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on May 5, 2014
I tested the batteries vs. a new Canon NB-6LH (1060mAh) in a Powershot 120.
Record length time (repeated twice) is below at 30fps, full HD video. Note that even after the camera shuts down due to low battery, it can be turned on and a second recording can be made. These numbers are below. The third recording is below 3 minutes with all batteries, so it was not reported. Numbers are minutes (rounded).
Canon: 29, 28
Wasabi #1: 24, 10
Wasabi #2: 27, 8

The Canon battery was able to record 57 minutes, and the Wasabi batteries were about 35 minutes. That's only about 60% of the capacity of a Canon battery. Considering the rated capacity is 1300 mAh, or 23% more than the Canon, obviously something is a little inconsistent! The Canon battery also weighs 21 gm, while the Wasabi is only 17 gm, so there is less Li-ion material. I did a couple of charge cycles before this test.

The charger seems to be fine -- warm but not hot. I tested it plugged in to a wall outlet, and in my car. Battery charged in 1 1/2 hour in the car, which is great when travelling. It is thicker than than the Canon charger, but a bit narrower.
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on June 10, 2011
I ordered Charger kits from Wasabi for my Canon Vixia Video Camera and my Canon S95 still camera. I'm a photographer and have many chargers for all the different gear I use. So far I've been very impressed with both units from Wasabi - well made, fast charging times and the batteries hold an awesome charge. The stock battery for the S95 is 1000ma and these are 1300ma and so far they have not disappointed. The amazing part is I got the charger and two batteries for less than what Canon wanted just for the charger alone! PLUS - I got a cigarette lighter plug to use the charger while on the road, and an EU adapter for my European visits. AWESOME value! Come to think of it, I should probably get a few more chargers for my travel bag...
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on June 14, 2013
I got these batteries the day before my husband and I left for Yellowstone, just in time! I was hesitant about buying these because some reviews said they didn't fit the charger, but I've had no problems. They fit the charger, my original Canon battery fits this charger and they charged fairly quickly plugged into the 12V in the back of our Subaru as we were driving around Yellowstone for four days. This charger isn't quiet as secure as the original from Canon, it just has a slight lip at the bottom to hold the battery in. I think the battery bounced out of the charger once while we were driving, this could be solved with a rubber band around it though. I have not tried these batteries in the original charger. I think I ended up going through four batteries on our trip, taking mostly pictures in HQ burst mode and a few videos. I would have one battery in the camera a fresh one in my pocket and the other charging. For the price you can't beat these two batteries with the convenient car charger, a much better deal than the expensive name brand batteries. I also didn't have any problem with them fitting in my Canon PowerSHot SX260 HS.
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I have ordered several Wasabi battery/charger bundles like this. They've always given me good products at a good price with quick shipping. A few reasons why:

(1) The battery cells are originally from Japan (before assembly into the battery pack).
(2) The batteries come with very useful plastic end-caps which protect the contacts from shorting out or getting dirty/corroded. (I usually put a rubber band around mine to keep them securely in place.) This is something missing from almost every other source (and they aren't pictured in the product photo, either!)
(3) The bundle includes a car adapter and international plug adapter so you can use the charger almost anywhere.

This time I charged one of the new Wasabi batteries with the Wasabi charger - and the other with the OEM Canon charger. Both took the same length of time.
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on April 5, 2016
(+) It works
(+) It's affordable

(-) The battery dies very fast if you take video
(-) If you take video or a vlogger (like me), I wouldn't recommend this product. You will have to change your battery frequently.

The battery works best if you're using your camera just for taking pictures. But if you're a vlogger or using your camera for video...then expect the batteries to die. Got these batteries for my trip to Jamaica as a backup for my Canon S120 in case the original Canon batteries died. My Canon battery would last for hours. But when I would switch to these batteries, it would die after 15 minutes of constant filming.

At first I thought maybe one of the batteries was a dud. But when I switched over to the 2nd battery, the same thing happened. It doesn't last long if you take video. I don't like them at all. I just stopped using it all together because I spent more time switching batteries, than actually filming videos.

But if you are only taking pictures, then it's okay. But they are definitely not the best. You're better off doing research somewhere else for a better battery.
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on December 2, 2011
This battery is great for when you kill your first battery and still are halfway through a day and still want to take photos with no outlet nearby. This has been a life saver to me a couple times and sometimes its just nice to alternate between this battery and the battery that comes with the camera. The shipping is simple, inside a simple mailcard-like thing with bubbles. There is no problem with the battery either not fitting in the, being loose, or being a bit too big but just right.
If you want an spare battery just in case your other battery dies, then get this battery because 1. its cheaper than cannon's 2. it lasts a bit longer than canon's
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on May 19, 2016
Bought these for my Canon PowerShot SX530 HS. I had originally bought a 2-pack of Vivitar batteries, but they were a major fail (see my review here: These batteries were pretty comparable to the original Canon battery my camera came with. The battery test consisted of a 20min video (this reaches the file size limit of 4GB) with the highest quality settings (largest pixel size in FHD mode) followed by a video of the lowest quality (lowest pixel size in VGA mode) until the battery died. The Canon battery lasted about 1.5 hours, while these (Wasabi batteries) lasted about 1 hour. Considering that FHD movies use more battery, I'd estimate these batteries performed at about 80% of the Canon battery's capacity, which is not bad at all for $12.99. In addition to this performance reduction, I'm also only giving 4 stars because they claim to be 1300mAh (mili amp hours) batteries, but as my Canon battery is rated at 1060mAh this is clearly not the case, likely because an inflated assessment was used to rate them.
review image
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VINE VOICEon March 23, 2014
This is a great value deal for anybody who needs some NB-6L batteries for their Canon compact camera. Our family has several Canon compacts, and they all use these NB-6L batteries. If you buy the OEM version, it is VERY expensive. If you buy the no-name batteries off of eBay, or even here at Amazon, you are risking poor performance or even small fires if you get a bad one, which happens sometimes.

These Wasabi brand batteries use cells made in Japan, instead of China, and have very good quality.

* They fit like the OEM battery. I've had the cheap copies actually swell after some use so that they were hard to remove from the camera. These fit perfectly, even after many cycles of use.
* They charge back up to a high level even after many cycles. Once again, the cheap ones, in my experience, tend to start off great, but degrade faster than you would think.
* The charger is a nice plus. when plugged into the wall socket, it has no particular advantage over the Canon version, but if you are on the road, having the 12V capability for use in a car is great.

As you can tell, I really like these batteries. In addition to these NB-6L replacements, I have an extra duty pack for my Canon Vixia HD camcorder and my son's backup batteries for his Canon 60D SLR are also Wasabi brand cells. Are they are good as the OEM? Hard to tell. They are rated for more mA/Hrs, but in practice they seem the same to me, which is actually the definition of what a great replacement is all about.
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on December 25, 2016
I have purchased a number of Wasabi batteries and chargers for several different cameras. I know Wasabi is a Japanese sauce made with a spicy horseradish and soy sauce but as far as batteries go it is also the equivalent of the Energizer bunny. Every battery and charger from this brand that I have purchased has worked perfectly and has been at the least equivalent to the manufacturer's batteries that cost more for a battery than a Wasabi two battery and charger kit costs. If you are a professional photographer and need absolute certainty with your batteries then maybe you should buy camera branded batteries. I am a hobbyist and I am very pleased with all the Wasabi products that I own and will continue to save the money.
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on March 29, 2014
I am so impressed with this ... at this price to be able to use this charger in the house or the car and to get not just one battery at such an affordable price, but two! The batteries work great and so does the charger. The Canon battery substitute that my son got for the camera when he was using it kept giving error messages and failing to capture the photo that I wanted. I wondered whether these batteries would work any better, but even if they didn't, I needed the charger anyway, since mine disappeared, and it didn't make sense to get just a charger when this whole set seemed more economical. I might just order another set so that I have one charger for the car always and one to stay at home. And so many batteries that I can plant some in handy places, for “just in case,” like one in the glove box of the car and another in the big camera bag, besides the mini bag for the compact Canon. Ok, ok, such consumerism! "If one is good, more is better!" can get us into trouble sometimes, especially in the kitchen. Sometimes, though, it is just fun to find something good that we can have more of without detrimental results. (You know, like overeating ....) Well, anyway, what fun to find something so affordable that works so well. Cheers!
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