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on December 7, 2012
I am a 76yo single guy that cooks because he has to and not necessarily because I love it. When my wife was alive and at home, we ate pretty well although rather plain. She had to go into a nursing home last year and passed away 7 months later so I am now living in low income housing on my own for the first time in 40 years. I had a cheap toaster oven (B & D I believe) that died. I read reviews for about 25 or 30 different toaster ovens on Amazon. When I found the reviews for the Waring toaster oven I was highly impressed. Of all the reviews I looked at the ones for the Waring were the best (and the most). Last night I heated up a pot roast (already prepare by Jack Daniels) and it came out perfect & this morning I did a bagle (after I learned the controls) and it also came out perfect. Not being used to these kind of controls, that presents a bit of a learning curve but not unconcorable. Besides, I believe that life is a dynamic experience anyway and, therefore we are on a perpetual learning curve.
My remarks on some of the complaints. 1st the bell. I approve. I sometimes forget that I have something in the oven and the bell is a great reminder. The one person I felt had a legitimate complaint about the bell was the lady with the sleeping baby. It would be nice to have a hook on the door to pull the rack out but I don't care. I just use my ov-glove or a pair of tongs to pull it out. And speaking of racks, it would be nice to have an extra one but they can be purchased through the Waring web site for $21.00 as of 12/7/12. I don't think I have seen this next complaint for Waring but I have seen it for other toaster ovens. The complaint is that the oven gets hot on the outside!!! I don't know what planet these people are on but the last time I checked just about any kind of oven one wants to consider, will get hot when in use. My slow cooker gets hot even on low range. The oven will get too hot to touch but if the handle is too hot, send the unit back.
That is all I have to say,
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on December 27, 2012
We purchased this because our existing toaster oven wouldn't bake frozen meat items at the high temps that were called for. But now that we have had this nice little unit for over a month, I can report that not only does it bake properly, it also broils and toasts very well indeed.

First assignment we gave it: baking frozen breaded fish patties. It performed admirably.

The front panel buttons allow you to select easily between bake, broil, and toast. After selecting "bake", you then rotate the control knob to select the desired temp, in 25 degree steps. Then you depress the knob to select the time. You choose either "0" or "1" hour, then repress the knob again to select the minutes. You can rotate the knob in either direction, which makes selecting the minutes go faster, depending on the number you want. Then depress the "Start" button and it's off and running.

A nice loud (but not too loud, in my opinion) electronic beep signals you when it's done, and the oven shuts off automatically. Yep, the oven got as hot as the fish bag called for, and the breaded fish fillets came out perfect - crispy on the outside, and sufficiently cooked on the inside.

Next assignment: broiling shrimp, in the shell, that we had butterflied and marinated.

Raised the rack to its highest position, depressed the "broil" button, pulled the door open slightly (there is a built-in detent to keep it open the correct amount, about 1 inch), waited a bit for it to come up to speed, then put the shrimp under the broiler and returned the door to its slightly ajar position. Set the timer for a couple of minutes, and began watching it carefully.

We didn't really rely on the timer on this one because only a minute or two would be needed to properly broil the shrimp until the shells just turned orange. The shrimp came out perfect.

But would it also do toast properly?

We put the rack in the middle, loaded it with 4 slices of whole wheat bread, depressed the "toast" button and left the knob setting at the default setting of "3". After a couple of minutes, it beeped and the toast was done. Slightly darker on top than on the bottom, but both sides were nicely done. A slight grid pattern on the bread, due to the rack it rests on. Decided I wanted to try a slightly less toasted run, so reloaded the rack with 4 fresh slices of bread, set the knob for "2" this time. Again the toast came out well, but slightly less toasted, as desired. Again the top was slightly more toasted than the bottom, but the difference between the two sides was again acceptable, as far as we were concerned.

We have not yet tried baking a deep dish item like a meat loaf or a chicken. But either of those items would fit in the oven if you set the rack on the lowest position, and I suspect the oven would perform just fine for either of those baking assignments also. The back of the oven is rounded, so a 12" pizza will also fit, but we haven't tried that in the oven yet either, but I see no reason why it wouldn't come out perfectly also.

This toaster oven is a keeper!


Additional Info:

Since my wife gave me a Cooper oven thermometer (top choice by Cook's Magazine) for Christmas, I decided to run some temp checks on the Waring this afternoon. I tested 4 different temperature settings of the oven, and list below the temperature reading indicated on the Cooper compared to what I had dialed in on the Waring.

O degree variance ----- at 450 degree oven setting
0 degree variance ----- at 425 degree oven setting
-10 degree variance ----- at 375 degree oven setting
-5 degree variance ----- at 325 degree oven setting

The Waring appears to be very accurate indeed, running only a few degrees low, and only on the lower temp setting.
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on February 11, 2013
For those who might be wondering about the differences between some of the buttons on the front of this unit, I called customer service and found out since it doesn't provide all the details in the instruction booklet.

First, let me say that customer service is staffed with real people in the U.S.A. I ended up needing to call twice and they were very helpful both times. No long wait times and no need to go through multiple levels of automated menu options to get the answers I needed.

Bake = default temp is 350 degrees.
Convection Bake = default temp is 350 degrees and fan is activated to circulate heat.
Pizza = default temp is 400 degrees and fan is active to circulate heate.
Broil = default temp is 450 degrees and only the upper heating element is active.
Toast = upper and lower heating elements are active.
Bagel = only the upper heating element is active.

BTW, the instruction booklet is available for download at the "waringpro" website.
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on July 21, 2014
Very nice little oven!

It toasts well and fairly evenly. Its great for personal pizzas, fish. I bought this because when checking my electric usage (hourly) it was clear my large electric oven was using by far the most electricity during the day. While I can run the laundry and dishwasher outside peak hours, I need to cook something. Its too early to say how much money this will save me, I'll try to report back in a month or two.

The size is decent given how huge this is inside. I set mine on top of a wine fridge next to my counter so its not taking up any counter space. I flat right angle electric extension cord (Ziotek ZT1212597 Black 360-Degree Rotating 18-Inch Power Strip Liberator, 3-Pack) helps the reach and keeps my counter clean. This certainly pre-heats MUCH faster than full size oven. As I am generally cooking for one this is all I need, though you could cook for two, it has lots of room.

I did purchase a separate baking set that is dishwasher safe, OvenStuff Non-Stick 6-Piece Toaster Oven Baking Pan Set, and happier with those because they are easier to clean.

The controls are easy to use, however I took off one star because:
1. it is too easy to screw up the clock setting, this should require pressing and holding the knob for 3-5 seconds since you do NOT change clock time often.
2. when you rotate the knob to set minutes, it cannot be turned fast, it has to be slow or it "skips" advancement. This makes it a tiny bit tedious to set something for 20-40min (over 40 you can rotate backwards).. This is picky, but you have to use this control every time you use the oven.
3. The presets work great for getting temp close to what you want and you can dial up or down, but they do not set a preset TIME... which you could dial up or down,, this would have eliminated issue with #2

After two weeks of use I can report:
1. I started using the timer on my microwave instead of the toaster oven. I prefer this anyhow as setting the timer on my microwave is easier and it has nicer countdown and noise.
2. My electric usage HAS DECREASED about .53 Kw/h during Lunch and Dinner times. I have PG&E smart meter which tracks electric usage in 15m increments. I could see that with my full size electric oven (FSO) I would spike around 1.2 Kw cooking something about 400-425F for 26 to 40min. with this waring toaster oven, my spikes are only .47 to .56 Kw at same times.
3. I find toaster oven pre-heats in 3-5min, unlike my FSO which is about 12min.
4. Bacon took 12m pre-heat time, plus 20m per side, for 52min in FSO. In the Warning its 4m pre-heat, plus 13m per side. I use pan with tray with holes from my OvenStuff set to let grease drain. Bacon comes out Perfectly.
5. To cut heat generation in my CA kitchen, I put toaster oven on a small table (with tile top) on my balcony (outside).
6. I've switched from 12-14" pizzas to 7" pizza, which is healthier for me.
7. I've switched from cooking an entire box of frozen fish sticks to half a box.

Honestly, for $80, I could not be happier. I'm eating smaller portions suitable for one person, saving money on electricity, cutting down my cooking times, and reducing heat generation in my kitchen.
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on October 31, 2013
I just purchased the Waring Pro TC0650 Convection Oven. I loved that it was non-toxic inside and had all the functions I needed, but the beep was a nightmare! So I called the service department, and lo and behold, there's a way to disable that nightmarish blood curdling beep. When the unit is off but still plugged in, you simply hold down the toast and bagel button at the same time until you hear a single beep and release. Voila, that horror sound is gone!!! So happy to learn this information - I just had to jump on the computer and share. Apparently if the unit gets unplugged you will have to repeat this process. Took me a couple of times to get it right when pushing the two buttons at once. You must press the two buttons at exactly the same time. You'll know it when you get it. Enjoy this fabulous product!
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on December 28, 2016
We have had this oven for over three years now and we love it. It's great for us to use instead of the big oven. The boys used to cook frozen pizzas in there all the time. Now that we are practically empty nesters, we have used it for numerous things, small/med casseroles, rice dishes, baked potatoes, apples, frozen meat, etc. Love the convection function. My only complaint is the feet. I've had to replace them twice now. The first time, the manufacturer was able to send me replacement feet for free. This last time, I couldn't find replacement parts anywhere. So I'm posting my substitute. When to HD and picked up replacement furniture slider feet. Drilled out the original screw holes with a 13/64" drill bit. Easily screwed in, a little cockeyed. Screwed it in to almost the end, was able to push them straight and finished screwing them in. I'm a little concerned that there is some plastic, but so were the original feet. Will let you know if I encounter any problems. But I would definitely get another one. But I'm cheap, so I'll keep figuring out replacement feet until I absolutely have to replace it.
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on March 27, 2015
After researching for several months online, and at amazon for a simple, good quality, affordable, no non stick interior convection oven, I decided to order the waring pro tco650 digital convection oven. I had emailed and called waring to verify that this oven had NO non stick coating on the interior as well as the included crumb tray and baking pan, talked to two different customer svc reps, they both said that none of their ovens have any non stick surfaces anywhere.
I had also contacted oster cust svc, the rep there said first that their ovens do have non stick coating, Xylene to be precise, then she changed this to saying, no, their ovens had no non stick coating at all. Somewhere, I didn't quite trust this, so I went with waring.

So glad I did! I selected 2 day shipping from amazon, as I needed to get my oven quickly, and my package arrived the next day! Couldn't wait to unpack it. Very nicely packed. I read the instruction booklet first, then turned on the oven and let it heat through a cycle before using it, as the manual suggested.

Then my new oven got it's first job. I used the convection bake mode, and baked some butternut squash cubes in a glass dish. Surprised me how fast the oven preheated - about a 1/4 of the time our large oven would take to preheat. Convection fan was quiet as well. I didn't use the timer on oven, used a separate portable digital timer. Squash came out perfectly, a little crispy on the outside, moist and tender on the inside, just the way I like it. Baked fast, again, took much less time than our big oven.

Next day, I fixed up a pan of cornbread, used convection bake again, quickly had a browned, beautifully baked pan of hot cornbread! This oven browns and bakes so evenly. With our large oven, I always had to turn the pans around as the back part of the oven would brown things before the front part. Also, always had to watch some breads and cakes because they would burn easily. I love how this wonderful oven performs! It's quiet, and it seems like the back, sides, and even glass door do not get excessively hot, which is nice. The glass door feels substantial, and the hinges seem well made. I like the digital pad for settings, and the knob to set the temp in 25 degree increments works well. I also like that I don't have to use the oven's built in timer to be able to use the oven. Just press the on/off button. A previous oster convection oven that I purchased at walmart, (and then returned as it was non stick on inside,) would not start or turn on at all, until you set the timer.
In regards to the timer on the waring oven: I did not find it so loud as to be annoying. I like how the timer rings 3 times after the oven is preheated to let you know that it is ready to go. The ring seems to be loud enough so you can hear it, but not blowing you out of the room.

I put my oven in our spare room on the "window counter," where there is plenty of room for it. I bought 2 large stainless steel sheet pans that I inverted and put on the counter, then put the oven on top of these, just to protect the counter from the oven, this works great. I am learning which pans/glass dishes fit in my new oven, I had hoped a 9" x 13" pan would fit, however it doesn't. I purchased a glass 8" x 8" baking dish that fits nicely, and a 7" x 9" rectangular pan that almost fit; I bent over the handles so they weren't sticking out, then this pan fit just perfect. I also made sure to leave about 6" of space on all sides of the oven, and I unplug the cord when the oven is not in use. The only thing I would have liked is for a second rack to be included. However, I found I can purchase another rack through the waring webstore.

This oven will come in especially handy this summer, as I don't want to use our large oven, as it heats up the whole house. My new waring oven doesn't even heat up the whole spare room that it's in, which is great, especially for summer. I can see that later on, I probably will upgrade to a waring convection oven that is a little larger, so I can fit larger size pans in. I do quite a lot of baking, and could use a larger oven on down the line. Haven't tried making toast in this oven, though I am sure it will make wonderful toast as well. $84.00 for this oven seems like a very good buy, and it seems like there is also a free shipping option also, which makes this little oven a really good deal.
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on July 15, 2014
Pros-- This is a versatile toaster oven. It is very deep and will accommodate many different third party roasting pans. While it is fairly tall and deep, it is a little less wide than other .6 cubic feet toaster ovens. It heats up quickly and the temperature gauge seems to run true (unlike several much higher priced ovens which were as much as 50 degrees off.) Most functions work well as expected. I like the loud beep which alerts me when the food has finished cooking. The convection feature is a great plus.

Cons-- The front is a bit cheap looking, particularly the shiny black plastic finish over the controls and huge Waring logo on the bottom. The temperature/time knob also feels a bit flimsy and takes time to get used to. The baking oven tray vibrates loudly when it is inserted under the roasting rack in convection mode. The tray and rack do not slide easily into the tracks. The bright red clock should be toned down, but I unplug it when not in use, so that's not a big problem.
The toaster functions are finicky. The toaster function takes forever. I set it at 5 (out of 6) for a fresh bagel and it is barely crisp after 10 minutes.
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on January 12, 2016
We did a lot of reading and looked at what was available in local stores before replacing our B&D which lasted seven years. So many reviews for various big name toaster ovens seemed to be variations of we tired X and Y and got a Breville so we went to see one and found it small. We did more reading and found that Waring toaster ovens are absent three toxic compounds and started to look for one.

We decided to try this model because of the size and reviews. We've had it a few weeks now and it toasts slices and bagels perfectly! We have also baked potatoes in it and that works great too in both baking and convection settings. We aren't broilers so haven't used that setting.

We found the controls easy to use. Basically you push a function, adjust the default by turning the knob or set the temperature and time by turning the knob, and push start. It takes about ten minutes to get used to it. The beeps depend on the function. Toast beeps when it's done, which is fast by the way. Baking beeps when operating temperature is hit and when it's done. We find the beeps of normal volume and nice. They take a bit of time to get used to but you'll appreciate them.

The front door opens to a "relaxed" position and if you push a tad more to a "flat" position. The crumb tray comes out easily in the flat position. The rack fits into either of three locations with either side up. One side of the rack has "retainers" to keep the tray in place. I'd give this unit five stars if the rack inside supports were a little thicker but we see no issue with the rack.

The tray states it should be kept out of the dishwasher and we find it easy to clean.
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on February 18, 2016
My first convection toaster oven. It was hard finding one without the toxic so called easy clean finish inside. Guess what this one is easy to clean I use a brillo pad for the sliding pan inside, comes out clean, just clean after every use. Very happy with my purchase recommend for any one who does not want the chemical residue. I do not have a microwave easy to warm food up in 10 minutes and everything is crisp and not steamed like in a microwave. Thank you to Waring Pro to make an affordable model available for the people who do not want the non stick finish inside. (And there are some great toaster ovens out there and would have purchased but they haven't gotten the clue yet some people do not want the non stick finish....why do you think people are switching to ceramic frying pans? is no different)
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