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on December 26, 2013
I have bought this and several other books about NDEs and found this one lacking in content in which it is categorized. The author states from the beginning she has liked to talk too much since a child...which is what this book felt like. I actually started to skim through parts hoping I would get to the part in which I bought the book for. That BIG moment I was hoping all the chatter led up to never arrived. I felt like this book was more of a diary she needed to write to get out her past as part of her recovery more than information about what Heaven was like. Her experience about Heaven consists of part of one chapter where she sees angels and God and sees herself as a child before getting to the gates. That's it. The rest of the book is a auto-biography about her struggles and hardships and how she slowly started to overcome them. I believe everything she states and I truly wish she didn't have to suffer the hardships she did as well as I wish no one has to endure the hardships she has, however this is more of a self help book than a book about a NDE. I give it 2 stars because although it has very (very, very) little content about NDE and Heaven, I believe this can be helpful to those who have been victim of sexual abuse, domestic violence, had an abortion, etc. I think this conclusion played out in her book as well. Those most touched by her testimony were those who endured the same hardships as her therefore they had someone to relate and talk to. If you are one who is looking for detailed accounts of Heaven and what happen after we leave this world I would say pass on this book. If you have endured some extreme hardships in life and want to relate to someone who has been through the same and can reassure you God still loves you and sees you as his perfect child,then yes, I believe this is worth the read.
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on June 22, 2017
I would like to thank Crystal McVea for her obedience in sharing about not only her glimpse of heaven but her life in a completely vulnerable and honest way. By openly disclosing her experiences, such as childhood sexual abuse and family violence, we can be certain that she knew pain: spiritually, physically, and emotionally. When people endure severe trauma, they often try to unsuccessfully cover it up or heal it through addictive behaviors or unhealthy relationships, and Ms. McVea certainly made her fair share of mistakes which she honestly admits to, but then there is Grace. She gets to be in the presence of God for some brief minutes! Even after this, she still struggles with faith and obedience, as we all do, but her account gives all of us hope that Grace is ours, too, if we are open to it and allow it to fill and restore us! No matter our past, we can know we can be forgiven and will spend eternity in heaven.
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on May 6, 2014
A friend at my Church suggested to our prayer meeting group one evening to buy this book and read it as he deemed it to be worth every penny of the cost for it. So I did. My take is that I could hardly get passed the half way mark of this book before I either had to put it down for days on end or eventually try to skim through all the chapters desperately searching for the entire story of her, Waking Up in Heaven. There was only 1 or 2 very, very brief descriptions of what occurred to her in the hospital followed by chapters thereafter that go on and on about her life autobiography. Her parents, her rebellious teenage years, her lack of faith, etc. I wouldn't mind a chapter or two of telling readers what her up-bringing was like and the utter hardships she experienced to explain her lack of faith within God, but after that, I wanted to get to- The Heavenly experience part with God. I felt like all she was writing a book about was trying to unload all of her unhappiness story first and foremost rather than to just give other Christians a peek at what God had shown her and said to her. I don't believe God was saying make an autobiography of every feasible detail of your life, but instead, he said to her to share this experience with others. That was is why I wanted to buy it. Even if my friend at Church thought this was an intriguing and fulfilling book, I pretty much regretted buying it.
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on March 5, 2015
This book affected me to the core of my being. Last year in 2014, I had to have surgery to have my gull bladder removed due to the fact that oily t was full of stones. While I was under anesthesia, I saw Jesus. He never spoke to me, but I knew why He was there without any words having to be so said. God is our greatest protector when we are afraid. I was frightened to have that surgery performed and my Father in Heaven knew it, so right He was with me the whole time and He made sure I knew it. This book only confirms what I already knew. Crystal thank you for baring your soul to share God's glory and His love for us. I love you Father God with all my heart, strength and mind.
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on May 22, 2013
I do so love to read "encounters with God, heaven" stories, they invoke a sense joy and peace that I can't seem to find anywhere else. Yet this story is so much more; it serves as an authentication that The Creator is inextricably intertwined in our lives always and in all ways.

Mind you, the meat and potatoes of this kind of story for me is always - what did the author learn, feel, think, say and do in Her presence, and even more importantly, what was exchanged in the divine realm? What was learned, what was conveyed? This piece is laid out such that the events that took place in Nirvana are interspersed throughout the book as distinct chapters each only several pages in length. The protagonist uses her story, that is, the story of her life to frame the events that occur in Paradise.

Crystal lays bare her soul for all to see, she deftly describes in some detail the sins of her past (keep in mind that the term "sin" in the original Greek, merely means "to miss the mark,") and do you know what? God forgave her! The author exposes her weaknesses, and you know what? God forgave her and strengthened her! Ms. McVea implores us to see her through her own eyes as unworthy, unredeemable, as a veritable pariah in His kingdom. Do you know what? The great I AM saw her as perfect and wrapped her in an conditional love that language can only fail to describe.

My only misgiving about this piece is that Crystal states near the end of the book that ".......we are born in sin...." and a bit later she also states that "......we are all His perfect little creatures...." I affectionately but firmly disagree with you, Crystal, we were not born in sin, just love.

4 stars on the board 4 1/2 to be honest, and I hope to meet you someday Ms. McVea!
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on October 20, 2017
A must read!!! It just makes you feel something. I have book suggestions show up in my life constantly and I get a "nudge" to read them. I found myself not being able to put this down. I found this as a suggestion after I ordered the Anna, Grandmother of Jesus book. I finished reading this one and immediately started reading Waking Up in Heaven. Crystal this is a beautiful story and I am glad you were able to share this with everyone. Sending you a thought filled loving hug.
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on December 29, 2014
This is a wonderful book. It shows the reader that absolutely no matter what your life has been in the past you can be assured of a place in heaven. Crystal was out of her body in a hospital for nine minutes and went to haven. It is a real place. To get there you must believe God sent His Son to die for our sins and ask forgiveness and accept Jesus as your Savior. Crystal tells of past issues with men that lead to a total mistrust. But, she finds a man named Virgil who changes the rest of her life.
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on May 10, 2017
This book was an amazing story and testimony. How one person can be a broken sinner. An average person like you and I. She was in the presence of God and chose by Him to share her story. We all have a story. Some stories are harder to bear than others. Her story of abuse, her own sins and demons was heart wrenching. All the obstacles she overcame. And to be able to stand and tell her story. Write a book to reach millions. I'm in awe and very impressed. Thank you for touching my life with your blessed life story.
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on January 26, 2014
I read many reviews before buying this book, I know many people had a problem with her sharing her life story but I didn't. The goal I think she was trying to achieve was in order to understand her time in heaven it could not be appreciated without understanding she was unable to imagine a God that loved her and certainly not enough to meet her in heaven. I could not put the book down and read it in a day. As a woman of strong Christian faith, whose life has also been filled with the death of a child, divorce, bad relationships and a brain surgery that left me deaf in one ear. I related so much to her thoughts and feelings and struggle to believe that God really loves or cares in those extremely difficult times. I even really related to the demonic encounter she had and was so glad she included that ! It's real I've experienced it and she only validated my own experiences. I had my best friend buy the book. I minister to women in the jail system and I'm buying them some copies to read and pass around! I gave this book 5 stars. I loved it! It's the message God wants us to share. JUST HOW DEEPLY HE LOVES US!
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on May 29, 2017
I think everyone believes at some time that they are so terrible that not even God can love them. This wonderful story filled my heart with the certainty that He not only loves me but He is using me and the many Blessings He has bestowed on me. I cried for Crystal and laughed with her and am SO grateful she shared her story with me. I will share it with many friends and even strangers, even though I seldom meet on. I think that`s why He gave me the gift of gab . 😁
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