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on June 2, 2015
I purchased this after reading the many reviews written by others, and on another battery+charger for my Sony A6000. I was very hesitant due to some poor reviews citing battery discharging even when not used, etc. I got the order quickly and tested them right off. After using and charging them for a few days, I was content enough about their functioning well and in gusty cold condition even, that I put aside the original batteries purchased when I got my A6000 (1 Sony original and a ProMaster generic). These batteries charge slightly faster in the charger and maintain their battery use levels as well as the originals I had purchased. I am truly happy. At one point of a busy shoot day, the battery lasted over four hours of shooting, camera on/off constantly, and even a few flash pixs, and still had a bit of juice remaining! That would not be the case as compared to the original batteries, all dying within two hours no matter what, and even LESS in cold weather. I am indeed happy with these and appreciate the honest truthful reviews written by others enabling me to make an intelligent decision!
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on September 22, 2016
The batteries work fine initially, (although read at 100% for too long and then rapidly decline, overall life appeared to be normal) but then after 5-10 charge cycles, they are clearly showing their true colors.

I bought four of these, and all show the same characteristics. After several cycles of use, overall life declines greatly, as does dependability. Battery life percentage as seen from the camera will roll up and down, depending on the load on the batteries (50% one minute, then 70%, then 30%, then back to 50%). This happens on both my a6000 and a7ii.

Also, and most importantly, related to the previous issue, they will sometimes deplete unexpectedly. If you're using these batteries, you can't let them go below 30% charge, or they might die suddenly. Not only do you risk missing a crucial shot, but having a battery die in the middle of a write to your memory card can result in a corrupted card, and lost photos.

Stock Sony batteries are vastly superior, even after 50+ charge cycles. I previously had bought some cheap Ezopower batteries for about the same price as these, (four of those as well), which are much better behaved. Their overall life has diminished more than the Sony batteries do, but they have never suffered from the charge state instability exhibited by the Wasabi batteries. Unfortunately Ezopower no longer appears to sell them.
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on September 27, 2015
Overall, the batteries work fine on my Sony RX10 mark ii. I did not do a photo count to test the battery life of these batteries versus the original Sony batteries.

The only problem is, the batteries I received were too thick on the sides. This is due to the clamp shell of the battery casing not meeting and aligning properly. If you see the photos below, the Sony battery (it has a hologram logo) is 1.25" wide, and the Wasabi is 1.262" wide. This is not a lot, but enough to snag the inside of the battery compartment. When I try to remove the Wasabi battery, the spring is not strong enough to pop the battery out. I needed a tweezer to pry the battery out. NOT FUN when swapping batteries on the field.

If you see the last photo, the Wasabi is on the left. The original Sony is on the right. On the top edge of the casing, you see the Wasabi clamp shell is misaligned. That's where the extra 0.012" comes from. This is not a design problem or manufacture problem. But during assembly the two plastic shells were not joined properly. Also the quality control people did not reject these two batteries they sent to me.

Maybe you'll get a better batch, and the batteries will not have this misalignment issue. Or maybe your Sony camera has a bigger battery compartment, and the Wasabi batteries will release fine.

However, they did not work as intended. That's why I'm giving them a 2 star.
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on April 1, 2011
I got this kit because I lost the charger that came with my camera. The original Sony charger is $60, so I figured I was ahead with just the charger here. I've had it now for about a month or so. Here's my review. The charger is good. It's a charger so it's main job is just to get the juice back in the battery. It does that just like it's supposed to. Takes about the same as the original. It does have the option to use a car charger to charge it which is nice.

The build quality is a bit on the cheap side. It's not the nice flexible plastics that you general see from OEMs, but it's not so cheap that I worry about it breaking. Overall, it's good for the price.

The batteries however, that's a different story. Not that I'm complaining much, but they are not quite as good as you think they will be. The claim to be 1300mAh batteries. The original battery that comes with my SLT-a33 is a 1050 mAh battery rated for about 390 shots. I've had decent luck with it and could easily see 400 shots or more. So you might expect that these batteries are going to last longer. You'd be wrong. The difference is that the Sony battery holds the charge when you are not using it. So you can take 20 shots. Wait a day and it's still the way you left it. These don't work that way. They drain at a pretty constant rate in the camera or out. So I charged them up to 100%. Then set them aside for a couple days and came back to completely dead batteries. As I'm using them, I can actually see the charge draining. I figure I can get about 150-200 shots per battery if they are both fully charged when I start. But keep in mind, with only one charger you can only charge one battery to 100%. the other will start dying as soon as you take it off the charger. All in all, I figure I have about 800 shots on 3 batteries if I start with full batteries. If I wait a few days between charges, I have one decent battery (the sony) and 2 half dead batteries that might get me 200 shots between them.

The charger is great, the batteries are not so great. But for $40, I'm still ahead of buying the Sony charger, and I have a couple "reserve tank" batteries if my main one dies at the wrong time. Overall, I gave the kit 3 stars because the batteries are dragging the set down. Honestly the charger is worth the $40 and think of the batteries as icing, or toss them if you don't want them.
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Like the many other Wasabi batteries I have purchased for various cameras, these work great, and come in at nearly one-quarter the price of "brand" batteries. When you consider that a charger is included, an a/c plug adapter for use in Europe, and a 12V auto connector, it really is a no-brainer. These Wasabi batteries have generally no difference in their performance than the brand variants. My strategy has always been (no matter what camera I am using) is to buy two of the "brand" batteries, and then supplement with as many Wasabi batteries as I wish. Two nice touches, too, about the charger is that it employs the folding plug mechanism (thank you! Are you listening, Fuji?) to keep storage size down, and the charger itself is physically light. And implied by the fact that they provide the Western European plug adapter, the charger is universal voltage, handling from 110V to 220V. I highly recommend these as backup batteries, and I have at least three or four of their models for different cameras.
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on January 4, 2018
I bought these thinking they would provide longer running time than the Sony OEM but that doesn't seem to have happened.

As an easy test, I put a fully charged Sony OEM batery in my a6500 and left the camera on for 8 hours but with the LCD off and no usage; after 8 hours the Sony OEM still showed 100% charge. The same test with these Wasabi batteries showed they lost about 1% of their charge every hour.

That slow battery drain without any use is a problem. The Sony batteries are a better value: only cost 4 times more but are far better. Wouldn't use anything else.
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on January 3, 2017
Great deal if the batteries lasted longer than 6 months. I ordered the set, charged the batteries and was a very happy camper for about 6 months when my Sony started coming up with an error and wouldn't work with one of the batteries. As a Sony battery is $80 I figured that one working battery and a charger for under $30 was still a great deal, but with less than a year in I noticed that the 2nd battery's storage was dropping much faster than the 2 year old Sony battery. I should mention that I use the camera very little so I doubt if the batteries had more than 30 cycles on them. I gave the set 2 stars because I am still using the 2nd battery and I did get 6 months out of a $15 battery. I also gave it better than "0" stars because I am able to use the top half of the charger to check battery levels by sliding it apart and using my voltmeter on the large "inside" tabs.
3 years later: As I wrote, After 6 mo the 2nd battery would only hold 1/2 charge.... and it still does, but the original Sony battery is still fully charging and a replacement Energizer battery (that I bought when these Wasabi batteries failed) is also still taking a full charge. so I am reducing my rating to 1 star.
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on January 26, 2016
I recently bought an A7rII and though it comes with two batteries, they run out comparatively quicker than that of a dslr camera. The two batteries to me pretty much equate to a little over a canon dslr battery (for the 5D and 60D and the like), which for most shoots is enough for me.

I still usually like to have a little more than what's 'enough' just in case I forget to charge a battery or anything goes wrong. So I got these batteries.
I had a good experience with the brand for some go pro batteries so I decided to give them another swing.

You get two batteries (compatible with a7 series cameras) and a charging dock. The charging dock has a fold out plug, which I personally love as it keeps the dock discreet and I don't have to carry an additional cable like the one that came with my a7rII. It also comes with a converter plug for European plug systems as well as a car charger (a welcome bonus that I didn't expect).

Personally the batteries for me have been excellent. I can never tell which battery I'm using in my camera due to the consistent battery life. I also use the charging dock to charge my original batteries and I've encountered no problems.

The dock comes with a charging LED that glows red when charging a battery, when the battery is fully charged the LED will turn off. It would have been nicer if the LED would turn green, but this to me is only a very minor gripe.

Overall very happy and satisfied with the purchase, I use the batteries regularly and the charging dock has replaced the original Sony dock that j have.

Would highly recommend
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on August 29, 2017
After two years of using these batteries off and on with the Sony batteries and higher mAh batteries from DSTE, I can verify that these are the worst of the three, with one battery completely failing to hold a charge anymore and the other lasting only minutes without running out of juice. For a mirrorless camera that constantly draws power, this is pretty unacceptable and these will have to be replaced.

Further, the charger that came with these no longer holds the batteries in place. When placed on a charger, I have to jam the batteries on to the contact points and then tape the battery down in order for it to charge at all.

Based on this experience and other experiences with Wasabi Power batteries for various mobile phones, I would strongly recommend against buying these in favor of the more expensive Sony or DSTE batteries
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on March 20, 2018
The charger has two batteries in the package. I am really a big fan of the battery. It tends to get low in 2.5 hours or less. I do photography like almost every day. As a result, I have to bring the two batteries from Wasabi and the original Sony battery that came with the camera. The Sony battery will be in full charge if the take it off from the charger after the charge. However, for the Wasabi batteries after fully charged and you take them out of the charger, they will not stay fully charge at all.
It charges the batteries really fast that’s the only good thing about this product.
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