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on November 17, 2010
This hand blender cuts down the big mess and time of pureeing a soup into about 30 seconds! Take the blender out of the cupboard, insert in soup, blend for about 30 seconds, remove, blend in soapy water in the sink, rinse, dry and back into the cupboard. All about 40 seconds and there wasn't one teeny drop to wipe up. And it does a great job. You can have your soup smooth as silk, or in the case of applesauce I leave some chunks. I am carrying the box around with me to show all my cooking friends. The $30 price was reasonable, the blades are metal, some handhelds are plastic, and the shipping was free. I can't say enough good about this.I wish I'd bought one 20 years ago.

Followup (1.5 years later): Recently I used the blender on egg whites and mashed potatoes. It didn't work for either. The whites never became stiff. The mashed potatoes became a starchy sticky cream. This is a great product and it's not for everything. I still tell every cook I know about it.

Followup (2 yrs later) I just tried to use this to mix cream cheese for a cheesecake. It was way too stiff for the motor. I was seconds away from a smoking disaster. I wouldn't have even tried but I gave away my portable beater when I bought this blender. I still love it. It's a fabulous product.

Suggestion to Manufacturer: I saw a counter top holder for a Cuisinart Immersion Blender. It was really nifty. Kept it upright and used little space. This would be a nice option for the Waring Blender. It may be available now, if so, great.
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on September 26, 2011
I've owned quite a few immersion blenders and have destroyed everyone of them with in weeks. So far, this one has held up the best and performed every task I've used it for :) I love that the head is released using a button vs. the whole twist and lock system much more efficient and less likely to break. VERY powerful compared to other one's I've used. I love the look of it and that it has a longer cord than the cheaper ones I've bought. Definitely worth the money. I've used it for so many things such as canning, soup making, sauce making, jam making, scrambling eggs, smoothies, and etc. It gets used often and still looks and feels brand new and I'm just excited cause it's never started smoking or smelling like burning or melting plastic lol and it performs tasks much faster. It's not cheaply made as the ones in the past must of been. I'm very happy with it and I'm sure you will be too :)
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UPDATE 9/9/15
We still have our Waring Immersion Blender, and after many smoothies, blended soups, and multiple meals for my babies who are now fully capable of eating solid foods on their own, this blender is still working and going strong! Very impressed with the durability of this thing - it's so easy that even the kids can operate it on their own now.


I love this Immersion Blender. After borrowing my sister's Cuisinart Blender to blend up cooked vegetables for my babies to eat, I decided that I had to get an immersion blender - particularly when she asked for hers back! I decided to purchase the Waring Pro after reading several reviews that the shaft tends to break on the Cuisinarts...I was not disappointed. The Waring actually works faster and much more efficiently than the Cuisinart! Despite having a lower wattage motor (100w vs Cuisinarts 200w), the blades make up for the wattage. The Waring's blades are incredibly sharp, and blaze right though pots of soup, vegetables, and even frozen fruit for smoothies. We use our Waring at least once a week and love it! Highly recommended.
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on December 16, 2010
After my 15 year old Braun immersion blender developed a crack in its fixed plastic shaft, I decided to do a little research on a new blender. I looked at the Cuisinart, Viking and Kitchen Aid blenders and saw a common complaint regarding the detachable shaft's gear mechanism stripping out after extended or heavy duty use. These blenders seem to employ a plastic gear which couples with the motor housing unit. It seemed odd to me that they would use such a method especially considering these models also have powerful 200w motors. One thing I also noticed was that people were using these blenders to crush ice and other really hard substances, which I would never even consider to do with an immersion blender. Immersion blenders were originally invented to blend sauces and soups in the saucepan, so you didn't have to transfer the contents to a conventional upright blender. I know that these manufacturers claim that you can chop ice and other things that a food processor or upright blender can do, but honestly, I think this is a reach for this type of appliance and you're only flirting with disaster if you use this device for purposes other than simply blending softer foods.

Back to the Waring immersion blender. Waring has a respected name in the commercial restaurant appliance market for many years and in fact, invented the first commercial electric upright blender. Fred Waring was a band leader from the swing era and prime investor in the original company, which is where the name comes from. Actually, I started looking at the professional, restaurant version of this model (WSB33) which retails at over twice this model's price and saw that the specs were identical except that the restaurant's version has a fixed, non-detachable shaft, a grounded 3-prong plug and only a 1 year warranty. This model (SB10) has a detachable shaft for convenient cleaning and a 5 year warranty. I was a little concerned about how the shaft attached to the motor housing, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that the metal shaft that the blade is attached to is directly inserted into the motor, much in the same way the rotor blades on a hand-held mixer is inserted into the mixer's motor housing. A logical approach and much more efficient way of transferring the energy of the motor to the shaft and blade.

Overall, this is an excellent value for $30, even though its motor is only 100w compared to some in this price range with double the wattage. Plus, Waring is well known in the commercial restaurant business for its high-end immersion blenders (some in the $600+ price range), so I figure they must know a thing or two about blenders considering their pedigree. This model works great if you respect the appliance for what it is: a pulse-style immersion blender for soups and sauces and light chopping; not a blender for making Daiquiris or frozen Margaritas. Leave that to the upright bar-style blenders.
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on June 11, 2011
I had a Braun stickblender for many years that I loved, and I wanted to buy one just like it. The reviews on the Cuisanart said that it works great for 6 mos to 1 year and then a plastic gear breaks if you have actually been using it much. So I bought this Waring blender instead hoping that it will stand up to consistent use. So far so good after a few weeks.

Compared to other stickblenders, however, it is definitely underpowered. I thought the Watts rating might be a mistake, but no, it turns out that this Waring model just has half or a quarter the power of comparable blenders. It does blend soup perfectly, which is what I bought it to do. You don't have to worry about overblending since it's not capable of doing that. I wouldn't even dream of trying to puree or to crush ice with this thing. It blends 2 gallons of soup to just the right consistency. It takes longer than more powerful stickblenders, but we're counting seconds here, so who really cares.
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on November 7, 2011
I got this hand blender as a replacement for an older Hamilton Beach one that I have had for years that had the on/off switch break. I selected this model for price, stainless, and the dual speed. I use it primarily for making milk shakes and smoothies. But my old Hamilton Beach, which was half the price and plastic, was a lot more powerful. For this one the lack of power kind of defeats the dual speed when both speeds are on the low end of power.

What I like:
- great value for the price
- looks
- detachable blending arm - great for cleaning, even if you are just rinsing it off. Just detach and rinse under water. That way there are not any worries about getting the electronics wet.

What I don't like:
- low power. It takes a while to make a milkshake from milk, ice cream and fruit. I wouldn't even think of trying this on ice or anything frozen.
- After about 15 sec the unit has a "eletronics" smell, most likely from the motor being used. I haven't had any failures yet, but I have only had it for about 3 weeks and have used it maybe 10 times.
- No mounting HW to put it on a wall. My HB one had a fixture, which I will probably adapt for this model.

Overall I like this model for the looks and cleanability. But If I had to purchase it again, I would choose another model.
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on October 8, 2016
I purchased this after burning up the motor in my last stick blender that was a different brand. I use these stick blenders a lot for pureeing vegetables, soups, and even cold process soap mixture right in the pot they are in. This product has definitely been put through the test and has held up well even with some of the thicker things I have pureed with it. I love that is is so easy to clean by immediately running it under hot water and using a little sponge glass brush that I use to make sure the blades are clean. I then just dry it off and put it away. I can attest that this stick blender is truly "professional" in my opinion, and has been one of the best I have ever had and has also lasted the longest. I would highly recommend this brand-as it is superb quality and has served me well. Hope my review was helpful!!
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on October 3, 2011
We've had two different Wolfgang Puck blenders that were more powerful than this one but which wore out. The first had the plastic gear get stripped, and the second one just died all of a sudden during use.

The waring is quite lovely and well-designed. It appears to have a better connector (though I can't tell inside if it is completely connected by metal or if the part inside the motor where the shaft attaches might still rely on a plastic part. I know one reviewer said it plugs "directly into the motor," but I can't quite confirm that. That said, I think the lower power lessens the change of stripping if it is a plastic part connecting inside (to the shaft's metal connector).

The awesome: this is quiet and smooth, a real nice piece of engineering. Blends to a silky smooth consistency (made some Venezuelan rice chicha with it, and i was great...turned out like a smooth pudding). The shaft is miles ahead of the others. Whereas the WP blenders we've had pull the shaft right down to the bottom of the blending container and splatter if you try to blend near the surface, the design of this shaft has holes in the side that shoots the liquid out in a lovely pattern. This makes it so that you can easily move the shaft around in the liquid with little to no resistance, and you can blend right at the surface. I've blended things in cups that, with my other blender, would have sent liquid flying everywhere, with no problem whatsoever. It's really a superb design in that way.

will it last forever? idk..seems like with conservative use, it will last a long time.
can I muscle it around and chop up big things like tomatoes with it like i could with my other blender that died (and which may have caused its death)? no. The blade is thinner (and sharper), and the blender doesn't respond well to things like quartered firm tomatoes. I have to chop them a little smaller so that they get smoothly blended. With my old one, I would have just muscled it down through. Instructions say to blend crushed rather than cubed ice, but I haven't tried yet.
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on January 5, 2013
This handheld blender works extremely well for vertical mixing challenges. As someone who cooks a variety of different types of dishes, I primarily wanted an immersion blender for chocolate work or working cream in smaller doses. For that purpose, this blender works splendidly. There are times when I need a little whipped cream, for instance, and my Kitchen Aid would simply be too much size to work appropriately. The Waring SB10 works great in this situation. Here's where it would not be the best tool: turning ice cubes into ice snow, blending large quantities of soup with lots of chunks, sanding down a chair leg, or trying to liquify a raw apple. All that being said, if you need to utilize an immersion blender for what it was intended (working a bowl or tall glass of material into something smoother), this tool works like a charm.

It has a heavy weight to it, which means that if you prop it spinner end against the edge of the bowl you are working on and power cord end down on the counter, know that you're tempting Fate with a spill opportunity (speaking from experience). The cord is long so there is some mobility opportunity if your outlets aren't located as strategically as possible in your kitchen. The weight is heavier (it is professional grade, after all), so if you are going to be blending while standing and holding both a bowl and the mixer, you'll get a great deltoid workout.

I am very impressed with my SB10 blender - it works for the job that it is intended and I would recommend it to anyone for the same.
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on November 25, 2014
I bought this when my yard-sale unit burned out. I sporadically make thick milkshakes, and certainly tax this unit. I gave it 4 stars because you can tell this isn't really up to that task. The wiring tends to smell like it's burning out, though after a few years it still works. Of course, I never sit there and force it to turn slower and slower, I work the ice cream into the milk to try to keep from destroying it. If you need a professional unit, then buy one. If you are patient enough to work with the equipment this should do what you need. I've never had any trouble cleaning it. Note that it works best for "smaller" drinks. When I make my 30-plus ounce milkshakes the black body is definitely getting submerged a couple of inches.
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