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on July 25, 2013
This video is on how to solve the problem with the Wasabi Power battery stuck in the charger. This is an EXTREMELY easy fix with no side effects!
But as for the product itself I am very happy with it so far! The batteries last a very long time because they sent me batteries with 1800 mAh! The charger is decent and it comes with adapters! You can NOT beat this price! I will definitely buy this product again!

I forgot to mention that there isn't a chip in the battery to tell you how charged it is. This can be a problem, but I've managed to get used to it.
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on April 2, 2017
I had great hopes when I bought this but it has been very disappointing.

1. You need a 2A 8V adapter to go with the charger, which didnt come with the package. I had to buy one separately.

2. I charged both the batteries to its full THREE times. BUT they are completely drained out in just a month of NO USAGE. In Contrast you charge a OEM Canon battery, that thing will be on for a long time.

3. Now I charged fully and kept it OUT of the camera and guess what, after few weeks, its drained too!!

I bought this in November and have been experimenting since then!

I just wonder if those positive reviews are really true!
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on July 15, 2016
These batteries perform just as well as Canon OEM batteries. The charger is great too. I love the convenience of the wall plug being right there. I like the car charger attachment too. I would definitely recommend these.


Above was my original, 5-star review. I wanted to give an update after 1 year of real world use. These batteries probably last half as long as the Canon OEM battery. I'm not sure what Canon does to their batteries, but they LAST. Over a year later, my Canon battery still packs a good punch. These? Not so much. The charger is nice, and I still like that. I can only recommend the batteries if you're desperate, though. If you can afford the OEM batteries, it's worth it in every single case for professional shooting. If you're just a hobbyist or beginner, you can get these. I also want to note 1 super annoying thing for professional camera users: the true battery reading is delayed. What I mean is, when you put a dead battery in (not knowing it's dead), it might show 3 full bars for as much as 30 seconds. I've been at gigs before where I throw a dead battery in to continue my shoot, only to find out 30 seconds later that I have to switch it out again. This never happens with Canon OEM batteries. Overall, I'd buy OEM batteries if you can afford them.
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on May 29, 2013
the batteries do what they are made to do! even comes with a car charger for when im on the go.

just a small catch about taking the batteries out of the charger, rock them to the left and right, dont try to take it out the way you put it in. it wasnt made for that and i can see some people getting mad and breaking the batteries.

if you look on the charger there is an arrow, this indicates that you rotate the battery that way to take it out.. i didnt see it at first haha
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on September 20, 2016
I managed to misplace my original camera battery charger for the EOS 600D a while ago. While I eventually found it, I’d already ordered a replacement. The Wasabi Power Battery and Charger works quite well. I was blown away by how cheap it was compared to other, similar products on Amazon. And it came with two batteries as well, something I didn’t need at the time, but definitely didn’t object to having. After casual use, I found they worked well. And as a casual user they were virtually indistinguishable from the Cannon batteries and charger.

However, a few weeks ago, I had to film a decent amount of footage for a team promotional video, which drained the camera battery quite quickly. The Wasabi batteries lasted about half as long each as the original battery did and took about as much time to recharge. Between the two of them and the original Cannon battery (and charger) I was able to shoot for eight hours or so, almost continuously, but the Wasabi batteries were clearly draining at a much faster rate. They each lasted about 40 minutes and took between 1-2 hours to recharge.

I would probably buy these batteries again, especially considering how much cheaper they are than others on the market, however you should be aware that they aren’t nearly as good as the original.

Note: Some of the kids on the team had some trouble with getting the batteries out of the charger. You have to push the battery backwards before you can lift it out. There are directions printed in the plastic, but you can’t actually see them when there’s a battery in it.
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These Wasabi Power batteries are great! I got them as an alternative to the pricey Canon brand battery for my t3i camera. I am very impressed with how long the batteries hold a charge. It seems to be just as long as the Canon battery. They lasted at least 2 days each, through heavy shooting/video recording while on a trip in Ireland. Once back home, I store them in my camera bag, and have been able to pull them out and pop them in the camera to take unplanned shots, and their charge is still full or at least 3/4 full after having sat in the bag for over a month or two without use! I highly recommend these!

I have noticed some people stating that they are having trouble taking the batteries off the charger. I can see where this may be an issue at first, but once you get the hang of where to press to disconnect them, it is not an issue. In fact, this should not dissuade anyone from purchasing the batteries. They are just secure on the charger.
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Top Contributor: Photographyon December 16, 2016
Bought this more for the charger than the batteries, but this is a great combo deal.

I was concerned that this would charge slower than some of the other chargers out there, but when plugged into a good USB power source, it charges just as fast. This helps to reduce the bulk of the items that I have to carry around. I used two batteries at a shoot last night, and depleted them fully (about 3 hours of continuous video on a Canon T3i using magic lantern). Plugged them in to this charger, and both batteries were fully charged in less than an hour so.
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on July 29, 2017
Bought these for my rebel t5i and they are a really good solid backup plan! They last about a whole day if you do not use the the on screen video/camera. I'd recommend the double charger/double battery because the reason is that if you are going to shoot YouTube videos or any kind of internet video you can cycle through the batteries while charging the other and using the other one.
I'd recommend this for anyone with a camera. In the world of photography/videography , you always need backup batteries no matter where you go just in case or one day you might be left without any batteries just staring at the shot that got away
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on December 22, 2015
"Whoa, what the heck are you?"
"I'm Wasabi!"
"Hehehehehe... Waaaaaaaasaaaaaaabi...."

Old Annoying Orange thing, pretty funny. Well that's what I'm always reminded of when I think of my now extensive collection of Wasabi LP-E8's and NB2LH's. I've been getting these ever since the old Rebel XT and NB2LH days, and then of course I replaced my aging XT with a Canon T2i so I started racking up LP-E8 batteries for it. They've always held up well for me with a long service lifespan and good run times, so I just keep em coming as I need em. The chargers always come with a European outlet adapter, the prongs on the charger itself fold away when not needed, and of course they always come with a car lighter plug, and the charger itself has the little power socket for it on the side. For what little you pay for this stuff, it works amazingly well, and honestly I am NOT in the camp that thinks the Canon batteries work "so much better". Battery packs are thrown together from huge stockpiles of loose Li-Ion cells from China, and every camera manufacturer on the planet is pretty much using the same ones. Canon doesn't have some Li-Ion cell manufacturing trick up its sleeve somewhere any more than anyone else, and I sure don't see a wicked performance difference for the insane prices they ask for theirs. I've had bad packs from other third party companies, yes, but not Wasabi, so that's why I stick with them.

One very interesting thing about the Wasabi chargers specifically - they're made with two pieces that slide together. They do this so that they can use one main body with a wide range of pack holder pieces. It's clever for them, and I just recently realized that it's about the best thing to ever happen to my hobby of DIY electronics. I can buy up two chargers, and dismember one of them to use the pack holder piece as a battery pack holder for my latest crazy design, be it another homemade laser or my latest thing which is a homemade Arduino Geiger counter. I simply solder in some wires to run to my project, and presto, I have LP-E8 or NB2LH power for my design. The second charger of course is left alone for use in actually charging the packs, and the body of the one I took the holder from is put away for in case one of my other chargers dies. If I for whatever reason kill my NB2LH charger, I simply swap the holder out onto the backup and I'm right back in business. How cool is that? Too cool, that's how cool.

So anyway, I definitely love the Wasabi stuff, and I'll be loyal with them as long as my needs hold out.
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on March 3, 2018
I bought these batteries with my Canon Rebel T5i three years ago. I used them infrequently, and stored them with their covers outside the camera, in the camera bag, in a warm, dry area. They served their purpose, so I bought two more.
Last November, one battery went bad, along with its charger, so I returned it. Wasabi customer service was prompt and polite, and gave me a refund.
Now the original batteries won't hold a charge, while the newer batteries work perfectly.
Since I now use these in a professional capacity, I can't afford to use spotty equipment, so the defective batteries are disappointing.
If the newer batch works consistently over the next several months, I'll improve the rating on this review.
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