) The touch feature is almost unusable for me. It works ok, but tapping to click is dicey. Gotta set a function key to "click". I turn it all off usually because I put my keyboard above the tablet, which results in a lot of accidental mouse moves and craziness from the function buttons (which are hyper sensitive and wacky).

5) I like the new stylus. BUT it feels cheaper, in some ways. I put the little custom color ring on and now I can feel it slipping a touch every single time I use it. The threads don't screw tight enough and slip if you over tighten (which is WAY too easy to do). Aggravating.

6) Last. The thing bows creakily in the middle. I don't have the heaviest arms, but I had to put a stack of paper under mine to keep it from bending slightly every time I near the middle of the device.

Old problems from previous versions still around:
The single click is STILL a little sticky. Meaning it's more of a click with a tiny drag before it unclicks. You can minimize this by setting double-click distance to "off" but it never goes away. I'm constantly accidentally undocking tabs in my browsers or reordering layers or effects.

Overall, I think I probably work about 20% slower with version 5. I wonder if they're scrapping it soon. Makes me want to try a competitor. These things are too expensive for all the flaws they have, but to be fair I'm not sending this back. I have a job to finish and it's still better than a mouse. But just BARELY.

My very last gripe is their customer service is NONEXISTENT. I never get responses to my issues. Zero.

Wanted to be fair to Wacom, even though they DID end up discontinuing this thing. I finally got a response to one of my emails, and they diagnosed much of the problem being in the stylus itself. They shipped me a new one, and in the meantime I bought the fatter one to try. Both have minimized many of the problems. Tap-clicks are still sticky, but it gets less reacty when I lift the stylus away from the tablet, never went back to mouse mode, so who knows about that issue. Better!
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