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on December 8, 2016
Much lower capacity than the original batteries, which is quite disappointing as they don't just claim to match the original batteries, but claim to be 30% more capacity. The first giveaway is that the battery weighs less:
Sony OEM NP-BX1: 24.6g
Wasabi 1st battery: 20.9g
Wasabi 2nd battery: 20.6g

I have a battery tester that will measure the capacity of batteries (first you fully charge the battery, then connect it to the tester, and it runs them down and measures how much output they give before dropping below a set voltage, I discharged the batteries at 1A, with cutoff voltage set at 3.0V. Setting a lower discharge rate or lower cutoff voltage would allow to squeeze a bit more power out of the batteries, but take much longer. As long as I used the same settings on all batteries, they can be compared directly against each other)
Sony OEM NP-BX1: 1180 mAh (95% of rated 1240mAh)
Wasabi 1st battery: 840 mAh (53% of rated 1600mAh)
Wasaby 2nd battery: 835 mAh (52% of rated 1600mAh)

So even though these batteries claim to be 30% bigger than the original batteries, they are actually 30% smaller! There should be a law against this sort of thing but unfortunately almost every 3rd party battery supplier lies about their capacity from what I've seen. In terms of price per capacity, these are still a way better deal than the original batteries (2 batteries and a charger for $18 vs one battery for $30), but just be aware they wont last as long so you will need to carry more of them around.
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One of the basic problems with the Sony RX-1 is the battery situation. By the battery situation I don't just mean the poor battery life, it's also the inconvenience of USB charging, and the lunacy of Sony making most USB chargers not work with the camera - the camera can't detect an active data line in order to allow charging - don't ask me why they did it that way, as it's absolutely crazy. The proprietary Sony charger doesn't have a data line, and some other chargers with also work with this, but any computer or laptop that is on supplies a data line, so if you try to plug your phone charger into the micro-USB port on the RX-1, it typically won't charge at all. It's one of the more infuriating pieces of design stupidity and it means that only the proprietary Sony charger will work even though the USB port is a standard USB micro connector. Additionally, one has to be concerned about the long term wear and tear on the port from endless plugging and unplugging. Plus, the stock Sony battery is absurdly overpriced, and runs out quickly, esp. if you are shooting lots of flash.

This neat charger with two additional batteries solves all of those problems because it allows you to have extra batteries and charge them outside the camera in a normal plug-in charger that Sony should have provided in the first place. Like I said, a great solution to problems that should never have been there in the first place if Sony had been paying attention. This set of issues probably applies to the Sony RX-100 as well as to the Sony RX-1.

Add to that that this has to be a best value (all of this for $16) and you get five stars, no question about it. Buy it if you have a Sony RX-1 or RX-100.
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on November 5, 2016
I bought about 6 of these batteries. Good thing they are cheap....thats the only good thing I can say about them. Its labeled as 1600mah but thats a lie, its more like 1000mah at most. Some of the batteries I got seems to be around 800mah. Charging a li-ion is finicky which is why I am so glad I bought a hobby charger instead which charged the li-ion properly with 3 stages, sure it takes 3 hours but being an electronic hobbyist I am rather anal on batteries. Constant current charge, saturation charge and then termination mode. The official sony bx1 battery charges to exactly 1100mah everytime and its rated at 1240mah, not much of a discrepancy. I used my sony as200v and fdrx3000 and all my wasabi batteries lasted at most 75% as long as the official sony bx1. Good thing these are cheap otherwise the other 25% that it shouldve matched or bested the sony bx1 makes this battery the case of "always but the official products"
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on April 12, 2016
For RX100 IV owners, this is a must buy. These batteries don't last quite as long as the included RX100 IV battery, but they are sufficient in capacity. Recording in 4K, one of these batteries won't last me two hours. Maybe around an hour. However, since I bought the 2-pack, I can just keep alternating between the two (so long as I'm near a wall outlet). Anyways, I would recommend getting at least the 2-pack and charger so that you have more options on the field. For people doing long sessions, you'll prob need to order several of these. I was wary of these aftermarket batteries for the longest time since I thought they would not be able to hold their charge after a few weeks or months but I'm quite impressed. These actually hold their charge quite well still after having owned them for a few months. Like I said, they don't last as long (time wise) as the genuine batteries, but they're cheap and buy a couple and you'll never have to worry about not being able to shoot continuously.
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on February 2, 2018
I bought these two years ago this month. The batteries by now aren't really usable except as a backup that maybe shoots 20-40 photos on a Sony RX100m4. They go from four bars to 0 with nothing in between (in other words, there is no warning). The charger is handy, but I wish I knew whether it stops charging when the battery is full. But ask yourself -- for $16 you get two batteries and a charger, so what can you expect? Maybe I should have given this four stars if considering value per dollar. They worked okay for the first year. Except the last six months when they were my only backup, they ran out of juice too soon.
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on March 2, 2017
It has been about two years. The batteries have gone through about 50 charge cycles. They still hold the charge well enough (just tested--~40 min. of 4K recording on FDR-X3000. I'll update when I do a test with HD).

However, I need to warn you all about the charger problem that could mislead you into thinking that an uncharged battery has been charged. I wasted one SCUBA diving session when I went into the water with an empty battery. With a dive costing $50 or so plus the cost of travel to an exotic location, I'm not sure if I saved money buying this or not.

The problem comes from the detachable battery holder (slide the holder down, and it'll come off). The cheap-looking (non-gold) contacts that carry electricity between the main charger body and the battery holder are unreliable, causing the charger LED to change from red to green. This non-intelligent charger seems to report the absence of charge current as charge complete instead of checking the voltage of the battery, misleading the users into thinking an empty battery has been fully charged.

If you are handy, you can try cleaning out the contact or rely on contact restorer. If not, get into the habit of topping up the charge in your camera before an important shoot.
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on July 3, 2016
Worked great on my vacation.. The adapter was very helpful and worked well since i was in France. On the tour, i was constantly taking pictures every 5-10 minuets. However, i have to constantly power on/off when not using. My Sony RX100 uses a lot of power during startup/shutdown. You definitely need 2 batteries while on vacation. Only thing was when it goes down to 3 bars of power, it can quickly go to 4 and then get power exhausted fr camera and is dead. Battery level not that accurate so need to carry spare. Also, this charger will not work with the battery that came with the camera. The batteries that come with this charger is a little thinner than the Sony battery. Would buy this again.
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Great backup batteries for Sony RX100 M4!

It's been over a year since I purchased these batteries for my Sony RX100 M4 and they still work as great as they did on the first day I got them! I do a lot video recording with my camera (more than pictures) and it seems like the type of work I do with the Sony RX100 M4 drains the battery a lot. So having a total of three batteries has been really helpful in battery demanding situations. I always have these charged and ready to go in my camera bag just in case the main Sony battery dies. These batteries will last you quite a long time, perhaps a little longer than the actual sony battery and best of all, you can easily charge these wasabi batteries AND the Sony battery with the supplied wall charger. If you're looking for backup batteries for your Sony camera, these are the one's to get!
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on November 23, 2015
I have two camera I use on a daily basis. I like to shoot in RAW which uses up a lot of battery very fast. I also do quite a bit of cold weather shooting which also chews up battery power very fast.

I did a search online and the reviews for the Wasabi Power Batter and Charger were almost 100% power. I placed my order and stated using them as soon as they arrived. They have stood up to months of daily use without a single problem.

The charger seems to finish faster than the other chargers I have which cost almost twice as much as these. The batteries also seem to last longer than the other rechargeable batteries I have.

I would recommend this product to anyone in the market for a rechargeable battery and charger.
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These are very good quality "off-label"/OEM batteries. I've owned and used Wasabi batteries for a number of cameras now, both DSLR and also point and shoot. They have not disappointed me yet. In fact, I struggle to find much operational difference between them and the brand batteries (and that includes Sony, Canon, and Fujifim versions). And then, to boot, they are very inexpensive, and come with a charger, and an adapter, too! So, they are quite a bargain. They wouldn't be if they did not work well, but I've been very happy with them thus far, and, to be honest, the battery charger they supply is better than either the Sony or Fuji variants because it is lighter than both, and because it uses the flip-style plug, instead of the ridiculous, heavy cable (Fuji, are you listening?) that makes the brand rechargers a pain when you are traveling. I can't help recommend them more highly. Easy five stars, but I'll have to say "Six Stars" due to price and operational factors.
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