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on December 8, 2016
Much lower capacity than the original batteries, which is quite disappointing as they don't just claim to match the original batteries, but claim to be 30% more capacity. The first giveaway is that the battery weighs less:
Sony OEM NP-BX1: 24.6g
Wasabi 1st battery: 20.9g
Wasabi 2nd battery: 20.6g

I have a battery tester that will measure the capacity of batteries (first you fully charge the battery, then connect it to the tester, and it runs them down and measures how much output they give before dropping below a set voltage, I discharged the batteries at 1A, with cutoff voltage set at 3.0V. Setting a lower discharge rate or lower cutoff voltage would allow to squeeze a bit more power out of the batteries, but take much longer. As long as I used the same settings on all batteries, they can be compared directly against each other)
Sony OEM NP-BX1: 1180 mAh (95% of rated 1240mAh)
Wasabi 1st battery: 840 mAh (53% of rated 1600mAh)
Wasaby 2nd battery: 835 mAh (52% of rated 1600mAh)

So even though these batteries claim to be 30% bigger than the original batteries, they are actually 30% smaller! There should be a law against this sort of thing but unfortunately almost every 3rd party battery supplier lies about their capacity from what I've seen. In terms of price per capacity, these are still a way better deal than the original batteries (2 batteries and a charger for $18 vs one battery for $30), but just be aware they wont last as long so you will need to carry more of them around.
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on November 23, 2015
I have two camera I use on a daily basis. I like to shoot in RAW which uses up a lot of battery very fast. I also do quite a bit of cold weather shooting which also chews up battery power very fast.

I did a search online and the reviews for the Wasabi Power Batter and Charger were almost 100% power. I placed my order and stated using them as soon as they arrived. They have stood up to months of daily use without a single problem.

The charger seems to finish faster than the other chargers I have which cost almost twice as much as these. The batteries also seem to last longer than the other rechargeable batteries I have.

I would recommend this product to anyone in the market for a rechargeable battery and charger.
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on January 10, 2017
I just purchased the batteries and charger for my Sony HX 300 camera. They work great. Two matters might confuse you. 1.) The charger only takes one battery at a time. 2.) The graphics on the outside of the battery might confuse you. They are oriented differently from the graphics on the Sony original battery. When I inserted the battery, I matched the large arrow on the side of the battery to be oriented the same as on the Sony original battery. When inserted that way, the battery did not go in all the way and did not work. I discovered that the key is to make the small arrow on the end of the battery go the same direction as on the Sony original battery. Or, put differently, make the small arrow agree with the small arrow inside the camera. This means that the large arrow will be oriented differently than on the Sony original. I almost returned the batteries because of my initial misunderstanding. Wasabi would do well to reorient the graphics to make them agree with the Sony original.
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on November 11, 2016
It is hard to argue at this price because you get two batteries and a spare charger. The first of my two batteries failed to hold charge around the 10 month point. It had been used modestly and cycled about 8 times during that period. I was worried about the second one because it wasn't getting any maintenance top-offs during these months but it seems to work. I can't easily tell how much capacity is left but I'll report back if it is unreasonable or fails after only a few cycles.
review image
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 14, 2015
These are very good quality "off-label"/OEM batteries. I've owned and used Wasabi batteries for a number of cameras now, both DSLR and also point and shoot. They have not disappointed me yet. In fact, I struggle to find much operational difference between them and the brand batteries (and that includes Sony, Canon, and Fujifim versions). And then, to boot, they are very inexpensive, and come with a charger, and an adapter, too! So, they are quite a bargain. They wouldn't be if they did not work well, but I've been very happy with them thus far, and, to be honest, the battery charger they supply is better than either the Sony or Fuji variants because it is lighter than both, and because it uses the flip-style plug, instead of the ridiculous, heavy cable (Fuji, are you listening?) that makes the brand rechargers a pain when you are traveling. I can't help recommend them more highly. Easy five stars, but I'll have to say "Six Stars" due to price and operational factors.
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on February 15, 2017
Works for me. I am really not one to buy non-Sony batteries for my Sony equipment -- this is for my ActionCam 200, which is placed high, wide and stupid for additional coverage I need on certain remote shoots. The preponderance of good reviews on Wasabi and Sony's high batt process caused me to give it a try with extensive testing. Result: They have not failed and both the charger and batts perform exactly as if they were Sony. I couldn't give them a better recommendation than that. What I don't know is if they will have the long-term stamina of a Sony, so I cant give the package a full five stars -- yet. But I'll update in awhile.
*** ***4
It's been awhile, 8-9 months, but these batts are still performing even though they have been infrequently used. Hold a charge well. .
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on September 30, 2016
I am a loyal Amazon customer. I bought over 300 separate items in 2015. I don't often leave feedback. Maybe a couple times so far. Anyway, I I do not get how this gets 4.5 stars overall. I just bought these batteries, so they are fresh (and obviously I charged them before use). They simply do NOT carry and maintain a charge like the SONY brand one that came with the camera. So I just came on here now and bought a Sony brand one right before I posted this feedback. I usually will not risk off brands in something like this. These got great ratings so I rolled the dice. OEM is always better! I will not risk it with electronic components again.
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on October 7, 2015
I purchased the power pack to go with my Sony cybershot, and the batteries work great! The charger has an indicator light (red, orange, green) to show how charged the battery is. One battery lasted me two days in Europe, turning the camera on and off between shots. My only problem was the European adapter, which broke after only a month of use. I guess it didn't like being jostled in a bag. I had a better quality adapter with, so that didn't cause any problems as far as I was concerned, but I recommend others buy another converter just in case. It is always nice to have extra batteries, though, especially when traveling. I could plug them in overnight, and have three fresh batteries, which would last almost a week. However, when one died, I'd charge it, so I almost always had two charged batteries and one in the camera. It meant I never missed a shot because my camera died. Absolutely wonderful!
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on July 3, 2016
Worked great on my vacation.. The adapter was very helpful and worked well since i was in France. On the tour, i was constantly taking pictures every 5-10 minuets. However, i have to constantly power on/off when not using. My Sony RX100 uses a lot of power during startup/shutdown. You definitely need 2 batteries while on vacation. Only thing was when it goes down to 3 bars of power, it can quickly go to 4 and then get power exhausted fr camera and is dead. Battery level not that accurate so need to carry spare. Also, this charger will not work with the battery that came with the camera. The batteries that come with this charger is a little thinner than the Sony battery. Would buy this again.
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on November 16, 2016
These batteries are junk and it really shows during 4k recording. The rx100 would turn off after 2 minutes of recording due to low battery with these. I let it sit for a while, (30 seconds) turn it back on and view videos and adjust menu and the battery shows 75% full again.

The OEM battery lasts much much longer although it supposedly has lower specs.

Do not get these batteries.

edite 11/20/16: Ive added a video of the battery life..
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