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on January 17, 2014
I honestly never thought I'd end up becoming a Kesha fan, but here I am. While I greatly enjoyed Animal for all it's upbeat party songs, but this album features a slightly more serious (and softer) set of songs. I wouldn't say it's better or worse than Animal, just different. I'll now go through all of the songs in order and talk a bit about each.

"Warrior" (5/5) - The album starts off strong with its title track. This is sort of a power anthem for all the misfits out there. Like many previous Kesha songs, this one touches on themes of reckless freedom and the struggle to maintain that freedom to exist outside common cultural norms. Unlike previous songs, though, this one is the most aggressive about asserting its message, and helps start the album off with a punch of energy!

"Die Young" (5/5) - I love this song. It's really a testament to living in the moment and the fragility of life. While it's technically a "party" song, it has an edge to the lyrics that reminds us to beware our impending mortality and thus strive to live life to the utmost fullest - all wrapped up in a catchy chorus.

"C'mon" (5/5) - Much like "Die Young" this song also attempts to convey the idea of living for the moment ("I don't want to think about what's gonna be after this/I wanna just live right now") . Unlike "Die Young" though, this one couches the theme in a love story (or perhaps a 'lust' story?). Kesha's trademark sexuality is present and powerful here, making this song both lusty and yet also strangely touching.

"Thinking of You" (5/5) - This song talks about a cheating boyfriend. I get the sense it's a bit of a "revenge song" in that Kesha seems to be rubbing her fame in this unnamed guy's face. Fine enough, I suppose. It's not the deepest nor most interesting lyrics, but the music is good and holds my attention well. Also, I must note that it's worth getting the explicit version to hear Kesha say "suck my d***" in this song, which is pretty darn funny.

"Crazy Kids" (5/5) - I love the whistle-y background music in this song - it really adds an interesting sound to the song. Lyrically, this seems to be yet another sort of "anthem" to irreverent freedom and joyous indulgence for all the "crazy kids" out there, but unlike "Warrior" this one has a bit more of a subdued tone. The song really draws the listener into that world, as though we too can get a glimpse into what it's like to to truly not give a f*** and just enjoy life. It's beautiful.

"Wherever You Are" (5/5) - This one's another love-related song, but this time about a lost love. With lyrics like "wherever you are/know that our love will never die" one would think this is about Kesha pining for this previous boyfriend. I see it more as the idea that she's tucked away a special place in her brain for that memory, not so much that she's actively pining for him. Even when we break up with someone, that emotional connection isn't so easily severed and those feelings just sort of settle into the back of our minds somewhere - pushed aside but not entirely forgotten. Either way, it's a lovely song.

"Dirty Love ft. Iggy Pop" (5/5) - This is a great, high energy song! It's really a tribute to shameless, totally physical, unbridled sexuality, and I love it! This song also helps show off her vocal range. There's not much more to say but that.

"Wonderland" (5/5) - This song is absolutely lovely, but it's also rather depressing. Not depressing in the traditional sense, but it captures that horrible, creeping feeling that will claim us all eventually - that feeling of getting older and coming to realize that the previous fun, carefree lifestyle is forever lost to time, not because the specific situations are unable to be recreated, but because they have lost their meaning to someone who's grown more experienced in life and has lost the careless naivete necessary to full appreciate those experiences. The atmosphere in this song is a special kind of existential sadness not easily captured by a pop song, and I applaud Kesha for it, even if it's not always the easiest thing to listen to.

"Only Wanna Dance With You" (5/5) - This is yet another love song, this one showing off Kesha's more emotional side. Not a whole lot to say about it - it's a rather pretty song, and I like it.

"Supernatural" (5/5) - As though to contrast the more emotional "Only Wanna Dance With You", this song is very clearly about exploring love purely through sensual bliss and physical pleasure. However, it is no less beautiful than her more emotional songs. I really appreciate this positive portrayal of sexual expression and this is definitely one of my favorite songs on the album.

"All That Matters (The Beautiful Life)" (5/5) - While this song continues the thematic elements from "Die Young" and "C'mon", to me it's really more of a sequel to "Crazy Beautiful Life" off the Cannibal EP. In this song, Kesha even more strongly affirms the value of seizing the moment and enjoying the many pleasures of life to their fullest. It's a very uplifting song that reminds us that "all that matters is the beautiful life" and that's all that really should matter given the brief time we have to exist...

"Love Into The Light" (5/5) - From the title one might be lead to believe this is just another standard love song, but it's really not. This song is actually about imperfection (and specifically denouncing those who believe she has to be some sort of role model for society), and learning to love yourself with your flaws despite criticism from others. It's a nice song and a good addition to the album.

"Last Goodbye" (5/5) - This is a bonus song off of the Deluxe Edition of Warrior. This is another rather standard song about missing an ex-boyfriend, but it's nicely pulled off with genuine emotion and is pleasant to listen to.

"Gold Trans Am" (5/5) - This is also a bonus song from the Deluxe Edition. It has an almost country sound, and has a strangely patriotic theme to it ("love you till you're seeing stars and stripes", "gonna take you for a freedom ride") while also displaying Kesha's typically healthy sexual appetite. It's just a generally fun-sounding song, and an enjoyable listen.

"Out Alive" (5/5) - This is the third bonus song. This song has an apocalyptic feel to its lyrics. There's a real sense of impending doom in this song, and rather than feelings of desperation, there's more a sense of resignation. The narrator embraces the idea that struggling against fate is futile and instead endorses the idea of just accepting it and essentially "living it up tonight" and riding out the end of the world in a haze of hedonistic pleasures (a point emphasized by the upbeat tune). It's also possible that this song is not literally about the apocalypse but is actually just using apocalyptic imagery as a metaphor for the human condition. Lines such as "no one's getting out alive/all the gold on Earth/it won't buy time" seem to imply the idea of mortality and how no one, no matter how much money they have and how much they struggle, can avoid their inevitable demise, so they "might as well give up the fight" and essentially just try to enjoy life as much as possible before it's gone (i.e. "live it up tonight"). Well, whichever interpretation one may choose, it's still quite a powerful and visceral song.

"Past Lives" (5/5) - This is the last bonus song on the album, and quite possibly the best love song Kesha's ever written. I like the use of reincarnation as a theme since it's a unique take on a love song, and besides that, the song just sounds so sweet and romantic. Plus, points to Kesha for having a line where she imagines a past life where she's a man in a polygynous tribe ("maybe you were one of my wives in a long lost tribe").

Overall Score (5/5): NOTE this score is not a mathematical average of previous scores; it's my subjective overall score. While I enjoyed this release, I recognize how it might alienate her previous fans. A lot of the autotune-heavy, electronic sound that was apparent in previous songs like "Tik Tok" and "Take It Off" is conspicuously toned down for this album, and fans of that previous sound might be disappointed in this release. There are also a larger number of more somber, serious songs on this album, and those who wanted more of the light-hearted stuff from her earlier efforts are also going to be turned off by this album (it's as though thematically, she has shifted from mindless partying songs to songs that reflect the more mature idea of living in the moment, and the occasional bittersweet feelings of losing those times). I still enjoyed it regardless. If you're not sure, then give it a listen before buying to see if it's up you alley. If you do decide to get it, I strongly recommend picking up the Deluxe version because all four included bonus songs are top-notch in quality, and definitely worth having.
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on March 16, 2015
Ke$ha is one of my favorite punk-pop-singers. She's right up there with P!nk in my opinion. This CD does not disappoint. The two best songs are Die Young and All That Matters. Die Young gets a lot of play on pop radio and is a very good song. Most songs on the CD are good, but there are 1 or 2 that you'd rather skip (can't remember the names right now). A steal of a CD for $6. Ke$ha has mellowed a lot since her album Animal, she's not as angry and negative and this CD reflects that. A good CD!
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on June 30, 2014
Kesha is a too often misunderstood musical artist. She likes to have fun and has no issue expressing that ideology. Her debut album ‘Animal’ and its companion EP ‘Cannibal’ produce dance-inducing “party” songs…or at least that’s what people heard. Nestled beneath the hit singles she produced, both albums had a hidden depth to it within some of the lesser known songs such as ‘Animal’, ‘Hungover’, and ‘The Harold Song’. Kesha explores these depths in her sophomore album ‘Warrior’, which may not be as cohesive as ‘Animal’ or ‘Cannibal’, but in it she shows us her range.

While ‘Warrior’ is not as cohesive as Animal…that does not mean the album sounds like a group of unrelated songs. From party, rap songs like ‘Crazy Kids’ to the 70’s era glam-rock of Dirty Love to the soft-countryesque ballad Wonderland, Kesha beautifully orchestrates a common ground to these songs that make them all work together. Lyrically, Kesha is at her strongest in this album. The deluxe edition offers a bit more, songs like Last Goodbye, Gold Trans Am, and Past Lives highlight some of her strongest songwriting and it’s a shame one of these songs did not make it onto the standard edition album…one could easily have taken the place of Wherever You Are, which is the most (and only) generic, filler song on the album.

Despite a lack of creative control, the middle ground Kesha found in this album is quite impressive and I would say it’s my favorite work of hers. The compromise between glam-rock and party-pop will allow Kesha to continue to evolve her sound. While it’s a shame songs like ‘Machine Gun Love’ had to get cut, the finished product of Warrior is still brilliant. Personal highlights for me on this album include: Die Young, C’mon, Crazy Kids, Only Wanna Dance with You, Love into the Light, Last Goodbye, Gold Trans Am, and Past Lives.
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on March 5, 2014
It took me a little over a year to buy this CLEAN-Deluxe Edition CD, by Ke$ha. I finally bought it from Amazon on February 27, 2014 & I rec'd it on March 3, 2014. I would like to offer my opinions of her LATEST release, as follows:

1. "Warrior"...This IS the TITLE track & it's my LEAST favorite on this CD. The only part of the song, that I DO like is the "WARRIOR" chorus.

2. "Die Young"...The very FIRST hit single, from this album, which debuted in mid October 2012, on the TOP 40 Countdown. This song is pretty good & I do like it.

3. "C'Mon"...This is the SECOND hit single, from this album, which debuted in January 2013, on the TOP 40 Countdown. This song is VERY good & I like it a little better than "Die Young". As of March 2013, THIS song was in the TOP 10, on the Top 40 Countdown.

4. "Thinking Of You"...This song is pretty good & I like it.

5. "Crazy Kids"...This is the THIRD hit from this album, which I remember, somewhat, from Summer of 2013. This song is a little more haunting & it's pretty good. I esp. like the "We Are, We Are" chorus & the whistling parts on this song.

6. "Wherever You Are"...I like this song, it's pretty good.

7. "Dirty Love"...This song feat. Iggy Pop & it's pretty good.

8. "Wonderland"...This song has a much slower beat & it sounds rather countryesque. I LOVE this song, very much, which deals a lot w/ looking back in time.

9. "Only Wanna Dance With You"...This song is good. There IS a male vocalist w/ Ke$ha on this song & I wonder if it's Iggy Pop again...though the CD liner notes DON'T mention WHO it is!!

10. "Supernatural"...I like this song very much. I think that it's very good.

11. "All That Matters (The Beautiful Life)"...I like this song a lot w/ it's positive & fun lyrics.

12. "Love Into The Light"...Though this song is a lot slower, I really think it's EXCELLENT. It's very haunting & atmospheric & it could remind me of a SLOW TRANCE song. I love this song very very much.

Deluxe Edition Tracks

13. "Last Goodbye"...By reading THIS song title, I had thought that it would be a tear jerker parting type of song, but actually it's not. It deals w/ memories of a past love. I like this song quite well.

14. "Gold Trans Am"...Drumbeat wise, this song could remind me of the Katy Perry/Kanye West 2011 hit single "E.T.". The song also reminds me of Ke$ha's OWN 2010 brief hit "Sleazy", somewhat. It could even remind me of some of Kiss' music, esp., from their 1982 album called "Creatures Of The Night". I like this song.

15. "Out Alive"...I really LOVE this song, it's just plain EXCELLENT, in my opinion. It definitely has a DANCE CLUB feel to it. I'm rather surprised that this song DIDN'T appear on the American Top 40 Countdown, as it does, or DID, have that HIT Song potential.

16. "Past Lives"...The male background vocalist feat. here is Wayne Coyne. I love this song a lot, too. It's quite interesting to listen to. I'm actually surprised that this ISN'T called "Time after Time", BECAUSE it is mentioned A LOT more than the TITLE of "Past Lives" is.

With the exception of "CMon" & "Out Alive" being my TOP favorite CATCHY songs, I also LOVE her SLOWER songs, such as "Wonderland", "Love Into The Light" & "Past Lives", just as much. This 2012 album CD, by Ke$ha, is most definitely recommended. I've already listened to THIS album quite a lot, so far!!
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on August 3, 2013
The first time I ever saw/heard of Kesha was when I heard her play Tik Tok on the TV. I remember wondering, "who was that?" Since then I've been listening to her. I'm actually into metal and she's the only non-metal show I've been to. Actually quite a different crowd, I'm not gonna go into the differences. Anyways the show was entertaining and very sexual in nature. And so are her songs, which is why I can see the interest in her with many of the youths. My interest as well...In her show she performs a lot on her own as an instrumental artist, not just singing and dancing like most of this style "pop" music. Her songs are quite poppy, obviously, but they are different that the norm. I love the hard hitting beats and just her style of singing. I am a man and I know a lot of her song are about boys and stuff like that, but I don't listen to music for the lyrics. Like I said, I listen to metal so I don't understand most the lyrics anyways. I listen to music as a whole, the way the keyboard, beats, singing, etc. and everything flow together and make you feel. She can sing about loving boys and sticking things in her anus, which she does, and I wouldn't care. I hear her music all together as one, one form of art and feeling where I can feel the bass slam my back as I listen to her in my car.
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on January 2, 2013
When I first heard Kesha come on the radio, I was a hater. She was trashy. Shallow and a hot mess. I was so pset that I literally thought others were stupid for liking her. Then luckily I stopped caring about her as a rapper and I learned to appreciate the fun, in your face rap/electronic style she had to offer to the world.

I'm not even giving enough credit when I say, Kesha's Warrior, is just amazing. This girl sings like the entire human race's existence depends on it and rocks out like we all have dreamed of. She sounds like a rock star on this album! The album has tons of diversity. From slow heartfelt poppy songs to the classic party your ass off synth beats. Warrior is a great intro to the album although at first I thought eh, I now catch myself rocking out to it and singing every word. Then Die Young, starts and I realize why life is worth living like its gonna end. I hear that song and I literally just start having a blast no matter where I am or what the situation. After that we hear C'mon and I fall in love with it every single time I hear it. How can one girl find so many different ways to say the same thing?! I don't know but I hope she keeps doing it. We Are, is such an awesome song I can't wait to the song hits the radio so people know just how pumped up a song can make you feel. I actually love the entire cd. From front to back. If your ever feeling down or you just need a pick me up, this cd is for you. It's great when you want to let loose and just live in the moment being silly. I can't help but smile every time Kesha commands that I "put my mother f****** phones up"

Buy this cd. Buy it again for your friends and pass around this amazing album. You money couldn't be better spent.
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on September 17, 2014
I mean, it's Kesha, so you shouldn't be surprised that it sounds like... well, pop music! I venture to say that if you don't like Kesha or her music, then you won't care what I say anyways, but I really like this album! I enjoy how dynamic this album is in feel, going from an energetic 'all-out for a good time' kind of excitement to grounded, self-reflecting slower moments, this album is a soundtrack for the experiences of young adulthood, with it's late nights, mistakes, and good times. I highly recommend this album to anyone who's enjoyed Kesha's precious work, or raw, youthful pop music in general.
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on December 7, 2012
Since the beginning of her pop career, I've been a Ke$ha fan. The initial guilty pleasure of her music turned into full-fledged appreciation of her as an artist. But how does her latest album stack up to her previous works in terms of expectations and talent? Here are ten things you need to know about Kesha's Warrior:

1. Dance - On the surface, Kesha's albums have always been about dance pop, and Warrior delivers! The first five tracks are solid, and that style resurfaces in later songs as well. Fans of Kesha's mainstream hits will not be disappointed.

2. Variety - Despite the fun barrage of dance tunes, Warrior offers more musical variety than ever before. Several tracks employ various elements of rock, from heavy drums to guitar, while "Wonderland" is a country song at heart.

3. Performance - Kesha can still rap and be endearingly crude, but that doesn't stop her from singing with a new sense of purpose. "Crazy Kids" features a wide range of fun vocal styles while "Wonderland" is more even and raw. Warrior has Kesha at her best whether she's loud and confident or soft and vulnerable.

4. Songwriting - Warrior is catchy, thrilling, and even beautiful at times. Kesha is a proven songwriter, and she's smart to develop songs to their full potential via collaboration. The end result is a more cohesive, meaningful, and larger collection of songs than her previous releases.

5. Collaboration - Aside from long-time songwriting partner and producer Dr. Luke, Kesha worked with the Flaming Lips,, Nate Ruess of Fun, and others to bring Warrior to life. But the biggest surprise is Iggy Pop joining Kesha on the brash rock duet "Dirty Love."

6. Uncensored - The explicit version of Warrior offers the most honest version of Kesha yet. Previous albums had some crude language, but Kesha was often censored and constrained. Fans had to rely on b-sides and live shows to hear what Kesha wanted us to hear. Warrior is Kesha unleashed!

7. Production - Several arguments can be made against the loudness war and autotune, but thanks to Dr. Luke, Warrior's sound is tight and powerful while embracing both. True, Kesha has a beautiful natural voice, but the end result fits well into her most polished album yet.

8. Love - Kesha has said the theme of Warrior is magic, but the album is really about love (in all of its forms) and how that feeling can often be magical. It's easy to relate when Kesha explores her energetic sexuality without ignoring her soulful tenderness.

9. Maturity - Warrior showcases a more mature Kesha in nearly every aspect. She knows more about herself, she's better at her craft, and her music is more honest than ever. Her work is still fun, but it's deeper. She builds on her usual trends by broadening her outlook on music and life, and it's refreshing to see her grow without losing her way.

10. Deluxe Edition - Warrior's Deluxe Edition offers four more songs that act as an encore bringing the album to a better close. They expand the depth and fun of Kesha without being filler. No fan should miss these!

If you're a fan of Kesha's music, then Warrior is for you! With more variety, honesty, and maturity than her previous works, newcomers should consider it too. Warrior feels like the album Kesha has always wanted to make, and that's why I give it five stars.
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on May 27, 2017
Yeah what can I say about this album it's deadly. And I love kesha. She's awesome.and my favourite songs on this album are warrior,die young,c'mon,dirty love,all that matters ( the beautiful life),love into the light,gold trans am,out alive and past lives
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on December 11, 2012
I love Kesha and I love going to see her in concert. She is fun, exciting and talented. This album doesn't deliver. Her first two albums had the mainstream catchy songs but had additional fun or sweet songs. This album only has two and a half good songs. I love the collaboration with Iggy Pop but I wish Warrior had more of it. Overall, for how long this album took to come out and how good her two previous albums were, this is a huge disappointment. Let's hope she releases something else soon or she will fade into obscurity.
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