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on September 4, 2012
I was motivated right away and quickly was sold. I have been trading and experimenting with options for about 4 or 5 years and have been making money by my own learning just this year consistently. Reading this book I can tell right away he knew what he was talking about and it wasn't hype. I didn't realize that selling options could be so safe and profitable. I was so influenced by this book, I want to read other things he wrote. I think this guy is a genius and has a lot to offer a lot of people. He has more knowledge on business and investing than most authors I have read and he explains things in a simple way that's easy to understand. I have read a lot of books on investing and that says a lot!!!! I just finished "Wall Street Money Machine" my first Wade Cook book. I want to check out "Don't Set Goals (the Old Way) by Wade Cook. The description sounds very good. It talks about the book making you a goal getter instead of a goal setter and after reading the wall street money machine, I think it might just work. Because I could tell that the money machine wasn't hype I am fairly confident that the don't set goals book will help me get kick started. I like that he gets right to the point and speaks from experience. If that book is anywhere near as good as the wall street money machine, I am going to think this guy is one of the most influential people in the world to help you succeed!!!!! I am obviously very impressed!!!!!!
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on December 31, 2017
This is a must read! Insightful
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on February 8, 2017
Full of good strategies. Took off a star because it is showing its age, but the advice still is sound and the strategies still work!
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Wade Cook is not your run of the mill buy and hold invester but he is a man that MAKES his money work hard for him.He teaches you about caution and knowledge which produces much gain if you do what he teaches.Over the years ,I've used some of MR. Cooks concepts to my advantage and if done like there taught work for your gain very well.He uses much detail in his systems but they are not for the faint of hearted.As a starter book for someone who is agressive in there investing and wants to play an active roll I highly reccomend this teaching.
Raymond Reitano author of The Elite Grocery Shopper
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on August 10, 2014
If you truly want to make lots of money on a steady basis in the stock market, this is still the best book to help you do that.
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on October 16, 2014
This book is a good place to start if you know nothing about investing. It clearly explains options trading and stock trading. It is outdated, and the money making strategies should be attempted at your own risk. Day trading is not a good investment strategy.
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on January 18, 2000
Let me start off by answering many of the negative reviews that I read before I bought the book. 1. He doesn't claim to have invented any of these stratagies. 2. He does an adequate job explaining the risks involved. Only an idiot would apply these techniques without some money management disciplines. 3. This is an "information book". It is not supposed to be "everything you need in one book" 4. He has a seminar business and has written other books. Wouldn't you mention these available resources if you were teaching people?
Now with that out of the way. This is a very well written book. It tells you the basics of many different income generating techniques. This book is definately worth the price, however. Read these books first, before reading WSMM: 1. How to make money in stocks -- William O'Neil 2. The Options Course -- Fontanills Then, read the WSMM to apply what you learn in the above books.
Overall, this book is great. The advertising does get a bit irritating, but it doesn't distract from what he is trying to teach you. Buy this book!
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on March 10, 1998
One is that if you are looking for a quick rich scheme you need to look some where else. Although it will get you rich with application and dedication. Two Wade has a lot of good theories and points you in the correct direction. He does not sum everything up in one book, but if you read into what he has to offer he will answer all of the questions stated in the other review. Three is that it is important to see a good financial wizard at work, so you can learn from him. That is why he mentions the Wall Street Work Shop. Remember, Michael Jordan did not learn how to play ball from reading a book, he first made a decision, model successful people, then he applied it. This is what Wade does and it works. I currently am making a average 22% return a MONTH. It all started with this book.
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on January 31, 2010
Prompt delivery. Was surprised there was an inscription on the inside cover. Would like to have known that ahead but the price was right so I made do. Book in excellent condition. Still wondering who "Bobo" is!
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on August 30, 2016
Love all the Wade Cook Books!!!
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