Customer Reviews: Waring Pro JEX328 Health Juice Extractor
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on August 20, 2002
Smart shopper that I am, I checked out all the reviews of various juicing products that I could find before zeroing in on this one. After all my research, I decided that this one seemed to be the best value and most useful version on the market, and--crossing my fingers--I ordered it. WHAT A GREAT BUY.
Things I was worried about before purchasing included noise (I have 2 small children, and I don't relish the notion of waking and/or frightening them every time I get a hankering for fresh juice), size (our family of 4 shares a compact 1-bedroom apartment with limited kitchen space), and ease of cleaning (we have no dishwasher and a microscopic sink--just large enough to wash up the dinner dishes, one plate at a time!)
Having been exposed to various models and types of juicers in the past while working for families that practically considered juicing a religious pursuit, I knew how complex and cumbersome these beauties can be. Therefore, I was prepared to be disappointed by a loud, messy, difficult-to-operate monstrosity, if that turned out to be the case. I am QUITE pleasantly surprised by this product, for the aforementioned and similar reasons. Unlike other juicers I have seen, it is compact, relatively easy to disassemble/clean/reassemble, and makes remarkably little noise for the work it does. I made today's batch of apple-celery-carrot juice while my 7-month-old was napping in the next room and had the juicer cleaned, dried, and ready to go again before the juice had all been drunk. That's a considerable compliment, since the juice was DELICIOUS and disappeared in a heartbeat!
So far, I can come up with nothing negative to say about the Waring Health Juice Extractor, but if I think of something, I'll be sure to share the news. In the meantime, I'll be busy dreaming up new concoctions to make in my cool new juicer and admiring the statement this silver-and-onyx treasure makes on my kitchen counter! Two thumbs up!
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on May 14, 2006
This is my first juicer and I am not completely disappointed in it, but there are some problems. First the good parts:

1) Easy to clean for a juicer.

2) does a decent job with fruits or vegetables.

3) very good value for the money.

4) not exceptionally loud.

The problems:

1) it froths the juice too much and that much oxygen can remove important nutrients.

2) it is loud, not overly loud, but a little too loud.

3) it does not cut up all of the fruit or veggies and you can find decent size chunks in the juicer that should have been ground up.

4) it leaks from the bottom of the juicer sometimes for no obvious reason.

5) the inside of the juicer easily clogs and the juice stops coming out so there can be a lot of loss.

6) the pulp is still very wet and with fruit you can see a lot of lost juice.

This is not a bad machine, but i firmly believe it would be better to spend the extra money and get a better juicer. Adequate for a beginner, but if you plan on being serious about juicing spend the extra money!
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on November 15, 2001
This juicer has performed very well. I like the stainless steel cup (no juice stains). The motor very powerful (400 amps) and is holding up well; I've juiced lot's of fruits and veggies so far. The strainer is a snap to clean (I recommend you use an old tooth-brush instead of the brush they give you). Cleaning the pulp after use is also a snap.
Cucumbers, apples, and pears go through very easily. Red beets take a little work. Carrots are easy, but make up the majority of the pulp. Also, too many carrots will clog up the pores in the strainer (so be careful) Romain lettuce and parsley are a little tricky. I recommend folding and juicing it first, then any fruits later. I tried cabbage; big mistake (it stinks). And, do not mix grapefruit with any veggie juice (the high acid with veggie juice tastes aweful after a few days in the fridge and is just bearable fresh).
Overall, and excellent addition to my lifestyle.
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on November 2, 2005
I purchased this product refurbished because I'm a first time owner of a juice extractor. I wanted to make sure it would be something I used before laying out a lot of $$. This juicer looks nice on the counter and because it is on the counter, it's used every day. The stainless steel doesn't get discolored by carrots or other fruits/veggie juices like plastic would. It's a snap to clean up, maybe three minutes...tops. The pulp isn't wasted either because it can be composted or even saved for other recipies that are going to be made that day (i.e. carrots and pineapple for a carrot cake.)
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on February 18, 2003
This is my first juicer. After quite a bit of research, I decided to go with this one. I've been using this juicer for about a month, and I am very pleased with it. I agree with one comment on using a toothbrush instead of the the brush they give you. It cleans the filter, and especially the teeth on the blade very well. It does leak out of the seam at the top a little, but I notice this happens when I am juicing cucumbers, bell peppers, or fruits with high liquid content. It doesn't leak when I juice carrots, spinach, ginger, and other things. Not a big deal. Overall, a great product. I use it almost every day. Very easy clean up. Looks great too. Definitely worth the price guys!
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on May 3, 2006
The drawbacks are very very minor --

the basket needs to be cleaned right away lest you not be able to get the mesh screen clean. a good kicthen brush will do once you've worn through the one that comes w/.

the noise. it's a loud machine. but who cares? I mean, ok, show of hands, how many closet juicers do we have here? SEE! no one. And no worries.

Clean up is a SNAP. I use mine every day for both fruits and vegetables. haven't made this good a buy in years!
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on January 29, 2003
I will start by saying that I am not an expert on juicers. However, I know a good kitchen appliance when I try it. I just tried this juicer and I made a variety of juices. It handled everything I wanted it to do very well. Some juice from the oranges I juiced did not drain into the cup, but I am told that is to be expected. It kind of hung out at the bottom of the "basket" with the pulp. This seems to be a very powerful, economical, and easy to clean juicer. I was impressed at how quickly and easily it was doing the vegetables, especially the carrots. The basket and surroundings pop out for easy cleaning. A minus is that some juice tends to leak out the front seam near the top of the appliance at times (especially with the oranges). Over all, I would recommend this juicer to anyone who wants a cheap but good appliance.
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on January 20, 2002
Although this is my first juicer, I love it. It's a no-fuss machine, easy to take apart and clean, and it also looks great on the kitchen counter with the stainless steel look. The stainless steel won't stain the juicer as well, which is one of the reasons why I bought this one. I also love Waring products. They will last a long time. This one is so easy to use. One word of advice: cover the face of the juicer with saran wrap prior to juicing, as the juice will splash a little on the counter. It makes clean-up that much quicker!
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on August 3, 2005
Enjoying my juice. This is a great product. The clean up is not that difficult. I am juicing everything from carrots, celery you name it. My first juicer was the Hamilton juicer which failed on the very first day of use and the noise.....Oooh my. This is a great juicer and i am satisfied with it.
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on June 24, 2013
Hey all -- ive been juicing for quite a while and after reading some of the reviews there are a few things i would like to clarify as i feel some of these may mislead people who have never owned a juicer/just getting into it and dont know the differences. This juicer (the waring pro) is a centrifugal juicer below is some notes on why it is not as good as a masticating juicer.
1. Nutrients -- If your juicing to start a better HEALTHIER lifestyle a masticating juicer is better than centrifugal. Reason being centrifugal juicers are very fast, but due to their speed they create a lot of heat and will froth the juice. The heat/froth will oxidize and "kill" many nutrients in the juice before you ever drink it. If you simply want to enjoy fresh juice this doesnt matter, but if you are juicing for health reasons this may be important to you. Also, the nutrients will stay longer in the fridge if you decided to make it then refridegerate with a masticating juicer; Although, the juice is really meant to be consumed immediately after making, some people say it can last 2 days in the fridge.
2. Output -- The juice output of centrifugal is significantly less than masticating juicers. In other words, if you spend the money for organic fruits and veggies your going to be leaving a lot of money "in the trash" as the pulp with these types of juicers is often VERY wet. For example, when i use recipes on the "reboot with joe" website that are listed as producing 12oz, my masticating juicer will produce upwards of 18-20oz (no exageration, it is that significant with most of the recipies). So, the cost of buying MORE fruits and veggies to produce LESS juice with a centrifugal can be weighed against the cost of buying a more expensive masticating juicer and LESS fruits and veggies.

Now, having said that there are some drawbacks to masticating (price aside):
1. Time -- these juicers work slower (almost like putting the fruits and veggies through slower moving gears) so you should be aware that while it keeps intact alllll those nutrients that the speed and heat of centrifugal juicers "kill" it does take longer to complete.
2. Clean up -- this relates to the one above.. clean up does take a little longer depending on the juicer. after i juice my normal recipe (2 green apples, 2 cucumbers, 2 celery sticks, inch of ginger root, handful of kale, & 3 romaine lettue leaves -- makes 24oz+) and then clean up.. all in all it takes 20-25minutes (35 when i first started).
3. Types of Fruits & Veggies -- as a positive masticating work the BEST on veggies (significantly better than centrifugal) however they are not the greatest with "soft" fruits. For example, masticating do amazing with green apples but not so great with red, due to this i only juice green apples (which most recipes call for anyway). Not to say it cant handle red but since red apples are softer masticating can turn them into a sorta apple saucey mix (if you will). This gets pushed through once you put in a harder veggie (like say a carrot or celery stick or even kale believe it or not), but it is something to note.

Hope this helps and happy juicing! Feel free to comment or email me with any other questions.
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