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Waring CTT400BK Professional Cool Touch 4-Slice Toaster, Black
Style Name: 4-Slice|Color: Black|Change
Price:$57.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on July 13, 2012
Pros: continous bottom bread wire
narrower slots than most
centers bread in slots well
simple operation
easy to clean
removable slide-out crumb tray

Cons: bulky
darkess dial has no click stops, also functions as "cancel"
heating elements light erratically, so uneven toasting that varies each use
crumb tray too shallow
long cool-down time
typical made-in-China quality (as in, lack of)

All I want to do is toast plain old supermarket bread, so I chose this model because it had the fewest silly whizbangs and the narrowest slots. I knew it would be bigger than my old toaster, but wow, is it ever huge (probably just to keep the plastic exterior far away from the heating elements, because it's mostly hollow and weighs a lot less than the teeny metal toaster it replaced). Still, compared to other models it has clean lines and is not unattractive, just bulky for a mere toaster.

Despite the narrower (1.3") slots, two slices of plain bread can fit in each slot (won't toast that way, though), plenty of room for English muffin and bagel halves that are smaller than your head. There's no toast-one-side option; according to the manual, the "bagel" and "defrost" buttons only extend toasting time, period. You can, however, heat Pop Tarts and Pillsbury Toaster Pastries in it, which many current toasters say not to do. I'd credit that to the bottom bread holder, which is a thick, continuous winding wire and not two pairs of opposing teeth like other toasters I looked at -- your bread/bagel/Pop Tart won't easily fall through. This is a good feature.

To stop toasting early you can't lift the handle -- you have to turn the darkness dial all the way back to cancel. It turns loosely and smoothly, but that also means you can't set-and-forget your ideal darkness; jostling the toaster is enough to change the setting. And you MUST watch the setting -- maximum "dark" is more like "incinerate"; setting the dial halfway comes out pretty dark.

Sometimes. Sometimes it's light. Sometimes it's light on top and dark on the bottom, or dark vs. light on the flip side, or striped from side to side, or sometimes perfectly even all around. You never know what you're going to get, and you're probably going to want to monitor the toasting process so you can intervene if needed. I don't think I'd let a child use it unsupervised.

Despite its shortcomings, I'd still choose this model over all the ones I saw in-store. There's simply no such thing as a good toaster anymore, but this Waring seems better than many of the rest. I'm learning to live with it.

And now a moment of mourning for my cheap little all-steel, made-in-USA toaster, which after 18 years of perpetually perfect toasting, quietly died last month. We will never see its like again.
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on October 17, 2012
We've had this Waring toaster for over 6 months. I can't say that I'm big on toast and I'm not a toast "expert", in fact, I have toast maybe once a month. All that I require when I do have toast is that the toaster toasts the bread.

Now, the wife (a real toast connoisseur) on the other hand eats bagels everyday and she makes toast for our daughter (very picky, the toast has to be just right or the dog has toast for breakfast!) on some mornings. We had a two slice toaster (cheap Black and Decker) for many years, it didn't have the wider slots for bagels, so, she said she wanted a four slice toaster with slots for bagels, thus, we decided to buy this Waring toaster. Two of the other requirements was it had to have the "lift" option so the toast could be taken out easier and without burning your fingers, we had to use a knife sometimes to pry bagels out of the old toaster and it had to have (what I call) the "bailout button" to make the toast pop-up in the event the bread started burning, its called "cancel knobs" on this particular toaster.

The wife really likes this Waring toaster, true, its BIG but we took measurements prior to purchasing to make sure it would fit in the allotted space, and, of course it does. So, lets go over the check list:

1) Four slots (check)
2) Wide slots for bagels (check)
3) Lift-up option (check)
4) Cancel knobs (check)

Ah, now the bonus features:

1) Bagel button
2) Defrost button

This Waring toaster is the proverbial Cadillac of toasters for the price of a Chevy! We research a lot of toasters (I know, sick, right?) before making the decision to buy this toaster and for the price point and all of the features no other toaster came close. There are many toasters that cost a lot more and we didn't want to spend a fortune on a toaster, but we wanted certain features, and, most importantly, it had to toast the bread/bagels to our (the wife and daughter) satisfaction and this toaster does just that (poor dog, no more toast for breakfast!).

I recommend this Waring toaster to anyone looking for a toaster with a lot of features at a great price point.
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on November 25, 2013
One side of the toaster stopped working after three months. Amazon will not take it back and suggested I call Waring to have it repaired under warranty. Waring would only give me an option to have them call me back. Once they called back they gave me a phone number and address of a repair shop in my area that I could take it to. The number they gave me was the number to American Family Insurance (obviously the wrong number.) Thankfully Google gave me the correct number based on the address, and they are more than willing to fix the problem, but it will take them approximately a week.

The side that still works works really well, I just wish this had been a better experience than it has been.

January 18, 2014 Update! After the repair shop had the toaster for almost two months Waring sent us a brand new replacement. Hopefully this one will last longer than the previous one.

May 30, 2014. Update! The new replacement had the same problem as the first one. No repair shop this time. Sadly, the garbage can awaits. I would avoid this toaster if I were you.
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on August 10, 2012
This toaster is very light weight. I read reviews that said the toaster only browns one side. When mine arrived and was used on bread there was some uneven toasting. What I have found is that some of the heating elements are too close to the insulation material and that this is preventing the heating element to heat up. If you are very careful and with the unit unplugged, you can gently lift the heating elements off the insulation and with a very slight bend it will stay off the insulation and then the heating element will glow again and you will have a more even toasting. It is to bad that the customer needs to make this modification. It shows that the quality control of this product is not very good.
Nevertheless, once the heating elements are placed properly the unit works very well.
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on March 8, 2013
From the start the toaster did not lift bread, bagels or waffles out enough from the slots to grab them without burning your fingers after toasting. The real problem though was the near fire it started when a waffle NEVER popped up. When the smoke cleared and we dumped the toaster over outside a very black waffle fell out. You get what you pay for. The Waring return policy for what is a defective, one month old product is to have the customer PAY to ship it 100+ miles away to be REPAIRED. Seriously?
Save your money and the headache.
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on August 17, 2012
Toasts evenly and quickly. The 'crumb' tray is a nice feature to have which makes cleaning the toaster fairly easy. The cool touch feature also works as advertised and makes handling the toaster much safer. I usually turn the dial somewhere in the middle, but it depends on what bread you put in.

Just a note, there will be some smoke when you first use it due to a coating of machine oil used to protect the metal inside the toaster. This is to be expected and the instructions do mention this, so read it!
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on June 27, 2017
I'm so glad I'm still able to write a review concerning this worthless piece of poor effort and design.Yet Waring has the nerve to call this "professional", believe me it is not! You know, I'm old enough to know better and when after three weeks I noticed the lever was sticking in the down position there may be trouble ahead. That was my first mistake. Putting up with it was my second. I should have returned it at that point. Don't ask me why, I'm a nice guy, I expect that somehow these trivial things just might work themselves out. It has been all downhill since then. Ask me how many bagels or english muffins we have lost the battle to in trying to pry them out of the bottom rack. They slip through the opening and something sinister is down there that grabs hold of them. Fortunately, it releases them after a bit but it does so piece-by-piece. Now, we have struggled with toasters in the past, so we do go to bed at night thinking, is it us? Maybe the toaster ju-ju got messed up in the early years of marriage. We should have been toaster oven people—but no, we just don't go that way. So, please be most wary of the Waring brand. This has been one horrible crummy mess after another! Now I'm off on another search for that special toaster. A toaster that we can love and one that will give back that love in return by presenting us with beautifully toasted gems that we can be proud of. Ones that say I'm special and I'm yours...always!
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on June 23, 2012
After our old toaster gave way, I started looking for a new one. I was looking for safety (sides should not get too hot), sturdiness, guide large enough to prevent toasts to fall and easy cleaning. After spending way too much time looking at different toaster options, I decided to give a try at this one.
It was not mentioned in any of the reviews I read, but it wasn't a large expense and the brand has a large range of industrial toasters.

Unpacking was easy and came with instructions. Most important was to run the toasters a few time outside to get rid of the protective coating that emits a nasty smell. No more smell afterwards. The toaster is definitely big and sturdy. It takes more room on the counter than the previous one, but its qualities won me over.
The toaster is definitely very capable as my bread and bagels well done evenly after one session at 1/3 power setting! The slide-out crumb tray makes cleaning trivial, so I actually happen to toss out the crumbs way more frequently than on any toaster I used before.

In summary: very happy purchase. Takes more counter space than competition, but it does its job extremely well.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon March 12, 2015
Purchased this as a backup toaster, in case we need extra toast at family gatherings. I selected this one in particular because of the wide slots for bagels or English muffins, and also has Defrost setting. The adjustable crispness/shade control and cancel knob is generally found in most toasters nowadays. The cool-touch hard plastic casing and crumb tray are a plus.

Toasters in general, are the poster children of planned obsolescence, regardless of their brand or price. I have had Brevilles, Dualit and Cuisinart units costing up to $250+. The longest lasting one worked for three years and then conked out.

My experience with this toaster, so far, has been positive. It toasted bagels, sliced bread, muffins and pita to my satisfaction. Toasts could be easily removed and the unit is simple to keep clean and free of crumbs.
I have no expectations about its durability or reliabilty for the long term. When it stops functioning, I shall simply discard it. Its cheap price makes it disposal - it will cost more to repair than to buy a new one.
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on November 8, 2012
We had a fancy (and expensive) Breville Lift 'n' Look two slice toaster that was just never much good out of the box.

As the demand for morning toast increased, along with the vertical measurement of our teen-aged lad, it was clear one morning that we needed a better toast making system.

The Waring had good reviews, four slots and cost 1/4 of what the Breville did. Sure, the waring doesn't have a solid alloy housing, but that really didn't help the quality of the toast.

Two weeks with the Waring now and I really wish I had one of these form the get-go and the $100 back in my pocket from the Breville.


- Four Slots
- Quick and even toasting
- Independent settings for each 1/2 of the toaster
- Streamline design


- We are still figuring our where to put it on the counter
- You REALLY do need to burn it in before use.
- Plastic exterior is likely to develop an interesting patina of scratches in our house

The burn-in is crucial. In the instructions they specifically tell you to run at least one full cycle at the darkest (longest) setting. I found that it took about 5 cycles to get all the elements heating evenly and to get all the volitiles out of the system.

All in all, a pretty darn good toaster.
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