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on January 28, 2018
01/28/2018. I never write reviews, ever, but I really dont want anyone going through this kind of trouble again if I can help it. I wasted several countless hours installing, then trouble shooting and researching the solution to the problems I encountered with this winch. The bottom line is that this WARN winch is notorious for getting stuck in free spool. The fix (per my research) A. is to unwind it all the way each time then manually spin the inner core (drum) with your hand to lock it into mechanical spool so you can retract the line, or B. Tear it apart and hack off the plastic tab inside of the winch that it is getting hung up on. Either way this is not the quality that WARN was once we’ll known for and is unacceptable, parts were once made of all metal, now plastic is being used and reliability is suffering drastically. I thought this may have been a fluke though, so I ordered a replacement and the same problems occurred. Please save yourself the time and headache this winch is sure to give you. Hope you take my advice or atleast find this comment useful after you buy it and incur the same incident.
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on April 22, 2018
I purchased the above winch on May 2, 2017 -- about 11.5 months ago. I've since had occasion to use it 4 times, including last night. The second time I went to use it, I pulled line out, locked it, and went to pull it in. The lights dimmed as though the winch was drawing power, but it wasn't pulling. I unlocked it, pulled some more line, locked it, yanked the synthetic cable a few times, and it eventually worked. The first and third times it worked normally. Last night I went to use it again - the fourth time - in a situation that I really needed it to work in. It again failed me. Pulled line, locked it, went to pull and the line was going in extremely slowly. I pulled more line out, locked it, and then pulled the rope, trying to free up whatever was jammed. Tried actuating again, lights dim (I can see it's drawing power), but it would not work. I tried for 45 minutes to get it to work. I wound up pulling all of the line out to make sure it wasn't tangled. It still wouldn't work. I wound up having to cut the cable and get pulled out by someone else.
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on January 14, 2018
UPDATE: I contacted Warn directly regarding the Hawse fairlead that broke. They stood by their product, no questions asked. Wow. They sent me replacement parts, which I have already installed. I am very happy with Warn. I ordered an off brand aluminum billet hawse fairlead, and found that to be much better quality than the original Warn one, which appears to be cast metal (possibly cast iron). For Use with a plow, I recommend using the warn roller fair lead (which Warn sent me). Good luck.

This is for the Warn Vantage 4000-S with synthetic rope. The winch is great. However, the first, and only time I went to use this with my new snow plow, the solid metal "WARN" brand fair lead the winch came with exploded after raising and lowering the plow about 10 times. Not only did the Warn part disintegrate, but the roped continued through my front bumper, tearing it nearly in half. My brand new synthetic rope was shredded on the sharp metal edges and its now all frayed. I don't expect it will last long. The broken pieces of the fair lead look like cheap cast iron or some other, cheap cast metal.
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on May 23, 2018
Good pricing from Amazon. I was torn between the Warn 4000 and the similar Mile Marker but went with the Warn for the plug and play remote that works great. My application is not to use it on a quad or side by side but to mount it in the bed of my pick-up to assist in loading larger adventure type bikes. I mounted a 3/8" cross plate across the frame with a hitch receiver welded to a removable plate so I could install and remove the winch when I need. I set it up with "Anderson power plugs" and wires so I could just plug it in. Since I have a cross bed tool box, the physical size was a factor as was a long line.

The winch works very well as does the remote control. I'd prefer a bit slower pull speed but for a quad or side by side it is probably perfect. Since the unit is designed to be used in a quad/side by side application, I had to come up with an alternate wiring system to bypass the toggle switch. A bit tricky with some trial and error and it works well. My application also needed the contactor and electrical stuff to be in a standard winch control box which I bought from Warn. Normally the wiring is under the body of a quad etc. and somewhat shielded from the elements. Warn customer service was very helpful and recommended various odds and ends to make the winch work with my application. One of the reasons I went with Warn was when calling Mile Marker, I was on hold for over 30 minutes before I was transferred to someone else. They make a good winch but customer service was lacking.

I would recommend the Warn 4000 winch to anyone needing a good solid 2T winch. It's more capacity than is likely needed but keep in mind the rating is on the first wrap on the spool. The last 10' near the hook is probably 1/4 the capacity.
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on February 1, 2018
The first day out plowing, the cable on this winch snapped. It was lifting a 48" plow blade with 6 inches of powdery snowfall. It broke about 6" above the hook. I never saw a cable snap before accept when my buddy was pulling out a jeep that was stuck 3 feet deep in mud. The seller is great, the shipping was fast, but disappointed in WARN for not making a better cable. This should not have happened for the life of the winch. Would I say not buy this winch? Heck no, it works great, but be prepared to have a spare cable handy in a snow storm.
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on December 6, 2017
Bought a cheap winch for my Polaris sportsman thing died first season. This Warn is the real thing, went perfect with the Warn Advantage plow set up on my quad.
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on July 13, 2018
I purchased 20 of these Vantage winches and think they are great. It is important to know that they came with a 1/4 hook instead of the 5/16 hook shown on the package and web pictures. I called Warn to let them know I wanted the hooks as advertised and they shipped them immediately. Warn told me they will now come with the smaller hook and are working on changing the literature.
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on May 1, 2018
I installed this winch myself, in my 2009 Yamaha Grizzly 550. The project itself takes quite a bit of time and wiring (all included), and I was able to do the install with the help of a YouTube video and basic mechanic's tools. The quality and function of this winch, are excellent!
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on March 30, 2018
This is a great winch. I mainly use it to raise/lower a plow in the winter. The Polaris winch that came with the unit in 2010 finally quit this winter.
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on December 28, 2017
awesome product and fast ship
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