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on July 25, 2013
This video is on how to solve the problem with the Wasabi Power battery stuck in the charger. This is an EXTREMELY easy fix with no side effects!
But as for the product itself I am very happy with it so far! The batteries last a very long time because they sent me batteries with 1800 mAh! The charger is decent and it comes with adapters! You can NOT beat this price! I will definitely buy this product again!

I forgot to mention that there isn't a chip in the battery to tell you how charged it is. This can be a problem, but I've managed to get used to it.
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on May 29, 2013
the batteries do what they are made to do! even comes with a car charger for when im on the go.

just a small catch about taking the batteries out of the charger, rock them to the left and right, dont try to take it out the way you put it in. it wasnt made for that and i can see some people getting mad and breaking the batteries.

if you look on the charger there is an arrow, this indicates that you rotate the battery that way to take it out.. i didnt see it at first haha
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Enthusiast: Photographyon December 16, 2016
Bought this more for the charger than the batteries, but this is a great combo deal.

I was concerned that this would charge slower than some of the other chargers out there, but when plugged into a good USB power source, it charges just as fast. This helps to reduce the bulk of the items that I have to carry around. I used two batteries at a shoot last night, and depleted them fully (about 3 hours of continuous video on a Canon T3i using magic lantern). Plugged them in to this charger, and both batteries were fully charged in less than an hour so.
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I've had these batteries for four years and they are still going strong. These batteries are a must have for Canon Rebel shooters. They don't seem to last as long as the Canon branded battery but for two batteries and at least half the price of one branded battery, it's still a no-brainer.

The included charger works well enough but I hardly use it. The batteries fit just fine into the original battery charger and into my T3i. When I purchased it, they included two orange caps that I find handy since I keep them on batteries that are charged. It helps me keep track of charged and uncharged batteries and safely storing the batteries without taking up too much space.

Wasabi batteries are great and had no qualms purchasing their batteries for my mirrorless camera. Highly recommended.
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on July 29, 2017
Bought these for my rebel t5i and they are a really good solid backup plan! They last about a whole day if you do not use the the on screen video/camera. I'd recommend the double charger/double battery because the reason is that if you are going to shoot YouTube videos or any kind of internet video you can cycle through the batteries while charging the other and using the other one.
I'd recommend this for anyone with a camera. In the world of photography/videography , you always need backup batteries no matter where you go just in case or one day you might be left without any batteries just staring at the shot that got away
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on May 3, 2017
I haven't used the batteries much yet, to be fair, but both charged up without any issue. I ran both batteries in my Canon Ti5 and each lasted 2+ hours of continuous video use, which is a bit better than the original battery that came with the camera. One seemed to not register that it was discharging (the camera battery indicator stayed full until the battery died)...so that was a bit troubling, should I ever need to know for sure when the battery will die. But with 3 batteries handy, and the fact I use my camera more for still photos than long videos, I'm not personally concerned.
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on November 19, 2015
I have a Canon T3i and bought this package for the additional batteries. The extra wall and car chargers were an added bonus. I have had these batteries for over 6 months now and they are great ! Both both batteries perform as well as Canon's original battery. They charge as quickly as the original battery and hold charge for a long time as well. I didn't see any difference in the camera performance (photo and video) as well. Having the extra battery lets me go on longer trips without worrying.

The wall charger with the adaptor worked well in India without any issues. It is easy to put the battery in and take it out. There are couple of videos in other reviews showing how that could be done. The car charger also works as advertised. All in all, for the less than half the price of the original battery, I got 2 batteries, one wall charger and one car charger ! I will definitely buy this again.
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on January 20, 2014
Before (Slightly) upgrading to a T3i I was using a D3100. While in Orlando 2 years ago I needed another battery, I spent $47 purchasing a battery in one of the million strip mall Camera Shops with a guarantee that it would work on the D3100. The are two different EN-El 14's. One without a chip and one with, which is required for the D3100. Even though it specified on the box that it was for a D3100 and the counter guy stated that it would definitely work, it did not work. It didnt have the chip. So I intended up going to Best Buy and purchasing a $90 Nikon Battery. Of course that one worked. Later, I wanted to get a couple more batteries because I do shoot a lot, and decided to take a look at what was available on Amazon. Came across the Wasabi's. Contacted the seller and was told that yes, absolutely their batteries would work on the D3100. Well I have heard that one before but decided to go ahead and order one. It came with a charger,. Charged it up, put it in and it worked perfectly. There was only one issue. With the same settings as the Nikon Battery it will only shoot half as many images in RAW format. The reason I give it 5 stars even with that issue? It was only 14 bucks! A year and a half later and the battery still functioned as new. Ill take the same amount of power for $28 (Two batteries and two chargers) as compared to $90 + tax, no problem with me. Ill be ordering 2 of these for my T3i, when tested I will write a review. But I will say that the recommendation to look at the Wasabi's on Amazon originally came from a couple of different Photography Forums and included recommendations from a couple of Pro Photographers. Of course they stated they would not use them in a Pro situation (Shooting for magazines or making a living with Portraits and Wedddings) but for the general photographers, well worth it. Yesterday I took a look at BB and of course the LP-E8 is $89 and the off brand is only $10 less. Once these come in Ill use them until dead and give an accurate review on this particular Battery. But I will say I am buying with confidence having used Wasabi batteries in the past. I have no doubts that these will perform as advertised, but if they do not, I will be giving a fair and honest review update. As far as Wasabi Batteries in general, I say buy with confidence.
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on October 6, 2013
I bought this item mainly for the batteries but the charger is a nice bonus that works well. Its compact enough to store in my camera bag. Because it has a builtin 120Vac plug that swivels out i do not need to carry long power cord like the one used by the Canon charger that came with the camera. The 12v cigarette lighter plug and cord can stay in my car.
This has now become my main charger and my Canon OEM charger is now stored in a closet as a back up.

The batteries are a perfect fit for my Canon T5i and each have performed as well as the Canon OEM battery that came with the camera. I have taken several thousand photos in the past couple of months and have not had any complaint regarding battery life or charging.

I have been using two of these Wassabi batteries and charger for 21 months along with the OEM Canon battery that came with my camera. I cycled usage of all three batteries as equally as I could across nearly 30,000 shots.
Arround about month 14 the Wassabi charger failed while using it in a car. Contacted the vendor and obtained a new one under warrantee with no questions asked once my amazon purchase transaction was verified. As for the batteries I had no issue until last night (5/23/2015) when I had one battery operate with a reduced capacity. Noticed that both Wassabi batteries have a slight bulge (one more than the other) which is a sign that the end is near for them. By comparison the OEM battery that came with the camera is still going strong and has no bulging.

These Wassabi batteries are 1/5th the price of an OEM Canon battery and functioned well enough that I consider them an excellent value.

Based on my overall positive experience with this product I have decided to make new purchase of 2 batteries and charger to day (05/24/2015)

4out of 5 because of some difficulty getting the batteries out of the charger. The batteries fit and snap in very easily how ever taking the battery out is a little difficult as the battery needs to be pressed to the side at a lower corner with some force to release it from a spring latch. The OEM Canon battery is particularly difficult to remove because its latch detents on the sides are slightly deeper compared to the other two batteries. The instructions were not that clear in describing how to remove the battery from the charger. I had to use a table knife to pry the battery out the first time i tried it. I then noticed a small arrow cast into the plastic that was covered by the battery that was labeled remove.
Once i pressed the battery in that direction it popped out with a little pressure but without the need to pry it out with a knife.
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This Wasabi Power Battery Pack is one of the best investments I've made for serious battery "POWER". For $20.00 you get two Canon LP-E8 equivalent batteries, plus a car charger and a European adapter. These batteries are rated 2000mAh, 14.4Wh; while the Canon battery I received with my camera is only rated 1120mAh, 8.1Wh. And, they are genuine Japanese cells which are considered the best according to the extensive research I did before making this purchase. I keep these two batteries in the power grip I bought, and spent a whole day learning the many features of my new camera, taking dozens of "test" shots. They held their power all day, with plenty of juice left over! I'm a die-hard Canon user, and have always used Canon's cameras exclusively, but they do charge a premium for their accessories. For the price of one OEM Canon battery, I made this purchase with all of the above mentioned extras. If your serious about photography, and don't want to worry about your camera's batteries "dying" on you while shooting; this kit is just what you need. I'll would not hesitate in buying this product again... 5 STARS plus!!!
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