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on September 27, 2016
I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead. I had to have this DVD. I ordered the 2 Disc DVD set. This is a great DVD set to add to my collection. I do have Season 3 and 4. I'm not sure why I have those before Season 1 and 2. But at any rate, my DVD's of Season 1 arrived in excellent shape.
There are Bonus Features: Making of The Walking Dead, Inside The Walking Dead; Episodes 1-6, Behind the scenes.
Another DVD features Extra Footage: Zombie School, Bicycle Girl, etc...
I can't wait till the new Seasons come on and then I am on pins and needles the whole time the show is on. My husband and friends know when The Walking Dead is on - leave me alone! I can now watch any episode I want Thanks to the DVD's. I am pleased with this DVD set. I paid full price for this product.
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on March 4, 2015
My favorite TV series of all time! I am 44 years old and this is easily, by far, the best TV show I have ever seen! Vanity Fair says "The Walking Dead is the best new television show of the year". AGREED. DreadCentral says this is "The greatest zombie epic of the last three decades". After waking up out of a coma, a police man finds that he is in a nightmare world. Atlanta, Georgia is deserted and he finds that zombies have taken it over! He soon finds some human survivors in a camp outside of town that are barely surviving the zombie apocalypse. This is a story of human survival against cataclysmic odds. This TV show airs Sunday nights on AMC network and is directed and made by the same people who made The Shawshank Redemption, The Terminator, and Aliens. It is based on the comic book/magazine of the same name. VERY, VERY GRAPHIC. THIS IS NOT FOR CHILDREN. I would rate this TV show R or MA for violence, gore, blood, occasional cussing, occasional nudity, and intense action.
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on March 28, 2015
The zombie as reimagined by George Romero in 1967 was a remarkably potent monster that seemed to reach the deepest levels of primal fear. Yet it was a remarkably limited monster. It wasn't intelligent and even romantic like a vampire or even a werewolf when not transformed; not coldly intelligent like an evil space alien, or able to crush cities like Godzilla. Within the short time span of a movie, everything that could be done with them was essentially done in the original Night of the Living Dead. You might change the location to a shopping mall or whatever, but the setup was always the same: a group of people were trapped somewhere and the zombies were trying, always relentlessly, to get at them. It didn't help that the numerous films that followed usually had miniscule budgets, poor writing and minimally talented actors.

Then The Walking Dead showed the way. With a TV series there was time to do more than be trapped in some building. You could develop characters, move around, show interaction between groups of survivors, open the whole thing up, and this is what the Walking Dead staff and actors have done with great success. It's still a bit limited. You can go into the primary group's relationships and dynamics and this can develop characters, but too much of this and it can turn into a soap opera of who's in love with who or whatever and lose its way. Or, you can introduce the possibilities of conflict with other groups or villainous leaders of groups which creates opportunities for action beyond zombie killing. A few people have complained that it is getting somewhat repetitious by the end of season five, but it is still a somewhat limited template. I don't think those fans would want a full season of peace and happiness which is about the only alternative.

The Walking Dead has tried both directions with maybe a bit too much soap opera in the first half of season two and maybe too long of a single villain arc in season three, but each time has pulled back and brought the show back on track. Mostly it explores human nature when the protected life we knew that allowed us to be ultra-nice people disappears and the world becomes a hostile and dangerous place where niceness doesn't suffice any more and we have to bring out the tougher, harsher side of ourselves.,

The show does this wonderfully well and this is where you start. Be forewarned that the show can be pretty ruthless about killing off major characters. But if the primary characters were always safe like in older TV fare, it wouldn't be very unsettling and would become a bore. Like any of the better series coming out of cable these days it can be addicting. ENJOY!
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on February 1, 2012
Most folk reading this probably read the graphic novels and watched the first season as it was aired on A&E and then bought the DVD/BD when it became available. I know that was how I experienced the show. When this re-release was announced, I actually found myself looking forward to the Special Edition.

The reasoning is simple - every episode had at least one commentary track (Pilot Ep has two in fact). A whole slew of featurettes, and the original pilot... shot in unrelenting black & white. I've gone through most of the special features and have greatly enjoyed the commentary, specifically director Frank Darabont's musings through the Pilot. He describes the series as an event that allowed him to do the sort of film he'd always wanted to.

Yes, from the man who did Shawshank Redemption and the Green Mile. But we know his involvement simply meant that folk would take this project seriously, and as it should be. You can't sell a survival horror story without the deep humanizing that we see in this much too short of it's first season.

One note: commentary tracks may 'dare' you to point out an f/x shot that was done practically or digitally; apparently they think these effects are done so well, you can't tell. Well, for that I have only one thing to say...

CGI is very clear on a big 47" screen and PS3 BD.

Now, it is amazing that they now reveal their is a lot more CGI in these introductory shots. The military base outside the hospital... whole thing: CGI, except for a heli shell, but even it's blades were CGI.

I've written this review specifically to give you as possible buyers what you are getting into. If you are a fan of just the show and don't go for new bonus features and whatnot, don't feel bad and hang on to your original purchase when it was first released. Keep it. It's a great set that I own as well.

But I geek out over the tech stuff. So this Special Edition is a beautiful addition to my BD collection. Bottom line it: do you go geek over zombies? If you do, even in the slightest, pick this up.

And I can almost swear that picture is much, much improved upon. Now you should go back and switch it to 7.1 sound. Re-release again.

And I'll buy it again.
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on February 28, 2017
This series was exactly what America needed. Season one does an excellent job of introducing its main characters, it keeps you on your toes, and is fast-paced as all get out. The British actors do an amazing job at completely hiding their accents and I didn't even know "Rick Grimes" wasn't an American. This is definitely a show that will be marked in history.
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on January 4, 2012
When I was introduced to The Walking Dead comic a couple years ago, I was blown away. Great, taut writing that is thrilling and unpredictable. At first, when I heard it was coming out on TV (not on HBO), I was immediately suspicious. American TV has very strange rules, as are American sensibilities. We can see all the gore and violence we want, but show a boob or say f--k, and many Americans' ears and eyes begin to bleed. A strange dichotomy, to be sure, but there is a lot of all of these elements in the book, as well as some very extreme situations that I thought would not translate well to the small screen.

It turns out my fears were unfounded. AMC was able to take a great book (for more info, see my or other reviews on the compendium) and make a truly great show. The focus is still there; that is, the main characters are what is important, not the zombies. They are almost incidental to what is going on. They just frame the situations the characters must face, and that is the true genius of the story.

But something else I found great about the TV show is that it does not slavishly follow the source material, changing it subtly in places, drastically in others, to create an all-new entertainment experience that rivets me to the tube every week. If you read the book, it is a good introduction to the show and vice-versa. But what is great is if you liked one, you only get the outline for the other. You get two great experiences.

The extras on tacked on and like most DVD extras, are totally dumb and unnecessary. Mostly, it is just people in the cast, crew and writers congratulating each other on how great it is as a story and how wonderful it is to work with each other. Honestly, I can only see this so much until it makes me throw up. Tell me interesting stories in making it, obstacles you had to overcome, the adversity of making the show. None of these productions are harmonious in nature or smooth in execution. I want to know the hiccups and travails. THAT, ultimately, is what is interesting. But the show is really why we buy these things, so get it and be prepared to be wowed.

One last thing, do NOT show to children. This is some pretty extreme stuff, hard R to NC-17 territory.
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on September 21, 2016
As reluctant as I was to start watching, I must say I *might* be addicted after only one episode. My adult daughter wants me to watch it because "it is so much more than scary zombies!" If I close my eyes during some gross parts, it looks like maybe I'll be hooked. If nothing else, it will give my daughter and I something new to talk about! :) Now if I can just convince her to watch BREAKING BAD!!
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on June 16, 2016
It is not my favorite show on TV right now, but it certainly is in the top ten. I love the storyline, but my real passion is the amazing make-up, CGI, and prosthetic work. This series is worth watching for the artistic zombies alone.
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on May 22, 2017
I bought this for all my friends who have never watched walking dead. I tell them that once you watch the first one, your hooked. Now I have the dvd for them to watch it.
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on October 3, 2015
The Walking dead is arguably the best undead movie series ever made . My wife and I own the series, although it is still running. We will buy the next season as it becomes available. The characters are believable and are all outstandingly realistic. Just like a soap opera, there are characters that you love and others that you hate. This captivating series follows a group of people as they try to survive after Some disease has killed most of the human race. The dead come back to life as Walkers that eat the flesh of those not infected with with the disease. The walkers vastly outnumber the survivors and the walkers continuously attack the survivors. If you like horror, you will love the walking dead series.
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