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on June 2, 2015
I purchased this after reading the many reviews written by others, and on another battery+charger for my Sony A6000. I was very hesitant due to some poor reviews citing battery discharging even when not used, etc. I got the order quickly and tested them right off. After using and charging them for a few days, I was content enough about their functioning well and in gusty cold condition even, that I put aside the original batteries purchased when I got my A6000 (1 Sony original and a ProMaster generic). These batteries charge slightly faster in the charger and maintain their battery use levels as well as the originals I had purchased. I am truly happy. At one point of a busy shoot day, the battery lasted over four hours of shooting, camera on/off constantly, and even a few flash pixs, and still had a bit of juice remaining! That would not be the case as compared to the original batteries, all dying within two hours no matter what, and even LESS in cold weather. I am indeed happy with these and appreciate the honest truthful reviews written by others enabling me to make an intelligent decision!
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on September 22, 2016
The batteries work fine initially, (although read at 100% for too long and then rapidly decline, overall life appeared to be normal) but then after 5-10 charge cycles, they are clearly showing their true colors.

I bought four of these, and all show the same characteristics. After several cycles of use, overall life declines greatly, as does dependability. Battery life percentage as seen from the camera will roll up and down, depending on the load on the batteries (50% one minute, then 70%, then 30%, then back to 50%). This happens on both my a6000 and a7ii.

Also, and most importantly, related to the previous issue, they will sometimes deplete unexpectedly. If you're using these batteries, you can't let them go below 30% charge, or they might die suddenly. Not only do you risk missing a crucial shot, but having a battery die in the middle of a write to your memory card can result in a corrupted card, and lost photos.

Stock Sony batteries are vastly superior, even after 50+ charge cycles. I previously had bought some cheap Ezopower batteries for about the same price as these, (four of those as well), which are much better behaved. Their overall life has diminished more than the Sony batteries do, but they have never suffered from the charge state instability exhibited by the Wasabi batteries. Unfortunately Ezopower no longer appears to sell them.
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on September 27, 2015
Overall, the batteries work fine on my Sony RX10 mark ii. I did not do a photo count to test the battery life of these batteries versus the original Sony batteries.

The only problem is, the batteries I received were too thick on the sides. This is due to the clamp shell of the battery casing not meeting and aligning properly. If you see the photos below, the Sony battery (it has a hologram logo) is 1.25" wide, and the Wasabi is 1.262" wide. This is not a lot, but enough to snag the inside of the battery compartment. When I try to remove the Wasabi battery, the spring is not strong enough to pop the battery out. I needed a tweezer to pry the battery out. NOT FUN when swapping batteries on the field.

If you see the last photo, the Wasabi is on the left. The original Sony is on the right. On the top edge of the casing, you see the Wasabi clamp shell is misaligned. That's where the extra 0.012" comes from. This is not a design problem or manufacture problem. But during assembly the two plastic shells were not joined properly. Also the quality control people did not reject these two batteries they sent to me.

Maybe you'll get a better batch, and the batteries will not have this misalignment issue. Or maybe your Sony camera has a bigger battery compartment, and the Wasabi batteries will release fine.

However, they did not work as intended. That's why I'm giving them a 2 star.
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on February 27, 2017
They are great and OEM quality. Although, since purchasing, I saw an exact 'look alike' unit with 2 batteries, for less money. It charges the battery much faster than plugging the camera directly to the wall, via its AC adapter. No need to buy the expensive Sony batteries. They fit like a glove in my a6000. The LED light on the Wasabi changes color from red, to yellowish, to green when fully charged. Easy to use.
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on December 8, 2015
I got this in a bundle, and I must say that I love have a wall charger for my Sony A6000 batteries. Using the micro USB to charge the camera/battery is so nonintuitive, and this makes my life so much easier. I get a total a three batteries to swap in between my photoshoots and I can just plop the dead battery into the wall charger as I use the second battery. I love it so much, it's completely worth the money!
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on June 10, 2017
I have used Wasabi batteries for years and just purchased these for my new Sony. When using one of these batteries the camera does display percent remaining. Yesterday I shot over 700 pictures on one charge. Most were sequenced pictures, they did not require power to start the camera and the zoom was fixed but I have been very impressed with the performance. If I needed more batteries I would purchase these again. Update August 4, 2017, I went on a ten mile hike yesterday shot one short video and took 483 pictures (most through the viewfinder--all were individual photos) and finished the hike with a 14% charge. I like these batteries.
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on August 9, 2016
I am revising my review of the Wasabi Power Dual USB Battery Charger. It does everything just as its supposed to, but I have found something that concerns me. Like many, I keep my chargers plugged in even when there is no battery in the charge slots. With this charger, when plugged in, the LED lights will continuously blink from Red to green until another battery is inserted.

It's just annoying. Don't know if it will cause damage to the charger, so I have taken to unplugging after the charge is complete.
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VINE VOICEon February 12, 2014
Immensely more convenient than using the USB cord and outlet adapter that is provided with the Sony a3000. After reading a selection of reviews where other purchasers have had a few minor issues with this battery kit, I did expect less impressive overall performance than the OEM battery and that has been the case but for the price with two replacement units, the purchase still seems a good deal to me. The batteries fit the compartment as well as the Sony and I haven’t noticed any significant drainage even though at least one of the batteries sat unused for over a month.

The Sony battery has been re-charged without problems using the Wasabi charging unit. Since I carry around the charging unit in a camera bag with lightly padded external storage pockets, I do have some slight worries about breaking the thin plastic prongs on the charger but I keep one of the out of use batteries mounted as a safeguard.
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on May 20, 2016
Having a battery recharger on hand proved helpful (perhaps I should say, necessary) several times during a recent one-month long journey. Because these rechargers are compact in size, I could keep one or two in my purse or camera case at all times. There were times when I had both plugged into an electrical outlet on a conference room wall while I concentrated on the material being presented. These rechargers have also been used at home, in restaurants, hotel rooms, and airports. They are small enough to take anywhere. The rechargers have a small orange-colored light that changes to green when the battery is recharged. My camera batteries fit firmly into my two rechargers but were easily released when I was ready to insert them into my camera. I carried two rechargers and extra batteries with me at all times, so I never had to worry about having my camera run out of power in the middle of a shoot. I have used these for about six weeks, and am pleased with them and the speed with which they recharge the batteries.
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on July 21, 2017
Don't waste your money. This is not comparable to the Sony Battery it is purported to replace. I own 2 of the Sony and 2 of the Wasabi Power models. The Sony will easily last an entire day (300+ photos) in my Sony A7Rii. The Wasabi won't make it until lunch. More than once I have been shooting and have gotten the, "Battery Exhausted" warning with this battery. The included Wasabi Charger is decent enough but there are better models out there. If you do not want to be disappointed at a critical moment in your photographic day, stick with the Sony OEM Battery.
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