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on August 8, 2015
I have watched most of this season and the later seasons previously, many times.Seeing the season in sequence gives me the shows that I missed out on when they were shown on tv in a mixed up order.Also, of the ones I have preciously seen, some elements were edited out possibly due to "time constraints".
So, the best reason to have watched this season in order is to have the later references made clearer. The characters are eminently watchable in multiple watches of episodes I know. It also gives me some understanding of the significant background development of the later seasons. Season two is definitely a treat to re-watch. The characters have a lot of depth, and the detail in each episode adds up to a show of high quality.The connections between each character and indeed characters, makes the show a great watch with the detail in season one and this season, season two.Like other shows with this level of quality, the story detail makes use of the traits in each character. I still like HG a lot, since she is such a detailed and complex character, as is the mysterious Mrs Frederic .None of the main characters lack depth, and so the complexity of each character is given the same degree of exposition as the episode story and the overall story.Good to see some excellent cameos that get repeated in later seasons in some cases.You could have a whole book on the development of the characters, so thats part of the reason I have enjoyed going back to re-watch these seasons.Very well paced with an eye for detail that makes re-viewing a lot of fun to try and spot what you missed ( or what was edited out).The well cast characters bring much to their respective characters, and the FX in each show adds to the very good performances.The mythology and mystique is brilliantly performed, and it all comes out in such an involving fashion.
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on November 26, 2014
I really enjoyed the first season, and this one is even better. Here's a review of the episodes, with synopsizes from the box.

13. Time Will Tell: Picking up where season 1 left off, Pete and Myka must unravel the mystery of Claudia's disappearance, investigate the mystery of the missing prisoner Helena G. Wells and grapple with the threat of a new villain. A great start to the season. A

14. Mild Mannered: A masked vigilante is cleaning the streets of Detroit, but when the artifact that grants him amazing superpowers threatens to destroy him and the city, Pete and Myka come to the rescue. An excellent episode that is sure to be a winner among comic book fans like myself. A+

15. Beyond Our Control: The team turns to the inventor of TV, Philo T. Farnsworth, for help when a lost artifact leads them to the middle of a B-movie meltdown complete with cowboys, gladiators and robots! A very fun episode that introduces love interests for both Pete and Claudia. A+

16. Age Before Beauty: Pete and Myka go undercover in the glamourous world of high fashion to discover who - and what - is behind the mystery of young supermodels aging 50 years overnight. Another excellent episode. A+

17. 13.1: Eureka's Fargo pays a visit to the Warehouse from Global Dynamics to upgrade its computers, accidentally unleashing a long-lurking threat within the system. The crossover with Eureka was everything I hoped it would be. A+

18. Around The Bend: Tensions rise within the team when Mrs. Frederic assigns Pete a top-secret solo mission - to smoke out a possible traitor. This is my least favorite episode of the season, but it's not bad. B

19. For the Team: Myka and Claudia are shocked when Helena comes to their aid during an investigation into mysterious deaths on a college wrestling team. Pete plays caretaker when Artie gets sick. Another excellent episode. A+

20. Merge With Caution: The agents' hopes for a normal weekend - Pete with his girlfriend, Myka at her high school reunion - are dashed by an artifact. Claudia uncovers a new side to Artie while on a mission. One of the best body-swapping episodes I have seen. A-

21. Vendetta: The team track's a serial killer - who's using artifacts from Artie's past - to Russia, with Helena lending her assistance. Meanwhile, Claudia unearths some disturbing truths from Todd's past. Yet another excellent episode. A+

22. Where and When: Using Helena's time machine, Pete and Myka travel back to 1961 to reopen an unsolved case involving an artifact that turns its victims - all of them women - into glass. This is a very interesting episode, with one of the best endings. A+

23. Buried: Pete, Myka and Helena race to Warehouse 2 in Egypt to help save Mrs. Frederic from a mysterious illness. Meanwhile, Claudia must confront a hard truth and make an impossible choice. An excellent episode with some shocking moments. A+

24. Reset: The team races to stop a new threat from an artifact with far more destructive powers than they imagined, putting Pete's love for Kelly to the test and making Myka question her future. This is an excellent season finale. A+

This really is much better than the first season. 3 quarters of the episodes consist of A+ classics and the other quarter is not bad at all. In fact, the worst thing about this set is that it doesn't have the Christmas episode Secret Santa, but since it's on the next set I will not dock any points. If you bought or have seen season 1, you need to buy this. Even though I enjoyed the first season, this is a definite improvement. I really look forward to the next season.
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on June 9, 2015
Warehouse 13 is a strange mix of things I like and things I really really dislike. I like the characters in the show. The relationship of Pete & Myka is wonderful. Claudia gets a bit bratty at times: I wish someone would take her down a peg or two, or that she would suffer some real consequences from some of her "'let's break the rules because that's so cool to do" moments. What I don't like is the crux of the show: the magical artifacts that seem to be pulled from a storage chest and then a history written to fit them. "Oh yeah, let's give Harriet Tubman a magic thimble that makes her change her image". "Oh yes, magic stockings! Put them on and drive men wild!" And then of course, the recurrent theme of the warehouse staff being infected by some new object, but then just-in-time saved, because, well just because they're the stars of the show, so they can't have them exploding or bursting into flames now, can they.
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on September 16, 2015
Loved season 2. Lots of drama and mystery. The only thing I did not like was that it seemed to be going down the road of 24, where there is always some mole or bad guy in the fold. That just bothered me to no end with 24. But thankfully, that was just a clever plot twist with Warehouse 13. I love the greater detail about Leena. Love seeing more of Claudia who is a pretty cool kid, and nice way to bring in a wider audience. I love the interaction between experience and youth/vitality. This show really accentuates the importance of building a diversely aged and experienced team to garner all those benefits. Finally, what will happen with Pete and Myka? They seem so different, but work together well. And what is going on with this HG Wells person? Lots of good stuff here in season 2. solid 5/5 rating. Enjoy.
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on June 8, 2015
Watched the series when it was on SyFy and forgot how much I enjoyed it - I really wish the show was still on but am happy to have found it on Amazon! The dialogue between the characters of Pete & Myka is rapid-fire & super witty and Claudia always has a few good quips that make me giggle. All the actors are so well-suited to the ensemble and make the shows totally enjoyable to watch!! Love the premise of well-known historical figures & events that are woven in with retrieval of "artifacts" connected to them - very clever way to reinvent the tried & true tales we all know with an unexpected twist! I also appreciate the family-friendly nature of the show ... it's not overly violent and there's no offensive language so it's something the whole family can watch together. I'm working my way thru season 3 and intend to continue on until then end!!
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on October 7, 2015
Warehouse 13 at first leaves you feeling like you missed part of the action on the first couple of "missions". But by the second season it gets going, but if you missed the first season, you'll already get mixed up in season 2, because of what happened in season one. While both are connected, I better understood it this second time I've viewed it, after watching the entire first season again prior to this second season. It is fiction of course, or is it? Could our government be keeping hidden "articfacts" in a deep and seemingly endless warehouse someplace out in the rural areas of North America? I feel overall a good kidlike sense of awe watching these series, especially to see the development of the two new agent characters!
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on March 3, 2016
I'm really sad that you have to pay for the series now. I normally wouldn't buy this especially when it used to be free however I have a son who is very particular about the shows he watches and he was very upset to have this cost money so I bought this for him as a gift I really wish it would come back on prime
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on July 30, 2015
Warehouse 13 is not a great show, but it's a good way to kill a little time. I came to watch it because I like Saul Rubinek. The cast is pretty good, although I have to wonder if they approached Nathan Fillion for the part of Pete Latimer - Eddie McClintock is okay, but the part seems tailor-made for Fillion.

The basic idea is that there is a secret government warehouse where dangerous "artifacts" - objects which have supernatural powers - are stored. The series follows a team of agents who "snag 'em, bag 'em, and tag 'em". Each episode usually stands on it's own, but I've seen several story arcs in the first two seasons.

Not really SF, more like fantasy. Suspend your disbelief (big time) and you might enjoy it.
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on April 30, 2015
Season 1 started a bit slow, but Season 2 has capitalized on the characters, the artifacts, history, etc. Very amusing, interesting plot twists, and some mind-bending concepts. This show has a mix of Sci-Fi, History, Comedy and Mystery.
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on October 4, 2016
Great series. My daughter and I loved watching the entire series together. Not all scenes are great to watch in mixed company, and there is too much violence for a young child, but for older teens and adults, it's exciting. It took me a few seasons to stop saying, " That would never happen." and my daughter saying, "That's the point, it's science fiction." The relationships between the team members make it feel like you are watching a family.
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