Customer Reviews: Wahl Lithium Ion All In One Grooming Kit #9854-600
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VINE VOICEon October 23, 2008
Size: Small|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
(3.5 stars) The Wahl Lithium Ion All-In-One Trimmer definitely delivers on its promise of power. You feel it the instant you turn it on - that is one powerful motor inside its small, lightweight case. This provides a lot of cutting torque for comfortable, clean trimming of beards, mustaches and body hair. However, the power comes with downsides in terms of vibration and noise as well. And while the set is packaged with numerous attachments, not all of them are very useful. Finally, the included organizer tray is a cheap-looking and doesn't hold all of these attachments very well.

If you plan on using it purely for beard/mustache, body hair, and the occasional touch-up of sideburns and neckline between trips to the barber, then this trimmer is probably a 4.5 star performer. It's powerful enough to handle the thickest beard and won't get clogged up by any amount of body hair (a blade comb and small bottle of oil are included for ongoing maintenance). This power comes at a cost in vibration and noise, and some may find it uncomfortable to use for long periods of time.

The attachment for eyebrows, nose and ear hair is useless for different reasons. For eyebrows, it has no comb attachment and its built-in guide is much too short unless you simply want to totally eradicate your eyebrows from your face. I found a suitable workaround for eyebrows by using the main blade with the shortest guide attachment and then carefully (CAREFULLY) gliding over my brows. The results ended up being very nice, but you're just one sleepy morning away from a disaster. For nose and ears, the vibration is simply too much to bear. Plus, the attachment isn't shaped at all for this function - it's simply a narrower version of the main blade. This means that (1) there's no easy way to work around the curves of your nostrils or ears and (2) the cutting surface is still the tip of the blade instead of the sides, so you'll be working the trimmer at all sorts of odd angles to get any results at all. I recommend a good nose/ear trimmer that's designed exclusively for that purpose instead.

The surprise was the dual foil shaver head. I expected this to be a total throw-away, but it delivered a very close and surprisingly comfortable shave. It suffers in the ergonomics because its handle is shaped like a trimmer instead of an electric shaver (it feels like you're shaving with a small flashlight), but that's a small downside. Will I throw away my electric shaver now? No, but I would give some thought to throwing this in my overnight bag for travel due to its small size and additional versatility.

Switching blade heads between the main, the wider, the ear/nose/eyebrow, and the shaver feels clunky. The instructions are vague on this point (as they are with almost all aspects of using the trimmer) and I eventually figured it out by trial and error. Still, it often feels like I'm forcing the parts whenever switching blades, which is disappointing given the otherwise sold build of the trimmer.

Battery life is excellent and you can even run it on a quick charge after only a few minutes of being plugged in. The included power adapter is nicely compact, which is becoming rarer for many countertop electronics. The trimmer unfortunately doesn't have any sort of battery gauge, but the quick-charge feature minimizes that limitation.

The included tray seems to be too small to neatly hold all of the attachments that come with the set. Plus, it's very cheap-looking. I ended up storing everything in a carrying pouch that I had from an old electric shaver. All told, the entire kit could fit in anything roughly the size of a sandwich bag.

* Powerful motor for clean, effortless maintenance of bears, mustaches and body hair
* Long battery life
* A surprisingly good foil shaver attachment that could get some use while traveling

* Vibration and noise from the motor makes prolonged use uncomfortable
* Not as useful as a nose, ear or eyebrow trimmer
* Accessory quality isn't always up to par with the trimmer itself

While the Wahl Lithium Ion All-In-One Trimmer is a magnificent trimmer - small and lightweight but massively powerful. However, its "all-in-one" claim is made based on attachments that often fall short of the mark. Honestly, there probably is no true "all-in-one" solution, so fault them with overreaching marketing instead of bad design. Grab one of these for the big jobs and a good dedicated ear/nose/brow trimmer for the small ones and you'll be all set.
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on October 16, 2009
First off... People, be aware of "Vine Program" reviewers. Keep in mind that these people did not pay for the item and did not actively go out and search for the product they now own. I, on the other hand, was actually looking for this here electric "clipper".

One PRO:
1- At first I was glad to see that WAHL had finally designed a shaver with a lithium battery because the nickel-cadium battiers in their other units die out way too fast. As it turns out, the battery was the only positive thing about this trimmer. I only needed to charge it fully once and it would last for approx 6 shaves.

Many CONS:
1- Rubber material covering body of unit grips TOO much. Little pieces of cut hairs will stick to it like glue! Within a week it mine was covered in little hairs. Messy.
2- The metal blades rust easily even though they were never exposed to water, only to sweat. I have never had this problem with other Wahl trimmers before.
3- This thing is loud when it's new and getts louder as it ages. After 7 months mine stopped cutting well and sounded like a mini chain saw.
4- Short life span - 7 months. Only used it 3 times a week, face only, and oiled it once a week.

Thank you for your time.

Wahl customer service is excellent. If you ever have any problem with their trimmers - use the warranty.
Even after warranty, mail the problem piece to them and they will fix or replace at fair cost.
I have found Wahl to make the best cutting blades. Don't know what happened with this particular model.
I now use the model 9818 with lithium-ion battery and it's very good.
Thank you.
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on October 23, 2008
Size: Small|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Powerful motor
Keeps its charge
Feels solid
Standard Wahl narrow blade head good for precise trims

Too many accessories! A better design could keep it more simple
Standard Wahl narrow blade head not as good for faster trims

I've owned a half a dozen rechargeable trimmers, most of them for beards, and I have to say that I've never been that impressed regardless of the brand name. I can't seem to find one that's both simple and powerful.

The Wahl Lithium Ion All In One is probably the most powerful rechargeables I've ever used. I tried a number of current Norelco models and they're frequently on the wimpy side. One was so weak that it would pull hair right out of my face instead of cutting it. This Wahl model is on the other extreme. Just trimmed my heard and cut my lip a little bit on the blades. Probably only the second time that's ever happened with a trimmer. Will need to be careful in the future, but thankful because the obvious power means a faster trim and no fear of pulled hair.

My two gripes about the Wahl are the same I've had about the previous Wahl trimmers I've used.

One, unlike Norelco which frequently designs built in adjustable heads that go up and down, they offer a ton of accessories. This kit has something like 17. I don't need 17! I'm betting most men don't either. Some of these are going to get lost or inconveniently separated from the trimmer. Just give me a removable adjustable height head and that's all I need. That function itself can equal half a dozen or more attachments.

My second complaint is also the same I've had about all Wahl trimmers - the head width. It's about 1/4" or so more narrow than Norelco models. However, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Wahl trimmers are best for getting around the edges where accuracy is needed. The wide head Norelcos are for when you want to trim your beard as fast as possible with a wider blade - IF they offered a model with as strong a motor as the Wahl that is.

I'm no fan of Norelco - have sworn them off after experiencing too many wimpy motors. I really like the power of this Wahl. I just wish they'd borrow a little bit from Norelco. The narrow head has its use, but enough with the dozen+ accessories.

For this price range this probably one of the best trimmers I've used even with my complaints. And if you happen to like having all sorts of accessories then this might be perfect for you.
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on May 10, 2015
The mechanical parts work just fine, but the material on it rusts within a few uses. Invest in something better. I don't know what that something is yet, but reply to this review if you find it, please.
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on August 28, 2009
I read a lot of the reviews and that helped me make my decision. I've had this trimmer a couple of months now, and really love it. I'll start with the points I did NOT find easily in other reviews

Yes, it does a great job trimming the edges of your mustache above the lip, etc. I've had all-in-one beard groomers where the trimming attachment did not cut well. Not so with this one. The first time I used it I was instantly showing a lot more lip than I had planned on. In other words, it trims mustaches better than anything I have used before.

The other point I was unclear about in other reviews was the usefulness of the nose/ear trimmer attachment. I have owned 2 or 3 of those battery powered rotating types before, and always found them so-so. This trimmer attachment does a much better job than those, and is faster. Just stick it in your ear or nose and you're done in 2 seconds, whereas the rotary types make you keep doing it for a while before it seems like you're done. The noise level is not a problem at all for me - it's noisy but not objectionable in your ear, about the same or less noise level as my rotary trimmer.

For beard trimming (I have a goatee that I keep fairly short), it works well but is slightly less convenient than the all-in-one beard groomers I have owned. You have to switch attachments, which is frankly very easy, though not as easy as just dialing in a 3 or 4 on one of those beard groomers. And the attachments are a bit of a pain because you have to either pick, for instance, a 2 or 3 beard trimmer, or else use the 6-position trimmer attachment. That 6-position trimmer attachment is what I use, and it's fine, though adjusting it's height requires a little more effort than it should.

Battery life is outstanding, and what puts it above everything else. It lasted 2 months of frequent use on its first charge, and I expect it to last for years. Other beard groomers I have owned (both Panasonic) died after a couple of years and had to be plugged in.

The attachments in general are a bit of a pain, as everyone else mentions. However, putting them on and off is really easy - not as complicated (at least to me) as others have mentioned. I keep them all in the tray on my countertop and it works fairly well. The tray gets really crowded, so I've take some of the attachments I'm never going to use and put them in a drawer. It is nice to have your oil and brush right there whenever you need them - otherwise I would not clean and oil it as often as I should:)

For haircutting, I agree with everyone else. This thing is really narrow, even with the wider cutting head attached. It's about half the width of my corded Wahl trimmer, which is what I've been using to cut my hair (and does a great job). Also, the attachments are not long enough for my hair, which normally takes a 4 and a 5 attachment. Not sure if you can buy longer attachments for it or not. I think the best solution is just to spend another 30 bucks on the corded Wahl unit like I did. It's a beast, seems to actually dim the lights when you turn it on (semi-kidding here but you get the idea).

For all around trimming, meaning sideburns and hairline at back of neck, it's super. The normal attachment does a great job of shaping your hair and cuts super sharp.

In sum - it's outstanding for moustache/ear/nose trimming as well as shaping your beard or hair at the edges. Don't bother thinking it's going to be very good for actually cutting your hair.
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on May 15, 2015
This is remarkably the trimmer men can get. Its simply a miracle in its performance and always scores above my expectations. The reason I am writing this review is I want men to be aware of what they are missing on if they havent tried or used this before. You gotta use it to believe it. I wonder seeing most of the men vouching for Philips which is a piece of trash in terms of the sharpness of blades.
Trimmers are simply judged by the smoothness of shave, and this has the finest blades which I havent seen in any of the other brands.
Well if you want to test it for yourself, go to a store and check the sharpness of the blades, compare it with any Philips trimmer and you would find how Wahl is way too superior.
I have read few reviews where people have been little disappointed, now that could be a fault with any of those particular pieces. So dont just build any false notions by reading those comments. Because beard grooming is the most desirable part of mens personality and this product simply makes your life easier.
The usual challenge that every man faces is when our beard is grown for like 5 days grows little think and we have to shave it, 90% of the men simply go around straight to Raser without thinking its better to first remove it with a trimmer and then use raser.. because using raser straight on a dense shave will not leave your skin with any goodness.. being men doesnt mean you have to be harsh to your skin, be gentle rather.

Points to note:
Superior battery performance, lasts for like 5 to 6 times, quick charge, 3hours of total run time, and as per my experience one shave dosnt last for more than 15-20mints, so one can easily use 6 times in a single charge.
Great grip and handling while trimming
Gives closest shave ever than any trimmer, If you dont believe then use it. Even 2 days old beard can be taken care of.
Precision Blades, Be cautious in handling it, because the blades are the finest so if you fall it may break. Blades are extremely gentle on skin.
It lasts for years, I have personally used Wahl products for like 4-5 years and still they do best.
Seek and attractive, easy to carry during travelling, light weight.
Above all its MADE IN USA product not MADE IN CHINA which makes it more superior.
Finally check the Pictures I have added to show you the sharpness of the Precision Blades.

I just want men to be aware of this remarkable product
"In short a man who doesn't use Wahl for trimming, simply doesn't value himself"
review image review image
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on August 1, 2010
I bought this in March, now it's barely August. That's just over 4mnths of using this buzzer - once a week. Battery is completely DOA. Won't hold a charge for more than 2mins or so. All the other reviews complaining about "noise" and the rubber grips are being way too over-sensitive. I don't care about the sound of the buzzer, and the rubber isn't as bad at people say. It's a good buzzer itself, just the battery is a POS. For 30$, I'd expect more than 4mnths use - especially out of a company like Wahl.
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on March 3, 2012
Worked well for 10-months of very light duty trimming a goatee and sideburns and being kept clean and oiled up. Today it failed to turn on after being plugged to charge. Took the head off and inspected inside, very clean and the unit looks brand spanking new. Wahl doesn't have good customer service or warranty return service and their web site support is a joke. So it is up to me to deal with the repair.

I tested the charger and it is producing a steady 4.30 V. I disassembled the unit by pulling back the rubber cover down and splitting the plastic case open to expose the motor, battery and electronics. There was corrosion and a layer of green on the integrated circuit leads due to ambient moisture in the bathroom. Cleaned it off with vinegar and distilled water and checked the leads and the unit worked again. The internal battery is an industrial a 3.7V 750 mAh 2.3 wh AA Lithium Ion and it was 3.95 V showing a full charge. I will re-solder the weakened and corroded leads and put a waterproof layer of conformal coating on all the exposed leads and chips.

I suspect that Wahl knows about ambient moisture damaging and destroying the products and they refuse to cover the electronics with moisture resistant conformal coating used as an inexpensive and standard way in the electronics industry to ensure a steady stream of failures and re-purchases by customers.

My advice is open the unit up and waterproof the electronics by covering the leads and chips with a liquid or spray-on conformal coating. If you're not mechanical enough to do that, I suggest go buy another product and hope for the best.
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on October 18, 2010
I will try and keep this VERY simple and relatively short.
I have extremely coarse hair all over my entire body. I have been trimming it since I was young. My hair notoriously kills trimmers and razors of all kinds.
I have purchased and replaced EVERY supposed quality BODY GROOMER and rechargeable trimmer available for years. They have all burned out, failed, ALWAYS DULLED or had eventual battery problems.
Do NOT buy into "super strong titanium coated blades" "blades that never need oiling" and any other claim from trimmers with standard batteries and CHEAP blades that WILL fail and need to be replaced.
WAHL is making the BEST and most POWERFUL rechargeable all in one groomer you will ever find to date. I have never been able to trim all my body hair at once EVER simply because a standard charge is 30-50 mins.
You will lose power and have to charge for 8-12 hours. This is inconvenient and weak. This trimmer has a ONE HOUR CHARGE, a quick charge function and keeps its power full on for 3 HOURS!
The blades are extremely high quality and it powers through any hair type without choking ever. The competition simply has not lived up to this trimmer/shaver/all in one. DO NOT PAY MORE, DON'T LET THE PACKAGING HYPE FOOL YOU.

LOOK NO FURTHER, BUY IT, and stop paying more and getting absolute crap from PHILLIPS, NORELCO, REMINGTON, etc.
If this trimmer can deal with my whole body in one can handle anyones.
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on October 19, 2015
Made in the U.S.A by Korean immigrants, this is a top-notch American machine! The guides work perfectly, and it cuts through my facial hair like the Allies cut through the Germans in Operation Overlord. The grip is soft, and the battery charges quickly. I feel a little patriotic when I use this shaver. It even sounds like freedom! This is so American it cannot be used internationally! I would have given this a 5-star review, However, the bag that it comes in is made in China.
review image
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