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Warehouse 13: Season 4
Format: DVD|Change
Price:$7.97+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on July 24, 2013
If you've SEEN this show then you have seen a family that work --- and occasionally play --- together.
There's something for everybody in this series. Don't know WHY it's not on Blu-ray, but the DVDs, through
a Blu-ray player, upscales QUITE nicely. The special effects are top notch, along with writing and acting.
I was more specific about what I like about this show with the previous season. Only one word for THE series:


PLEASE support the show... all the SciFi shows that
like usually get cancelled before season 5!
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on February 6, 2014
A, so far, uneven season. Much of it I lay at the feet of the writers. or maybe the producers for not hiring actual writers. In "The Sky's the Limit" A body falls out of the sky on a golf course. Pete and Myka are sent...from South Dakota..to Las Vegas where the body fell and they arrive on the SCENE WITH ALL OF THE AREA UNTOUCHED!! like they just drove over from across town!. Idiotic!
Meanwhile, Claudia and Steve investigate jockey deaths....in England/London. Even though the Warehouse is world wide in scope and regents, they do not have suitable law enforcement credentials to force the locals to cooperate. Why are they in England?? I have no idea unless it's the costuming.
Oh and, no they don't have a 'teleporter'.
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on March 7, 2014
Season 4 was definitely a downgrade from previous seasons and if you juxtapose it to Season 1, the differences are stark. The acting is fine: I have no qualms with the cast. They have done the best with what they were given. The problem is, they were not given very much to work with. The writing this season was pretty bad.

In most series, as time goes on the characterization goes from shallow to deep; from stereotype to individual. Not in season 4. Pete reverts to a caricature of himself, Artie loses it, there is NO WAY Claudia would ever get named Caretaker - she is too reckless and stupid. The list goes on. Plot holes, fall backs on deus ex machina, actions and reactions inconsistent with the rest of the seasons..... Too bad. I truly liked the series.

Lesson to SyFy: When you find good writers, PAY THEM!
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on July 21, 2015
Terrific series when it first ran. Great to see both repeat and additional episodes that are either new or missed before.
This series departed from the old, boring carbon copy main plot of most series, and produced enough unique twists and turns to make viewing both entertaining and in some ways rewarding.

For examples: A) by including historical events in many cases, but with a slightly different viewpoint, it sometimes makes the viewer ponder whether all historical findings are really as complete and accurate as we all tend to regard them. It also uses several recent reversals of long held scientific theory as part of some episodes, reminding the thinking viewer that science is not cut and dried absolute fact, but simply the best theory we have with our limited skills, viewpoint and knowledge to date, always subject to new revelations and change.

We wish that the series had been able to continue longer on free or standard TV/Cable/Satellite channels. It certainly was better than most of endless carbon copy fare that is on nearly every channel currently.
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on July 22, 2013
This is the one show my entire family agrees is the best. We never miss it. I think the characters have developed to be a very harmonic unit and we love every talented one of them.

The stories are always exciting and engrossing, and have us on the edge of our seat rooting for all our favorite characters to come through their tribulations successful and healthy. Some of the twists have really been amazing as when Claudia was able to bring Steve back after he was killed. Losing Lena was very sad, and I hope they will continue to have her show up as her spirit self many times more.

Recently my family discovered that Sci-Fi plans an abbreviated season as a final season for this show next year. I can only say "NO, NO, NO!!!" Keep it going because we LOVE this show!
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on July 5, 2014
I'm a science fiction fan. A BIG science fiction fan. Warehouse 13 is GOOD science fiction produced by the SciFi Channel. Unlike their B &C grade movies however, 'Warehouse 13' is engaging, humorous and interesting. Many of the stories are tied together into the fabric of a larger story. The story of the Warehouse. Warehouse 13 is a storage facility for 'Artifacts' that have seemingly supernatural powers. The powers can do things for good or evil, but even what seems good at first will eventually end up with a negative impact.

The Warehouse employs 'Agents' to track, bag and tag artifacts to be stored away in the Warehouse. Once stored, artifacts are never to see the light of day again. The real story is in the lives of the agents Myka, Pete, Artie, Claudia and Steve and their interpersonal relationships. Warehouse 13 has something for everyone, drama, comedy, pathos and an interesting story line. I watched the show in it's entirety during it's SyFy Channel run. It'e even better on Amazon Instant Video since there are no commercials to endure. My wife and I tend to binge Warehouse 13 since we're Amazon Prime members and the first four seasons are free.

The best thing you can do right now is to stop reading the ravings of a couch potato lunatic and start watching 'Warehouse 13'!
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on May 8, 2014
Warehouse 13 has many magical features that appeal to people. The Science Fiction appeals to the Sci-Fi lover. The artifacts, hoarded and secured in the huge vaults of the Warehouse, appeal to the collector. The human interactions of the multigenerational cast appeals to our humanity. Throwbacks to Star Trek TNG with another screen appearance of Data and Kivas Fajel. The breakout Claudia character, the female Fonzie of her generation, played with wit, charm, and panache. The bumbling idiot agent paired up with the super smart and beautiful one. All watched over by Artie, the caretaker of the Warehouse, who sends them off on their quests for artifacts. The show lost a relatively minor new age character named Lena who was killed off by Artie when he was under the spell of an artifact, but the show goes on. She was very nice to look at, but had very little to do. Mrs. Fredericks, the embodiment, if you will, of the Warehouse, who comes and goes mysteriously in a moment of time. A series of villains for extended plot lines, including HG Wells, a beautiful warehouse agent who has gone astray but still manages to befriend Myka. Another Star Trek character from DS 9, Odo, appearing as a former agent. It all adds up to a very entertaining and multi faceted program. Good choice.
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on May 6, 2014
Warehouse 13 is never quite the same in any two episodes, even though central themes are carried throughout. Yes, it's science fiction and fantasy. But the main characters are consistently fascinating people who reveal new dimensions of themselves as the series unfolds. Yes, there are heroes and villains. There always are in a heroes journey. But these are much more than mere sketches. The entire series is worth seeing, even when we struggle with plot twists.
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on June 10, 2014
At 20 episodes This really a complete season 4 and 2/3 of season 5. I love warehouse 13 and wish it was still on the air. If the Sy Fy channel has any smarts at all they are already planning a WH13 movie or two. The fan base is HUGH. I just finished a WH13 watchathon where I viewed all the episodes in order from season 1 through season 5. What a great show ! I highly recommend buying all of the series if you are any kind of collector. In this set you will see the resolution of Artie's evil of his own making due to the use of the Astrolabe to restore the warehouse and the rise of a new villain, Paracelsus. I'm still suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Series Depression) due to the series cancellation. I can't help feeling like Ripley in Aliens when she says "Did IQ's suddenly drop while I was away?" For the programming exec's at SY FY channel I'm sure that they have. Wake up you schmucks, other channels are beating you at the Sci Fi game with shows like "Almost Human" and "Marvels Agents of Shield". You aired Stargate SG-1 for 10 years and canceled WH13 after 5 seasons ? DUH ! DOH !
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on July 28, 2013
SyFy continues to leave us in the lurch, trying to guess when this series will resume. Each time, we have to wait the better part of another year, with ZERO information from them on when it'll next run. In fact, even the final season, SyFy management says will air at a time to be announced later. Although they essentially never DO announce it until MUCH MUCH later, just before the season airs. Now they're going to discontinue this amazing series because of a tiny fluctuation in the ratings, with a "Deer in the headlights" mentality as to WHY the ratings might have slipped for a show that is herky-jerky in it's airing pattern. SyFy, people like this series very much, and watching the characters grow and evolve. Seldom has such a successful series been yanked off and on the air relentlessly, with little or no notification. You just don't get it, do you? You've ruined the ratings of your own successful show with such poor planning and execution. After nearly an entire year goes by, yes indeed, you will have lost viewers, because lives change and evolve, and not many people have the time nor inclination to keep searching and searching and searching to find out when the series will air next. i've personally never seen a series like this that vanishes and appears out of thin air again, much like one of the artifacts in the Warehouse. SyFy, are you numb in the heads? Can't you see your own forest for your own trees? It's not about ratings slipping, it's about programming minds having slipped long, long ago - Ha! Don't be bone-headed. When you have a good product, protect it. In years to come you'll regret having lost this Warehouse 13 opportunity. But then there will be whole, new programming people in place by then, i'm sure, and they won't probably "Get it" either. What a shame.

FANTASTIC series. Hope i'm around in another year to even see it.
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