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on July 11, 2013
Survivors and Seekers may not be my taste, but Warriors is awesome! I've read the 1st series, 2nd, 3rd, and now I'm reading the 4th. I've also read a super edition. And I guess I have to say 'Keep it up Erin Hunter!' I love these books- it's the best series there is- and I hope Erin Hunter makes a 5TH series. Warrior cats DO rule the wild!!!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon November 28, 2009
My eight-year-old son could not wait for this book. He loves the Warriors series and has read all of them. That's enough right there to make me want to give the Erin Hunter team an honorary five stars.

The Fourth Apprentice is a wonderful start to the Omen of the Stars series, which promises to be epic. I won't spoil the plot, but if all goes well it offers reprises for many wonderful characters from the past. And the size of what is at stake is on the level of Tolkien and L'Engle's stories.

Of course, the Erin Hunter team lacks both the literary prowess and the meticulous editing those authors had. My eight-year-old does a better job than the Harper Collins folks do at keeping characters, herbs, and traditions straight. He also boasts a consistent style and strong grammar skills. Many of the authors' similes were tired by the end of the first series. They are no less so here at the beginning of the fourth series.

The other problem I have, and the one that gives me the most pause when it comes to allowing my son to continue to invest in these books, is the disappointing way in which the authors handled a plot misstep with regard to the Power of Three.

Again, I do not wish to spoil the books, but this mistake was on the level of having Tolkien decide, as Gollum falls into the abyss, that the One Ring isn't the One Ring after all.

One would think the narration would express at least a tiny bit of contrition for having wasted so much of the reader's time, but in Omen of the Stars, the issue is dismissed with the equivalent of a quick, "Bygones!"

These books are huge sellers. The writing's not that great. The editing is careless. But, until recently, the storytelling has been superb. Considering where the saga appears to be going, it should not be that hard to re-weave some of the plot threads the authors dropped or broke last time. Here's hoping they manage to do so.

UPDATE (without spoilers): Later in the OOTS series, my concerns were addressed. Keep reading!
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on December 22, 2013
When The book "Sunrise" was read, I was for sure the end of the great Warrior books were to come. I decided to start reading Warriors while I was waiting for the second book in the Surviivors series came out. Ever since book one, I kept reading and told my self I would go back to Survivors but I never have. I literally read this book in less than 24 hours. The chapters were so interesting that they seemed short. Anyways, I actually felt the emotion in this book! I feel that some details were left out when describing the three dark forest warriors... like we're they watching them or were they just sitting there? Otherwise, this book was amazing. I recommend any one who loves a little action and a heart warmer to read this book. In the book all in the coarse of just a few chapters did I feel shock, relief, pain, heartwarmed, and joyful. This book deserves six stars. So far, I have been keeping track of my favorite book in each series. The first was Forest of Secrets. The second of coarse was Moonrise. The third was Sunrise even though like I said it wasn't all that impressive. The fourth I will soon know, but I can for sure say this is the best book yet. :)
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on July 1, 2013
After Hollyleaf dies in the tunnels in Sunset, two kits are born. Kin of Firestar' s kin. The ending of Sunset leaves a mystery witch makes you get this book. Witch is the kit who holds the power? Dovepaw and Ivypaw are to sisters. One of them hold power. Lionblaze is Dovepaw' s mentor. He soon realizes that Dovepaw has amazing sight, smell, and hearing. Lionblaze finds out she is one of the three. Jayfeather and Lionblaze both see that she is the third. She says Brown animals are blocking the stream. No one believes her. But Lionblaze and Jayfeather do. Firestar says at a gathering, that all the clans should sent two cats from each clan to go find out what's blocking the stream. Lionblaze and Dovepaw are sent from Thunderclan. Tigerheart and Toadfoot from Shadowclan. Pedalfur and Rippletail from Riverclan. And Whitetail and Sedgewhisker from Windclan. The six cats set off to find what's blocking the stream. They meet a loner named Woody who tells the cats about the "beavers." He says they are blocking the stream with there dams. So they launch a attack at night. And they fail... they soon make a plan to drive the beavers away from the dam and the others break the it. They are successful. They return to the clans. Jayfeather is told by Yellowfang the former medicine cat that the forces of the dark forest are rising and a force, even stronger than Starclan will be needed to stop them. The Dark Forest and Starclan are at WAR!!!
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on May 3, 2011
I really like this "Warriors: Omen of the Stars: The Fourth Apprentice" by Erin Hunter
and finally I was able to find out who is the fourth apprentice, to fullfil the ancient prophecy. This book starts by a heartbreaking event: A drought has struck the cats' territory. All that remains of the formerly big lake is a small pool of water which is now constantly shared/fought over by the four cat clans. All the little animals that the cat eat are either dying or dead. It's difficult to even find the herbs for the medicine tents because everything is so dry and dying.

Lionblaze and Dovepaw are sent to go on a dangerous mission to save the clans.
Dovepaw has a vision of a beaver dam blocking the river. Lionblaze believes her and convinces Firestar to send a patrol to remove this dam.

Erin Hunter is actually many different writers, and not just one person. The author has written three sets of Warrior cat -books

I would recommend "Warriors: Omen of the Stars: The Fourth Apprentice" to children/YA/adults who like cats, action and adventure. Other similar books besides the Warrior -series, that the readers might like, are the Seekers by Erin Hunter, and also the new Animellis Island -series.

This was a very intriguing book and once you pick it up you won't want to put it down because you want to know about the prophecy's cats and also what will the cats do to help themselves in this drastic situation.
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on December 19, 2015
I loved this book. It was one of my favorites. Tigerheart is just amazing, but I didn't know BEAVERS could be so mean! I think Dovepaw should have loved Tigerheart in this book, but I think they wrote the actual moment really well. I feel horrible that Poppyfrost should feel like Berrynose didn't love her. It musta sucked. The Dark Forest plot is cool too. It is soooo hard, when I have read all the series, not to spoil EVERY THING. All in all, this is a really sweet book. I LOVE it. It deserves at LEAST 10 stars. The Erin Hunters have done it again!
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on December 18, 2015
The book was amazing! I've been reading the Warriors books since series 1. I will read all of these books in order. I can't believe that people complain about "This book is bad. Boo!" I love the events, the drought, the beavers, Breezepelt attacking Jayfether ( Can't believe it! ) too when we end off to Lionblaze's confession. I can't wait for the next series " A Vision Of Shadows ". I hope its good! Like all your other books. Thank you, Erin Hunter, for making this series! I love cats, and other animals.
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on January 22, 2016
My son loves the Warriors books. For a 14 yr old who typically wants a video game over a book, this impresses me. He enjoys the pace and writing in these novels, and the subject matter interests him. He even named a pet after a character in this series.

The book arrived quickly and was new, as stated. A great value as well. I now get all of his Warriors books on Amazon.
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on December 7, 2015
My daughter who is 11 is HOOKED on this series. I cannot believe how fast she is a making it through all these books. I can't complain about spending the money especially when she is reading!! Thank You so much for writing a series to get kids interested in reading!! She will stay up way past her bedtime reading. It's hard to argue with her when she says just one more chapter.....
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on February 24, 2015
Waiting for a war to come that will force every cat to fight the lake is shrinking and 8 cats set off to fix it but they are stopped by beavers. Meanwhile tension is filling through the clans. Filed with plot twists anyone who loves adventure will love this book. A war is coming and every cat will have to pick a side to fight on. Starclan our the darkforest. Some cats have already chosen their side. And only fate will tell who the winner is.
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