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on June 2, 2015
I purchased this after reading the many reviews written by others, and on another battery+charger for my Sony A6000. I was very hesitant due to some poor reviews citing battery discharging even when not used, etc. I got the order quickly and tested them right off. After using and charging them for a few days, I was content enough about their functioning well and in gusty cold condition even, that I put aside the original batteries purchased when I got my A6000 (1 Sony original and a ProMaster generic). These batteries charge slightly faster in the charger and maintain their battery use levels as well as the originals I had purchased. I am truly happy. At one point of a busy shoot day, the battery lasted over four hours of shooting, camera on/off constantly, and even a few flash pixs, and still had a bit of juice remaining! That would not be the case as compared to the original batteries, all dying within two hours no matter what, and even LESS in cold weather. I am indeed happy with these and appreciate the honest truthful reviews written by others enabling me to make an intelligent decision!
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[NOTE] there are five items lumped into this one page, to be clear I am comparing only the single battery to the OEM version of the NP-FW50]

There are some who say they can’t see any difference between this clone battery and the original equipment battery. As a professional photographer one of the cameras in my inventory is an A7 series mirrorless camera. Mirrorless cameras in general have a reputation for eating up batteries. I won’t go into the long technical reason but the way they start up and the difference in standby procedures is a chief culprit, plus of course that modern cameras have a lot of electronics built into them that were unheard of in DSLR cameras only a few years ago. The battery life on my A7 series is short, but I like the camera and use it for certain lenses and features that I prefer, so I have to live with short battery life.

The primary reason I bought this battery was not to save substantially but to hopefully get a little more life out of it because it is rated at 1300mAh compared to the OEM’s 1020mAh. My hope was to use the clone battery as my main one and the OEM as the backup spare.

The first real and tangible difference is that this is not an INFOlithium, which is a trademark thing. INFOlithium batteries provide feedback to the device they’re used in to provide the user with a more accurate feedback of useful life remaining based on real use. On some devices (including some cameras) the display is in real-time, like in hours and minutes. Unfortunately with my camera the display is only in bar segments on a graphic, but it is quite accurate. The clone battery only shows an empty graphic symbol, in other words it does not show a readout of how much battery life you have left (I can’t test it in every model camera, you may get different results). That information is important and to me is a very valid reason to pay more for the branded battery.

Otherwise the battery looks identical except for where it’s manufacturer. Despite a higher amperage rating the clone is a full 20% lighter than the branded battery (clone = 1.623 oz vs OEM = 2.027 oz). The fit inside the camera is identical with both.

Other than lacking a real-time battery life readout, the only other thing that’s important is how long the battery lasts. The answer to that has to be subjective … every picture you take and how long the camera is on while you compose that photo will have an effect on how many images you can take before the battery shuts down. So regardless of the accolades and claims, the best anyone can give you is a rough idea of how much more or less useful life the clone battery gives compared to the OEM. I actually found them about the same.

So the bottom line is if saving a lot by not going with the branded battery is the most important thing to you, there is no reason not to go with the clone. You probably won’t do much better or worse than with the original brand. If knowing exactly how much battery life is left before your camera shuts down is important to you choose a original NP-FW50.
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on April 1, 2011
I got this kit because I lost the charger that came with my camera. The original Sony charger is $60, so I figured I was ahead with just the charger here. I've had it now for about a month or so. Here's my review. The charger is good. It's a charger so it's main job is just to get the juice back in the battery. It does that just like it's supposed to. Takes about the same as the original. It does have the option to use a car charger to charge it which is nice.

The build quality is a bit on the cheap side. It's not the nice flexible plastics that you general see from OEMs, but it's not so cheap that I worry about it breaking. Overall, it's good for the price.

The batteries however, that's a different story. Not that I'm complaining much, but they are not quite as good as you think they will be. The claim to be 1300mAh batteries. The original battery that comes with my SLT-a33 is a 1050 mAh battery rated for about 390 shots. I've had decent luck with it and could easily see 400 shots or more. So you might expect that these batteries are going to last longer. You'd be wrong. The difference is that the Sony battery holds the charge when you are not using it. So you can take 20 shots. Wait a day and it's still the way you left it. These don't work that way. They drain at a pretty constant rate in the camera or out. So I charged them up to 100%. Then set them aside for a couple days and came back to completely dead batteries. As I'm using them, I can actually see the charge draining. I figure I can get about 150-200 shots per battery if they are both fully charged when I start. But keep in mind, with only one charger you can only charge one battery to 100%. the other will start dying as soon as you take it off the charger. All in all, I figure I have about 800 shots on 3 batteries if I start with full batteries. If I wait a few days between charges, I have one decent battery (the sony) and 2 half dead batteries that might get me 200 shots between them.

The charger is great, the batteries are not so great. But for $40, I'm still ahead of buying the Sony charger, and I have a couple "reserve tank" batteries if my main one dies at the wrong time. Overall, I gave the kit 3 stars because the batteries are dragging the set down. Honestly the charger is worth the $40 and think of the batteries as icing, or toss them if you don't want them.
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on December 23, 2016
Bought this to go with my a6300. It worked fine for several months. Recently my camera began to spontaneously restart during use. After much frustration, I finally figured out that it was one of the Wasabi batteries that was causing the problem. It was no longer making a tight connection inside the camera. I have contacted the company regarding a replacement, and will update my review to let people know how this goes.
UPDATE 1/4/17: The company responded quickly to my email and sent out a replacement battery that I received within a week (and this had the Christmas holiday smack dab in the middle). Did have to pay $6 for shipping, but that is better than $14 for a new battery. Might stick with OEM batteries for commercial use, but would buy these batteries again, assuming that the problem I had doesn't recur.
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on April 10, 2017
Let me start of by saying the pros because they are so many!
1) Very good in the built quality. These batteries are solid and durable and doesn't look and feel like cheap China made ones.
2) Low priced as compared to original Sony ones.
3) High battery juice rentention rate. I have used both original and wasabi batteries and the latter don't disappoint me ever. They retain 50% of juice after taking 100 shots with my new sony a6000.
4) original Sony charging capability - the charger can charge the original batteries and the best part? The charger charges with a micro USB cable which also charged your alpha camera.
5) snugged fit- If you are like me who uses a battery Bank to charge camera battery which is in the camera bag and worried that due to some shake the wasabi batteries will come off from the charger? Then don't worry, these batteries fit with a click in the charger and of the 8 photoshoot I have done they never came out throughout my whole day of travel.

Honestly, the only concern I had during buying was that wasabi batteries are not originals but a third party and I was worried about the possible problem it could cause to my camera. But through many use and recharging I can conclude that these are safe and best quality batteries I have ever found for this cheap price. Enjoy the buying
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I purchased this battery pack for SONY NEX-5N (a new SONY camera that came out in September of 2011), which takes NP-FW50. SONY NEX-5N uses batteries at a pretty fast clip, so having a couple of extra batteries that this battery pack offers is very handy.

Wasabi battery pack is a great deal. It includes two batteries, a recharger, a car charger and European plug converter for the price that is less than the price of one original SONY NP-FW50 rechargeable battery.

I charged one of the Wasabi battery in the SONY recharger and one in Wasabi recharger (see attached photo), and they both charged successfully in similar amount of time.

The camera accepted the battery and work well.

One note on the Wasabi charger design. I am attaching a photo of it to illustrate this point. The battery charger has thin plastic arms extending upwards to hold the battery in the charger. These arms extend up about 1/2 inch from the body of the charger. They are not collapsible. This seem to be a fragile point in the charger especially if you travel with this recharger. Thin plastic parts are likely to break as the luggage is tossed around in transit. Without them the battery will not make proper contact to be recharged.

* Compatibility

Sony has a special chip in every battery. So even though the batteries are NP-FW50, they are chipped for different versions. The older version of NP-FW50 compatible batteries do not work in SONY NEX-5N. When buying a non-OEM battery make sure your SONY NEX-5N is explicitly listed on the compatibility list.

I normally do not comment on sellers in a product review, but in this case I think the comment is relevant. The first battery pack I received did not have the new chip and was not compatible with my camera. Blue Nook, the company that produces Wasabi battery, was extremely responsive. Not only the return to Amazon was painless (as it always is with Amazon), in parallel with the return Blue Nook took the initiate to contact me and send me a replacement battery pack that worked perfectly. I was very impressed with Blue Nook's customer service. Blue Nook told me that the stock of old NP-FW50 has ran out, and the batteries that are currently available are the new batch that is compatible with SONY NEX-5N. I would have no hesitation buying another product from this company. They really take care of their customers.

Ali Julia review

Update 8/20/2014

It has been three years since I bought this kit. I am a repeat customer now. I just got another set of Wasabi batteries. The batteries I bought in 2011 still work but no longer hold the charge as long as they used to. I was using them in rotation with the SONY battery and they all aged at a similar rate. I use my camera a lot and change a battery every day so in almost 3 years of use I would say they were recharged at least 500 times.

In the 2014 version of the kit the manufacture fixed the only thing I did not like about the battery charger in the 2011 package - the thin plastic arms that extended up to hold the battery in the charger were a vulnerable point for breakage when the charger was empty. The new charger is totally flat and has no vulnerable parts.
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on March 22, 2017
Battery life is terrible, and reliability is terrible. I have purchased two 2-packs (4 batteries total) and they don't compare to the Sony batteries, and one of the three was dead after one charge. Absolutely terrible product. Wasabi has been my favorite off-brand of replacement batteries and they are usually very good... but this batch and another batch that fits another camera have not been good. These have been by far the worst batteries I've owned. Perhaps I got a bad batch. I don't know. I idiotically threw away the packaging so I probably can't return them now, but I had to post this review out of disappointment. Quality control on these was terrible.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 26, 2015
Like the many other Wasabi batteries I have purchased for various cameras, these work great, and come in at nearly one-quarter the price of "brand" batteries. When you consider that a charger is included, an a/c plug adapter for use in Europe, and a 12V auto connector, it really is a no-brainer. These Wasabi batteries have generally no difference in their performance than the brand variants. My strategy has always been (no matter what camera I am using) is to buy two of the "brand" batteries, and then supplement with as many Wasabi batteries as I wish. Two nice touches, too, about the charger is that it employs the folding plug mechanism (thank you! Are you listening, Fuji?) to keep storage size down, and the charger itself is physically light. And implied by the fact that they provide the Western European plug adapter, the charger is universal voltage, handling from 110V to 220V. I highly recommend these as backup batteries, and I have at least three or four of their models for different cameras.
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VINE VOICEon July 4, 2016
My Sony A6000 mirrorless camera does burn power. I won't pretend to know why, but the point is, the batteries don't really last very long between charges. I don't think for a moment it has anything to do with the batteries. The camera is such a technological marvel and it needs some extra power to handle everything it is being called upon to do.Therefore, I did what I could do to control the negative parts of that fact of life. I bought more batteries. These Wasabi batteries are not only economical, but they appear to work as good as the Sony batteries. Plus they come with a charger you can use in your car and at home. I ordered several of these sets, and I have to admit one of the chargers did malfunction. Since I had 3 others, I just threw it away. I didn't really care because I had saved so much over buying the Sony batteries and besides I simply don't need 4 chargers.

Very glad to be able to buy them on Amazon.
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on December 14, 2016
After a few months of use, the batteries started to bow out to the point that the battery would be stuck in the battery chamber of the camera. It took a bit of shaking and prying to get the it out. I was in a middle of a shoot and struggled to get the battery out. It was a panic and frustrating moment.

From the attached pic, you can see that the OEM battery lays flat on the table, but the Wasabi battery body bows out creating a gap with the flat surface. Great price but pretty much unusable - especially on assignments.
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