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on September 11, 2016
I purchased this product because I was going on a vacation to Iceland and I wanted to make sure my GoPro battery wouldn't die on my while out doing something, so I wanted to have backup batteries on me. I must say, these batteries ended up working better than my battery that came with the GoPro!

I had been experiencing a lot of fog issues with my GoPro, and the anti-fog inserts would help but not fully eliminate the problem, and I couldn't figure out what was going on. I noticed when I used one of these batteries, the fog was completely non-existent. That's when I realized - the battery that came with my GoPro was getting so hot, it was heating up the inside of the encasing and causing a ton of fog. Once I replaced the battery with one of these, problem solved!

These batteries work just as well if not better than the stock batteries, so I would definitely get them!
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on July 5, 2017
There is not much to say about these, other than the quality is great. The run time on these batteries seems to be about the same or even better than the OEM batteries, and at a much cheaper price. The included charger is a nice bonus. If you need extra batteries for your GoPro, these are the ones to get.
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on October 30, 2013
It's almost unthinkable to pick up a GoPro without picking up some extra batteries. These are good third party choices. The endurance of the batteries, like almost all other batteries advertised, does not quite live up. I find these to be about as good as the batteries that actually carry the GoPro label, however.

They work with most models, and the ability to keep one on the charger is valuable. I wish these were a bit more robust, but they get the job done.

If consumers have a complaint about GoPro's, even the new Hero 3+, it's that the battery life is not breathtaking. This solution, though not jaw-dropping, is a solution nonetheless.
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on February 8, 2015
A lot of reviews with milliamps, hertz, kw, blah blah well more importantly I'd like to see how long they last when in actual use because nothing more annoying than these batteries flashing full then 15 minutes later being empty. I bought these 2 years ago the same time as my GoPro. I ran a functional test on them all today because I'm interested in buying a few more. The GoPro batteries have dates on the back of them so here are the details of running a GoPro 3 black edition with WiFi ON (but not linked to anything) on GoPro battery vs. Wasabi battery, all charged on the Wasabi battery charger...
GoPro battery (battery date 12/18/2012) - Total run time of 61:32
Wasabi battery (not sure of "battery date" but purchased on 7/10/2013) - Total run time of 60:00
GoPro battery (a friends dated 01/30/2013) - Total run time of 60:34

The only issue I had is the older GoPro battery got really hot but the camera did not shut down. When the Wasabi battery was in the camera randomly shut off half way through and the battery was really hot - not sure, but assume these are related. That may explain the random camera turn offs I get occasionally while snowboarding. The other issue is in real life these cameras are likely being turned off and on frequently (videos of riding on a lift get boring quick) and I assume that causes the batteries to drain a little quicker. All in all I'd say the Wasabi is equitable to the GoPro battery so you cannot beat that price. In my experience each battery lasts about a half a day of moderate use (I'd drain 3 batteries in a full day of snowboarding and frequent filming).
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on November 25, 2017
Charger, cords and two batteries received promptly. Charged up both new batteries, as well as a run down battery from my GoPro Hero 3+. The new batteries fit the battery compartment just as well as the original GoPro Hero 3+ battery. This is a great value for a very reasonable price!
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on November 16, 2016
Got these for a trip to Mexico, I was kind of afraid about them but they do work and they perform better than the original batteries that came with the camera, a must have if you want to use your camera for hours. Pair this with a couple of 2 of SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSDXC UHS-I Card with Adapter, Grey/Red, Standard Packaging (SDSQUNC-064G-GN6MA) and you will have memory and battery for days!

Hope it works for you.
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on October 3, 2014
These Batteries are awesome! They last a little longer than the go pro ones do and I've used wasabi batteries for awhile now, in my go pro hero 3 black and my canon T4i and they haven't let me down yet. The charger is a bonus and charges quickly, plus you get a charge charger which is awesome when on the go, it works just as good as the wall charger.

Overall you get two batteries and a wall/car charger for the price of one go pro battery.

This is a good pack for go pro people and you can never have to many batteries for your go pro!
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on December 1, 2014
Been using these for a few occasions now and they have been running very hot on my 3+ black. The original GoPro battery provides almost no temperature difference that I can tell when recording for extended period of time. However these batteries when recording for 15min straight turned my gopro into a piece of burning coal. It got so hot that the battery cover warped a little bit. I will not be using these again in the future as they could potentially damage the internals of the gopro from the heat.

I give it 2 stars for the fact that they are cheap and they do work.
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on July 18, 2014
I purchased this ahead of a roadtrip, during which I had my GoPro rigged for use while driving. As a result, I had occasion to use 2-3 batteries a day, over a 4 week period. I've had good experience with Wasabi batteries and chargers in the past, but these did not seem to be up to the task, at least not such heavy use.

The 12 volt adapter fuse blew. It appears that it was a 2 amp fuse. The closest replacement fuse I could find on the road was a 5 amp fuse, and that blew almost immediately. (I didn't have problems with any other 12v electrical devices I was using.) I ended up needing to use a 12v inverter I had with me to use the charger in the car for most of the trip.

Then also, it's pretty easy to not snap the battery in place quite completely, or for it to come unsnapped (perhaps due to car vibrations), resulting in the battery not chargiung, or not charging completely. However, the charging indicator with no battery/contact is identical to a fully charged battery, so it's easy to not realize that you haven't fully charged the battery.

Finally, after several weeks on the road, it seemed clear (though I didn't time it) that the OEM battery life was significantly longer than both of the Wasabi replacement batteries.

If you have less demanding uses, these batteries, and this charger, will probably be fine. But be aware that it is not up to OEM quality.
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These really work as advertised. I've been using mine on and off for about 4 months and can't see any difference between these and the OEM. There is, as one reviewer mentioned, a chance that I'm getting better mileage out of these than the OEM batteries, but I haven't done any special testing to see if that's true or just my imagination. They hold charge well when not in use and the charger is amazingly versatile which translates to amazingly useful. Buy with confidence!
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