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on November 21, 2013
Everything I have ever bought comes with the basic plastic anchors. I hardly ever use them so I am not going to take stars away because it has nothing to do with the workmanship and beauty of this jewelry cabinet. This jewelry cabinet is is well worth the price. The finish and construction is very nice and well made. There is plenty of room to hang an array of different size jewelry. It came packaged sturdy, quickly and without any damage. It looks expensive and absolutely beautiful hanging on the wall. I do want to caution that when hanging this cabinet who have two has three locations for screws two on the top and one mid bottom, to save yourself any hassles and time for hanging buy different hanging hardware right from the start..the plastic anchors they give you are not sturdy enough to hold this cabinet, and it can be difficult finding the hole in the plastic anchor once you put the cabinet against the wall...and it can rip out easily. I used 2 ..3 1/2" toggle bolts and one screw that came with it, that I used in the wall is your jewelry box on a strong stool the height you want, that also helps with someone having to hold the weight of it, push it against the wall, open the door, make sure it is level top and side mark from inside the three screw holes with a nail, remove the cabinet, make two of the marked holes bigger with a screw driver to allow the toggle...put the bolt through the cabinet, into the toggle wings, screw the toggle about 3/4 of an inch onto the the bolt bend the wings toward the cabinet, push the cabinet back to snug the pinched toggle into the two holes, tap the bolt end with a hammer from inside the cabinet to push through the wall board, push the cabinet back against the wall, tighten the toggle bolts with a screw driver until snug. The wings on the toggle bolt will open up and secure against the inside of the wall board making a good secure hold...put the last screw in the hole and screw into the stud....done!!! The only help I needed was lifting it on the stool and holding it so it didn't fall over when I was putting the bolts is a beautiful piece....I love it!!!!
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on February 11, 2015
The cabinet itself looks really nice and functions well. However, installing it was a pain. It comes with wall anchors for going into drywall instead of studs, but they were low quality. Either the head of the anchors was a bit to small, or the screws didn't fit the anchors well. Basically when we tried to screw into the anchors, the screw wouldn't catch and it ended up pushing the anchor through the drywall. We had to remove it and try several times until we got it to work, and even then the bottom anchor wasn't tight. It still feels sturdy though with just the two top screws. It's definitely a two person installation. And we do have a lot of experience with using wall anchors. We've hung four shelving units in our house. Also, it looks like my cabinet got a few small dents prior to staining it, so it wasn't due to delivery. They don't bother me personally, but they are there.
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on March 26, 2017
Solid construction. I offer that the frame isn't quite level to the mounting holes, so, its better to have two people work to find the cabinet's level, mark it and then drill holes. Its not terribly off, my bubble level was just touching one of the center lines after mounting (1-2 degrees)- this done with maximal adjustment within the mounting hole tolerances.
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on January 19, 2012
I had been looking for a jewelry box for almost a year. The only ones I found that I liked were well over $100 and would only hold 2-6 necklaces. Even holding that small amount they were still so small that the chains would have gotten all tangled anyway. So what was the point?

My wonderful husband went a couple years only buying me jewelry for gift giving occasions. I can't wear watches or bracelets so I have quite a few beautiful necklaces. They were all hanging from a bar in my closet so I wouldn't lose them or tangle them up. Not exactly the best storeage solution.

Upon searching one day I found these wonderful wall mount boxes and thought what a wonderful idea! But my search wasn't over there. I still read over 100 reviews, hemmed and hawed, worried, and drug my feet. It wasn't until my birthday that my husband said have you found one you like yet? Well I had but I was concerned about the mixed reviews. I got the eye roll. SO I bit the bullet and decided on this one.

It was meant to be because the price had lowered 6$ that day. So I ordered it!

It came very well packed. No damage what so ever. Its absolutely beautiful! The mirror is beveled (very difficult to see in image) and so nice.

As for the hanging system...ok, yes. You really should have some extra anchors on hand because the ones they send with it are quite small. If you fill this up with jewelry than its best to be sure its anchored well. No one wants it to fall off the wall. My husband actually anchored a small piece of wood below it to give it a ledge as well. (Made him feel better).

Aside from the anchors the only negative thing about this jewelry box is the keys that come with it. Yes it locks. The keys are cheap and have a very ugly black plastic top. I would much rather have a nice decorative key. Its not like the key is gonna keep out a real thief so might as well make them pretty.

Love this and am so glad I just spent the extra money on one I can use and keep for years rather than one that sits on a dresser holding 1/4 of the jewelry.
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on April 26, 2016
Seems to be a good, sturdy product and my wife was pleased with it. Only complaints I have involve the mounting of the item on the wall. The measurements shown in the instructions for screw placement are wrong. I followed someone else's suggestion and used wrapping paper to transfer the hole alignment from the back of the item to the wall. Also, the drywall anchors provided are a waste of time. I tried using them and they spun in the drywall when trying to put the screws in them. They then pulled out of the wall when trying to remove the screw. That left me with two big holes in my drywall that I had to decide what to do with. I chose to drive to the hardware store and pick up some toggle bolts. That is not the best solution but, I was able to make it work. I am using the one screw provided that is supposed to be screwed directly into a stud but I do intend to replace it with a longer screw.
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on March 14, 2017
I spent a lot of time researching different wall mounted/mirrored jewelry cabinets. I chose this one because it had the most hangers for necklaces. The others seemed to waste space w/ an inside mirror or with tiny inside cupboards. I am very happy I chose this one. We did have to buy wall anchors. It is a heavy cabinet and we didn't trust the tiny screws that were supplied.
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on June 22, 2016
I recessed the product into the wall between two studs. Very beautifully done and sturdy. Higher quality than I expected. The only gripe I have with it at all is that the hinges were slightly out of adjustment and there is plenty of extra room where additional hangers could have been placed, but it is nothing $3 and a trip Lowes can't resolve.
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on May 25, 2015
Really have enjoyed using the cabinet as it is so easy to choose jewelry for the day. Since I am able to see everything in one place, I noticed that I am wearing different and more jewelry that I may have missed seeing I had in my jewelry boxes. Since I only have a row of rings, I used the other rows to stick brooches or pins in. It makes the cabinet look stunningly decorative and makes me smile as I see cherished inherited brooches displayed. The other thing I did was use small 1 in. clear plastic pouches to put small jewelry like pearl or diamond earrings and pinned them in areas where there is space. Even used areas on the cabinet where screws were to hang fine chain necklaces. Had so much fun figuring out how to display jewelry.
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on January 9, 2015
This would have been totally cool but the item received did not match the website product description. Item received today has 8 rows for rings not 9 like the website description and picture promised. Item received today has only 3 rows of 10 slots for earrings not the 12 slots per row like the pictures and description web site promised. Amazon please respond. Send me the correct ring holder and earring holder and I will install it myself. Other than that the cabinet is nicely made solid and good appearance. I want to install it on the side of my wife's dresser as a 27th year wedding anniversary gift. I think she will love it. She has 45 pairs of earrings so that is why I want to have the unit make 36 slots available. The carved in finger opening slot on the door side next to the lock makes it easy to open.
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on January 4, 2014
Plenty of room for all kinds of jewelry including necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, etc. It keeps necklaces hanging without tangling the chains. The cabinet is a heavy construction with a nice finish. Wall mount is great for those who have lots of jewelry and no space for a floor cabinet. Recommend that you don't use the included dry wall anchors if mounting into a wall without screwing into wall studs. Consider using screw-in type wall anchors to properly support the weight of the cabinet.
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