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on June 2, 2015
I purchased this after reading the many reviews written by others, and on another battery+charger for my Sony A6000. I was very hesitant due to some poor reviews citing battery discharging even when not used, etc. I got the order quickly and tested them right off. After using and charging them for a few days, I was content enough about their functioning well and in gusty cold condition even, that I put aside the original batteries purchased when I got my A6000 (1 Sony original and a ProMaster generic). These batteries charge slightly faster in the charger and maintain their battery use levels as well as the originals I had purchased. I am truly happy. At one point of a busy shoot day, the battery lasted over four hours of shooting, camera on/off constantly, and even a few flash pixs, and still had a bit of juice remaining! That would not be the case as compared to the original batteries, all dying within two hours no matter what, and even LESS in cold weather. I am indeed happy with these and appreciate the honest truthful reviews written by others enabling me to make an intelligent decision!
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on January 4, 2018
I bought these thinking they would provide longer running time than the Sony OEM but that doesn't seem to have happened.

As an easy test, I put a fully charged Sony OEM batery in my a6500 and left the camera on for 8 hours but with the LCD off and no usage; after 8 hours the Sony OEM still showed 100% charge. The same test with these Wasabi batteries showed they lost about 1% of their charge every hour.

That slow battery drain without any use is a problem. The Sony batteries are a better value: only cost 4 times more but are far better. Wouldn't use anything else.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon January 6, 2016
These were purchased for my Sony A6000 as backups. You can never have enough batteries in your camera case. This was very reasonably priced as I was able to get two batteries, charger and dc cord for the price of less than one oem battery. I have used both these and my sony oem battery and I can honestly say I can not see a difference in run times. They are both solid batteries and the charger is of a similar build. There is nothing that I found flimsy or indicative they will not withstand the long run. Unless they die prematurely, I give them a five star rating. No negatives to report at this time. Great bang for the buck if you need some extra juice.
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on August 2, 2017
"Works" in a6000, but WILL NOT CHARGE IN CAMERA! Wasabi-provided charger is the only thing that will charge these batteries. When charged, provides barely a few minutes' much operating time. After perhaps a half-dozen charge cycles, these are down to -- I kid you not -- about 6 minutes run-time.
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on May 15, 2016
The charger is great, compact and comes with car charging cord and a plug in adapter for European electrical sockets! However, 1 of the two batteries I received is no good. It will not take/hold a charge. Still, for the price of two of these batteries and charging unit is half of a Nikon battery. I think I just had bad luck with the one battery being a dud. I will try to contact the seller and see what the are willing to do about the bad battery. All in all, I am content with the product to date.
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on January 26, 2016
I recently bought an A7rII and though it comes with two batteries, they run out comparatively quicker than that of a dslr camera. The two batteries to me pretty much equate to a little over a canon dslr battery (for the 5D and 60D and the like), which for most shoots is enough for me.

I still usually like to have a little more than what's 'enough' just in case I forget to charge a battery or anything goes wrong. So I got these batteries.
I had a good experience with the brand for some go pro batteries so I decided to give them another swing.

You get two batteries (compatible with a7 series cameras) and a charging dock. The charging dock has a fold out plug, which I personally love as it keeps the dock discreet and I don't have to carry an additional cable like the one that came with my a7rII. It also comes with a converter plug for European plug systems as well as a car charger (a welcome bonus that I didn't expect).

Personally the batteries for me have been excellent. I can never tell which battery I'm using in my camera due to the consistent battery life. I also use the charging dock to charge my original batteries and I've encountered no problems.

The dock comes with a charging LED that glows red when charging a battery, when the battery is fully charged the LED will turn off. It would have been nicer if the LED would turn green, but this to me is only a very minor gripe.

Overall very happy and satisfied with the purchase, I use the batteries regularly and the charging dock has replaced the original Sony dock that j have.

Would highly recommend
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on August 22, 2017
Been using these batteries w/ charger for over a year - Make no mistake - these batteries ARE NOT (intentional caps) equivalent to original Sony battery. When my Sony alpha 6000 starts acting strange, I change to Sony batter and all returns to normal. The charger works fine, which is the reason for the 2 stars; otherwise it would be one star. In spite of amp-hour rating, these do not last as long.
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on January 3, 2017
Great deal if the batteries lasted longer than 6 months. I ordered the set, charged the batteries and was a very happy camper for about 6 months when my Sony started coming up with an error and wouldn't work with one of the batteries. As a Sony battery is $80 I figured that one working battery and a charger for under $30 was still a great deal, but with less than a year in I noticed that the 2nd battery's storage was dropping much faster than the 2 year old Sony battery. I should mention that I use the camera very little so I doubt if the batteries had more than 30 cycles on them. I gave the set 2 stars because I am still using the 2nd battery and I did get 6 months out of a $15 battery. I also gave it better than "0" stars because I am able to use the top half of the charger to check battery levels by sliding it apart and using my voltmeter on the large "inside" tabs.
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on July 23, 2017
Solves a problem that Sony seems to continue to have. We want flexibility. Having a battery system where you have to charge in the camera is extremely frustrating. Thanks to Wasabi I can charge my batteries where and how it is convenient. Now I can go into the field with a number of charged batteries, or charge one in the car while I am out shooting.
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on January 25, 2016
I haven't used my camera's charger cord once since I bought it. This pack makes it so easy to have extra batteries charged and ready to go (which is KEY when using a mirrorless). I have a Sony alpha a6000. I have had no problems with the charger or the batteries and I shot my sister-in-law's wedding (roughly 14 hours of shooting). I ran out of memory space before I ran out of battery life.

I have yet to use the car charger. My car has an outlet option that worked just fine.
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