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on October 28, 2015
Happy to say this sprayer works as advertised. I have a larger (HVHP) sprayer for big projects, but I wanted something that would work for doing varnish on a boat, and small maintenance work around the house. It didn't disappoint, but let me specify the caveats.
1. Read the directions.
2. Read them again.
3. Pop quiz--what does it say to do after cleaning with mineral spirits?
You get the idea. So, it takes a bit of getting used-to. The trigger is two-stage. Try it out with a the container filled with water. Play with the nozzle and get a feel for the spray direction. Play with the flow-control screw to understand how it will work with thin materials (oil-based whatever) or thick (latex) Next, pay really good mind to the condition of the paint you're using. Brand new can? Half empty? Mix well, thin well, strain often. Fill the spayer's container, and DO NOT LET IT SIT--get to work.
I used this twice a day for 10 minutes a shot for 4 straight days with quality (InterlXX Schooner varnish) and thinner. It took a bit of getting used to. The first time, I didn't thin enough, and my flow rate was set high. (turned out a bit splotchy) Second time I thinned too much, and flow rate was too low. (insufficient coverage) Increased flow rate, and it ran, but only slightly. Shut it down and cleaned it (improperly)
Next day, glops (UGH!!) Why? I didn't rinse the mineral spirits with water afterwards, as directed (small sidebar). I finally figured out that, for me, running mineral spirits into an empty large yogurt container (which I could strain and partially reuse) and following with warm tap water could get things cleaned up in 5 minutes or so.
After I got a "system" down, it would deliver very good results. Is this the $50 alternative to a $600 hvlp turbine for furniture shops? No. Does it work for me? Mostly. I have to admit, the final finish was done by foam brush for consistency. I think if I had the time and money to keep buying expensive cans of varnish, I could have gotten better with the Wagner.
Next, I used it with water-based dyes on yet another kayak. Worked GREAT. Super-consistent and fast. Cleanup was 3 cups of water shot through it between colors.
Next, some old latex on the shed. THINNED HEAVILY. Works. (Not sure what the guy who said it was "slow" was doing) Not great, but I got the door painted, the trim and everything in 15 minutes.
You want a perfect finish? Take the time to learn what setting works for what you're doing. I firmly believe that the majority of the negative reviews were from those who A) didn't read the directions, B) didn't clean the machine properly C) failed to thin adequately D) didn't bother to strain their finish. Painting takes a bit of finesse, folks. This thing isn't a free ride, but works as well or better than I had anticipated.
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on October 9, 2016
I was in the process of staining a fence and tried the bug sprayer way. No one really tells you you have to buy the $50 ones for it to work. I got frustrated by the lack of consistency so I went to rent a sprayer so I could just finish the project. The rental price was okay but due to the time of day I would have ended up renting it for 24 hours and that was just a little ridiculous. I found the Wagner power sprayer on sale on Amazon. I had it in a day. I expected it to clog and maybe do an okay job. I was so pleased to see the little Wagner just do the job!! It was easy to quickly learn all its features and gave me the consistent even spray I was wanting. I finished fence staining and walked away being impressed at the job it had done. Sure there are little things I would have liked to have had but for an entry level sprayer it killed the project. I have since painted my house with it as well and other than the small paint cup I could not be happier with this Wagner. It is very rare that I feel like something is worth more than I paid for it, but for me this was one of those products.
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on May 15, 2015
This has been a great sprayer for us so far! Worked with latex paint although I did have to dilute it a bit. Also used with an oil based paint and worked perfectly. You can take it completely apart in 15 seconds or so and it is crazy easy to clean. The whole front nozzle comes off (basically everything from the trigger forward), then the tip comes off (the yellow ring on the front) as well as its insides. Every single component is easily reachable for cleaning.

Takes a second to get going. I just pull the trigger at full blast and wait about 15 to 20 seconds and then it starts to spray. Best to keep a constant spray going or start spraying to the side (not toward the thing you are painting) because the first bit that comes out tends to come out as a bit of a splatter which you either need to brush/roll out or try to blend in. Otherwise, it has been completely reliable through 5 different colors and types of paint so far with little to no complication.

I love how the straw that dips into the paint can is angled. So that way if you want to spray in a particular direction, you can open it up and turn the straw in that direction to ensure the straw is always submerged in the bulk of the paint. This was such a simple, yet great, feature for painting furniture since I had to paint from a downward angle sometimes, upward others, and on the side in some spots.

I had an mid-range air-compressor sprayer before made entirely of metal and this outperformed it by a mile. The air-compressor one was way harder to clean fully, was very finicky with different paints (everything had to be diluted no matter what), and would suddenly stop spraying for no apparent reason. NONE of this happened with this Wagner sprayer.

Couldn't be happier!
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on January 8, 2018
I had this exact same sprayer and absolutely loved it. Then one day I rested it on the work table in our garage and someone accidentally knocked it over, breaking the little clip that holds the sprayer part to the motor/fan. So frustrating since everything was still in working order--motor, cups, etc. it's just that nothing held the cup assembly onto the sprayer. This is dangerous since the fan/blower needs to be firmly secured. I probably could've held it on by making sure I used 2 hands and kept holding the trigger but that's dangerous with a cup full of paint on pieces I took quite a bit of time to prep.

I had the usable front part so I figured I'd buy another one. This is cheaper than the big orange and blue box stores, at least at the time of this writing, and it works exactly the same way as my old one. I use this only for water based paints and sealers-- I can't imagine cleaning up every little piece with mineral spirits for oil based items. If you thin the paint properly and keep everything clean, you will get an amazingly professional finish.
When first starting, pull the trigger to initiate the motor but not hard enough to start spraying: this will allow pressure to build in the cup for a more even finish. Hold for a couple seconds (I sometimes get a little pop sound) then pull all the way to get the paint to dispense. Do not go right to your actual piece before testing on a scrap piece of cardboard! Don't be frustrated if paint doesn't come out immediately. Hold it there for longer than you'd think was comfortable. Try making right left passes on your cardboard, go up and down. If after awhile nothing is coming out then you may need to thin your paint more. Don't worry if you're thinning more than the manufacturer says-- my pieces come out fine. Also don't stand too close or stay in one spot too long. Remember, multiple light coats are better than drippy thick ones.

Also be aware of the bend of the inner tube-- for example if you are spraying upwards and the bend of the tube is kicked forward, you might get some sputtering when your paint level gets low. The same is true if you pointing downward and the bend is toward the back of the cup. When I stop between coats, I take off the cup assembly and rinse out all the pieces so paint doesn't dry inside or on the nozzle. I cover the cup with some tin foil then put it all back together and go back to spraying when the first coat is dry. It is VERY easy to clean-- I undo the cup and toss the tube and yellow ring along with the front black part that the paint sprays through into a bucket of water in the sink. Rinse out all the pieces then reassemble. Sometimes I need to use an old toothbrush if I had a lot of pieces to paint or it was hot outside because the paint could dry and build up around the hole.

This is a great entry level sprayer, and everytime we use it we remark how great the finish looks. I'm amazed every time. And over time it saves you money because you are not buying cans of spray paint. Even with polyurethane you can save a ton by buying a quart of water based and using the sprayer. Plus you're not breathing in the fumes from the oil based spray paints. I just finished a large wooden sign and 4 coats of semigloss went on in less than an hour with super professional results (in the pic I sprayed the matte black background, built the frame, then after stenciling, spray sealed). I've also used it for furniture, especially items with curves or corners... your days of brushes will be over!
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on January 3, 2018
This Wagner sprayer worked for three days. Upon reading those reviews that are poor with regards to the spray, I believe it to be due to the connection of the motor to the handle which blows the paint. The connection on this unit seemed weak out of the box and in 3 days of use on kitchen cabinets, it gave and broke (see picture) rendering the unit useless. While yes, it is under warranty, I have to pay shipping both ways to Wagner, in order to get replacement. I would have given 4 stars for the result when it actually worked. I borrowed a friends Wagner to finish my project and it carries the same design on the motor to the handle, but it fits much tighter and the lever that the trigger slots into, is made better which is also keeping the two units with a much tighter fit (see picture), so it does not carry as much resistance as this model.
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on December 30, 2016
Love love this!!! I bought to redone a dresser. I have never used one of these before and it was very self explanatory. I didn't even thin the latex wall paint I used for my project and it worked great. Very easy to use.
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on September 11, 2017
I was worried about trying this. I had never used one and wanted my decker painted. I had previously bought one from another company and it was awful. It was hard to understand the directions and it was very noisy and I couldn't get it to work and it went back.
So when I bought this one, didn't have much faith. Boy was I wrong. I Opened The box, Pulled Out The Few Parts and Read The easy Instructions And Put My Paint In And Put It Together And Turned It On, Made A Few Adjustments And I Was Off To Painting. I Got The Whole Deck Done In 2 Hours. I Was Great. never Thought It would be so easy.
If I r a beginner than given it a try or just need one for small projects. Th I is the one to pick
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on December 6, 2017
The only downside to this is that the cup is small so you have to refill a lot. I struggled a little keeping the button even but my husband could easily keep the button held down all the way to spray stain our fence. We were able to do our fence very quickly. Paint brushes were taking days just for a few panels working for an hour or two at night. It’s easy to use but you’ll need an extension cord (the cord on this is very short so I wanted to note that for new DIYers). Highly recommend this sprayer for any staining you may need to do.
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on July 12, 2017
Great with plastidip
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on November 1, 2017
Works GREAT! Stained a 280 sqf deck TWICE in about 2 1/2 hours including all the railings. My only advice is to make sure you STRAIN your stain. This gums up if you have any clumps of stain in the spray. If I used a strainer from the dollar store I could have cut my time down by at least 30 minutes. Break down is simple and quick.
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